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Party & Celebration

Any parties or celebrations that take the place of lunch are not
allowed. Three exemption party days are permitted each school
year. Candy and foods of minimal nutritional value are allowed on
these days only, but meals may not be planned to take the place
of school lunches. The United States Department of Agriculture
(USDA) requires that all students have access to school meals daily.
Austin Elementary has designated the following exemption dates for
campus celebrations:

Winter Break - Valentines Day - Field Day

Homemade items cannot be brought into the classroom for parties
due to food safety and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
(HACCP)requirements. All food items served to students must be
prepared in a facility with a current health inspection and permit.

Individual Student Birthdays:

We will celebrate birthdays on our morning broadcast, recognize

kids individually in the classroom, and provide them with a
special birthday "treat" from the office. It is our hope that we
celebrate your child in a healthy, safe, and special way! We will
no longer accept cupcakes/cookies for the classrooms.

Students issuing invitations to individual birthday parties or other

celebrations may only do so at school if all students in the
homeroom class are invited. These birthday invitations must be
passed out at the end of the day with permission from the

Floral arrangements, balloons, cookie grams, etc., are not

considered appropriate during school hours. Deliveries of this
nature are strongly discouraged.