REFLEXIONS AFTER THE HUMAN TOWERS WORKSHOP We’ll develop our mental map of the human towers teachings

after doing the activity wit the help o an expert. Ex of mental map form one client.

FEW REFLECTIONS WE USE TO SAY AT THE FEEDBACK. Teamworking, hight performance & the values &competences associated to these concepts are the principles that we worked of practical human towers workshop in the factory of Catells “Fent Pinya” Teamworking DEF: “Number of people with complementary capacities, commitment with an intention, an objective of common work and a planning with shared mutual responsibility”. In the case of the castles we have a very clear model since in the humantowers workshop “Fent Pinya” we showed that to make castell: - We really need people with complementary characteristics (the one that raise and the one that holds, the one that speak and the one that listens, the tall & the short, the big and the thin., the young & the old... - We have a common objective that it motivates to us (to make "Castells") - Every bodhy is conscious of its responsibility in the common objective. High performance In the workshop we show how the performance working together becomes “high performance” in the moment that we are able to reach objectives that individually we would be unable to do. We show the keys of the high performance are: - That we know clearly the objectives to obtain (the castle that we want to do) - That we have result indicators that facilitate to us to identify that we have obtained a high performance. (ex: that "l'anxaneta" makes the "aleta" when arriving at the top of the Castell & that goes down without the structure falls.) - That we arrange a team with the knowledge, the aptitudes and necessary motivation and resources to obtain those objectives

- That we have a system of efficient internal&external communication that facilitates the attainment of this high performance: The musicians and “the Agullas”: positions that are responsible among other things to ensure communications between the different departments of the human towers team (base, tronc, top) at the moment of making the human tower. - That we have clear an organizational model with clear rolls with clear responsibilities that they facilitate the distribution and the organization of the critical tasks necessary to obtain the objective. - That we have a clear leadership that 1.allows us the continuous improvement in search of the maximum performance & 2.that delegates the responsibilities in all the team members at the time of making castell Motivation We discover that individual and team motivation are one of the keys for the high performance and that the communication (music in our case) is a fundamental piece to increase this motivation. - Confidence and commitment Now we spoke of Values, in the workshop we emphasized that confidence and commitment are the key values for the team working. To make castles is a great practical way to communicate& feel these values.