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Specification for Trolley Mounted Compressed Air Line with

Escape Breathing Apparatus.

General: This shall be a trolley mounted compressed air line
with escape breathing apparatus consisting of
A) One number compressed air line trolley consisting of
trolley for mounting breathing air cylinders, breathing air
cylinders, high pressure hose with cylinder connectors to EN
standard, pressure reducers, pressure gauges, low pressure
warning whistle, breathing air delivery hose reel, Y
connection and hoses for air supply to two persons
simultaneously with necessary connection at the end of the
hose for quick connection to escape breathing apparatus. The
trolley shall meet the requirements of EN139 and shall be CE
B) Two numbers Escape Breathing Apparatus Set: Each escape
breathing apparatus also shall be meeting the requirement of
EN standard for Breathing Apparatus set. Each breathing
apparatus set shall have necessary harness for back or hip
mounting, one number 2 liter water capacity cylinder
approved by CCE, India, pressure reducer, pressure gauges,
low pressure warning whistle, full face mask, lung demand
valve and facility for necessary quick connection of
compressed air line hose from above (A) mentioned breathing
air trolley. The escape breathing apparatus shall meet the
requirements of EN137 and shall be CE marked.
The entire above unit shall be supplied as an integrated
unit of the original manufacturer.
The trolley: A single user shall easily transport the
trolley. It shall have suitable handles for transporting the
unit in an easy posture. It shall be made of stainless steel
or powder coated steel. It must be possible to carry upto 4
cylinders of upto 9-liter water capacity in this trolley.
Independent straps shall easily secure each cylinder to the
trolley. The connections for the cylinders, reducer,
pressure gauges, hose reel etc shall be attached to the
trolley. Non-return bleed valves shall be fitted to the
cylinder connectors to enable cylinders to be replaced
independently for continuous operation.
Cylinders for Trolley:
CCE, India approved cylinders, 4
numbers shall be supplied along with the unit with inlet
connection as per EN standard. It shall have a capacity to

store 1800 liters of air in each cylinder at its normal full

pressure. i.e. it can be a 9 liter / 200 bar cylinder or a 6
liter / 300 bar cylinder. Copy of the CCE approval
certificate shall be furnished along with the supply. Hydro
test certificate of the cylinder also shall be supplied
along with the cylinder.
Cylinder for the Escape BA set: This shall be 2 litre /200
bar or 2 litre / 300 bar cylinder (One number cylinder each
per each escape BA set). The cylinder shall be CCE, India
approved. Copy of the CCE approval certificate shall be
furnished along with the supply. Hydro test certificate of
the cylinder also shall be supplied along with the cylinder.
It must be possible to fill the cylinders using the same air
compressor used for refilling the main air cylinders. If
there is difference in cylinder inlet connection form the
main cylinder, a suitable adapter shall be supplied for
filling these cylinders using the compressor.
Face piece: The face mask shall be full face mask conform
to EN 136 standard. It should be manufactured out of EPDM
rubber. It should have double sealing. It should have a
polycarbonate visor with SS visor holding frame. It should
have a 5-strap harness. It should have a spring-loaded SS
speech diaphragm. It should have an easy and quick fitting
plug-in connection to Demand Valve. It should have an inner
mask to reduce the moisture condensation inside the visor.
Lung Demand Valve: It should be connected to mask with a
push in type plug in connection. It should be capable of
delivering up to 500 lpm of air. It should be First Breath
Activated type at a pressure of 4-10 millibar. It should
also have a centrally positioned, easily located, positive
pressure switch off push button.
Warning Device: Warning whistle must operate at a residual
pressure of +/- 50 bar. It shall have a sound out put of
minimum 90dBA. The whistle shall not consume more than 3.2
liter per minute of air. The whistle shall be provided for
each escape BA set as well as near the trolley.
Hose reel: The hose reel hose shall be protected or shall
have enough strength to resist abrasion during rough
handling. The hose shall not bend or squeeze during
operation thereby restrict the air supply to the end user.
The hose shall be of minimum 50 mtrs length. It shall have
quick couplings at end for extending the length using

extension hoses. The hose reel shall be equipped with a

winding handle to allow the hose to be easily re-wound to
the reel after use.
Harnesses: The harness of escape BA set shall be suitable
for back mounting or Hip mounting. There shall be suitable
provision for quick connection of external air supply form
compressed air line trolley
Note: The offer shall be full in all respect and shall be
easily possible to evaluate against the specification given
above. Catalogue and technical details shall be attached for
all items. Details of each individual items offered shall be
provided rather than providing the manufactures model no or
brand name.