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A Property of the Clan- Quote Bank

*Below is a small selection of quotes that may be relevant to

you in discussing power in A Property of the Clan


Glen: Young girls could be

taken away from their homes
and put into orphanages, even
though they werent orphans.

Motif, setting

Jade: Because hes a boy!

Diane: Right.
Jade: Why should it be
Diane: Lots of things in this
world arent what they should
be. But it is. It is different.
Jade: I saw all these faces.
Diane: Was it a nightmare?
Jade: Faces. Full of hate. I was
all wet. They were looking
down at me, throwing things.
Cigarette butts. Hate
Jade: Mumwhats it like,
when they do it to you? Having
sex. Whats it like?

Dialogue, stage
of broader
society on a
smaller scale)

Voices: I was there. It could

have been meThere was this
Camira with a black speedstripeShe choked on her own
spew, they reckon


- Several characters give a presentation to
their class on discrimination and prejudice
throughout the play- the plays opening
scene is one such instance. This recurring
symbol or motif draws attention to the
plays themes- the value systems of
power (p.8)
- Rachels teachers refusal to let her
present on Tracys death is symbolic of
societys unwillingness to confront sexism
and gender discrimination
- Jade is already aware that boys possess
more power in society.
- Diane acknowledges that this unequal
distribution of power between men and
women is not fair, but is a realist- thats
how it is.


- Jade has a nightmare about being abused

by a group of people as the party is
happening. This foreshadows/ suggests that
something bad has happened. Later in the
play, it is revealed that Jades dream
mirrors Tracys assault and murder.


- Jades conversation with her mother

highlights that she already has a skewed
perception of sex. Sex is one-sided. Men do
it TO you for their enjoyment.
- Highlights unequal power and
expectations for men and women in society.
- Represents the way that news, gossip and
rumours travel fast in small towns/ amongst
a small group of people.
- Illustrates that the girls in the town
understand that it could have been them-
it was not about Tracy
- Public opinion is already starting to make
assumptions about Tracys character/

Jade: All these rumours go

around, and I want to yell out,
this is Tracy youre talking


Rachel: Have any of the boys

talked to anyone?

n, symbol/

Rachel: This is about

prejudice and discrimination.

Jared: Ive said! Hes a fag,

they reckon.


Jared: I dont want my mates

telling me they saw you with
him round town, and I dont
know about it. Makes me feel

Ricko: Girls cant balance

right. Their centre of gravity is
all up the shit.


Im not a dobber.
But I had to tell someone. I
had to let it out. Its eating into


blame Tracy for her own death

- Jades soliloquy serves as both a eulogy
and as a report on what happened (for the
benefit of the audience)
- Highlights the way women are treated and
the lack of power granted to women/ girls
in patriarchal society
- Tracys character is being slandered after
her death- her actions and behaviour is
being blamed by the community, not the
actions of the boys who abused and
murdered her.
- Rachel comments on the stereotypes of
men and women in patriarchal society.
Support is put in place for the girls (weaker)
but the boys are not expected to/ do not
access it.

- Rachel wants to speak out about issues

of gendered power but is silenced by her
teacher- mirrors the what is happening in
wider society. Voices that defend Tracy and
condemn the abusers are criticised and
- Patriarchal society does not just
disempower women- it also disempowers
men who do not fit into traditional ideas of
masculinity like Glen.
- Jared is someone who worries about what
others think about him- social status is
important to him and so he gives in easily
to peer pressure.
- Jared attempts to control Rachel- he is
extremely discomforted that she does not
accept that he has power over her. His
attempts to control her and her resistance
lead to their break up.
-Ricko embodies sexist attitudes towards
women- he believes that they are
biologically inferior to men
- Jared is conflicted- he is torn between his
need to stay loyal to his mates/ peer
pressure, and his guilt. He has the power of
knowledge- he witnessed his friends
assaulting Tracy. This power weighs heavily
on him, as he feels guilty for not helping

Ricko: I didnt hear any

names. Forget you even saw
itShe was up for it. She was
horny, mate, a horny bitch
She was a slut mate.

n, diction

Ricko: She was a total moll.

A real little cock-teasing
whore. Ask anyone.

n, monologue,

Jared: Why did she have to

be the way she was? People
dont do things out of
nowhere. Rickos life is ruined.
Total. Total wipe-out. Fifteen
years locked up because she
didnt know the limits.


her, either on the night or after her death.

- Ricko blames Tracy for her rape/ death- it
was her fault because she acted like she
wanted it. Her behaviour set the boys offshe is to blame.
- Men have the power to violate women if
they choose to behave in a way that they
believe is sexually provocative- gendered
power has a positive impact on men and a
negative impact on women (like Tracy).
- Even as he is confessing his guilt Ricko is
powerful. He continues to blame Tracys
behaviour for his actions in a lengthy
monologue, which suggests that his voice is
listened to, while Tracys voice is literally
silent- we never hear from her during the
play, only about her. Ricko has the final say,
he has the power of voice.
-The use of Australian slang highlights that
gender discrimination exists in Australian
- Jared refuses to accept Rickos
responsibility in sexually assaulting and
murdering Tracy. Instead of acknowledging
that Tracy has no life left at all, he is angry
and hateful towards her for ruining his
mates life through her behaviour. Jared is
representative of a society unwilling to
make changes in the way power is
distributed between men and women.
- The power of knowledge has a negative
impact on Jareds relationships with women.
By the end of the play, his relationships
with his sister, mother and girlfriend have
all deteriorated due to his feelings of guilt
and his unwillingness to blame/ dob on his