Where is the Isle of Rügen? Rügen is an island belonging to the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Located on the Baltic Sea, Rügen is Germany’s biggest and most charming island.


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Sellin DJH

Arrival at DJH Dinner + Party Rise & Shine Breakfast at DJH


Saturday 06:30

Sellin DJH


Off to the Chalk Cliffs and Sea towns Sellin Ost Rasender Roland Göhren/seabridge • Ride on the narrow gauge steam (Rasender railway called "Racing Roland”. Roland) Enjoy the beautiful scenery - rural charm, with rolling hills, green pastures and small villages.


10:15 – 14:40

MS Marco Polo cruise from Göhren to Binz – (Highlight: View of the Chalk Cliffs)

Cruise-Chalk Cliffs - Königsstuhl • Cruise past the coastal resorts of

Sellin and Binz and along the towering chalk cliffs to the imposing Königsstuhl. The trip back takes you via the fishing port of Sassnitz through the Prorer Wiek with a view of the historical colossus of Prora.

Since 1990 this wild fascinating coast on the Baltic Sea with rugged white chalk cliffs (up to 161m high) and undisturbed beech woods on top has been protected in Jasmund National Park. (Takeaway Lunch/ Lunch Onboard Cruise)

Saturday 14:40 – (cont’d) 16:20


Binz Seebad • The village of Binz was a little fishing village. The seabridge, which once has been 550m (1800ft) long, was rebuilt after the destruction of 1941. Binz is the biggest and the most popular seaside resort on the island of Rügen.

16:20 – 16:45

Binz – Sellin (Rasender Roland) Sellin Sellin • Sellin is a seaside resort known especially for its famous old fashioned Sea-Bridge. The centre of Sellin lies 40m above on top of steep cliffs from which you have a magnificent view on the sea and the bridge. • Wilhelmstrasse, main street in Sellin with so-called "Bäder"architecture, and is characterised by filigree verandas, balconies, bay windows, turrets and outside stairs.

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Sellin DJH

Rise & Shine Breakfast at DJH Cape Arkona • The most northern point of Germany. The 46m high cliff line is very impressive. From the far you see the two lighthouses and a bearing tower (navy). One of the lighthoses is built 1826/1827 by Schinkel, one of the most famous architects of Germany. It is the oldest lighthouse of Baltic Sea. The other one was built 1902, 35 m high. It is the actual working lighthouse. Also on Cape you find the last Slavonian temple, 12th century, conquered by Danes, because the Christianisation began in Germany.

09:30 – 11:30

Kap Arkona

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Kap Arkona – Saßnitz Saßnitz Saßnitz Lunch in Saßnitz Saßnitz • Sassnitz is the second biggest town on the island of Rügen, and is heavily influenced by the port activities. Saßnitz is known also because of the ferry traffic to Scandinavia, and is also a perfect starting point for a hike through the Stubnitz and Königsstuhl. • This afternoon, we have the option of either taking a little hike down to the foot of the chalk cliffs, or to explore an old british submarine H.M.S Otus Oberon Class docked at the Saßnitz habour.

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Rise & Shine Breakfast at DJH Saying ‘Goodbye’ On your way out of this beautiful little corner of Germany, you might want to visit the old town of Stralsund, a UNESCO world heritage site. Stralsund • The medieval town in Northern Germany attracts its visitors with an historical city centre which reminds on the time after the Thirty year's war when Stralsund has been under Swedish control. Imposing churches and great houses of typical red brick gothic gabled architecture let you imagine how powerful Stralsund was once as a member of the Hanseatic League. The Altstadt (Old town) of Stralsund is effectively on its own island, surrounded by lakes and the Baltic Sea. All pictures courtesy of trip advisors.

Optional Stralsund