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In advance world, Man wants everything fully automatic. To automate the
Machines and automobiles motors play the vast role. The motors are use in
Automobiles and electronic projects. The stepper motor is use in the sliding
door, move the dams flaps and car gears etc. Basically, stepper motors are
use in that places where we needs the countable movements.
In this project, we control the steps of stepper motor in forward and
backward direction. These types of projects can be use in places, for
examples, in the doors, parking, dam and car gears. The stepper motor
always moves in steps. It operates on the 12V DC.

This project is use for security and also prevention from the unwanted entries.
Firstly, I introduced you with the parts or modules of the project. It is listed
below:1. Power Supply
2. MCU(Microcontroller unit)
3. LCD(Liquid crystal display)
4. Isolation circuit
5. Stepper Motor
Power supply is used to gives the 5v supply to MCU modules. In Power
Supply we use a step-down transformer to Step- down the AC 220v to 12v
AC. The bridge rectifier is use to convert AC into DC .But the output of
bridge rectifier is not pure dc .To filtered the output of bridge rectifier uses

electrolytic capacitor. Capacitors output is send to regulator which regulated

the output 5V.
The 5v supply output of power supply has two terminals which are
connected to microcontroller module. One is VCC (5v) and other is
GROUND (0v).These are connected to 40 pin and 20 pin of microcontroller
respectively. It powers up these all modules. The microcontroller takes the
actions according to codes. LCD display message to enter the password.
You enter the password with the help of switches which is send zero to
microcontroller ports pins. On the basis of sent data, microcontroller takes
action. If password is wrong then it display on the LCD screen.
There are many types of MCU. But we are using the AT89C52 in this
project.AT89C52 has 128 bytes of RAM and 8k ROM which is very
sufficient for programming. MCU is active-low. It has four ports; each has
eight pins it means 32 pins are use as Input output pins. LCD has 16 pins
which are perform different tasks. Pins numbers 1,3,16 are ground, 2, 15 are
VCC, 4, 5, 6 are selection pins and 7 to 14 are data pins which receives and
transmits the data. LCD has 2 row and 16 columns. It means 2*16 = 32
characters can be write on the LCD at a time.
In isolation modules, we use optocouplers which provides isolation between
microcontroller and power amplifier transistors.
There are use two different voltages. One is 5v, it is given to optocouplerss
pin 1and other is 12V connect to emitter of power amplifier transistors. The
power amplifier transistors collectors are connected with coils of stepper
motor. Firstly, when speed enters by authority then microcontroller sends
zero to pin2 of optocoupler then in internal structure IR LED emit the rays
which fall on base of phototransistors. Phototransistors is on and sends zero
to the base of power amplifier transistors (power transistors is PNP which is

on when it receives zero) through resistance. Transistors turn on and 12v dc

goes collector of power transistors.12V power supply magnetizes the Coils
and it moves step turn by turn. These movements can be fast and slow
corresponds to the codes of programming.
At last, by use of these types of projects we can move antennas, doors and
dams flaps.









1. In offices to implement to door control system.
2. Can be used for automation of dam flaps control.
3. Can be used to control the direction of antennas, etc.


KEIL Vision2 Software for programming of Microcontroller.
I.C Programmer and Software for the burning of the Microcontroller.
IR Remote Control.
Components for designing of the embedded part.
Soldering kit.
Measuring Instruments (Multi-meter), etc