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Respiratory diseases, main cause for

pediatric consultations
According to the seasons, there is an increase in respiratory diseases, especially
respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which causes more than 62% of these diseases.
During the cold and in winter, parents who have children under 2 years old and
newborns, especially premature babies, should be alert if their babies have
symptoms such as:

Runny nose
Strong and frequent coughing
Problems breathing, including wheezing (whistling sound)
Fast breathing

These symptoms may appear in children and infants who suffer from respiratory
syncytial virus (RSV). It is therefore important to prevent this virus to apply hygiene
rules at home and learn about their treatment.
To this end, Abbvie laboratories, recently presented Synagis, a single drug to
prevent Syncytial Virus (RSV) to neonatologists, pediatricians, and representatives
of the Ministry of Health, which is already available in the country.
Synagis, is indicated for pediatric patients, especially for newborns and premature
babies, which are the most affected ones by this respiratory syncytial virus (RSV),
because it can cause blockage of the small or lower airways. In addition, if you do
not have an adequate diagnosis it can have extreme consequences taking into
consideration that all newborns are at risk and premature babies even more
because they have a weak immune system and their lungs have not fully developed
"It is important to mention that all newborns are at risk of contracting respiratory
diseases and RSV even more, therefore it is important that physicians and health
staff know about this preventive treatment that can save the life of many of these
little ones. It is also necessary that parents, in particular those who have premature
babies, know that now there is a medicine that can save them from going to the
emergency and unnecessary intensive care costs because of this virus", says Doctor
Marlon Timothy, neonatologist, General Hospitals representative.
RSV is more common than it seems, because 95% of children under 2 years old
have been infected. So today it is necessary to raise awareness among both
parents, and public and private health authorities. Preventing respiratory diseases
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is everyones responsibility and even more important, the RSV virus which causes
62% of viruses in children. Avoiding unnecessary complications and hospitalization
expenses and, of course, facilitating a healthy life, is key for childrens growth and

To prevent is to live!
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+502 2210.3002