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Gmail - Pius' responses to ccog statement on seminary

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Pius' responses to ccog statement on seminary

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Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 4:20 PM
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Here it is below (email thread between Pius and Krystal).


From: Krystal Paco []

Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2016 3:05 PM
Subject: Fwd: ccog statement

Sorry for the delay.Here are my reaction to CCOG statements...

Lack of strict requirements for admittance to the program

Lack of a true vetting process for students

Poor quantity of the faculty to teach courses

Poor quality of the permanent and visiting faculty

The sole focus on the Neocatechumenal Way

Priests who do not serve the faithful in Guam

The high cost of running the RMS

Let me answer, one by one, the misgivings that our dear Concerned Catholics expressed in their statement.
Admittance and vetting process
There is a three-tier process of discernment before a young adult is admitted into the RM seminary. First, for
a period of 2/3 years the young adults participate in a program at the local vocational center. Candidates are
evaluated, taking into consideration their moral life, their maturity, their studies and their health.
If found fitting, the candidate is then screened a second time by the national team of catechists of their
respective country and invited to participate in a retreat in Italy where they are screened a third time by
rectors of other seminaries.
Upon their arrival in the island, the seminarians follow the procedure in place for accepting seminarians in



Gmail - Pius' responses to ccog statement on seminary

the Archdiocese, like the other diocesan seminarians.

Faculty of the Institute
Our seminarians attend the Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores Institute, which is currently located in the
Seminary premises. This Institute is affiliated at the Pontifical Lateran University, the University of the Pope.
Both Professor Mgr. Sanna, then Pro-Rector of the Lateran and now Archbishop of Oristano, Italy and His
Excellency Bishop Dal Covolo, present Rector of the Lateran and a Salesian priest like Archbishop Hon,
gave a stellar evaluation of this Institute on their visits in Guam. The Lateran University is constantly
monitoring our progress. For example, no professor can teach in the Institute unless he is assessed and
ratified by the Lateran in Rome.
Eight permanent professors and five adjunct professors are teaching at the Institute. In addition, three
priests, former students of the Institute, Fathers Miguel Angel, Julio Caesar and Edivaldo have already
acquired the Licentiate in Theology at the Lateran University in Rome or at the Lugano University in
Switzerland; Father Fabio is studying to acquire the licentiate; they will continue their studies toward their
Masters and eventually make part of the permanent faculty of the Institute.
Moreover, approximately fifty (50) visiting professors have taught at the Institute, some of them very well
accredited for their richness of doctrine, such as the Most Rev. Charles Morerod, now Bishop of Lausanne,
Genve and Fribourg, the Spanish theologian Fr. Jos Antonio Says, Professor Bruno Esposito, former
Dean of the Faculty of Canon Law of the Angelicum, etc. This year, the Institute had the honor of hosting
also Cardinal Josef Cordes as a lecturer.

The sole focus is the Neocatechumenal Way

This is simply a lie. By definition, a lie is a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive. Our sole
focus at the Seminary is the formation of diocesan priests.
When Archbishop Apuron had the brilliant idea to start a major seminary here in Guam, the first time ever in
the history of the Catholic Church in Guam, he asked the help of the Neocatechumenal Way because he
realized that we do not have the necessary resources on island. Thanks be to God, the initiators of the
Neocatechumenal Way, seeing the GRAVE situation, pastorally, of the islands of the Pacific, namely the
serious shortage of priests, accepted. The rest is history.
The role of the Neocatechumenal Way is to provide a solid Christian formation to the seminarians. It also
facilitates their insertion into the local parish.

Priests who do not serve the faithful in Guam

The facts. Out of the seventeen priests ordained for our Archdiocese, one has been sent to work in China,
two in the mainland, one in Saipan, two are studying in Rome and one is in Israel. Just 7, of which two are
simply studying and preparing themselves to return to Guam soon. The rest are working here in Guam.

The high cost of running the RMS

This is another myth propagated by the enemies of Archbishop Anthony Apuron. Let us just take this last
fiscal year June 2015-2016. The total RM expenses were $531,353. The subsidy of the Archdiocese was
$73,800, less than $3,000 per head per year!!! One can draw ones own conclusions.
CCOG suggests sending our seminarians to the mainland, because they contend, it is less expensive. Let
us look at the numbers. To form a seminarian in Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon or in Saint Patricks in
California costs more than $42k annually while in Guam it costs less than $14k. We can train three
seminarians in Guam at the cost of one seminarian in the mainland. Facts are facts!



Gmail - Pius' responses to ccog statement on seminary

On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 9:39 AM, Krystal Paco <> wrote:

Thank you!

On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 10:52 PM, Patri Piju <> wrote:

Tomorrow early morning, I shall send you my reactions to this CCOG statement - father pius

On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 3:05 PM, Patri Piju <> wrote:

Peace and thank you. I shall answer as quickly as I can....

May God bless you, Krystal

father pius

On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 2:34 PM, Krystal Paco <> wrote:

Hafa Adai Father Pius,

Attached is the most recent statement from the Concerned Catholics of Guam. I hope you can read it and let me know
your response to the claims made by CCOG relative to the RMS.

Your earliest response would be greatly appreciated!

Si yu'os ma'ase!
Krystal Paco

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