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______________ Director of Marketing

Dear ______________,
Special, highly effective TV exposure at half the ordinary cost, even a smaller
fraction of the ordinary cost-even free! Yes, it is possible.
(Phoenix' CBS affiliate), and we are offering an expanded, more flexible, more
creative range of Sponsor Opportunities to businesses of all sizes in the valley.
Many corporate sponsors last year actually participated spending little or no
money-the funds were raised through fund-raising events or promotions
involving their employees or customers. For example, one major corporation
used several Employee Promotions, and raised over $50,000. A small com- pany
used a Bowl-A-Thon with their employees, employees' family members and
friends and raised $5,000. Both received excellent exposure on the Telethon.
There are many different Sponsor Programs available including several that give
you a competition-free exclusive position. Sponsors are needed for each hour for
the phone banks; for the Interview Area, where guests are interviewed by
celebrity hosts; for table banners; and much more. There are even a few 1 and 2
minute Video Presentation Opportunities (company exposure) available. In all
cases, representatives of your firm come on the show for you, your people and
your products. We will also assist you every step of the way with your employee
fund-raising event or other promotion, to raise the funds for your sponsor- ship.
There really is no good reason not to participate.
As a sponsor, you'll be showing your concern for the community, in connection
with a situation that, at one time or another, will affect over 35% of all families!
Arthritis is one of the most common, frustrating, debilitating diseases. It is
understandably of great concern to a great many people. Also, the Arthritis Foundation has an excellent track record in terms of appropriate use of funds for
research and education (rather than organizational overhead). We believe that
real cures for arthritis are just around the corner; you can help get us there!
With our Telethon on Channel 10, we will benefit from their supe- rior production
capability, involvement of their popular celebri- ties, and advance promotional
opportunities. Our Telethon will be on for several hours immediately before and
again immedi- ately after an NBA Basketball Game, which we believe will
increase our viewership. And, of course, we're mixing our live, local show with a
"feed" from the National Telethon, featuring major Hollywood entertainers.
Everything points to our highest, most responsive viewership ever!
You'll be in good company, too, with local and national sponsors like: Thrifty,
Sears, Allstate, Greyhound, Prudential and Procter 65 Gamble.
To summarize, you have an opportunity to . . .
1. Help a good, worthy cause
2. Gain valuable TV exposure and publicity

3. Get all the benefits with little or no money out of your present budget-we'll
work with your employees to raise the funds!
4. Possibly have exclusive position, if you act quickly
5. Have complete, step-by-step assistance from our staff
Why not give me a call; let's arrange a meeting where I can per- sonally explain
the different "standard opportunities" available and then "brainstorm" with you
about the best way for your business to participate. There's no obligation, of
course, and cer- tainly no pressure, but, together, we just may figure out the perfect situation for your business.
Thank you for your consideration,
Joel L. Beck
Telethon Chairman for the Arthritis Foundation