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OC PLUS Shipping Model

Process Document

What is OC Plus?
OC Plus is a new shipping module(Business Mode) offered by Snapdeal to its valuable sellers in
which Snapdeal will pick, QC and pack products on behalf of its sellers. It differentiates itself from
others in order processing. This is a make-to-order fulfilment type i.e. we will procure/collect the
goods from sellers once the orders is placed.

Why OC Plus?
Quality check would be performed on the goods entering the OC PLUS centre. After this, the
products would be packed and pack-slip would be pasted on them at the centres. The advantage of
this is better quality of products as quality check would be performed and more control over the
shipments and this may lead to reduction in shipping time as now we can run the centres for more
time than seller runs his/her workshop.
This will help us ensure
a) Seller friendly mode Packaging & QC by OC Plus centres
b) Hassle free & faster shipping
c) Multiple pickups in a day (As per sellers daily order count)
OC PLUS Process Flow

Order Allotted to
the seller who is

Order is verified
and QC is done at
the same time

Shipments are packed

and pack-slip is pasted
on them

The seller generates a

bar code and pastes it
on the shipments

The bar code on the shipments are

scanned and the details of that
orders are displayed on the system

Shipments are sorted based

on their courier and manifest
is created for the orders

STN for OC PLUS centre is

generated and the items are
handed over to the riders

Rider brings the

package back to the
OC PLUS centre

Manifest is printed and the

shipments are handed over
to the courier

Who would print the Bar Code and paste it on box?

The seller would print the bar-code for the particular product. When the seller prints the bar-code,
the status of the product would move to a new status code (TBD). Following things would be present
in the bar-code:

Bar-code ID
Seller Code
Product name

How is Pickup from Sellers location done post Bar Code print/paste and STN Generated?
The rider picks up the orders from the sellers end. He would count the no. of orders that are being
assigned to him by tallying it with the no. present in the STN. The rider would check for Bar-code for
identification like Order by or a Snapdeal logo to avoid wrong shipments. This
would serve as a notification to the seller also.
The shipments will be loaded in the vehicle and would be brought to the centre to which the seller
would be mapped.
The Rider is assigned automatically or the Seller must raise a request for the Rider?
The Rider is assigned automatically once the STN in Printed
How many copies of STN must a seller print?
The Seller must print 3 copies of the STN for following
a) Rider
b) Self
c) Warehouse
What is In-warding (Done at OC PLUS Centre)
The no. of shipments needs to be counted against the STN generated by the seller.
The in-warding would be done upon scanning of the STN. On scanning the items would move to YTR.
(Yet to Receive)
During In-warding why the status changes to YTR (Yet to receive) when the rider has
already picked the products from Sellers place?
In In-warding process the OC PLUS Centre only checks for the count. They check that the count on
STN (Stock Transfer Note) must meet the actual physical handover. The Product QC is done at a later

What happens after In-warding? (This is done at OC PLUS Centre)

a) Package bar-code would be scanned.
b) The name of the product will be displayed on the screen along with other details like
product name and price.
c) OC PLUS Centre clicks on Print and pack-slip for the same would be printed and
status will change. This status will be pushed in shipping from OC PLUS
d) There would be option to reprint pack-slip for the shipments.
e) There would be option to reject the package at the time of receiving.
f) If the product is cancelled then that would be thrown on the screen.

How is manifest created in OC PLUS

a) The courier name would be selected from the dropdown.
b) All the shipments related to that courier would be listed on that.
c) The manifest would be printed and the shipments would be marked as manifested.
d) The package would be handed over to the courier and flow after that would remain
the same.
How are RTV (Return to Vendor) cases handled in OC PLUS
a) The packets that are rejected or cancelled would be returned back to the seller.
b) The reference no. or the bar-code would be scanned and that the shipments would
be added to the RTV list. The items would be marked as RTV.
c) The RTV list would be printed and the same would be given to the rider and would
deliver these items to the sellers.
What if a seller provides with wrong shipment?
All such cases would remain in YTR (Yet to Receive)
The number of items received and number of transferred would be same in this
case. Non scanned packages (during RCVD) would remain in YTR. A panel would be
provided in which we would give an option to map a particular shipment against a
given YTR. The search option would be provided on the basis of STN code so that
the person can search the open items in that particular STN. When the YTR gets
mapped, the YTR item would move to vendor lost or courier lost based on the
option that he selects. The risk that we would be running that there would no check
to avoid wrong entry and in this case a wrong shipment would be marked as lost.

What are the categories in which I can use OC Plus?

You can sell items in the following categories: Baby Products, Beauty, Consumer
Electronics (including Cameras, Mobile Accessories, Electronics Accessories and PC
Accessories), Home, Jewellery, Mobile Phones, Tablets, (consoles and games), and
Watches. More categories are coming soon.

How can I work with OC plus Module?

You can work in OC Plus Module by providing your details at
We will respond to you after reviewing your information with next steps. Once you
are accepted to our module, you will need to register our warehouse as your
additional place of business with the tax authorities.
Does a Seller need to register OC PLUS Centre as his APOB (Additional Place of Doing
Yes, a seller is required to register OC PLUS Centre as APOB.

Why do I need to register Snap deal as an additional place of business (APOB)?

After you have been accepted to our module, you will need to register our warehouse as
your additional place of business (APOB) with the tax authorities. If you are selling any
taxable goods under our Module you need to register under sales tax law adding our
warehouse as your additional place of business (APOB) with tax authorities. You are liable to
register our warehouse (your new premise for shipment processing) under the VAT regime if
you are carrying on the same business from that premise or are using it as a godown to store
Where are OC PLUS Centres Present
We currently operate through major Metro Cities state of the-art fulfilment centres

New Delhi

What product and order information you need from Seller?

This product information will have Barcode Sticker (In which there will be SUPC/Reference &
Product details are mentioned) and Stock transfer Note (STN) instead of Handover sheet
(HOS). Barcode sticker which has replaced pack-slip and invoice. That will further ease your
Is a seller required to pack the product in OC PLUS?
No, Seller is not required to pack the product.
As product will be packed in Snapdeal warehouse you dont need to pack product however
you can give products in its original/Primary/Brand packing and in case of fragile items you
can you bubble wrap/Corrugated box to avoid in transit damages.

How should a seller prepare units for shipment to you?

Each unit you ship to us should be ready for us to pack and ship to customers. Fragile items
need to be individually packed with protective material such as bubble wrap/Corrugated
Why does a seller need to provide Barcode Sticker instead of Packslip/Invoice of my
With each unit you must provide Barcode Sticker. So that correct item can be picked &
packed and shipped to our customer. Barcode Sticker will have product details like Order
No./Name/Model No. Barcode also help us in tracking units you have in. Seller can print
barcode Sticker from seller account.
Why does seller need to provide Stock Transfer Note (STN) instead of Handover Sheet
This is just to ensure smooth transition of Shipments from seller premises to warehouse. It
also ensures hassle free processing of shipments at Snapdeals warehouse.
OC PLUS Centre timings
The OC PLUS Centre will operate 6 Days a week between 12:00PM 10:00 PM
Sample STN & BAR Code
Click Here to Download the Sample STN
Click Here to Download the Sample BAR Code