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Productivity action plan

1. PIC Action Plan Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA Developed by : Saad Bin A.Rashid Productivity
Improvement Cell, BGMEA
2.Outline PRODUCTIVITY Scenario. Improvement Strategy. PIC team training condition & further
improvement plan. Working strategy. Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
3.Productivity Scenario Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
80% 90% 100% Bangladesh India Vietnam Pakistan Cambodia Bangladesh India Vietnam Pakistan
Cambodia Productivity 77% 92% 90% 88% 68%
4.Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
5.Low productivity
Work study)

Less labor efficiency.

Less skill mid level management

Top management lack of awareness about productivity

No Productivity team( IE,

Low Supply Chain Efficiency

increase lead time Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA

6.Productivity Improvement Strategy Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
7.Productivity Improvement phase plan GSD based training Zero defect operator training SOP
development Worker eff. training Production management Training PL development Mid mgt PL program
Capacity plan development Factory Setup support Direct factory consultation Implement Productivity
Improvement Cell,BGMEA
8.PIC cell Action planFactorysetupstage Capacity calculation, production layout design, ROI analysis, Item
knowledge Productionstage Direct factory consultation by their training & practical improvement
Shortcourseonskill development Short course offered to develop Mid management officer for factory.
Topmanagement&buyer attachmentseminar Short seminar about productivity improvement to ensure smooth
business & better growth for RMG Sector Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
9.Production Leader (PL) development Program Floor level position (OJT) Supervisor & line chief, Floor in
charge people can have very specific idea about efficient production system by On job Training (OJT) They
are very related to floor , so they should learn to train up multiskilling operator Mid level management Mid
level management(production management, Industrial Engineering, quality) may be trained by module to
have efficient production system. This program can be further institutionalized by collaboration with training
center & Garmenting institution. Top management Top management might be keep in touch to know how
about modern production Technology. we can promote our activity by short seminar /fair/ gathering
Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
10.Production Leader (PL) development Program OJT Time study Capacity calculation Efficiency calculation
Production planning& design Line balanceWIP reduction Method improvement Motion study Quality
improvement Inventory Control Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
11.70-80%Efficiency level Work Measurement Technique ( NPT , SAM, Time study, skill matrix) Motion &
Method Engineering (micro motion, method improvement, human factor engineering) Efficient Production
system design(Production layout, capacity , target, WIP reduction, Waste reduction) Quality control
Engineering Kaizen, 5s tools Cutting Fabric optimization Technique Phase -1( standard) Productivity
Improvement Cell,BGMEA
12.90-100%efficiencylevel LEAN Manufacturing ( VSM , TQM, TPM, Pull production System, SMED, OEE,
ANDON, Kanban ) Flexible Manufacturing System(Cellular manufacturing, Group technology) RFID &
BARCODE based production SIX Sigma Approach KPI Benchmarking for Factory (benchmark performance
indicator for all department) Phase -2( Global Standard) Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
13.PIC Team continuing project In total 6 months project with almost 24 factories. It covers Productivity
module 1,2,3 followed by HR module, fire & safety. PIC team to have practical work during each module
break PIC team need to develop own module within the short term of training for factory training. BBW This
program mostly related to practical implementation. We need to develop our basic module before attending
the program. PIC team need to mix up experience to implement it successfully & make success story.PSES



We need special TOT for PIC team , follow by intense practical session by them Training material needs to
be provided to PIC ( video, presentation soft copy ) for further implementation. PIC team have to develop
own module based on that training for factory implementation UNIDO Productivity Improvement
14.PIC Team Standing PHASE -1 1. Work Measurement 2. Method Engineering 3. Motion analysis 4.
Production system design 5. Quality control 6. Cutting fabric optimization 7. Inventory planning PHASE-2 8.
LEAN Manufacturing 9. Flexible Manufacturing system 10. RFID & Barcode based production 11. Six sigma
approach 12. KPI benchmarking Professional training ERP Software training ( Fast react or similar software)
GSD training Marker software( Lectra, Garber) Professional Excel training( VBA, Macro) Cost benefit
analysis AfterPSES&BBWprogram Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
15.TOT training team Consultant Full project PIC team Out source trainer LEAN Transformation project
Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
16.PIC Cell Factory consultation Set Assessment Diagnose improvement scope Develop factory PL team
OJT-1 for PL Action plan Factory implementation( PIC team with PL ) OJT-2 Set pilot line & global change
Follow up 1 day 3 day 7 day 4 day 15 day 3 month In house mini workshop-1 In house mini workshop-2 In
house mini workshop-3 4 days 1 month 6 month development plan for each factory Cost benefit analysis
Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
17.Systematic approach of Implementation Floor Data collection Analysis the data Standardize the data
PMTS format development Optimize layout design WIP analysis Bottleneck Balance line Set standard
production system Productivity Improvement Cell, BGMEA Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
18.Factory setup stage Capacity & layout planning Labor planning Item knowledge ROI Analysis
Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
19.Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
20. Competitive cost High Quality Smooth production run Right delivery time Flexibility CSR, safety &
compliance Profit Sustainable business growth repeat business Buyer FactoryOwner PIP productivity
improvement program Cost optimization system development Factory productivity system development
Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
21.Awareness seminar with owner & buyer Pre Setup Engineered planning Short training program with
factory side Short term strategy Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
22.PIP strategy Collaboration with International buyer Collaboration with Donor agencies Collaboration with
Top management by means of short seminar Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
23.Branding strategy Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
24.Suggestion for further Improvement Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA
25.Towards Competitive RMG Sector Productivity Improvement Cell,BGMEA