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TAHUN PELAJARAN : 2009 – 2010
Mata Pelajaran Kelas Waktu : Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi : VII (SBI) : 60 minutes

PETUNJUK UMUM 1. Tulis nomor Anda pada lembar jawaban. 2. Periksalah dan bacalah soal-soal dengan teliti sebelum menjawab. 3. Dahulukan menjawab soal-soal yang dianggap mudah. 4. Kerjakan pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan 5. Hitamkan dengan menggunakan pensil 2B pada jawaban yang dipilih 6. Apabila ada jawaban yang dianggap salah, dan ingin diperbaiki, hapuslah jawaban anda dengan karet penghapus sampai bersih, kemudian hitamkan pilihan anda yang baru..

Choose the answers a, b, c or d that you properly! 1. The effort that we have to do when the information technology has developed… a. Improve ourselves in information technology b. Mining human resources c. Buy a lot of computers d. Using advance software 2. Information which can’t be saved is… a. Picture in cave wall b. Send email c. Information by trumpet d. Send MMS 3. The example of culture changes because technology evolution, except… a. Stove using firewood become stove using gas b. Cell phone from telephone c. PLTA to PLTN d. Use wells become use PDAM or water machine 4. The Example of technology evolution which influences culture changes…. a. satellite b. manual to automatic equipment c. transportation d. communication equipment 5. Those picture is one of communication technology, and the function of those equipment is… 1

a. Listen information b. See and hear information c. Send document via telecommunication network d. Conversation in both directions. 6. In history, computer used for… a. Predict c. Type b. Compute d. Make a movie 7. Technology which sends sound and images via on air is…. a. Radio c. Television b. Telephone d. facsimile 8. Service application which sends short text message is... a. MMS b. GSM c. CDMA d. SMS 9. Technology which sends sound and image via cable (telecommunication network) is… a. Television c. Facsimile b. Radio d. Telephone 10. Here is traditional communication …. a. Telephone c. Bamboo alarm b. Internet d. Hand phone 11. Here is the technology which is very important and can help people to complete their works... a. Digital camera b. Computer

c. HP 3G d. Mp3 Player 12. Type of technology is used by an employer to do their works in office… a. LCD c. MP3 b. PDA d. Personal Computer 13. Look those part technologies! 1. Table 2. Motor cycle 3. Bridge 4. Car Technology which are the part of constructions technology.... a. 1 and 2 c. 1 and 3 b. 2 and 3 d. 2 and 4 14. Look those parts of hardware! 1. CD ROM Driver 2. Diskette 3. Hard disk External 4. Floppy Disk Which are the parts of driver or device.... a. 1 and 2 c. 2 and 4 b. 2 and 3 d. 1 and 4 15. What does GPRS mean... a. General Packet Radio System b. Global Packet Radio Service c. Global Packet Radio System d. General Packet Radio Service 16. Cycle of data and information processing is … a. Input – Process - Output b. Input – Process - Input c. Output – Process - Input d. Process – Input – Output 17. Which includes the extension animation picture file … a. gif c. doc b. Jpeg d. mp3 of the

20. Entering the computer software program is called…. a. Entering b. Install c. Remove d. Uninstall 21. Here is the hardware… a. Webcam c. Yahoo Messenger b. Linux d. Windows Media Player 22. Those are including the 6T of work is, except … a. Not aware b. Not Experience c. Don’t give attention d. Carefully 23. Which is the correct point of view when you take a seat in front of computer is ... a. Horizontal line b. Less than 15o c. More than 30o d. Less than 30o 24. Technology which has example like Airplane and train is.... a. Industry c. Transportation b. Production d. Communication 25. Here are parts of Software ... a. Ms. Office, Antivir, LCD b. Games, Ms. Excel, Ms. Outlook c. Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse d. Macromedia Flash, LCD, Norton 26. Name of “GAPTEK” usually called to someone who… a. Don’t understand about technology b. Don’t know about technology c. Don’t use technology d. Always use technology 27. Technology evolution from traditional become modern it’s because.... a. Effective and Efficient b. Economical c. Faster and affordable d. Self concept 28. What does CSU mean ... a. Case Service Unit b. Case System Unit c. Central Service Unit d. Central System Unit

18. Here are the condition of the work safety is, except… a. Not thrust b. Watch out on electrical equipment c. Always use protective glasses d. Careless on rotary engine equipment 19. Here are the advantages of the windows as operating system is, except… b. Application that has been available c. Easy to learn d. User friendly e. Cheap price 2

29. Look at the picture! 1. 6.

2. 3. 4.

7. 8. 9.

35. To facilitate us in making a presentation, which is the software use? a. Microsoft Power Point b. Microsoft Excel c. Microsoft Word d. Microsoft Access 36. Part of computer which can be damaged our eyes is... a. Keyboard c. Monitor b. Mouse d. Speaker 37. How many rows should be in an one slide... a. Min 20 rows c. Max 20 rows b. Min 12 rows d. Max 12 rows 38. Here is the point that should be prepared when you want to have a good presentation, except... a. Have a nice style b. Practice, practice, practice c. Know your message d. Know the audience 39. Command to insert an images from your file is ... a. Insert Picture Clip Art b. Insert Symbol c. Insert From File Browse d. Insert Picture From File 40. Icon to add an text box is ... a. b. c. d. -Good Luck-



Which are the input devices from those pictures… a. 1, 2, 3 c. 6, 7, 10 b. 2, 5, 9 d. 2, 4, 8 30. The conditions which have to be notice when you work using computer... a. Eyes distance to monitor b. Body’s position, Computer’s position, lightning c. Monitor position, CSU, Foot’s position d. Keyboard, Mouse, Hand position, Foot position. 31. Which is a data storage media on the computer…? a. Webcam b. Diskette c. DVD Driver d. Printer 32. WINDOWS, VISTA, DOS, UNIX and LINUX are... a. Word Processing program b. Operating System c. Number processing program d. Database processing program 33. This is the correct position of keyboard and mouse... a. Put keyboard higher and little bit in another side b. Put mouse far from your hand c. Put mouse higher than keyboard d. Put mouse beside keyboard 34. What does GPRS mean.... a. Global Packet Radio System b. Global Packet Radio Service c. General Packet Radio System d. General Packet Radio Service 3


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