By Keesha Washington

The Soul Mate Fantasy The soul mate connection is a dynamic creative connection that has the ability to awaken latent spiritual powers and infuse the spirit and body with incredible amounts of light and love. The energy that animates this connection is none other than Unconditional love. The whole notion of soul mates has been overdramatized and severely misunderstood throughout history. This beautiful connection has been hi jacked by Hollywood and clever marketing conglomerates and spun into a carefully contrived fantasy that is meant to keep the masses lonely and yearning for a concept that only exists in the brainstorming rooms of the corporations. To have Hollywood and corporate conglomerates explain the soul mate connection, it would sound much like this: Girl finds boy, or whatever combination is in vogue, they go off into their love nest away from the insanity of the world; they make babies, stack their 401k plans, get old and die. Any conflict is short lived, accentuated with the latest top pop love song of the week. Soul mates have this cookie- cutter existence, with a safe predictable future. The Real Deal Well, I am here to tell you, that is not the truth. The soul mate connection is a gift from Spirit. It is the gift of unconditional love experienced by couples who share this connection, But this gift is not to be hoarded and enjoyed by the ‘lucky few’ that have found their one true love. No, this connection was NEVER intended for that purpose. The soul mate connection and relationship was ALWAYS intended to serve a Higher Purpose in the facilitation of humanities ongoing evolution. If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that the two major occurrences have shaken up humanity on a global scale. The first occurrence is the collapsing concepts and formats of families, marriages and relationships as a whole. The divorce and remarry rate is at an all time high. Children are being packed up and shifted off between mom and dad like human ping pongs, and men and women are bulldozing through partners leaving destruction, dysfunction and limped integrity in their wake. The second occurrence is the rise and coming together of soul mates. Men and women are awakening to their spiritual nature and are being drawn to each other by the magnetic frequency of love and each other’s complementary energy.

What is going on? Has humanity gone topsy turvy? Somewhat, but, not in a haphazard way, but by design. There has been much rumor and hearsay about the shift in consciousness in humanity. Many predict that this will happen the year 2012 and thereafter. But if you have an observant eye, you will see that the shift has already begun, and the collapse of the old relationship application and rise and connection of soul mates are the most visible evidence. This shift is the elevated spiritual energy that is turning over the tables of all beliefs systems, ideologies and applications that does not have unconditional love as its basic foundation. And the first and most important chastening is the way we relate to one another; human relationships. Behind the Scene This spiritual energy called unconditional love, will dismantle any and all beliefs, patterns and dysfunctions that are not in alignment with itself, and replace within the consciousness of humanity a new application of relating to one another that is not only based in unconditional love, but will also quicken our means and methods of creativity and communications. Men and women with the greatest potential to hold spiritual light and love, and who vibrate on similar frequencies are being drawn and bonded together ethereally. These couples are what we term soul mates The soul mates that are coming together NOW will be the harvesters and disseminators of this energy of unconditional love. They will be the ones to set the template for the world on of how unconditional love functions within families, love partnerships and even within communities at large. Soul mates that are coming together at this very time have a great purpose and a great deal of inner work to do. The Root of Conflict But here’s the kicker… Many and I mean many of these awakened couples are still asleep to the true purpose and intent of their connection as soul mates. They too have been miseducated and mesmerized by the old contrive construct of what soul mates are. So they are caught smack dab in the middle of this shift, flaying and warring against one another with little focus and direction. But can you blame them? Even in the so called enlightened communities, the information and guidance is contaminated by the world ideologies. Very few soul mates of nowadays have the proper guidance and information that will help them navigate this flux of this unconditional love energy, and the power of this beautiful, dynamic and creative relationship with their beloveds. Soul mates are coming together for a short period of time, then separating. There has been this stop and go pattern working its way through newly formed soul mate couples. One or both are temporarily running away from the connection and into the

arms of a safer connection with someone else that’s has less intensity. Or, the one who stays is left baffled, confused and in tears. How could this be happening to the so called vanguards of relationships? Aren’t these great lovers supposed to live happily ever after? Eventually, but in the meantime, the power of unconditional love has to work its course through the consciousness of these individuals, removing within them any and all notions, belief system and dysfunctions that they have about love and relationships, replacing them with its original application of relationship based on the foundations of unconditional love. This purge and purification process can be very messy, especially for the couples who are holding on to the old traditional ways of relating and ideas about relationships. These enlightened beings are having difficulty taking on the ways of unconditional love, and allowing Spirit to guide them through. They are still reaching for dying and useless information, guidance and tactics that serves to push the relationship deeper and deeper into a lower frequency. Couples are attacking, running and blaming each other for not living up to their expectations. Some are even blaming each other for the overwhelming feelings of love, magnetism and longing for one another! But the real ‘enemy’ is the dysfunctional relationship patterns hidden within them. Couples can begin to come together in gentlier ways if they relax and allow Spirit to teach them its ways of love. In future articles I will go into greater details on how this can be done. In conclusion Soul mates, you have a greater purpose. The unconditional love that you begin to share with your beloved will eventually be the template to the new application of how humanity will relate to one another in all facets of society. Yes, you will have the bliss, but right now, you got to earn it! Keesha Washington is the founder and spiritual guide of Inner Wisdom’s Way Spiritual Guidance Services. She assists soul mates in making sense of the confusion and conflict they are having with their soul mate . She helps soul mates identify and remove any impediments that are blocking their soul mate connection. And she helps individuals step by step in attracting their soul mate into their life.

©2010 all rights reserved Keesha Washington, Inner Wisdom’s Way

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