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South Lake High School Girls Swimming & Diving

Attendance & Varsity Letter Policy 2016

Attendance at practice is essential not only to the success of the individual athlete, but
for the team as a whole.

Attendance is MANDATORY at ALL practices and meets. If you cannot make it to a

practice FOR ANY REASON (including school absences), a parent or teacher must
o In order for an absence to be considered excused, a parent must contact me
either in a written note, an email (, or a phone
call/voicemail message (810-730-4126). You may also leave a note with Ms.
Douglas if I am at Avalon.
o Excused absences include the following: illness/injury (MUST have a doctors
note), academic related requirements such as tutoring, test make-up, band
(must have a note from that teacher or staff member), medical appointments
(must have a note), and family emergencies or hardships (must have a note).
The coach and/or athletic director retain the right to determine whether an
absence is excused or not.
If you are going to miss a meet, I need to know well in advance. I spend a lot of
time creating lineups for meets, and if you are unable to make it to a meet at the
last minute, entire relays may end up getting scratched if we dont have enough
swimmers to fill in.
PLEASE make arrangements to leave the school within 30 minutes of the end of
practice. Coaches remain at the pool until all athletes have been picked up. Late
departures have resulted in missed appointments and canceled plans for coaches.
The following policy will be enforced:
o After TWO (2) late pick-ups the student, parent, and Mr. Ballee will be
o After THREE (3) late pickups student may be dismissed from the team.

Varsity Letter Requirements for 2016

From September until early November, we will have 36 after school practices (this does
not include meet days). In order for our team to remain contenders for the MAC Silver
Division title, it is imperative that EVERY athlete is at EVERY practice and EVERY meet.
This years varsity letter requirements will reflect the importance of attendance at
In order to earn a varsity letter:

Each athlete must attend EVERY dual meet, relay meet, and championship meet (if
Each athlete must maintain a 95% attendance rate. Each unexcused absence WILL
count against your varsity letter.
The final decision on varsity letters remains with the coach and athletic director.

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