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Multipurpose Chamber with specialised refrigeration unit where you can ripe Banana, Mango,
Papaya, Chikoo (Sapota), Guava & many more. It can also be used for de-greening of Lemon, Sweet Lemon,
Orange, Tomato, Chilly etc. Further it is used as a cold storage for storage of Apples & other fruits up to +2C.

NILKAMAL Banana Ripening Solution

Nilkamal Limited presents Banana Ripening Solution providing the best techno-commercial solution
based on the years of understanding of Fruits & vegetables trade.

Nilkamal Banana Ripening Chamber is made of

PuF Insulated Panel which has

Continuous Line PuF Insulated Panel available in 60mm /

80mm / 100mm / 120mm / 150mm

PuF density of 40 Kg / m3

Insulation value 0.25 (W/m2 K) for 60 / 80 mm thick panel

Self-extinguishing fire resistant properties

Higher mechanical resistance

Better air tight joints provide higher vapour resistance

Reliable flashing joints with PuF and Silicon

Airtight doors for Better Temperature Control:

Swing Door

Sliding Door

The Dosing Methodology:

Ethylene gas based ripening system of three different types:

a. Manual Ripening System suitable for very small rooms/customers.

b. Semi-automatic Ripening System is timer based with motorized dampers for fresh air ingress and venting CO2
suitable for medium and large rooms / customers.
c. Fully Automatic Ripening System is sensor based with motorized dampers for fresh air ingress and venting CO2
suitable for medium and large rooms / customers.
System can be centralized in multiple of 6 rooms.
Desired concentration achieved in 5 minutes.
Dosing physically visible.
Manual dosing option if system fails.
Ethylene introduced by controller - no generation required.
Low consumption cost.

Stages of Ripening Banana:


Green to Yellow

Yellow Green

Green Tip & Neck

Yellow & Brown Dots

Yellow & Green Neck

Optimum Eating Quality

System Advantages

Ventilation Control

The CO2 built up due to ripening process is controlled at this stage.

CO2 inhibits ripening, hence controlled by ventilator damper / Centrifugal fans.

Override option to bypass the venting control if the fruit has to be preserved for a day or two.

Ethylene Exposure

Dispensing unit releases the gas at specified intervals, maintains average concentration set for 16 to 24 hrs.

The level is achieved within minutes after the process is started.

Subsequently system doses in equal intervals to top up for leakage and other losses.

System sensor / fuzzy logic option available.

Pre-cooling Delay

Pre-cooling essential for quality ripening.

System has a provision for pre cooling delay.

Advantage: The system can be set to start after a

predetermined delay.

D Steam based humidifiers from Europe

Fruits tend to lose weight if humidity inside the chamber

is reduced.

Maintaining ideal humidity levels is therefore crucial.

We use steam based humidifiers from Europe, to maintain

uniform humidity levels inside the chamber.

Important: It is necessary to have RO water to run humidifiers or else it will result in scaling.

Ventilation for better quality of fruits

Generation of CO2 inside the chamber inhibits ripening.

Automated ventilation is therefore necessary to remove excess CO2 from inside the
chamber and let in fresh air.

Recommendation on airflow per MT

Fruits ripening done in open crates as compared to ventilated boxes internationally.

500~1000 cmh airflow for non-pressurized chambers for open crate application.

2000 cmh airflow for pressurized chambers for ventilated box cooling.

Nilkamal provides a complete turnkey solution comprising:

Crates for Banana & other Agri Produce.

Pallets for Storage & Handling of Banana & other Agri Produce.

Hand Pallet Truck / Electric Stacker for Loading / unloading of Banana & other Agri Produce.

Storage Racking System

Nilkamal Banana Ripening Solution is the Best because it provides

Visibly attractive fruits and better prices.

Fresh fruits for a longer time extend reach.
Cycle can be extended if needed.

NILKAMAL Banana Ripening Solution, Luscious fruits, juicy profits!

For inquiries & assistance please contact :

Nilkamal Limited.
Nilkamal House,
Plot No. 77 / 78, Street No. 14,
M.I.D.C., Andheri (E), Mumbai.
Pin Code 400 093.
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