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Katie Doyle

EDUC 359
1. What was the biggest challenge you faced while planning the
The biggest challenge that I faced while planning this lesson
was the fact that I do not speak any Spanish. I can say one
sentence and it is because I grew up hearing it on the monorail.
The challenge that comes with not speaking the language is not
only that I couldnt understand it but also that once I knew what to
say, I had no idea where to place accents or how to pronounce
anything. I speak French and I am familiar with the sounds the
letters make and the rhythm with which to speak, but I didnt know
any of that in Spanish for this lesson.
2. What was the biggest challenge you faced while teaching the
The biggest challenge I faced while teaching the lesson was
realizing that I also had to make other people understand
something that I barely understood. I couldnt stand in front of the
class and say Baber means to drink. I had to act it out, which
was silly and fun, but it also took the students a minute to realize
what I was doing.
3. What did you rely on the most during your instruction to
overcome these challenges?
I relied heavily on learning from my peers and from hand
motions. I acted out drinking and the class understood that the
motion was representing the meaning of the word. I had to ask my
partners how to pronounce words and what they meant.
4. Was communication with your students easier or more difficult
than you originally thought?
Communication with my students was essentially how I
expected it to be. I knew that it would be difficult in that it would
take a moment, but I also knew that everyone drinks, so everyone

would understand the motion. Its a universal action.

5. Do you feel you used co-teaching as effectively as you could
I think that my group did a really nice job of co-teaching and
of splitting up the lesson. I think that it was very effective when
we spread out in the classroom do play Simon Dice.
6. Do you feel you achieved your objective? How can you be
sure you did or didnt?
I feel as though my group achieved our objective. It was just
to teach the class simple action words. I am sure that we did
because when we played Simon Dice, the students were able to
act out the words as they were called out.
7. As a student of other groups lessons, what was the biggest
challenge you faced?
As a student of other groups lessons, the biggest challenge I
faced was paying attention. It was easy to tune out other groups
because I had no idea what they were saying, so I found myself
zoning out. I found it especially difficult when groups taught
lessons with more difficult subjects.
8. As a student, what did you rely on most to comprehend what
was being taught?
As a student, I relied most on visuals to comprehend what
was being taught. When the group who taught animals was
teaching, they used pictures of animals so it was easier to
understand. When the group who taught colors was teaching,
they showed the color and the word. It made paying attention
easier as well.