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Poverty in Yemen

The Republic of Yemen is considered to be one of the poorest, dirtiest and least of the
countries which are developed in the whole world. It stands out at the rank of 140 out of a
total of 182 countries on the Human Development Index. Approximately about 43% of the
people are poor in Yemen (Breisinger, Diao, Collion, & Rondot, 2011).
Poverty is considered to be endemic, especially in the areas which are very remote and are
less open. In Yemen there is total proprietorship and misuse of the essential assets and
utilities, for instance water and land are controlled by the people who are more of a
persuasive part of the society.
The main reason why people are poor here is that the infrastructure is not appropriate. Only
15% of the total population in rural areas is covered by the electricity. Roads are not
maintained. There has been huge return of the migrants because of the Gulf Crisis which has
created remittance income and the employment prospects.
Breisinger, C., Diao, X., Collion, M., & Rondot, P. (2011). Impacts of the Triple Global Crisis
on Growth and Poverty: The Case of Yemen. Development Policy Review, 29(2), 155-184.