ply, uming new employment. He and ne- Mrs. Robinson live at 327 East man Burkhart street.

d it MAINTENANCE OF WAY OFFICER VISITS HERE is with ure lit.-. Thomas Monrad, maintening ance of way officer of the 7|4lst by Railway Operating Battalion visitane ed Lt. W. F. Adams, commanding red officer of the unit here, over the nly week end. Lt. Monrad served ere with the military police in World y. War 1. The officers are from the ur- same railroad, the Northern Paciarn fic, and served on the same divisbe ion in civilian life. . " .',., is. ign COOKIES TO CANTEEN ort, FROM CLtFXON HILL can CLIFTON HILL. June 19.—The nds

a clu Me Boo


Hesitates—And Loses NEW YORK.—A merchant seaman .who acquired a Russian wolr_ hound in his travels, learned on arJACKSONVILLE, June 19 — rival here that there was a duty. Robert Richardson, U- S." Navy, has' gent $1,125 ,to his uncle, George Burton of Fayette, to bet used for purchase of war bonds in | the fifth, loan drive and credited j to the Armstrong school district, young Richardson is the- son c1 Mi-s. Tole Burton of : Jacksonville, i

charge to bring it ashore. . Seeking to foil customs officials, he decided to wait until dawn,when he hoped , they would be asleep. But when morning came he'discovered the wolfhounds had givea birth to five pups, and later thatliis delay had not saved him $5— but cost him S30.

The State of Missouri on ..Saturday, June 17, closed the day's business with the biggest balance in its history, according to State Auditor Forrest Smith, who , revealed that the reserve amounted By HAL, BOYLE to 521,457,812.18 in the General By J. M. ROBERTS, JR., Substituting for DEWITT MACA BRITISH INVASION PORT, Revenue Fund. The balance, he KENZIE June 15 (Delayed) 3? — -Twenty- pointed out, was due, in the main, one American infantrymen stood to the collections th%t .Smith's ofThe fateful rortnight which has in -a knot alongside the vessel fice has made in the way of sales encompassed Allied plans and waiting- to carry them to their and income taxes. fears for more .than two years combat debut in France. Here are On June 1, too, the state paid ends tonight, and the Germans the men, and how they felt in- off the last of its bended indebted- have failed to mount either the dividually about the assignment: beachhead defense or the massive Tech. Sgt. James M.- Barnett, ness for bonuses to veterans of counter-attack which had been World War 1. Auditor Smith an- expected. 22, Jackson, Term.., grocery clerk, in charge of the platoon Cand de- nounced, the final payment having As a matter of fact, a comscribed by his lieutenant as "the been §265,000 and interest. Total paratively small Allied initial best damned sergeant in any div- bonds issued by the state for sol- force, harassed by unseasonably ision"): "I believe the hardest diers' and sailors' bonuses oyer a bad weather which interferes with part is over. Combat is no harder period of years were in the amount both reinforcement and supply, -than getting ready for it and.some of $18,675,000. The first bonds, to has engaged approximately oneof us have been getting ready for the extent of $15,000,000, were is- fourth of the estimated German almost four years. We've got con sued March 1, 1922. On June 1, strength in France and found it fidence in our .lutfit; it won't be 1924. there was another issue of only a hindrance. 53,600,000, while later there were long before this thing- is over." To be sure, undue optimism is smaller issues totaling $.75,000. >. Best In World never proper xvhen dealing with The State Auditor also pointed the Reichwehr. You can be sure Sgt. William -M. Johns, 26, Starke, Fla.. engineer: "I feel like I out that on August 1, SL944, the that it has been busily repairing the whole thing is going to go state will make the final payment road blocks and bridges swept by smoothly now. I think we've got on 510,000,000 of bonds, the issue the pre-invasion aerial hurricane the best soldiers and equipment of which was authorized, in 1934, of the Allies. Paris is a hundred in the -world." for the fireproofing and general miles away, we have -been only Pvt. -Horace Williams, 30, Wav- modernization and refurbishment preparing to go there, and there erly, Tenn., farmer: "It suits me of the buildings of Missouri's pen- may be Cassinos on the way. fine. I wish I could have gone al and eleemosynary institutions. But as the fortnight ends durthe first day." The final payment will be in the ing which we expected to learn Pfc. Dave Keardon, 23, Chicago, amount of $1,000,000. whether the beachhead would be window displayer: "Today, I feel The only bonded indebtedness secure,. \ve do. learn, atod it is. a lot more days closer to home." remaining, Smith said, will be the Not only that, but the .campaign _ for capture of a great port, Pfc. Irving Rothman, 22, Brook- s{ate's"ro°ad~bondV Jyn, textile worker: ."After knock- i through which reinforcements can ing around this long I just want' flow by the tends of thousands to get in there, get it over with rather than the hundreds and and go back and raise a family." thousands possible on the open T/5 Dale E. Stockton, 26, Ken~beach, moves, truly according to dallville, Ind., refrigerator workplan. Word from the Cherbour er. '-It'll -be. rough, but we can peninsula is that the Americans handle anything- the Heinies can crossed to the western shore through .the very points, along put in." T/4 Charles Ottino, 27, New the very country roads, as enYork, singer: "I'm. hoping our visaged, long ago in the offices of artillery can hit the targets. It the planners. -. 'has a record and we want to keep | A. Moberly pick-up sbftball team There are 25,000 to 30,000 Ger. j defeated the soldiers of the 741st maiis at "Cherbourg the reports, it up." Railway Operating Battalion- Sun- say, who are about to learn the We're All Eight Sg-t. Percy Minton, 25, Lewis- day at JRothwell Park 7 to 6. The lesson of Sevastopol. The fate 'of ton, N.C., printer: "I wish the soldiers were ahead up to the last the German 77th division, which people at home knew how well inning', when all af a sudden the battered itself into small pieces prepared for this we are physic- j JMoberly team got hot and put against the American line in, an •ame was a effort to escape, is sufficient harally and mentally. . They worry; across 4 runs. The g: more than we do. Tell them for | thrilling affair. „ Both teams' are binger of that. us, not to worry." (Other soldiers i improving every time they play. The Germans will make every in the group shouted: "Yes;; tell' Next Sunday the teams will play effort to spoil Cherbourg. But • the folks back home we're all again and a 25_cent admission will Naples was proof of what the right!") be charged with proceeds to go to Allies are prepared to do with T/5 Anthony J. Levi, 19, Brook- the American Legion Canteen, The quick repairs. Soon a great army, flanked on each side and shellyn,' hotel clerk: "We hope to do game yesterday was witnessed tered overhead by dominant sea better than the Bums at Sbbets a fair-size crowd. Field1- did." • The teams have played each oth- and air support, will be forming Pfc. Ignacio F. Garcia, Edin- er three Sunday in a row, with the on the peninsula for the real drive berg, Texas, cafe worker: "I hope soldiers wining- two and Moberly into Hitler's domains. And Von we win this war pretty damn 1. The three games have been so Runstedt, if he hopes to stop it, soon. I miss, those Texas girls." evenly matched nobody knows will have to produce something Pfc. Edmund^ Ogburn, 22, Rich- which team is the beat. more formidable than he has mond, " Va_, telephone worker: The box score of Sunday's game: shown so far, including his ''scattergun" rocket bombs. "You never get enough training 741ST (Soldiers) AB H R in telephone work, but us signal Walters, c 4 2 0 guys are ready to go. We. can Larson, li) VISITS TWO GRANDSONS 4 2 0 string all the wire it takes to Dennis, 2b HOME FROM CUJVUSA' 4 2 0 get to Berlin." Mrs. Katherine McKinney, 11 0 0 T/5 Albert Rinalo, 24, KingsKirby street, has been visitin — 3 1,1 ton, N.Y., beer coil refrigerator Baggett, 'if ... with two grandsons in Norma Motisi,' rf — 3 2' 1 worker. "I'm anxious to get to Summers, cf .-3 3 . 1 . HI.,, one on furlough from Surop see if their beer is and one on leave from Navy dut McNeil, p, ss —3 2 1 as good as they say it is." in the Pacific. Riehm, sf -.—'3 31 In a Big Hurry One of the grandsons is, Star Patterson, ss, p 3. 2 1 Tech Sgt Jeff Brown, 28. NashSgt. Donald E. McKinney. ta ville, Tenn., Highway department 33 19 6 4 gunner aboard a. B;17, who ha employe: "I didn't • know anycompleted 27 missions over enemy thing as big'as. this second front Moberly Pick-Up Team AB 'H R E occupied Europe. He has receive 4'" could work so perfectly. We're in Padgett, 3b ...:. the'Air Medal for destruction o — 4 a hurry to get there and get it Mansfield, c ~ an enemy plane, .thereby savin -4 over with." ("You mean," said Krager, p - his crew, and three Oak Lea 4 Ogburn, '"you're in a hurry to' Thrasher, If „.._ Clusters and the .Distinguislie —-3 get back to Tennessee and get Vader, 2b Flying Cross, The other -grand ----- 3 your'shoes off." Brown laughed, Dent, cf son is William McKinney, who ha "yeah,. that's right. And let that Orr, Ib .. seen combat action against th red mud squash between my toes Kelly, ss Japanese. one more time."') Minor, sf -—~ 3 The young men are sons of Mrs Pvt. Harold Behlihg, 23, Chi- Burrus, rf W. E. McKinney. Their fathei cago, photographer: "Iwant to see Imbler, rf 1 1 who is dead, is a former Moberlj if German scenery really is as ( . 34 16 7 4 resident and the two sons hav beautiful as it was in a .photograph, I saw taken, nine years often visited here. Score by innings: ago. I also want to get home be- 1741st -.-. -..-- 020 400 0—6 cause I'm tired of miniature coun- Moberly 00* x—7 FLOYD R. HUTCHINSON 'tries. I s;ant to see Chicago." NOW TECHNICAL CORPORAL T/3 Fred Van Riper, 26, Spring TWO JUNIOR COLLEGE Floyd R. Hutchinson, who ha Valley, jNT.Y., machinist: "I've GRADUATES TO >t U. been overseas with the arme been ready to go for three years." Miss Vivian Woodward, daugh- forces since last March, was pro Look Out, Jerries ter of Mr.and. Mrs. W.L. Woodward, moted to technical corporal . Pvt. H Clem, Polo, 111., rail- 444 Woodland .avenue.and Miss Bet- May. He stationed in Ne\\ road worker: "Tell them the Irish ty Cross, daughter of -Mr. and Mrs. Guinea. are on the way, so look out. Jer- L.M.Crose,422Soutli Williams street, Cpl. Hutchinson is a son of Mr ries." have gone to Columbia, where they and Mrs. .L. R. Hutchinson, north T/4 Charles Mulder, 26, Caleof Moberly. His wife is living with donia, Mich.; machine shop work- have entered the University of Tier parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C . . er: "We're going over to give Missouri. • Miss Woodward is a junior in Fowler of • Moberly. them the works; that's all there the School of Education and Miss Is to it." General Manager Pvt. Henry Savjano, 24, Chi- Crose is a junior in home econom- WabashSido, vice-presidentHire G. H. and cago, shipping clerk. ''They start- ics, in the College of Agriculture. general manager of th Wabash e ed it and" now- we're ^licTiir,™ ;+ Both youno- women were graduatInishing it ed last mo°nth from Moterly- Ju- with headquarters in St. Louis —soon."> was in Moberly today on an in Pfc. George Spradley, 34, Aug- nior College. spection trip. He expects to go usta, Ga., linen salesman: "We're :o Decatur, 111.,- this afternoon. going over to do our part so we JAMES P. McGIKNIS GRADUATED EST GUNNERY can get back to our folks.We came over to fight for them, and this Av. Student James P. McGininvasion is what we've been wait- nis, son of J. J. McGinnis of Huntsville, was graduated last ing-for almost three years. T/4 Lewis V. Ringer. 22, Sil- week from the Army' Air Forces HUNTSVILLE verstreet, S.C., electrician: "We're Flexible Gunnery School at Largoing- over to end the- war* and edo, Tex.., a member of the AAF TONIGHT our morale is 100 per cent high. Training Command. He has rePvt. Basil Proc. 24, Fall River, ceived a rating as aerial gunner Mass., trailer driver: "I've. got a and will continue training as nascore to settle for a buddy -of vigator or bombardier at anothKay Kyser and Orchestra mine. Also I promised ray wife I er training post. would bring her Hitler's left ear. Visiting Parents Here I.-know where he usually hangs' TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY out." Mrs. A. E. Lee of St. Louis is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. "HOSTAGES" F. W. Affolter, 617a West Coates Death of Brother street, and her sister,, Mrs. Rob- Louise Rainer-WHliam Benclix ert \yho • her Of Mrs. Morrow homeJohnston, . parentsmakes her with her while 3Ir. and'Mrs. C. R. Morrow, 323 Siusband is in service overseas. •Epperson street, left, this morning for Jefferson City, called there by •the death of Mrs. Morrow's youngest brother, R. E. Silvey, 42. Mr.. Silvey: died at 8:45 o'clock this, morning in St. Mary's Hospital. Besides Mrs. Morrrow. he is sur. Now Thru Thurs. lOc - 4oc vived by his wife; his father, J. H. Silvey, who:iives in the R. E. Silvey hoine: two brothers, Charles Silvey of Jefferson City and E. E. Silvey-of Columbus, Miss.; and two other sisters, Mrs. Phil Ottman and Mrs. Opal Peters, both of Kansas; City. . "Funeral arrangements are not Stomach misbehaving? Soothing FEPTO-BISMOI.' will help calm it yet made.

Trooper Robinson How They Felt As State's Balance First Two Weeks Biggest in History Resigns After 13 Years With Patrol Ends Tonight, and They Bearded Ship All Goes Well For Big Invasion


v Trooper E. B. (Robbie) Robinson, for several years one of the outstanding men in thg Missouri Highway Patrol, has resigned, effective. Saturday night and will assume a new position. He has not yet decided, where he will locate. A new man has not yet been appointed to succeed him. 1725 TOP FOR BULL Mr. Robinson became 'a memWINDSOR SALE! ber of the patrol in 1931 when its first class was trained and BOONVILLE 19 -;P put into duty. Throughout that —Six hundred Mo., June buyers j potential ; : time he has been' a member of attended the annual Wilbur C. Troop B, whose headquarters are Windsor larm sale of Hereford now in Macon, serving one of the cattle Saturday, with large areas. Recently he has been, grade animals auctioned.5S . high Husclier on duty almost all day and night Brothers and Payne of Hig-ginsand plans a brief rest before as- ville, Mb.^ paid a top of $1.7.25 for uming new employment. He and a bull. Other heavy liuyers inMrs. Robinson live at 327 East cluded S. and . N. Freight Co., Burkhart street. Mexico, Mo., and Ralph Davis, Boo'nville, Mo. MAINTENANCE OF WAY OFFICER VISITS HERE

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lit.-. Thomas Monrad, maintenance of way officer of the 7|4lst Railway Operating Battalion visited Lt. W. F. Adams, commanding officer of the unit here, over the week end. Lt. Monrad served with the military police in World War 1. The officers are from the same railroad, the Northern Pacific, and served on the same division in civilian life. . " .',., COOKIES TO CANTEEN FROM CLtFXON HILL CLIFTON HILL. June 19.—The Thursday Culture Club of Clifton Hill donated 30 dozen cookies to the Canteen for Service Men. in Moberly as its contribution during June.


Local Team Wins Softball Game From Soldiers


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