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North Dakota University System

PART A - Identification, Duties/Responsibilities, and Task Inventory
1. Name of Employee:
2. Position #: 00102545

1a.EmplID #:
2a. Dept. ID #: 8240

3. Current Band: Professional

2b. Dept. Name: Center for Rural Health

3a. Current Job Family #/Title: Information Systems Prof. / #3205

4. Current Functional Title: Data Visualization Specialist

5. Please check all that apply
Full time

5a.Type of position:
5b. Length of Position:

IF Part-Time, FTE Percentage: ______%

9 month 10 month 11 month 12 month

HR Use Only:
6. Institution:


University of North Dakota

Other Month _____

Exempt (If exempt,

7. Division: School of Medicine and Health Sciences

8. Department: Center for Rural Health

9. Unit:

10. Work Mailing Address: 501 N Columbia Road Stop 9037

Grand Forks, ND

11. Work Phone: 701-777-TBD

12a. Supervisor Posn #: 00017475

12. Name & Title of Supervisor: Maren Niemeier, Information

Resources Manager
13. What is the function/mission of your department?

The Center for Rural Health connects resources and knowledge to strengthen the health of people in rural
communities. For 30 years, we have worked with the public and private sectors expanding a circle of partners
to develop creative solutions to critical health issues. The Center is located at the University of North Dakota
School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Grand Forks. Our approach is multi-disciplinary, as we create
solutions to complex challenges. The Center for Rural Health works with communities, healthcare
organizations, healthcare providers, policy-makers, researchers, tribal nations, and rural health stakeholders.

14. What is the purpose of your position? (Why does the position exist, how does the position function within the work unit?)

The position will work on the federally-funded Rural Health Information Hub project, which provides a national
web-based information clearinghouse of rural health information. The position will conceptualize, design, and
develop graphics and interactive features to communicate and tell stories about rural issues and disparities.

14. Is this position essential during emergencies/closures? Yes No

(Essential personnel may be required to work during emergencies and closures affecting UND depending on staffing levels
required for that particular situation.)

PART A - 15. Duties/Responsibilities

Provide a general statement of each major duty or responsibility.
List the task(s) involved in accomplishing each major duty/responsibility.
Indicate the percent of time that is spent on each duty or responsibility. Estimate percentages over the course of the year. (The
incumbent could keep a record of the time spent performing each duty over a course of time.)
Begin each statement with a verb that exemplifies the action taken in performing the assignment.
Indicate Essential/Secondary. The following questions should be taken into consideration in the determination:
- Is the duty/responsibility the reason the job exists?
- Is this a highly specialized task or one that requires special education, training, licensure?
If the answer is yes, the duty is essential.
- What is the percentage of time spent on the function?
If the answer indicates a great % of time, the duty is probably essential.
- What are the consequences to others or the institution of a failure to perform the function?
If the answer indicates a high level of accountability, the duty is essential.
NOTE: See Position Description Instructions and examples.
Duty/Responsibility No. 1

Statement of duty/responsibility:

Percent of Time

Conceptualize graphics and interactive features that will

effectively communicate facts, concepts, disparities, ideas, and


For ADA compliance, see

Responsibility is:
Essential Secondary
(Please check one)

Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility (include description of physical demands for individual task)

Keep current in rural health issues.

Conceptualize ways to present data through infographics, charts, graphs, maps,videos, and interactive
Assist the information resources manager in planning data visualization activities.
Work with content staff and program management to determine the need for data displays to represent rural
Interact directly with external collaborators.

Duty/Responsibility No. 2

Statement of duty/responsibility:

Design and develop static and interactive graphics and maps..

Percent of Time

For ADA compliance, see

Responsibility is:
Essential Secondary
(Please check one)

Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility (include description of physical demands for individual task)

Apply design and data analysis techniques to organize the presentation of data in visually compelling ways in
order to make it easier to understand, insightful, and actionable by users.
Design, develop, and produce interactive maps and graphics of structured content and data for the website
Work with project staff to optimize navigation, layout, user interface, and user experience of interactive graphics
and dynamic content
Work collaboratively with web developer, web designer, graphic designer, research team, program management,
and content staff.

Duty/Responsibility No. 3

Statement of duty/responsibility:

Percent of time

Collaborate on data acquisition and management.


For ADA compliance, see

Responsibility is:
Essential Secondary
(Please check one)

Work with research team to troubleshoot and resolve issues identified in datasets.

Collaborate on data analysis with the goal of extracting useful information.

Provide a clear representation of data using visualization techniques.

Duty/Responsibility No. 4

Statement of duty/responsibility:

Percent of time

Participate in professional activities and keep skills current


For ADA compliance, see

Responsibility is:
Essential Secondary
(Please check one)

Stay abreast of visualization technologies, software, and applications.

Contribute to the advancement of the profession and status of the Center for Rural Health and the University.
Accept opportunities to participate on committees, make presentations, and publish appropriate research or
Keep current on the latest developments in the fields of rural health as well as other areas of interest through
proactively seeking out information, including following appropriate websites, blogs, social media and newsletters.

Duty/Responsibility No. 5
Percent of time

Statement of duty/responsibility:

For ADA compliance, see

Responsibility is:
Essential Secondary
(Please check one)

PART B - Working Environment

1. EDUCATION/KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENT - Minimum education required to perform adequately in position could reasonably
be attained only by completing the following (if you were to recruit today, what qualification would you require?)

Type of degree (B.S., B.A., etc...)

less than high school diploma

high school diploma or GED

Masters degree, but will accept Bachelors degree with 2 years

related work experience.

COLLEGE LEVEL (choose one)

1 year 2 year 3 year

Major field of study or degree emphasis (accounting,

economics, etc...)

4 year

Data visualization, or other degree with training

and/or work experience in data visualization.

GRADUATE LEVEL (choose one)

1 year 2 year post-graduate

Specialized subject knowledge (cost accounting, MACRO

economics, etc.)

data visualization
Required Work Experience in Addition to Formal Education/Training:

Required Supervisory Experience:




Identify licenses/certification required:

Requires use/operation of (could include computer software, computer hardware, tractors, lab
equipment, organizational/prioritization ability, interpersonal/oral/written communication skills,
customer oriented/service, detail oriented etc.):

Ability to produce a variety of high quality and visually appealing visualizations, as
demonstrated by portfolio of work samples
Masters degree in data visualization, or other degree with other training or work
experience in data visualization; will accept Bachelors degree with 2 years work
experience in data visualization.
Strong analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
Work experience, coursework, or training in data visualization and mapping
Proficiency with standard design software, such as Illustrator and Photoshop
Experience or training with visualization tools, such as Tableau
Experience or training in working with large, government datasets
Demonstrated organizational skills and ability to be self-directed
High level of attention-to-detail and the ability to generate timely work products.
Strong grammar and spelling skills.
Ability to work in a team environment
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Be willing to travel occasionally to national, regional, or local events/meeting.
Criminal history background check.
Knowledge of and proficiency with GIS/mapping technologies, such as ArcGIS
Drawing or cartooning skills.
Knowledge of U.S. health policy issues through education or work experience.
Familiarity with U.S. rural health issues.
Proficiency with programming languages and front-end technologies, such as R,
Python, Javascript, D3, Google Maps API



Position Number

Classification Title of Persons Supervised



INDIRECT SUPERVISION: Total number of classified positions indirectly supervised:

Total number of student or other non-classified employees indirectly supervised:



Unusual or hazardous working conditions related to performance of duties:

Precautionary measures taken to avoid those unusual or hazardous working conditions:

Frequency of occurrence of unusual or hazardous working conditions:

7. PHYSICAL JOB REQUIREMENTS: Indicate according to essential duties/responsibilities

Employee is required to:






Use hands dexterously (use fingers to handle, feel)

Reach with hands and arms

Climb or balance


Stoop/kneel/crouch or crawl

Talk or hear

Taste or smell
Lift & carry:


up to 10 pounds

up to 25 pounds

up to 50 pounds

up to 75 pounds

up to 100 pounds

more than 100 pounds

This Position Description reflects an accurate and complete description of the duties and responsibilities assigned to the

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