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1 September 2016 | 28 Av 5776 | Issue 966


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Palestinian kids course named after killer

THE WORLD body for scouting has
launched an urgent investigation
after the son of a man killed by terrorists expressed outrage that his fathers
murderer was being hailed as a rolemodel for Palestinian children.
Micah Lakin Avni reacted with horror
after learning that a Palestinian Scouts
youth training course had been named in
honour of martyr Baha Alyan.
Avnis 76-year-old father Richard Lakin, a
former headteacher in the United States,
died after being shot and stabbed on Bus
78 in Jerusalem last October. He was one
of three people killed by Alyan and two
other killers, with a further 15 people
This week UK Scout leader Simon Jacobs wrote to Scott Teare, secretary-general of the World Organisation of the Scout
Movement [WOSM], expressing his concern after reading an article by Avni about
the honour bestowed on Alyan.
I was horrified to learn that the Palestinian Scout Organisation, which had only
been given full voting rights in the movement earlier this year, is now training its
new leaders to see a cold-blooded terrorist
murderer as a rolemodel, he wrote.
On Wednesday Stephen Peck, global director for communications at the WOSM,
said: We are investigating and will respond as soon as possible.
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Palestinian scouts during a drill in the Gaza Strip. Inset, right: Micah Lakin Avni pictured with his late father Richard before last years attack


The Jewish News 1 September 2016


Rabbis deliver refugee warning

presented the government
with an ultimatum: hurry up
and bring lone child refugees
to the UK, or shuls will step in
and do it for you.
The declaration of intent
came after Jewish, Christian
and Muslim leaders visited
a makeshift camp in Calais
last Frida, and vented their
frustration at government inaction.
Alongside fellow Liberal
rabbis Pete Tobias, Janet Darley and Aaron Goldstein, and
Reform rabbis Jeffrey Newman and David Mitchell, Liberal Judaisms Rabbi Danny
Rich wrote to Robert Goodwill MP, the Minister of State
for Immigration, to press the
urgency of the situation and
demand greater efforts.
In a letter co-ordinated by

Citizens UK, the rabbis presented the government with

a list of vulnerable children
now legally able to enter the
UK under the Dublin 3 Agreement and the Dubs Amendment, asking why they had
still not been brought over.
The government is yet to officially respond.
Not a single child has yet
entered the UK under the
Dubs Amendment criteria,
said Rich. "Judaism teaches
that saving a human life is like
saving the entire world. The
Government must now immediately act accordingly."
The Calais camp, known as
the Jungle, comprises hundreds of asylum-seekers from
countries in the Middle East
and North Africa, many of
whom are fleeing persecution
and war.

Labour suspends another member

A LABOUR Party member has
been suspended after a series
of offensive remarks on Jews,
Nazis and Mossad.
Action was taken against Terence Flanagan, who had been a
member in Hampstead and Kilburn, after a dossier including
17 separate pieces of evidence
was submitted to the partys
compliance unit.
Camden councillor Phil
Rosenberg complained Flanagan compared him and others

to Josef Goebbels in comments in local media later refusing

apologise after not getting
immediate answers to technical
questions on housing.
Last month he sent a petition
to email addresses calling for
the expulsion of Michael Foster
for comparing Corbyn supporters to Nazi stormtroopers.
Flanagan allegedly referred to
the donor, not by his name but
as the Jewish millionaire.

Och aye were Jews say prisoners

MORE THAN 100 inmates at a
Scottish prison have registered as
Jewish because the kosher meals
it serves are better than the
standard fare.
Wardens at Glenochil Prison in
Clackmannanshire said they were
legally bound to abide by the requests, as they were made in-line
with religious beliefs.
By law we have got to provide food for anyone who states
they have a religious requirement
to it, said a prison spokesman.

If someone says they are a particular religion we are not allowed to question that.
He added: There is the assumption that by identifying as a
particular religion, that you will
get you better food in prison but
that is not always the case.
The boon for kosher food
providers north of the border is a
headache for officials, who said
that until the rush - there had
only been nine Jewish prisoners
in Scotland in recent years.






















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A PALESTINIAN ACTIVIST who compared Zionism to the Nazis and suggested the Zionists have identified the next American
president is to address a branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.
Iyad Burnat, who is due to speak at an
event hosted by Newcastle PSC this month,
is the co-ordinator of the Bilin popular resistance committee which has organised weekly
protests in the West Bank village for several
years. A Facebook page for the event says he
will also launch his new book on occupation
and resistance in Palestine.
However, it has emerged that a series of
incendiary messages have been posted on
Bunats social media account in event
months. One, accompanied by an image of
Benjamin Netanyahu with his arm outstretched and wearing a Hitler-style moustache, said: Three aspects of modern
organized terrorism in which many similarities emerged and is Nazism and Zionism and
(ISIS) Daash. [sic] Another said: To the
American people do not bother to vote in
the elections. The Zionists had identified the
next president.
The Community Security Trusts Mark Gardner said: This seems to be another example
of supposed anti-Zionism that is in fact antiSemitic. The PSC says its oppose such attitudes, so lets see what action it takes.
In June Jeremy Corbyn called for Hitler
and Nazi metaphors to be left out of discourse on Israel during the release of
Labours inquiry on anti-Semitism. Its un-

he doesnt believe Burnat to be

anti-Semitic, the posts can only
be described as anti-Semitic.
Spedding who said the
Palestinians have legitimate
grievances against Israeli policy
and countries that support it
said: "lyad is a proven non-violence leader who has worked for
over a decade with Israeli activists in order to challenge the
occupation. I do, however, find
that he has possibly seen western
activists posting this kind of material and partly adopted it himIyad Burnat [inset] and one of his social media posts
self. Ive known him since 2010
and havent seen him doing this
clear whether the Labour leader remains a
patron of PSC, although he is still listed as as type of social media posting until recently.
I am outraged at the fact anti-Semitic
such on the groups website.
The PSC says on its website that discrimi- rhetoric is being pushed onto Palestinians by
nation against Jews based on their religion a minority of unrepresentative western acor ethnicity must be challenged. But it op- tivists who seem to be more motivated by
poses the EUMC definition of anti-Semitism, hatred of Jews than any genuine solidarity
arguing its adoption would deny people with the Palestinian people. It is important
the right to challenge the racism of the Is- to challenge these individuals at every opraeli state which privileges the rights of portunity, making clear that anti-Semitism,
group-blame and conspiracy theories have
Jewish citizens above those of non-Jews.
Gary Spedding, a cross-party consultant on no place in Palestine solidarity.
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has
Israel-Palestine, told Jewish News the recent
posts left him deeply troubled and, while been approached for comment.

The Abbas abyss: Report warns of PA security crisis

THE PENDING succession crisis among Palestinian politicians in the race to replace
Mahmoud Abbas could have
serious security implications for
Israel, analysts have warned.
In a report published today,
BICOM researcher Lauren
Mellinger outlines how the
ageing Palestinian Authority
president has refused to
anoint a successor and how
this could have knock-on effects across the region.
The likelihood that a drawnout succession crisis may
destabilise the West Bank,
possibly resulting in the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, is of growing concern
to Israel, Egypt, and Jordan,
she writes in the new BICOM
Strategic Assessment.
Given [Abbass] repeated extensions of authority and refusal to name a successor,
combined with the Palestinians increasing frustration with
the Abbas government and
the moribund peace process
with Israel, a chaotic battle for
succession is the most likely
Abbas, 81, was elected to a
four-year term in 2005, but
there have been no elections
since, and the ageing leader
of both the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Palestinian Liberation Organisation
(PLO) now wants to withdraw

Four possible frontrunners in the race to succeed the Palestinian president. Graphic courtesy of BICOM

from frontline politics.

However, Palestinians remain divided between the
secularist Fatah, which draws
its power from the West Bank,
and the Islamist terror faction
Hamas, which rules the Gaza
Strip and has broad support
Chances of reconciliation remain slim since Marwan Barghouti, the only politician
realistically able to unify the
two camps, is currently serving

multiple life sentences in an Israeli prison for coordinating

terror attacks during the Second Intifada.
Public opinion polls over the
last few years consistently
show that, in a race between
Barghouti, Abbas and Hamas
leader Ismail Haniyeh, Barghouti would win, but the
chances of any Israeli leader releasing him are slim at best.
Instead, Mellinger says the
next leader is far more likely to

be an established Fatah figure,

such as recent peace process
negotiator Saeb Erekat, who
was made secretary-general of
the PLO last year, in a widelyanalysed move.
Whoever takes over will
have the monumental task of
restoring faith in Palestinian
politics, Mellinger says, with
surveys suggesting that 95 percent of West Bank residents
believe corruption is endemic
in the Abbas government.

1 September 2016 The Jewish News


Lack of clarity over Chakrabarti peerage

THE HEAD of the Home Affairs
Select Committee has complained that Shami Chakrabarti
has so far failed to provide
clarity over questions about
her peerage, writes Justin
Keith Vaz, whose committee
conducted a brief investigation
into anti-Semitism, wrote to
the former head of Liberty last
month to ask whether she was
offered the honour before,
during or after the conclusion
of her own inquiry into antiSemitism within Labour.
He further asked her to disclose the exact date the offer
was made but failed to get a
response to that point.
Chakrabarti said only she
accepted the honour after
the publication of her report
and insisted suggestions her
report was a whitewash were
deeply insulting and com-

Jeremy Corbyn with Shami Chakrabarti after the anti-Semitism inquiry

pletely untrue.
Clearly unimpressed, Vaz
again wrote to Chakrabarti on
16 August. I am sorry that the
information you provided does
not fully answer the question
that was asked, he wrote, in a
terse letter published on the

select committees website.

Answers would provide
much-needed clarity to this
He gave her until 21 August
to make clear when the idea of
a peerage was first discussed
with her, the date it was of-

fered and when she accepted.

However, the letter was
made public by the committee
only on 26 August, without any
details of a further response
from the peer-to-be. The select committee is due to release its report this month.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was among those giving
evidence to the select committees probe, during which he
insisted the Chakrabarti inquiry
into anti-Semitism in the
Labour Party was independent.
Community leaders have
said the timing of the peerage
left the credibility of her report
in tatters.
Corbyn nominated Chakrabarti for a peerage in David
Camerons resignation honours
list, which courted controversy
after the former prime minister
put forward a number of Conservative Party donors.

Israel aid to Argentina exposed

THE EXTENT to which Israel
supplied weapons to Argentina
during the Falklands War has
been revealed in newly-declassified documents.
Secret reports released for
the first time show Menachem
Begins regime also supplied
fighter jets responsible for
killing dozens of British troops.
Foreign Office files show Israel sold Buenos Aires jets that

bombed four British warships,

including the Sir Galahad, where
48 soldiers and sailors died.
Begin, the Israeli prime minister at the time, had previously
been head of Irgun, the Jewish
pre-state militia operating in
British Mandate Palestine, and
was well known for his hatred of
London after authorities hanged
his friend Dov Gruner in 1947
for firing on policemen.

Ben Eliezer dies, aged 80

veteran Israeli politician who
held several top government
posts and often served as a
bridge to the Arab world, died
on Sunday. He was 80.
Israeli media reported that
he died at Tel Avivs Ichilov
Hospital after a long illness.
Known affectionately by his
original Arabic first name,
Fuad, he was born in Basra,

Iraq in 1936 and moved to Israel in 1950. He joined the Israeli military in 1954 and
served as a commander in the
Middle East wars that followed. He retired in 1984 with
the rank of brigadier general.
He was a prominent member
of the dove-ish Labour Party
and served in senior ministerial
positions including defence,
trade and communications.

Janner family calls for court hearing into false child abuse allegations
THE FAMILY of Greville Janner wants
the public inquiry into child abuse to
delay its investigation into the late
Labour peer.
Lord Janner, [pictured, right], who
died in December, is alleged to have
abused youngsters over a period spanning more than 30 years dating back to
the 1950s, with offending said to have
taken place at childrens homes and ho-

tels. The allegations against the 87-yearold are due to be examined at hearings
of the public inquiry next March.
But his son has said that as civil proceedings by some of his alleged victims
have been started, the claims should go
through the courts where his fathers
accusers can be cross-examined before
they feature in the inquiry.
Daniel Janner QC told the BBC he had

prepared a submission for the Home Affairs Select Committee which is due to
question Home Secretary Amber Rudd
this month.
He said: We very much hope that the
committee will question carefully why
the inquiry is planning to make findings
of fact in relation to my late father when
he is dead, when he cannot answer
back, when he has never been convicted


of any offence and is entirely innocent.

Moreover we are denied the right to
cross-examine what we know to be false
allegations and we say this process actually discredits the important work of
the inquiry.
Civil proceedings are in train and it is
in those civil proceedings that we do get
the right to cross-examine, when those
allegations can be tested.

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The Jewish News 1 September 2016



ONE YEAR after British Jews dug deep for Syrian
refugees fleeing the fighting, World Jewish Relief
has reported back on the 17,500 people the
community helped to save.
Last years appeal saw Jewish families raise
944,000 for the refugee crisis triggered by the
devastating civil war in Syria, which has so far
claimed 400,000 lives. The community has only
once raised a higher amount in 2004, following
the Boxing Day tsunami.
In dozens of camps, thousands of life-saving
winter kits including blankets and coats were distributed alongside medicine, food and water, as
WJR worked with local partners to help registered refugees in Turkey and Greece. The charity
has been providing psychological support and
legal advice to hundreds of people.
WJR chief executive Paul Anticoni said the communitys outstanding generosity had been
spurred by last years photo of the three-year-old
Syrian boy Alan Kurdi, whose tiny body washed up
on a beach after the boat carrying him capsized.
However, having coordinated the communitys
response to the crisis, WJR warned in a report
this week that it now needed to focus on longterm solutions for some of the 4.8 million people who had fled Syria.
For example, only 10 percent of the 2.7 million
Syrian refugees in Turkey are living in camps, it
said, meaning female refugees living in urban
areas were particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation. This has led to the establishment of
a Womens Support Centre in Gaziantep, working with International Blue Crescent.
Likewise, the charity warned that almost twothirds of refugee children were not being formally
educated, a situation leading to a lost generation without the social, emotional or intellectual

the winter packages have been far more

likely to come back to their temporary
education centres and access muchneeded services there.
In its report, WJR praised the Jewish
community in Greece for being particularly responsive.
It said the community had been active
in gathering clothing and donating
money for some of the 59,000 refugees
A campaign spearheaded by World Jewish Relief has helped transform the lives of 17,500 Syrian refugees
stranded in the cash-strapped
Mediterranean country since arriving there.
development that regular attendance at school providing winter kits, we have removed a crucial
It also outlined its work with some of the Syrian
barrier to people enrolling their children at
Humanitarian aid workers said they stepped school because many families were understand- refugees being resettled in the UK, particularly a
in after they noticed families were often spend- ably prioritising expenditure on heating over pilot programme in Bradford that was helping
new arrivals to find work.
ing their limited money on basic survival needs, schools, they said.
with educational needs taking a back seat. By
The report went on: Children who received Editorial comment, page 12

Egyptian anger at Olympic photobomb Tank heros war souvenir ring

AN EGYPTIAN Olympian who
appears in a viral photo featuring an Israeli flag said she had
been photobombed by dirty
people and there will never be
peace between me and these
people in my life.
Doaa Elghobashy, 19, a
beach volleyball player, has
been harshly criticised on Arab
social media since the Israeli
Embassy in Cairo shared the
photo, which was shared initially
online by the pro-Israel advocacy group StandWithUs.
In a similar incident this week,
the popular Tunisian singer
Saber Rebai drew fire for appearing in a photograph with an

The controversial photograph

Arab-Israeli soldier whom Rebai

said he did not know was Israeli.
According to Ynet, Elghobashy
told the Egyptian newspaper AlYoum a-Saba that the photo was
a conspiracy against me to try
and discredit my name. She

added: It isnt possible that I

would take a picture with an Israeli because between these
people and ourselves, it is not
possible to have peace.
The Israeli woman was not
with a flag, but when the picture
was taken, she hoisted the flag
without me knowing.
Elghobashy failed to win a
medal at the Rio Games, but
drew attention for being the first
Olympic athlete to play beach
volleyball in a hijab, according to
The Times of Israel.
Egypt and Israel signed a
peace accord in 1978, but antiIsrael sentiment remains pervasive in Egyptian society.

Charedi teacher fired for driving licence

AN ORTHODOX teacher at a Charedi girls school
has reportedly been fired from her long-time position after obtaining a driving licence.
The woman, who worked at a school in the
West Bank settlement of Beitar Illit, obtained the
licence so she could transport her disabled
daughter more easily, according to Charedi Orthodox news website Kikar Shabbat.
The family received funds from Israels National
Insurance Institute to buy a car to enable them to
take better care of their daughter, the report said.
The woman was said by unnamed sources at the
school to have consulted a senior rabbi in the community and received his permission to take her
driving test and obtain the licence after her husband had trouble passing the test.
The sources quoted the schools headteacher as
saying of the teachers situation: I dont care. I will
not tolerate a teacher with a drivers licence.
The teacher and her family would not comment
to Kikar Shabbat on the incident, saying they do

not want to cause a hillul hashem, or a desecration of Gods name.

When contacted by the Israeli daily Haaretz, the
principal also did not comment, saying: I dont
give interviews, but this is really, really not true,
before hanging up, according to the papers English language news website.
Israels Ministry of Education is investigating
the report.

goes on show after 100 years

given by a Jewish tank commander to his new bride 100
years ago will be on show in
Trafalgar Square on 15 September, after archivists uncovered it in the dusty
corners of a museum.
Lieutenant Sir Basil Henriques, a prominent Jew who
was knighted in 1955 for his
social welfare work with
Jewish children in the East
End, had the ring made out
of a fragment of glass which
was taken from his face following an explosion.
The incident occurred on
15 September 1916, during
the fierce fighting at the Battle of the Somme.
It was the first battlefield
outing of the Mk I tank, and
through the periscope when
artillery fire shattered the
glass prism, sending shards
flying into his face.
Miraculously, he was not
blinded and later had one of
the splinters mounted on a
gold ring, which he gave to
Rose Loewe whom he married in 1916.
She donated it to the Tank
Museum in Bovington after
Henriques died in 1961, and
it was here that archivists recently stumbled across it as
they were wading through
the early-war collection.

Above: Basil Henriques

and Rose. Right: Henriques ring

The unique item of jewellery will now be taken to

Trafalgar Square on the anniversary of the first action
along with a Mk IV tank a
working replica made for the
film War Horse.
Objects like this ring help
to tell the personal stories of
the men and their experi-

ences, said David Willey,

museum curator.
For us now it seems
amazing that after a day of
such terror, confusion and
loss, Lt Henriques was able
to think of his new wife and
make a present to her out of
something that had nearly
blinded him.
Henriques, who was of
Portuguese descent, wrote
about Judaism and reforms
to religious ceremonies, but
it was his philanthropic
work for which he became more widely
known when he
set up boys
clubs for deprived Jewish
children from
the war years
from 1914.
He worked
with Rose, who
set up girls
clubs and made
sure the children
received basic education, vocational training
and holidays in the country,
often to his country home in
The husband and wife
team later founded the St
Georges Settlement Synagogue in a disused hostel,
where club members affectionately called them The
Gaffer and The Missus.

1 September 2016 The Jewish News


The search is on for

charitys top PETron

Buzz off! Simons X Factor verdict on Honeys rap

PATRONS OF Jewish charities may well be warm and

cuddly, but in terms of cute,
its hard to beat fur and a
little button nose.
Thats the lesson learned
by the Jewish Blind & Disabled charity, which, for the
past six months, has been
adding PETrons to the list
of its patrons.
Now, the search is on to
find the cutest of the bunch,
in a not-so-serious competition judged by television
personality and multiple pet
owner Jonathan Ross.
Closing date is Thursday
29 September, and the winning entry will be the pet
that is judged to raise the
biggest smile.
Hazel Kaye, Jewish Blind
& Disableds chief executive, said: Were delighted
to have Jonathan judging
this competition.
He is a good friend of
Jewish Blind & Disabled and
were all excited to see
which picture gives him the
biggest smile.
Kaye said families whose
pets had been paying 5
per month had helped to
provide a life of independence, dignity and choice for
physically-disabled or vision-impaired adults.

HAVE X FACTOR fans just witnessed the

birth of the greatest Jewish rap act since
the Beastie Boys? Simon Cowell certainly wasnt convinced. But that didnt
stop Honey G getting a thumbs up from
the three other judges to move to the
boot camp stage when the hit show returned to TV screens last weekend.
Standing out from her fellow hopefuls
in a cap and sunglasses, the former Maccabi athlete told the panel, including
Sharon Osborne,
that her full name
is Anna Georgette Gilford from
North Weezy,
before clarifying
she meant north
west London and,
specifically, leafy
The 35-yearold assured The
Mirror she wasnt

Honey G, aka Anna Georgette Gilford, proudly represented North Weezy on the show

a novelty act and has set her sights on

getting a record deal. If I can get as far
as possible in the competition it would
help me achieve that. Im ready for the

live shows. As well as my rapping I can

sing a little bit. I want to make sure my
full potential is recognised.
Just because Im a rapper doesnt

mean I'm some sort

of circus act. Im
real. Im a genuine
artist. So me coming into the competition is like a
breakthrough. The
judges need to
wake up to that.
She also revealed to that the
name Honey G
stuck after being
conceived by a
friend at university
and she changed her middle name from
Ruth to Georgette in memory of her
The acts who get through boot camp
will face the six-chair challenge before
the talent contest moves to judges
houses and the live shows.
The winner will scoop a lucrative
recording contract.

Chief extremely proud to induct son Danny as rabbi

CHIEF RABBI Ephraim Mirvis has described the extremely proud moment when he inducted his son,
Rabbi Danny Mirvis, as senior rabbi
of Mizrachi in Melbourne.
The Mizrachi Organisations committee overwhelmingly endorsed his
appointment in May this year.
The induction means Mirvis junior
has taken up his post in time for

Rosh Hashanah after returning from

studying in Israel only last year.
He went to Melbourne as rabbi of
Mizrachis newly-formed Kehillat Ohr
David and Rosh Kollel and beat competition from eight other applicants
for the prestigious top post.
His wife Althea Mirvis will work
alongside her husband in her role as
rebbetzin, the couple already having

hosted many young Melbourne

adults at their Shabbat table.
Chief Rabbi Mirvis is currently
marking his third anniversary of
being in the job.
Last week, coincidentally, his
weekly Dvar Torah/video message
focused on a verse in the haftarah
which related to the phrase chip off
the old block.

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To book an appointment, please call: 020 7317 7751
A: Hadley Wood Hospital,
52 Moxon St, Barnet EN5 5TS

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The Jewish News 1 September 2016

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1 September 2016 The Jewish News


Outrage at attack
on Jewish graves

110m for station museum ... as Lodz fans burn effigy

THE EU has allocated 110m
for the expansion of the museum at the Radegast train
station in Lodz, from which
Jews were shipped to death
camps during the Holocaust.
The money will be used to
modernise the building and
construct a multimedia model
of the Lodz Ghetto, which existed from April 1940 until
August 1944.
During the Holocaust, the

Nazis sent Jews from the

ghetto to the camps from the
Radegast station. The structure later fell into disrepair
but a museum was opened
there 10 years ago.
The multimedia model of
the Lodz Ghetto, or Litzmannstadt Ghetto, as it was
known in German, will be
made on a scale of 1:1400 and
will show the area as it appeared in May 1944.


have hung a banner containing
anti-Semitic language at a train
station in Lodz at a demonstration that featured the burning
of Jews in effigy.
A group of about 50 men
were photographed on a
bridge at the Lodz Kaliska station last weekend
Reports in the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper said the fans carried a banner bearing the words

19.08, today the Jews got a

name. Let them burn, followed
by an obscenity.
The fans, some wearing balaclavas, set fire to at least three
puppets hanging from the
bridge which were understood
to symbolise burning Jews.
The newspaper reported police were looking for the
demonstrators, who are suspected of incitement to racial
hatred and intimidation.

Charity Reg No. 802559

Smashed headstones lying on the ground at the Jewish cemetery


expressed outrage after 13
Jewish headstones were
smashed and toppled at a municipal cemetery in Belfast.
The Police Service of Northern Ireland is investigating the
incident as a hate crime.
Smashed glass was found
alongside overturned headstones at the older of two
cemeteries in the city.
Some of the headstones,
which are in a walled-off section between Whiterock and
Falls roads, are believed to
date from the 1870s.
Board of Deputies vicepresident Marie van der Zyl
said: We stand with the
Belfast Jewish community in
the face of such a revolting act
of vandalism and disrespect
which will cause much distress
to families and the community.
She added: We support
the communitys efforts with

Belfast City Council to restore

and secure the cemetery. We
hope those responsible are arrested swiftly and face the full
consequences of their actions.
Local reports suggest eight
young people carried out the
attack with hammers, with a
larger crowd looking on.
Police commander Norman
Haslett, who appealed for witnesses, said: This is a particularly sickening incident.
To disturb the sanctity of a
cemetery in this way is completely unacceptable and I can
assure the public we will conduct a robust investigation in a
bid to bring those responsible
before the courts.
The attack is not the first instance of its kind in the city.
Last year, vandals set fire to
a mural honouring Lt. Col.
John Henry Patterson, a Christian Zionist officer who commanded the Zion Mule Corps.

Finchley hub offers business boost

THE JEWISH communitys employment hub in Finchley is offering space for up to three
businesses to work there but
tenants will have to navigate
their way through a Dragons
Den-style process to get it.
Work Avenue at the new
Wohl Enterprise Centre is inviting applications from small
businesses by 19 September.
Shortlisted candidates then
pitch to a panel in October.
The winning businesses
must showcase a clear vision

and a maximum of four employees to deliver it, said

Work Avenue bosses.
In return, they said the winning enterprises will get
workspace and meeting
rooms at exclusive rates designed to help young businesses to get off the ground.
The prize includes free accounting advice during the
tenancy, free seminars and
mentoring from experts.
For details see the website

Palestinian scouts honour killer

Continued from page 1
He added: Due to the nature
of the issue and the challenges
of communication this may take
some time. We appreciate the
gravity of the allegations and will
address the issue accordingly.
WOSM is currently working urgently to address this matter
with the relevant people.
The Palestinian Scout Association has 18,700 members and
was only readmitted as a full voting member of the world body six
months ago, after 10 years as a

non-voting conditional member.

In the UK, where Londoner
Robert Baden-Powell founded
the movement in 1910, Scout
leaders reacted with horror at
the news.
A spokesman told Jewish
News: We condemn any act of
terrorism. Anyone seeking to
harm another is behaving in a unacceptable manner. We provide
guidance to all volunteer leaders
to help people when terrible
events like this take place.
Editorial comment, page 12


Every day, we serve 8,000 delicious hot kosher meals. We serve them to people
visiting our community centres; to people were helping to stay in their own homes,
and to people living in our care homes. And its not just about good food. Its a sign
of the Jewish values we share with our entire community. We can only do it thanks
to kind people who have remembered us in their Will. Because 1 in every 4 we
raise comes from Gifts in Wills.

To nd out more about including a gift in your

Will to Jewish Care in complete condence,
please call Alison Rubenstein on 020 8922 2833
or email

The Jewish News 1 September 2016


Comedy genius with a golden ticket to heaven

Gene Wilder died on Monday, aged
83. The comedy legend had been
suffering from Alzheimers disease.
BORN JEROME SILBERMAN in Wisconsin in 1933, Gene Wilder, the son
of a Russian Jewish immigrant father
and Polish mother, started his acting
career on the stage, but millions knew
him from his work in films, especially
his collaborations with Mel Brooks.
With his unkempt hair and big eyes,
Wilder was a master at playing panicked
characters caught up in schemes that
only Brooks could devise, whether reviving a monster in Young Frankenstein or
bilking Broadway in The Producers.
Brooks would call him Gods perfect prey, the victim in all of us.
But Wilder also knew how to keep it
cool as the boozing gunslinger in Blazing Saddles or the charming candy
man in the children's favourite, Willy
Wonka And The Chocolate Factory.
Wilder was close friends with Richard

Pryor and their contrasting personas

Wilder uptight, Pryor loose were ideal
for comedy. They co-starred in four
films: Silver Streak, Stir Crazy, See No
Evil, Hear No Evil and Another You.
But Wilder insisted in a 2013 interview he was no comedian, saying it was
the biggest misconception about him.
What a comic, what a funny guy, all
that stuff! And Im not. Im really not. Except in a comedy in films, Wilder said.
But I make my wife laugh once or
twice in the house, but nothing special.
But when people see me in a movie
and its funny, then they stop and say
things to me about how funny you
were. But I don't think Im that funny. I
think I can be in the movies.
When he was six, Wilders mother
suffered a heart attack that left her a
semi-invalid. He soon began improvising comedy skits to entertain her, the
first indication of his future career.
He attended military school in Hollywood but became interested in acting

and later moved to England to study at

the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.
He did a stint in the army after returning to America and then moved to
Pennsylvania, where he pursued his
dream of acting.
Supporting himself with odd jobs
such as driving a limo, he landed his
first professional acting job in a production of Twelfth Night.
He was married twice before tying
the knot with Gilda Radner in 1964.
When she died of ovarian cancer in
May 1989, a devastated Wilder went on
to establish a Los Angeles cancer detection centre in her name.
He made his television debut in 1962
and was cast as a hostage in the 1967
film Bonnie And Clyde, but his first significant role was in the 1968 film The
Producers, the first he worked on with
Brooks. It started a long working relationship that included Blazing Saddles
and Young Frankenstein and also
earned him his first Oscar nomination.

Wilder worked mostly in television

in recent years. He made a number of
appearances on Will & Grace, including one which earned him an Emmy
Award for outstanding guest actor,
and had a starring role in the shortlived sitcom Something Wilder.
He was among the voices in the animated The Yo Gabba Gabba! Movie
2 in 2015, but in later life became disillusioned with the limelight and
turned to writing, releasing three novels and a collection of stories.
In 2013, asked if he would act again,
he said he would do
it only if something
wonderful was offered to him.
Wilder is survived
by his fourth wife,
Karen Boyer, whom
he married in 1991,
and a daughter,
Katherine, from a
previous marriage.

Wilder as Willy Wonka, and in 2007

Wiesels life in pictures at Moscow photographic exhibition

AN EXHIBITION of photographs showcasing the life of Holocaust survivor
and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel has
opened in Moscow and will run until
the end of September.
The exhibition, at the Israeli Cultural
Centre, shows Wiesels life in pictures,
starting from his youth before and during the Holocaust to his work as a novelist, journalist, Jewish leader and

eventual winner of the Nobel Prize.

Romanian-born Wiesel, who died in
July aged 87, survived Auschwitz and
later became a leading supporter of
the movement to free Soviet Jewry.
His 1966 book about the struggle,
The Jews of Silence, was regarded as
a highly-influential piece of work.
Chaim Chesler, the founder of the
Russian-speaking Limmud FSU, which

Katy Lipson for Aria Entertainment Concerts & Szpiezak Productions Ltd

has helped to organise the exhibition,

said: It is fitting that Elie Wiesel was
honoured in Moscow by the very people he helped to free 50 years after
writing his book.
His memory will serve as an inspiration and a symbol of our triumph.
Yoel Rappel, director of the Elie
Wiesel Archive at Boston University,
who curated the exhibition, said:

When I asked Wiesel how the struggle

for Soviet Jewry is more important
than the struggle for Holocaust awareness, he replied that the Jews of Europe were exterminated physically by
the Nazis; the Jews of the Soviet Union
were being destroyed spiritually.
The first we were unable to avoid,
but we must prevent the second from

Including Timeless Classics


And many more...
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1 September 2016 The Jewish News


Syrian girl home after treatment in Israel

A SIX-YEAR-OLD Syrian girl has
finally left an Israeli hospital after
seven months treatment for a
haematological (blood) disease,
as carers and medical staff held
a farewell party for her.
The youngster, known only as
B, was presented with a backpack containing everything she
needs for primary school after
her stay at the Rambam Healthcare Campus in Haifa.
B arrived in early February
Syria and left this week as staff
comprising Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze applauded her
recovery from the blood disorder
medics found while treating her
initial injuries.
For Israeli children with this
disease, the treatment is
straightforward and generally

Staff of the Israeli hospital with B at the party to mark her recovery

yields good results, said a hospital spokesman. A bone marrow donor is found, the child is
isolated from infection, the bone
marrow transplant is performed

and, if all goes well, the child recovers. For a Syrian child, however, it is much more complex.
The team, led by Dr Irena Zeidman and Dr Ayelet Ben-Barak,

traced Bs relatives in Syria and

took blood from them, to see if
there were any potential donors.
Bs brothers sample matched.
Medics at the Israeli hospital
threw a party for the six-year-old
Syrian girl after her successful
seven-month stay.
Nurse Iris Porat, recalling the
two-week donation process and
the marathon recovery period,
during which time B even dressed
up in Purim costume, said: Ill
never forget when they first
brought in those test tubes, discreetly wrapped in dish towels.
As B left this week, her mother
said: I would lie if I said I expected the kind of humanity I discovered here. I am grateful for
your care and sensitivity; we will
always remember what you did.

Natural to suspect Ethiopians Airline relents over halva snack

ACTIVISTS AND politicians
have called for the firing of Israel Police Chief Roni Alsheich
after he called it natural for
police to be more suspicious
of Ethiopian Israelis than of
other Israelis.
Studies the world over,
without exception, have shown
that immigrants are invariably
more involved in crime than
others, and this should not
come as a surprise, Alsheich
said on Tuesday in Tel Aviv at a

meeting of the Israel Bar Association. His comments, widely

reported in the Israeli media,
came in response to a question
about accusations of police
brutality and racial discrimination against Ethiopian Israelis.
Alsheich also said that
young people are involved in
more crimes than others.
Opposition leaders and leaders of the Ethiopian-Israeli community criticised Alsheich and
called for his resignation.


to resume serving a West Bankproduced halva snack, one
week after pulling the sesame
product from its flights following complaints by a group that
supports the boycott movement against Israel.
Brussels Airlines said last
week it did not order the halva
and the snack was served on its
flight by mistake.
But the company has now
said in a statement to the Israeli

Foreign Ministry quoted by The

Times of Israel that the food
manufacturer Achva is one of
our trustful suppliers.
It is clear that Achva remains
one of our trustful suppliers
and without any distinction related to the origin of the product, and therefore we will
continue to accept Achvas
products on board our flights,
especially given its positive role
in the community, the Brussels
Airlines statement read.


Your weekly digest of stories
from the international press.

With Stephen Oryszczuk



An Israeli lawyer who supports

a boycott of Israeli produce has
fled to Canada seeking political asylum from political persecution in Israel. Gilad Paz,
34, flew into Montreal earlier
this month before it is too
late. He said: I support BDS
because Israel doesnt understand a different language.

Enthusiastic treasure hunters

were left empty-handed after
searching for a Nazi train believed to be hidden in a tunnel
full of gold smelted from the
valuables of Holocaust victims.
Andreas Richter, a German,
and Piotr Koper, a Pole, now
have to fill in three 300ft deep
holes they drilled looking for it.



Up to 300 Jews, freemasons

and illuminati were responsible
for the sinking of Titanic, according to a 2012 Russian documentary, which has just been
re-run on the privately-owned
REN-TV channel. It also linked
the supposed group to Chernobyl, the Twin Towers attack
and the fall of the Soviet Union.

Italian Jews have pledged their

support to the victims of the
devastating earthquake in the
centre of the country, which left
hundreds dead. Jewish communities in Rome and elsewhere
have set up blood donation
centres to help the injured. Representatives said they wanted to
mobilise aid in a concrete way.



A group of Jewish students

from ORT High School say they
were attacked outside a nightclub by a group of other students who came in wearing
Hitler moustaches and painted
swastikas. The perpetrators, believed to have been on a stag
do, were ejected from the club,
along with the complainants.

A rabbi who founded a soup

kitchen to feed people in need
has been honoured with a
plaque on Bondi Beach. Rabbi
David Slavin, a father-of-eight
who also founded a charity for
bone marrow donors, said:
They told me I was getting
something at the beach. I
thought it was a parking permit.

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The Jewish News 1 September 2016


Jewish GCSE pupils buck national trend

JEWISH SCHOOLS celebrated another
year of outstanding GCSE results with
most reporting more than 75 percent
of students earning A-C grades bucking the national trend, which saw
grades fall to their lowest in a decade.
Nervous year-11 students from
schools including Yavneh College,
JCoSS, Hasmonean, Immanuel College
and King Solomon collected their
marks last Thursday. Despite a national
fall in A*-C grades to 66.9 percent,
they outperformed non-Jewish counterparts, with all four attaining above
75 percent in that bracket.
JFS in Kenton earned more than 50
percent of grades in the A*-A category
with 89 percent in the A*-C bracket.
The results were welcomed by executive headteacher Debby Lipkin and the
senior leadership team at the school,
who said they were delighted by these
results and are proud of our students
who truly deserve these outstanding
grades. Nationally, JFS earned a place
in the top 40 for UK state schools.
Kantor King Solomon saw 77 percent of grades in the A*-C range, an
increase on last years 60 percent.
These were the best results yet for
the school, and were praised by headteacher Matthew Slater as being a testament to the focus, determination,
skill and tenacity of our teaching staff
and our students.
Following its inaugural set of results

in 2015, JCoSS in Barnet announced a

slight fall in the share of A*-C grades in
line with the national trend, dropping
from 86 to 80 percent.
Headteacher Patrick Moriarty said he
was thrilled, adding that the second
year of full GCSE results confirms our
place on the map of high-performing
Yavneh College also saw a small drop
in A*-C grades, at 82.4 percent, down
from 2015s 85 percent.
Executive headteacher Spencer Lewis
said: These grades are a result of a lot
of hard work and there is so much of
which to be really proud again this year.
He added: These GCSE results and
last weeks A-level results are a
source of great pride for our entire
school community.
For a sixth year in a row, Hasmonean High School ensured
more than 50 percent of grades
were A*-A, although it fell from 59
to 53 percent compared to 2015.
Some 91 percent of results were
in the A*-C bracket. Executive
headteacher Andrew McClusky
said the results showed the school
has a great deal to celebrate.
Immanuel College boosted its
share of A*-C grades from 2015 to
97 percent, the second highest for
GCSE results in its history, while
the school maintained a level of 34
Top: All smiles for Hasmonean students. Above: Immanuel College pupils celebrate their outstanding GCSE results
percent A* grades.

Fresh start for Durham community

MORE THAN 60 years after Durhams synagogue
closed its doors, a new community of about a dozen
has sprung up and is starting to host events.
The fledgling group, called Durham and North
East Liberal Jewish Community, held its first service last month, marking Tisha BAv, the Jewish day
of mourning for the destruction of the First and
Second Temples in Jerusalem. Hava Fleming, the
groups lay leader and a signatory to a recent letter

Remember when: the old Durham Synagogue

defending Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, led the

service at Newcastle Reform Synagogue.
The community will host its next event at a church
next week, and plans to hold Friday-night dinners
and Shabbat-morning services roughly once a
month, but says it has no plans to buy a building.
We are happy to share premises, the group
said. Ultimately, we will apply to be included in
the UK Movement for Liberal Judaism.
In a statement on its website, the group said:
As a collective, we will plan activities and develop
a sense of purpose and who we are. But to start
with, we are an inclusive, egalitarian community,
which does not tolerate racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, or any form of prejudice against gender, class, ability or ethnicity.
Durhams new community added it would prioritise interfaith work, and was looking for other faith
communities in Durham to share Mitzvah Day.
It is believed the first Jews settled in Durham in
1888 and the Orthodox synagogue opened exactly 110 years ago in 1906. It closed in 1955 due
to a declining population.

Dont leave your dress in the Dead Sea!

Two months is all it took to transform a 1920s-style black gown into a shimmering, salt-covered piece of
art. Israeli artist Sigalit Landau submerged a dress a replica of the traditional Hasidic one worn by the
character Leah in the seminal Yiddish play The Dybbuk into the Dead Sea and captured its evolution
over time in photographs, as the seas salt-rich waters crystallised the dress.

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The Jewish News 1 September 2016


residential auction sale

225 vacant and investment properties to include

Lot 43 Guide Price 650,000+

Lot 4 Guide Price 300,000+

Lot 50 Guide Price 1.75M+

Lots 23 & 24 Guide Price 395,000+ each

80 Brookside Road,
Golders Green, London NW11 9NG

40 Shrewsbury Avenue,
Kenton, Middlesex HA3 9NF

Ground Floor Flat, 6 Heath Drive,

Hampstead, London NW3 7SY

By order of The Government Legal Department (BVD)

Freehold detached 3 bed house with front
and rear gardens. Vacant.

Freehold semi-detached 3 bed house subject

to an Assured Tenancy. Producing 12,584 p.a.

Long leasehold GF 3 bed flat with shared use

of garden, garage and driveway. GIA extending
to approx 178.1 sq m (1,917 sq ft). Vacant.

Second and Ground Floor flats,

28 Grove Terrace, Parliament Hill,
London NW5 1PL

Lots 28 & 29 Guide Price 1.3M - 1.4M each

Lot 70 Guide Price 1M - 1.1M

Lot 64 Guide Price 500,000+

Lot 27 Guide Price 1.3M+

65-66 Compton Street,

Clerkenwell, London EC1V 0BN

49 Marchmont Street,
Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1AP

8 Grantbridge Street,
Islington, London N1 8JN

Two freehold adjoining mid terrace 4 storey buildings.

Possible potential for conversion into either flats,
offices or 2 family houses. Vacant.

In same ownership for approximately 30 years

Leasehold 1F, 2F & 3F 4 bed maisonette. Potential for
conversion to two flats, subject to consents. Vacant.

First Floor Flat,

26 Coolhurst Road,
Crouch End, London N8 8EL

Lot 5 Guide Price 460,000 - 480,000

Two Leasehold 2 bed flats. Both recently refurbished.

To be offered Individually. Vacant.

By order of a Housing Association

Leasehold FF 2 bed flat. Vacant.

By order of a Housing Association

Freehold mid terrace 3/4 bed house with rear patio garden.
Extending to approx 202 sq m (2,178 sq ft). Vacant.

Lot 106 Guide Price 350,000+

Lot 105A Guide Price 425,000+

Lot 89 Guide Price 295,000+

Ground Floor Flat,

34 Bodney Road, London E8 1AY

Flat 88, Turnpike House, Goswell Road,

Clerkenwell, London EC1V 7PE

9E Engel Park, Mill Hill,

London NW7 2HE

82 Tennyson Road, Stratford,

London E15 4DR

By order of Receivers
Leasehold GF 2 bed flat with patio garden. Vacant.

Leasehold FF 2 bed flat subject to an AST.

Producing 21,600 p.a.

Freehold end of terrace 2 bed house

with parking and garden. Vacant.

In the same family ownership for approximately 18 years

Freehold mid terrace 2 bed house with rear yard.
Potential for extension subject to consents. Vacant.

Lots 107 Guide Price 165,000+

& 107A Guide Price 125,000+ each

Lots 72-74 Guide Price 900,000+

Lot 44 Guide Price 850,000+

Lot 103 Guide Price 225,000 - 250,000

Flats 2 & 4, 34A Geldeston Road,

Clapton, London E5 8SB

Flats 2, 3 & 4, 1A Brampton Park Road,

Wood Green, London N22 6BG

75 Mortimer Road, Kensal Rise,

London NW10 5TN

21 Canons Court, Stonegrove,

Edgware, Middlesex HA8 7ST

2 leasehold flats, each subject to ASTs.

Producing 29,085 p.a. in total.
To be offered individually.

Three leasehold recently newly refurbished one

bed flats. To be offered as one lot. Vacant.

Freehold mid terrace 4 bed house with rear garden.

Extending to approx 126 sq m (1,365 sq ft). Potential for
loft conversion and extension subject to consents. Vacant.

Leasehold FF 2 bed flat. Vacant.

Auction sale:

Thursday 15th September 2016

The Cumberland Hotel, Great Cumberland Place, London W1H 7DL
Catalogue requests: 0906 515 1540 calls charged at 1.50 per minute
For EPC ratings, refer to website


Bid in person

Bid online

Bid by phone

Bid by proxy

1. Where a guide price (or range of prices) is given, that guide is the minimum price at which, or range of prices within which, the seller might
be prepared to sell on the date at which the guide price, or range of prices, is published. 2. The reserve price is the minimum price at which
the property can be sold. 3. Both the guide price and the reserve price may be subject to change up to and including the day of the auction.

online auction catalogue:




The Jewish News 1 September 2016


Letters to the Editor

Shaming the Scouts
NEWS SELDOM gets more depressing than this weeks story that
the Palestinian Scouts Association has named a training programme
in honour of a terrorist who pumped bullets into passengers on an
Israeli bus, killing three.
Aside from the thought that Londoner Lord Baden-Powell would
be turning in his grave, what hope is there when scouting which aims
to develop young people chooses as a rolemodel someone who
shoots innocents in the face then stabs them repeatedly? We hear
about Palestinians glorifying terrorists, but for 110 years scouting has
been about leaving the world a little better than you found it, as the
great man himself said in his last letter. It is about being prepared.
Baden-Powell may well have sympathised with the Palestinians,
but he would not have said be prepared to kill and leave the
world with a little less Jews than you found it. Let us hope that the
world body investigates, and that sanity prevails.
With 18,700 Palestinian scouts, this issue is too important to ignore.

Making a difference
LAST YEAR our community raised almost 1million for refugees fleeing
the Syrian civil war, which has killed 400,000. It was the second highest
total ever, after the 2004 tsunami, which killed 230,000, most of whom
were Indonesian. In both cases, Jews dug deep for those who had lost
everything. That most were Muslim was immaterial but a fact worth
noting nevertheless, for all those who say that Jews only help Jews.
Syrian refugees are vulnerable, whether to the cold, or disease, or
malnutrition. Thankfully, Jewish communities around the world are, in
many cases, able to help. It is heartening that they are doing so.

Managing Director
Carol Bronze
Editorial Director
Richard Ferrer
Head of Sales
Russell Bahar
020 7692 6970
News Editor
Justin Cohen
020 7692 6952
Foreign Editor
Stephen Oryszczuk
020 7692 6952

Community +
Sport Editor
Andrew Sherwood
020 7692 6949
Features Editor
Francine Wolfisz
020 7692 6935
Sub Editor
Alex Galbinski

Production Designer
Sarah Rothberg
Production Designer
Jodie Goldfinger

Beverley Sanford
020 7692 6931

Online Editor
Jack Mendel
020 7692 6942

Zuzana Kasparova

Production Manager
Diane Spender
020 7692 6953

Operations Manager
Alon Pelta


Shabbat comes in at:
Shabbat goes out at:




PO Box 34296, London NW5 1YW


Your journalist Lisa Sanders is correct to
draw attention to the problem of Messianic Judaism (Jewish News, 11 August). Of course, it is really just a
deception used by Christian missionaries
to attract Jews to conversion by giving
the impression they are not abandoning
This is an age-old technique used
throughout the world to evangelise unwary peoples. Once snared in the Christian net, they are weaned away over a
few generations from their original customs. The analogy of the parasitic wasp
laying its egg in an unwary caterpillar immediately comes to mind.
In furthering its deceit, the movement
asserts it is as much a bona fide Jewish
religious stream as Orthodox, Conservative/Masorti, Reform/Liberal and Reconstructionist Judaism.
In the tradition of the great Torah
leader, Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch, I
have no problem denying its claim, since
it has abandoned core Jewish beliefs.
However, other non-Orthodox movements have also abandoned some, albeit
different, which is why Orthodoxy does
not recognise their Jewish validity.
I would be very interested to hear
from the latter a rational argument, not
merely its own assertions of fact,
showing the logical distinctionthat
obliges us to recognise Orthodoxy, but
not the Messianics, as a denomination
within Judaism.
Martin D. Stern

only dissenter and only Jew in Lloyd

Georges cabinet, Edwin Montague, who
feared for his status as a Jew in Britain.
Further, non-Jewish communities refers
to diverse religious communities like
Greek Orthodox, Muslim etc, but not ethnic minorities. Arabs are not mentioned.
Arab nationalism was intended in every
other part of the Middle East but not in
the historic Jewish homeland covering
Palestine on both sides of the river Jordan. Ultimately, the Arab nation did extremely well, achieving sovereignty in 22
nation states covering a land mass almost
twice the size of the USA.
Israel has done an exemplary job of
recognising the civil and economic
needs of Israeli Arabs.
There are Arabs at the highest level of
Israeli society high court judges, university professors, hospitals consultants etc.
Nothing to do with pledges made by
Arthur Balfour.
Israel provides the opportunities and
the rest is up to them.
Roslyn Pine

Sketches & kvetches

By Paul Solomons


Columnist Alex Brummer, like others, has
misunderstood the meaning of the Balfour Declaration (Jewish News, 18 August). Nowhere does it make clear that
Jewish arrivals in Palestine should do
nothing to prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, making it sound
like Jews were the colonial interlopers of
another peoples homeland.
The caveat of nothing shall be
done.. regarding the establishment of
the future homeland was to placate the

...Theres nowhere to sit.

This is why we should
nationalise Passover.

Do any Jewish News readers know anyone involved in the Battle of Cable
Street? Hope not Hate is commemorating the 80th anniversary of the day the
people of the East End united to stop
Oswald Mosleys Blackshirts marching
through Stepney on 4 October, 1936.
We are conducting short interviews
with people who experienced the event
and these will be used for an interactive
website dedicated to the battle. For
more, email
David Emmett
Hope Not Hate

Emily Hiltons Yachad column in Jewish
News (11 August) was praiseworthy for its
aims and Jewish values. As a devoted
Zionist myself, we must allow for the fact
that we Jews have differing views on the
humanitarian issues of occupation.
Yes, the occupation is one of the main
causes of the uncontrollable rise in antiSemitism among the left.
On the other hand, it does not take
much for an anti-Semite to find a reason to
accuse the Jews of acting like Nazis. Just
take a look at the cyber discussions on
Middle East Monitor to get a feel of the
voluminous vomit of hatred towards Israel.
However, this is my point. One reason
Daesh has not come further west towards
the Golan Heights is it fears the IDF.
Hizbollah has not tried to fire more missiles into Israel because it fears reprisals.
If Israel gives up the West Bank and the
Golan Heights for the sake of some kind
of appeasement with Mahmoud Abbas
(dont hold your breath), the opportunities
this would bring to the fanatics in Hizbollah and Daesh would be predictably horrendous for unprotected Palestinian
citizens in the West Bank.
But thats not all folks, because the antiSemitic left would then immediately
blame Israel for leaving the Palestinians
We are damned if we do and damned if
we dont.
Mike Abramov
By email

1 September 2016 The Jewish News



Dishonest attacks on Im
Tirtzu only stifle dialogue
THERE HAS been a lot of recent discussion
surrounding a Jewish News article (Controversial Zionist Group Leaders UK Visit Criticised)
covering the upcoming UK visit of Im Tirtzu, a
well-known Israeli non-governmental organisation that received a less-than-flattering portrayal in the article.
As someone who has volunteered in Im Tirtzu
for many years, first as an activist and later as a
university branch coordinator, and currently
works for the organisation, I would like to clear
up several half-truths and untruths in the article.
First and foremost, its important to understand who Im Tirtzu (IMTI) is. IMTI is the largest
Zionist movement in Israel, with over 6,000 active
members and fifteen branches on universities
and colleges throughout the country. IMTI activists are all volunteers and are not wellfunded as stated in the article.
In addition to nurturing Zionism on campuses,
which includes running the largest Zionist extracurricular program in Israel and embracing minorities who support Israel and serve in the IDF,
IMTI is well-known for combating the phenomenon of BDS from within; that is, opposing Israeli individuals and organisations (often funded
by foreign governments) that work to harm the
Jewish and democratic nature of Israel.
Contrary to the articles editorial line, IMTI
enjoys wide public support in Israel, not only
from the people, but from politicians and opin-

ion makers as well.

A simple Google search would reveal endorsements of IMTI by Prime Minister Netanyahu and Nobel Prize Laureate Yisrael
Aumann, as well as numerous IMTI events featuring leading Israeli cultural and academic figures.
IMTI also enjoys wide support in the Knesset.
This past year alone, IMTI initiated a Knesset
Caucus aimed at assisting minorities, initiated
two Knesset committees on the topic of academic politicisation, and participated in dozens
of Knesset discussions.
Nevertheless, the article painted the highly
misleading picture of a fringe organisation embroiled in constant controversy, rejected by both
sides of the political aisle.
But given the organisations cited in the article, this is not surprising in the least. For those
who dont know, the New Israel Fund (NIF) is a
US-based non-profit organisation that funds vehemently anti-Israel organisations, which, inter
alia, accuse Israel of war crimes, defend terrorists in court, label Israel an apartheid state.
Yachad, which I was admittedly unfamiliar
with prior to this article, appears to be from the
same mold as it supports anti-Israel organisations like the NIF-funded Breaking the Silence.
The NIF and other like-minded groups have
been widely shunned and utterly rejected by Israeli society.

It takes incredible chutzpah for the NIF to

label IMTI as discredited, when that is how
the NIF itself is viewed by the Israeli public.
Sadly, the articles objectivity was tainted by
the assertion that IMTIs visit prompted a wave
of criticism from Jewish groups in the UK.
This wave of criticism, as is apparent from
the article, is nothing more than the NIF and
Yachad at work. With all the articles focus and
repetitious use of the word fascism, which was
based on a 2013 district court libel case filed by
IMTI, it was rather odd that there was no mention of the Supreme Courts verdict overturning
the lower courts ruling and deeming it invalid.
Perhaps the NIFs UK chief executive should
heed his own organisations call to recognise
and reinforce the essential pluralism of Israeli
society and tolerance for diversity, before issuing hypocritical statements advising British
Jewry to avoid engaging with Im Tirtzu.
This attempt to stifle dialogue is representative of the true my way or else colours of the
NIF. Thankfully, the people of Israel have embraced Im Tirtzu and have rejected the radical
activity of the New Israel Fund and other antiIsrael groups.
I would expect, and hope, that the UKs Jewish community would do the same.
The writer is the head of English development and
external relations for the Im Tirtzu movement

Eytan Meir
Im Tirtzu

The NIF and other such

groups have been widely
shunned and rejected
by Israeli society

Throw around the F word

and we all get tarnished
THERE IS a spectre, dear readers, haunting
the British Jewish community. It is the spectre, not of Communism, but of its polar opposite and/or mirror image: fascism. And just
as there are certain things that everyone is in
favour of, like democracy, peace and freedom, fascism is just one of those things that
everyone is against.
Fascism is totally, unambiguously, not
kosher. No one is attempting to unsully or reclaim it. If theres anything we can all agree
on, its that fascists are the bad guys.
The only problem though, is thats all we
can agree on. We cant even agree on who
the fascists are.
Is it Im Tirzu, the Israeli group brought over
by the UK-based Campaign 4 Truth? In a Jewish News article about their upcoming visit,
the F word was sprinkled liberally throughout no pun intended.
Everyone, from Israeli judges to Israeli
politicians, have accused IT of being, well, a
little bit fascist.
But wait. Following the publication of the
article, the venue that was supposed to be
hosting the event pulled out which may or
may not have been the intention of the critics
cited in the article. After all, the UK-based
groups New Israel Fund and Yachad, leading
the condemnation, made it clear that no one
really ought to associate with Im Tirzu.
So all of sudden, its a freedom of speech
issue. Maybe these liberal left groups are the
real fascists?

Spoiler alert: there is no fascism here. But

there is a fair degree of hypocrisy from both
Lets start with the left.
Only a few weeks ago, a motion was put
forward to the Board of Deputies, basically
calling on it to promise to never work with
anti-Israel groups.
Now the Board, like the Jewish community
it represents, is strongly and proudly pro-Israel. It is not suddenly going to go all Neturei
Karta on us. Hamas and Hezbollah will not be
invited as friends to its next plenary.
Nonetheless, the motion was shut down
and with an overwhelming majority.
The deputies who voted against it argued
that it was an unnecessary and unhelpful infringement on freedom of speech that
sometimes you need to be able to talk to
even those you disagree with. Bridges, not
walls, are the way forward.
It is, therefore, disappointing that that
same courtesy has not been extended to Im
Tirzu. The back story to why New Israel Fund
and Yachad are so vexed with IT is because
the organisation campaigns against NIF and
groups like Breaking The Silence, who are the
darlings of the liberal-left.
Yes, some Israeli politicians (including right
wing ones) have condemned IT. But guess
what? Theres a lot of Israeli politicians (including on the left) who have condemned
Breaking the Silence.
Does that mean they too should be demol-

ished in the press next time they visit?

Would not NIF and Yachad also not be outraged if their venues suddenly pulled out following such negative coverage?
But the hypocrisy isnt just on one side. Because fascist is not the only toxic label that
gets thrown around with abandon. Traitor is
another one one that is all too often flung
by the right.
I have no doubt that if some on the right
had their way, groups like Yachad and New Israel Fund and Breaking the Silence would
also be denied their freedom of speech, assembly, association and worse.
Ive witnessed the hateful invective they are
targeted with, simply by sharing panels with
them even when disagreeing with them!
But since when is disagreement grounds for
casting someone out as traitor?
When we celebrate Israel, we dont just do
it because its the Jewish homeland. We do it
because its a thriving democracy. Part of that
democracy is the freedom for as many voices
to be heard as possible.
Yes, there are disagreements, disagreements that have made their way over to our
community here too. But we do each other a
disservice if we try to narrow the range of acceptable opinions. We need to have conversations, not mud fights.
In a conversation, everyone has a chance
to be heard.
In a mud fight, everyone just ends up covered in dirt.

Paul Charney
Zionist Federation

We do each other a
disservice if we try to
narrow the range of
acceptable opinions


The Jewish News 1 September 2016


Make this propaganda

victory for BDS the last
THE LONGER the stalemate on Middle East
peace talks and the more entrenched Israel becomes in the disputed territories, the harder it
becomes to loosen the grip of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.
I understand the Netanyahu government is
planning a direct diplomatic assault on BDS
throughout the diaspora, but it faces an uphill
task in the court of public opinion in Britain, the
US and elsewhere. The latest success being
claimed by BDS is the exit of British private security outfit G4S from Israel and the West Bank.
It is tricky to disentangle what has happened.
As a security firm, G4S is secretive about its
motives. It has in the past banned reporters
from its annual general meetings despite objections from major shareholders. The meetings
have become battlegrounds between genuine
long-term investors and BDS activists with the
handful of shares that entitle them to attend.
The big issue is G4Ss role in Israel and the
West Bank. G4S has long been a support to Israels domestic security apparatus, providing
and maintaining technical equipment such as
access systems, cameras, baggage-screening
machines in some prisons and at crossing
points along the separation barrier which divides Israel from the Palestinian territories. A
particular target of the BDS protesters has been
the Ofer prison, located in disputed territory.
In spite of the protests, G4S was until re-

cently notably resistant to such disruptive political protest. As a global security firm and
a good earner of foreign currency for UKplc
it cannot be too politically picky over countries in which it operates.
The break with the past for G4S came with
the London Olympics in 2012. Tasked with
maintaining security, it fell short in numbers and
training of guards, leading to House of Commons hearings and a more intense focus on its
UK government contracts. Chief executive Nick
Buckles left less than a year later in May 2013.
The tighter scrutiny of its activities led to a
police investigation of a youth offenders unit in
Kent where staff were caught on video allegedly abusing teenagers. In 2014, it bowed
to pressure and pulled out of the contract to
provide cleaning services at Guantanamo Bay.
Amid the controversy and a falling share
price, the G4S board concluded the company
had become too large and difficult to manage.
It announced it would cut costs by 1.6bn and
reduce the number of countries in which it operates from 100 to around 60.
In May this year, G4S issued a statement saying it had decided to sell G4S Israel on commercial and strategic grounds as part of its
portfolio management programme established in 2013. It rejected any suggestion the
decision was anything to do with G4S Israels
conduct, noting independent reviews had con-

firmed good practice. Indeed, in 2015 it was

cleared by the UK government of any adverse
human rights impacts in its Israel operations.
Late last month, while much of corporate
and diplomatic Britain was on summer hols, the
Financial Times reported the company was in
advanced talks to sell G4S Israel, which employs some 8,000 people. The purchaser, for
$100m, would be a relatively unknown investment fund, FIMI Opportunity Services, run by
veteran investor Ishay Davidi.
The sell-off is being interpreted by the BDS
movement as an enormous triumph for the
campaign. It certainly has huge capacity to be
seen that way by Israels critics, since it is the
first known publicly-quoted UK enterprise to
bow to perceived pressure from the group.
One must assume G4Ss explanation that the
withdrawal is for commercial reasons is truthful,
but it is hard not to think this is a convenient
excuse for jettisoning an operation that has attracted widespread adverse publicity.
Several of the UKs biggest FTSE100 companies are engaged in security co-operation in Israel. Smiths Industries scanners are to be seen
by travellers through Ben Gurion. Our largest
defence firm, BAE Systems, works with Israel on
high-tech defence and cyber operations.
G4S has found an excuse to leave. Israel
needs to pull out the stops, as quickly as possible, to ensure BDS claims no new successes.

Alex Brummer
City editor
The Daily Mail

It is hard not to see this

sell-off as an excuse for
jettisoning an operation
that had adverse publicity

Testament to the fact

we can see eye to eye
I HAVE just spent three weeks at the Ecumenical
Institute of the World Council of Churches with
16 other young Christians, Jews and Muslims on
an academic inter-religious studies course.
After looking at the basics of each religious
tradition, we explored how each faith relates
and responds to migration; how migration fits
into their narratives and how this generates a
response to migration and migrants.
The formal educational elements of the
course comprised lectures, discussion groups
and visits to religious communities. Sessions
highlighted some remarkable similarities the
centrality of migration to each of the three
faiths narratives, albeit in different contexts; the
call to look after ones neighbour; and reflections on how to relate compassionately and respectfully to someone moving into your space,
or someone whose space you are moving into.
These values offer huge scope for collaboration and shared experience, particularly on
issues relating to social justice and cohesion
but they were not the courses most stimulating parts.
The most motivation came from 17 young
people from incredibly diverse backgrounds in
one space, getting to know one another and
living together with the explicit purpose of
thinking about how we can get along better in
The experiences we shared naturally produced discussion participants asking how I
and another Jewish participant just knew
which parts to sing together and which parts to

say to ourselves in our own Friday-night service

at the start of Shabbat; walking into St Peters
Cathedral in Geneva to climb the tower for a
great view of the city and asking my new
Catholic friend why he bowed ever so quickly
as we walked past the apse; asking for the first
time what Muslims actually say while bowing
and prostrating in prayer and getting a complete and personal response.
Over the three weeks we were free to ask
each other deep, personal questions about
faith, politics, society and everything else that
created an open, respectful community and
profound friendships. This openness took a leap
of faith that we could trust one another entirely.
Just as in wider society, this was not always easy.
We came from countries across Europe, the
Middle East, Africa and Asia and from different
socio-economic backgrounds. We held different
views on many issues.
This diversity was even challenging within religious groups as well as across them Secular,
Orthodox, Calvinist, Pentecostal, Hijabi, Shii,
Lutheran, Shomer Negiah, Sunni, Catholic and
more, with a complete range of practices, beliefs
and traditions. There were participants on the
course who had never met a Jew before, let
alone one who wore a kippa and strongly, publicly, identified as both Jewish and Zionist, and
there was initial hesitation on all parts approaching each other and really talking to one another.
In particular, discussions around the IsraeliPalestinian conflict or the role of women in religious communities kept us up until the early

hours in heated conversations as everyone, no

matter how close or far removed from these issues, had an opinion that more often than not
was central to his or her entire worldview.
In some ways, we were together representatives of our religious traditions in their variety but
individually we could be representatives only for
ourselves. Throughout the experience, even
though we may have had profound disagreements, it did not stop us sharing each others
We could not just isolate ourselves from the
other; we had to live together with our differences, and we proved this is possible. We are
able to connect with each other as closest
friends with all our strengths and challenges,
agreements and disagreements.
At the beginning of the course we were
asked to write about our fears coming into the
group. A recurrent theme was the fear of going
home and the fear that nothing would change.
Now I am back in the UK, I know that is not the
case. All of us have come home more aware of
others, more knowledgeable about ourselves
and connected to 16 other people who are all
leaders in their own communities and who I
know are thinking and writing similar things.
In the face of growing intercommunal intolerance and what seems like constant reports of
discrimination, persecution and violence towards or because of religion, the 17 of us are
testament to the fact that we can live together,
appreciate one another and work together on
issues that affect us all.

Elliot Steinberg
Programme manager
Council of Christians
and Jews

There were participants

who had never met a Jew
before, let alone one
wearing a kippa

1 September 2016 The Jewish News


Turn the negative burkini

ban into an opportunity
THE BURKINI ban has dominated news not
just in France but around the world. The ban,
enforced by several French municipalities,
has since been rightfully suspended by the
High Court.
France is known for having separated the
religion from the state (the core concept of
Lacit), but targeting Muslim women like that
just creates prejudice against Muslims as a
whole and can amplify racism and alienate
millions of law-abiding Muslims in France.
The decree assumes wearing a burkini is a
political statement and tries to force Muslim
women to decide whether national identity is
more important than religion.
The move was a knee-jerk reaction following the terror attacks in France over the past
few months. It clearly cannot be taken seriously as a counter-terrorism measure as there
is no evidence that links women who wear
burkini to terrorism.
It was a populist decision motivated by political point scoring (the French presidential
election takes place in less than a year) and
is certain to prove counter-productive in the
fight to defeat Islamist terrorism.
It seems the politicians concerned are still
influenced by the French philosopher Joseph
De Maistre, who believed that the legitimacy
of government cannot be questioned and
cannot have rational grounds.

John Stuart Mill, however, would have disagreed, as he emphasised the need for a society to have limits over the powers it is able
to exercise over the individual.
It was, therefore, right for the Board of
Deputies to be concerned and express solidarity with the Muslim community in France
in its statement that its important people of
different faiths be allowed to manifest their
beliefs through their dress.
This was a fine example of how one faith
group can defend another and, crucially,
highlighted the importance of interfaith relations.
Im glad that the Board of Deputies initiated several interfaith projects with the Muslim and Hundu communities and took an
opportunity that arose with the United Reform Church to join a project to support coexistence in the Middle East.
The URC had previously considered a proposal of adopting sanctions against Israel,
but decided not to take that route.
Promoting inter-faith relations with all faith
groups (not just with the Abrahamic religions)
is essential for our community in the 21st century as it can help to foster better understanding of each others history and of issues
which matter to each group.
This helps to build common ground around
issues of mutual interest and can facilitate a

dialogue around issues where there are disagreements. It also very important in terms of
social cohesion.
This process of reaching out can help us to
tackle challenges we face as a community,
whether it's anti-Semitism, threats to religious
freedoms such as shechita and brit mila, and
the boycott movement.
Just look at the fabulous work of NisaNashim, which brings together Jewish and
Muslim women and has opened several
branches across the country in the course of
the past year.
We would have been outraged if an Orthodox Jewish woman had been harassed on the
beach by an armed policeman because of her
modest clothes.
Hillel the Elder said: What is hateful to
you, do not do to your fellow: this is the
whole Torah.
And Leviticus sums it up perfectly: You
shall love the stranger as yourself, for you
were strangers in the land of Egypt.
Lets turn the negativity of the burkini ban
into an opportunity to deepen interfaith relations, to respect each other, and show more
compassion, understanding and kindness to
those around us.
Tal Ofer is a member of the Board of
Deputies. He writes in a personal capacity.

Tal Ofer
Chigwell and Hainault

We would be outraged
if an Orthodox Jewish
woman had been harassed
by an armed polliceman


Russell & Son Landscaping


H eb

Y i d d is

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Creating that perfect garden for you

Call today for a free quotation

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The Jewish News 1 September 2016


Email your story to

British ambassador to Israel, David
Quarrey, visited Mayanei Hayeshua
Medical Centre. Accompanied by
Mr Isaac Shapira, a friend of Mr
Quarrey, the ambassador was
shown around the hospital by
British-born director of resource
development Chaim Fachler and
co-chairman of the British Friends
Board, Dr Rosalind Landau.
Ambassador Quarrey said: This is
a genuine hospital for the
community, not just a community


The Eastern Stars project in Stamford Hill held its final fortnightly
session until the new term this
month. The project, launched earlier
in the year, is aimed specifically at
Mizrachi and Sephardi residents of
Hackney who are over 50 years old
and who may be at risk of facing
social isolation and is supported by
the Connect Hackney Programme,
which is funded by the Big Lottery.
For further details, visit the website

Wave hello! Israel Tour teens return

More than 1,200 teenagers have returned from summer Israel Tours run by Bnei Akiva,
BBYO, FZY, Habonim Dror, JLGB, Noam, RSY-Netzer, LJY-Netzer and Tribe all supported by
UJIA Israel Experience. Participants travelled the length and breadth of Israel, visiting an
array of sites and learning about the story past and present of the Jewish homeland.
Ezra groups returned this week.


Reading Synagogue is set to benefit
from a 94,800 grant to address
urgent roof repairs. Reading Hebrew
Congregation applied successfully
for the grant through the government-funded Listed Places of
Worship: Roof Repair Fund and it
will allow much-needed restoration
to be carried out on its century-old
roof. Congregation president Sarah
Firsht said: This is a wonderful day
in the history of our beloved
synagogue. It has been the focal
point of the Jewish community in
Reading for generations and this
grant is a lifeline for us.

RSY members enjoy a hike in the sun.

Participants gather for a group picture in

front of the Kotel.


Southend & Westcliff Synagogue
warden Geoffrey Pepper raised
3,000 on behalf of the Aid Society
after he completed a 12-mile
sponsored walk. Proceeds will be
ring-fenced towards the Garden
Project at the Jewish Community
Centre, which is run by Jewish Care
in Westcliff. The project is designed
to improve the well-being of those
living with memory loss.


Gemma Dernby, on Bnei

Akiva tour, enjoys a half day
volunteering at Shalva the
Association for Mentally and
Physically Challenged Children in
Israel which helps 550 children
annually, from birth to adulthood.

RSY, LJY, Noam, Habonim Dror, BBYO and

JLGB enjoy a concert as part of the Israel
Experience Ltd Mega Event.

Its all smiles on the high ropes.

1 September 2016 The Jewish News



T: 020 8809 8809 W: E:

Garden fun for

Side by Side kids

Kosher Apprentice challenge

Year 6 pupils from Jewish Primary
Morasha, Moriah and Rosh Pinah
battled it out to be crowned
Tribes Kosher Apprentice 2016.
Children wer tasked with creating a new kosher snack and a
marketing campaign for it. Tribe
Kids head of education Sharon
Radley said: The children produced incredibly creative products.
They all really engaged
in this kosher challenge
and all the Tribe judges
were blown away by
their ideas.

Children from Side by Side

were treated to a garden fete
on the school grounds. The
event was organised by students from the local Beis Chinuch School and attracted
around 150 people, with Gerald
Lebrett, head teacher of Side by
Side, saying: The fete was a
tremendous success and I would
like to thank the girls from Beis
Chinuch School for their efforts
in ensuring that it ran smoothly.

jLiving tenants
take to the water

Tenants of jLivings Daniel Court in Colindale celebrated the housing associations

50th anniversary by enjoying a six-hour
boat trip along the Grand Union canal.
jLiving chief executive June Morton said:
Were thrilled that our tenants are able
to celebrate jLivings anniversary. The boat
trip looked like a great choice it was just
a shame I couldnt join them!

Its a GIFT for Hendon Brownies

Members of 4th Hendon Brownies took part in a special sessionto learn

about the work of charity GIFT before collecting and packaging a
large amount of toiletries which were then sent out to GIFT families.

BBQ and jazz on the roof

More than 80 people from around
the world turned up for Western
Marble Archs Young Professional
summer BBQ held on the rooftop of
the synagogue. Guests were also entertained by a jazz ensemble.

Outdoor lunch for

Kennedys workers
Norwoods network
aged 18-35,
gave staff at
N o r w o o d s
Caf a welldeserved
treat by sponsoring a lunch
outdoors to
say thank you
to them for all
the hard work
they carry out.

Funtime at Keshet Summer Scheme

Camp Simcha recently held its Keshet Summer Scheme,
which enabled children who are suffering from serious illnesses, to enjoy a summer camp. Chief executive of
Camp Simcha Neville
Goldschneider, said:
For some of the children we support, who
cant attend regular
holiday schemes for
medical reasons, the
summer can be long
and boring and also
stressful for their
mothers and fathers.
The Keshet days provide a boost for them
and to their parents.

Pictures: Blake Ezra Photography

Make a difference
in our community

For more information please contact: 020 8809 8809

out how a few hours of your time can
future to those we support.
17 MAY
Patron Her Majesty The Queen Registered Charity No. 1059050


The Jewish News 1 September 2016

Tuck into the Hungry Housewife!

A smorgasbord of tasty recommendations from
our lady who lunches [and suppers!] See page 26

This week marks 77 years since the beginning of the Second World War.
Rebecca Wallersteiner talks to 97-year-old Fritz Lustig, one of only two
surviving secret listeners who eavesdropped on German prisoners

he often-quoted saying, if walls could talk

has an untold poignancy for a man like Fritz
Lustig. For the German-Jewish refugee, who
was recruited to work for British Intelligence during
the Second World War, the walls certainly did talk
at Trent Park, Latimer House and Wilton Park, having
been fitted with hidden microphones to record the
conversations of more than 10,000 German prisoners.
Today, Lustig is one of just two surviving secret
listeners who eavesdropped on admissions of war
crimes and atrocities against Russians, Poles and
Jews, details of an SS mutiny in a concentration
camp in 1936, and Hitlers human stud farms.
Their work remained classified until 1999, with
many who helped to save the nation going to their
graves still bearing the secret of their life-saving efforts. Fortunately, Lustig is more than happy to
meet at his Muswell Hill home and speak about his
intriguing wartime work.
Now aged 97, the unassuming hero looks
sprightly, with finely-chiseled features and a twinkle
in his eye. Born in Berlin in 1919, he was conceived
after his father returned from active service in the
First World War and was the youngest of four sib-

lings. His family included a prominent ancestor,

Rabbi Ludwig Philipsson, who founded Germanys
first Jewish newspaper during the 19th century.
Thankfully all my family managed to get out of
Nazi Germany and survived the Holocaust, Lustig
tells me. After graduating from school, he was apprenticed to a Jewish company that produced dental equipment, but was dismissed following
Kristallnacht. It became obvious it was imperative
to leave Germany as soon as possible, he explains.
Lustig left for England in 1939 and was hosted by
a family in Hertfordshire whom he had known previously. His eldest sister followed on a domestic permit
and became housekeeper for a Cambridge professor.
Just a year later, Lustig faced further upheaval
when, due to his German nationality, he was interned by the British as an enemy alien and sent
to a camp on the Isle of Man, where he played the
cello in concerts with other interned musicians.
After his release,
he volunteered for
the Pioneer Corps,
the only regiment
open to ex-Ger-

man refugees. The intervention of a friend of his

mother who worked for British Intelligence led to
Lustig being recruited to the Combined Services
Detailed Interrogation Centre (CSDIC) to train as a
secret listener. We were told what information to
listen out for and to pull levers to record whenever
we heard anything of importance, he recalls.
As a native German speaker, Lustig could pick
up the nuances of what was being said. We had
to learn to distinguish between different voices and
dialects. They paired two people with different
pitches so that we could discriminate between their
voices more easily. The recordings were made on
shellac discs and the secret listeners were ordered
to stay on duty until the prisoners fell asleep
some kept talking after lights out, he explains.
In all his time as a secret listener, neither Lustig nor
any of his colleagues actually met any of the Germans they spied on. They monitored their excountrymen at three prisons in country
houses at Trent Park in north London and at
Latimer House and Wilton Park, where Lustig
was stationed, both in Buckinghamshire.
Where I served at Latimer House and
Wilton Park, the prisoners never stayed
longer than a week by that time it was assumed that they had spilled the beans or
never would, says Lustig wryly.
The most comfortable prison, Trent
Park, was reserved for around 60 captured
German generals, colonels and senior
ranking officers. Despite protestations
from Churchill, they were housed in spacious, high-ceilinged rooms to encourage
them to relax and talk. The officers were
permitted to stroll around the grounds
but unbeknown to them, the trees and
bushes were bugged with sensitive microphones to pick up their conversations.
Did Lustig overhear anti-Semitic remarks
during his eavesdropping?
Some prisoners were die-hard Nazis and others
wanted to help the allies although they pretended
to be good Nazis, he replies
When the prisoners talked about atrocities, the
transcriptions were marked specially and kept in a
permanent archive.
The transcripts of around 100,000 records are
now declassified and kept in the National
Archives at Kew. Historian and biographer Dr
Helen Fry has researched thousands of these
records for a series of books, including The M
Room: Secret Listeners Who Bugged The Nazis.
I ask Lustig what is the most interesting thing he
remembers overhearing.
At first most of the prisoners I listened to were
rescued U-Boat men, or shot down Luftwaffe pilots, he replies. In December 1940, a German
battleship, called Scharnhorst was sunk off Norway,
with a crew of 2,000 men, most of whom perished.
About 40 survived and what they told their cellmates was useful information for the Admiralty and
Allied radio stations, where staff worked on compromising the morale of German troops.
Another highlight was eavesdropping on a stream
of captured army officers after D-Day. It is now

Below, Fritz Lustig today, and as a young man;

above, at work in the listening post, and Trent Park,
subject of a campaign to preserve it as a museum

known that information overheard by secret listeners

gave the Allies early warning of V1 and V2 rockets.
Bound by the Officials Secrets Act, secret listeners were forbidden to discuss what they had overheard with anyone, even husbands and wives.
Luckily for Lustig, his future wife, Susan, worked in
the same unit, so he didnt have to keep secrets from
her. She examined the documents of prisoners,
translated them if appropriate and wrote reports
about them, he explains.
Lustigs career in clandestine operations continued
even after the Second World War ended.
In 1945, he was posted to Bad Nenndorf, near
Hanover, to spy on political prisoners and industrialists, many of whom were neo-Nazis.
Today, only one of the three listening stations that
housed the secret listeners Trent Park still stands
and a campaign is now under way to save the historic venue from a planned housing development.
Lustig is currently working with Dr Fry and Enfield councillor Jason Charalambous to create a
museum dedicated to Cockfosters, the codename given to Trent Park during the war.
It is a campaign that has been gaining momentum and one that Lustig says he hopes fervently
will come to fruition. We need the museum to
preserve the memory of what happened there for
future generations, he says.
For more information about the campaign to save
Trent Park, visit
The M Room: Secret Listeners Who Bugged The Nazis,
by Dr Helen Fry, is published by CreateSpace at 13.50.

1 September 2016 The Jewish News




Hosted by Bnai Brith UK and media-partnered by Jewish News ,
this years European Days of Jewish Culture and Heritage take as
their theme Jewish Identity through Language and Culture. The
festival, which runs from 4-18 September, explores the importance
of communication through a variety of languages and the arts, as
well as interfaith outreach. Here are five dont miss events
EXHIBITION: Suitcases and Sanctuary
at Museum of Immigration, 19 Princelet
Street, 4 September,
12pm to 4pm.
Suitcases and Sanctuary is a site-specific,
internationally-acclaimed exhibition, exploring the history of
the waves of immigration that shaped Spitalfields, as seen through the eyes of today's
children. The museum created the exhibition in
collaboration with nine and 10-year-old children
from six local schools, who worked with actors,
poets and artists to discover and celebrate the
richness of our shared past.
This is a rare opportunity to see inside this
unique immigrant site, not at present normally
open to the public. The Grade II* listed building
dating from 1869, the second oldest purposebuilt synagogue in London, is tucked away behind a fine 1719 Huguenot silk merchants house
in the heart of Spitalfields. It contains many touch-

ing details and captures the imagination of all

who cross its dusty threshold. This is a self-guided
tour that is free to the public. Last entry 3.30pm.
For more information, email Philip Black,, call 020 7247
5352. Or visit
STORYTELLING EVENT: Midwives of Freedom at
West London Synagogue, Upper Berkeley
Street, 4 September.
Adele Moss and Jumana Moon, a Jewish and
a Muslim storyteller respectively, present the stories of several women who have a connection to
one other across the divides of status, ethnicity
and faith.
This is a free event, but
pre-booking is required.
Tea: 3pm to 4pm: Storytelling: 4pm to 5pm. Questions and possible tour:
5pm to 6pm. For more information, email Nic
Schlagman,, call 020
7723 4404 or visit

Refugees, about the 850,000 Jewish refugees

driven from Arab countries. She will explain why
awareness of the ethnic cleansing of nearly a million Jews from the region is central to understanding the Arab-Israeli conflict. Julius will be
joined by Eli Timan, an expert on the Judeo-Arabic dialect spoken by Jews in Iraq. Entry free. For
more information and to book tickets, email
LECTURE: The music of Theresienstadt by Professor Adam Gorb at the Wiener Library, Russell
Square: 8 September, 6.30pm to 8pm.
Eminent composer and scholar Professor Adam
Gorb of the Royal Northern College of Music in
Manchester will present his lecture on the music
scene at Theresienstadt concentration camp. The
work of composers such as Viktor Ullmann, Hans
Krasa, Gideon Klein and Pavel Haas will be considered. An original copy of the libretto (by Peter
Kien) of Viktor Ullmanns opera composed in
Theresienstadt, The Emperor of Atlantis, is held
in the librarys collections. For more information,
email Barbara Warnock,, call 0207 636 7247 or visit
FILM: The Forgotten
Refugees, Watford & District Synagogue, Watford, 8
September, 2pm.
Lyn Julius of Harif, of the
UK Association of Jews from
the Middle East and North
Africa, will present and answer questions on the 50minute



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OPEN DAY: Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue,

Victory Road, Wanstead, 18 September, 11am to
Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue is housed in
the beautifully-restored Grade II* listed building
that was once part of the old Wanstead Hospital
complex and prior to that the Merchant Seamans
Orphans Asylum. Entry free. For more information, email Frank Godson at, call 07545 349999 or visit


The Jewish News 1 September 2016


Sarah Marshall tries a taste
of summer in Finland and
finds the locals happily at
home with Mother Nature

or a population so adeptly conditioned to cold

weather, Finns are surprisingly good at taking
the heat. Tossing a large ladle of water over
hot coals, a glistening, tattooed Nordic grins
gleefully as our dark, charcoal-stained smoke
sauna transforms into an angry furnace.
As steam singes my nostrils and beads of sweat
form rivulets in every fleshy fold, I bolt for the
door and wonder if Brit-basting is all part of the
local entertainment.
There are 3.3 million saunas in Finland,
more than one for every other person,
but the majority are private.
Helsinki's new Loyly (a term used
to describe the steam that rises
when you throw water on the
saunas rocks) represents a return to public, social spaces.
The wooden, steepsloped structure, complete
with a seaside bar terrace
and open-air rooftop
lounge, is also part of the
Helsinki's drive to embrace
outdoor spaces and bask in
the long, warm days of he
countrys short, but very
sweet summers.
We move closer to town,
next to the port and fried fish
stalls of Market Square, and come
across Tahtitorninmaki, a small park
where the Finnish government has dedicated a memorial to the Jewish refugees
who were surrendered to Germany during the
Second World War.
There are some 1,800 Jews living in Finland
today, of whom 1,500 live in Helsinki. About 70
percent of the Finnish Jews are native born, having descended from Jewish conscripts for the
Russian army in the 18th and 19th centuries who
were given permission to settle here.

At Malminkatu 26 stands Helsinki Synagogue,

a yellow-stone building with a Byzantine-style silver dome.
It is one of only two synagogues in Finland, including one that serves the community of Turku.
Back at Helsinkis archipelago, we catch sight
of a flotilla of cruise ships and sightseeing ferries
surfing the waves.
Newly opened to the public this year is Vallisaari island, a 20-minute journey away. Once occupied by Russia and later used as a
military base, it's now a nature
refuge. I follow gently rising
trails to lookout points and
watch sailing boats weave
through islands, etching
spirals on a duck-eggblue watery canvas.
Strict regulations
which is off limits from
10pm to 6am, although there is talk of
opening a Tentsile
hotel on the island
next year. These gravity-defying tree tents,
which are British-made,
appear to levitate above
ground, with each one suspended between three
trees. They have developed a
cult following in Finland, and tour
companies that specialise in adventure
holidays currently use them in the nearby Nuuksio
National Park.
Dominated by forest-covered valleys and deep
rocky gorges, the park, which is a 45-minute drive
from Helsinki, is busy with campers. According to
the traditional Finnish legal concept of Everyman's Right, the general public have the right to
roam freely through wilderness areas. Only camp-

Main picture: Communing with thousands of acres of nature at her grandest in Nuuksio National Park;
above, Sarah Marshall in a Tentsile, Inset: Sarah with a rich harvest of blueberries collected from the park

fire sites are restricted, although stores of free firewood make them appealingly convenient to use.
We hike alongside sparkling, tree-lined lakes
filled with lilies, clambering over moss-covered
granite boulders in the dark forest canopy, as
shards of light skip across glistening red toadstools. The elves have been playing here,
laughs Miki, my guide from Arctos Adventures,
pointing to the disorderly mass of strewn stones.
Using thick pads to protect the trees, Miki sets
up our tents next to Lake Kolmoislampi, as warm
as bathwater, while I wander off into the semiwilderness in search of blueberries.
It's very Finnish to explore the forest alone
and have an internal dialogue, Miki explains, and
I enjoy every meditative minute as I wander about
picking plump berries and staining my fingers
purple in the process.
By midnight, its still not completely dark. This
is, after all, a Scandi summer.
Above me, wisps of treetops form charcoal
scribbles in the sky, and in the distance I hear
skinny dippers squeal as they splash in the lake.
Climbing into the Tentsile requires a big heave
and a belly flop, but once inside, it's like sleeping
in a spacious, supportive hammock. Air circulates
coolly around my body and there are no irritating

pinecones digging into my back. But it's not just

the freedom of movement that lulls me to sleep.
Out here, surrounded by trees and toadstools,
anything is possible. By nurturing nature on their
doorstep, Helsinki's city dwellers have come upon
a truly fine way to live.

Sarahs contacts...
Sarah Marshall was a guest of the Finnish Tourist
Board. See
Hotel Lilla Roberts:, doubles
from 180 euros per night with breakfast.
Camp in the air overnight at Nuuksio National Park,
from 158 euros per person, including Tenstile Connect, backpack and sleeping back, vegetarian bento
boxes and marshmallows, local guide and safety
equipment. Visit
Norwegian (; 0330 828
0854) flies to Helsinki from Gatwick 13 times a
week from 49.90 one way. Free wi-fi on board.

1 September 2016 The Jewish News

What does the Torah
say about the...



THIS WEEK in 1666, a spark escaped

from a London bakers in Pudding
Lane and set a pile of wood on fire.
The fire spread quickly, ripping
through a large storage area of fuel
and rope.
The mass devastation which ensued shaped Londons future; much
of it had to be rebuilt as a result.
Until then, many residents lived in
tent cities for many years.
The social, financial and psychological cost of an accidental spark
350 years ago was an important feature of my younger years, when
scarcely a child in England did not
know the song Londons burning.
Coping with tragedies of this
scale are all too familiar to the Jewish memory. In the old city of
Jerusalem a popular tourist destination is Burnt House. This is the site
of a priestly home caught in the
devastating fire which consumed
the Second Temple.
The ferocity of the fire was so

great that it scorched the stone

habitation, forever marking the archaeological layer identifying it as
the year 70 CE.
Emotionally, visitors see in the
blackened surface evidence of why,
to this today, we mourn the destruction of the Temple on 9 Av.
A shard of pottery found on site
identifies the house as belonging to
the priestly house of Kathros.
A Talmudic dirge mournes not the
loss but the brutality of certain
Kathros:...Woe is me through the
house of Kathros and through their
pens; woe is me on account of the
house of Ishmael ben Piakhi and of
their fists; for they were all highpriests, their sons were the treasurers, their sons-in-law were the
chamberlain and their servants

would beat us with rods.

Bound in to the tragedy of the
Great Fire of Jerusalem is the iniquity of her aristocracy which is perceived to have led to the calamit of
the Temples destruction and the fall
of Jerusalem.
In Jewish thought, the visitation of
a tragedy of such proportions does
not necesarilty imply sinfulness on
part of the sufferers.
However, it does cause one to reflect on whether a loss of this magnitude could have been prevented.
Carelesness, in the case of the
Great Fire of London, resulted in
mass destruction.
The same is true for the Second
Temple. According to Josephus, it
was the Jews defending the Temple who set fire to the north-western approaches to the Temple.
In response, the Romans set fire
to a dwelling adjacent to the Temple, a fire which the Jews then
made worse.
Ultimately, the incendiary incidents got out of all control and took
the entire city with them. Unless a
catastrophe is an Act of God, it is
both preventable and insurable.




WC FIELDS once wrote: A rich man is

nothing but a poor man with money. This
sentiment embodies the philosophy the
Torah tries to engender in us, particularly
in regards to giving charity (tzedakah).
Do not harden your heart nor shut
your hand from your needy brother. (Devarim 15:7) We all know that we have a
duty to give tzedakah and yet the Torah
recognises and acknowledges an all-toofamiliar psyche, the failure to respond to
the needs of those less fortunate.
The very next verse exhorts a remedy:
But you shall surely open your hand to
him and shall surely lend him sufficient
for his need.
This double expression of the requirement to give charity implies we should
give freely and without restraint. It also
comes as a positive reversal of a negative
and false perception.
Those who believe their wealth has
been achieved solely by the work of their
own hands are anxious to hold on to it
tightly, to close their hand. The feeling is
that such riches are self-earned and well
deserved and need to be closely guarded.
This is the mistake that the verse comes
to rectify. The realisation has to be that

ones financial situation is not solely the

work of our hands.
For that reason, God instructs to open
your hand. Just as God determines what
makes its way into our hand, so does God
determine what should leave our hand.
For a similar reason the hands of the
dead are left open as a sign that just as
we enter this world empty-handed, so too
do we depart, except for our deeds.
Its a strange phenomenon that not only
do we have the capacity to ignore our
duty to others, but we also have an incredible capacity to find somewhat legitimate excuses for not giving.
The Torah is fully aware of this human
tendency and reminds us that one act of
charity does not make a charitable person.
The only way is through continuous acts
of charity. It can be no coincidence that
the sedra containing laws relating to
tzedakah commences with the words:
See, I am putting in front of you today a
blessing and a curse.
The possession of wealth can be the
source of great blessing but also be an
unfortunate curse, blinding a person to
what really matters in life.
The key word is see. For wealth to be
a blessing and not a curse we have to
open our eyes to the reality of our situation, that having more than sufficient portion in life means someone else has less.
Tzedakah is our way of redressing the
balance and ensuring no one is left in
need. The rich man and poor man are no
Through our performance of this true
righteousness, God promises to bless the
work of our hands.
Alex Chapper is minister of Ilford Federation
Synagogue and the Childrens Rabbi

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London NW11 8LL

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The Jewish News 1 September 2016


What can the Jewish community

do to help to combat extremism?

PEOPLE SOMETIMES comment on my idealism: Youre such a do-gooder, they say. What
you want is completely unrealistic.
I like to turn the argument on its head: idealism is the new realism. Not to try and impact
the world for the better is the unrealistic position, because it is untenable to let things happen and be as they are.
In my interfaith work in Leeds and Bradford,
Ive met many an inspiring indomitable idealist.
Ive participated in an interfaith music performance at Bradford Cathedral, enjoyed a picnic brunch with Nisa-Nashim (a womens
Muslim-Jewish interfaith organisation) in
Roundhay Park and bonded with LGBTQ Muslims and Hindus at the Leeds Pride March.
There have been meaningful (and sometimes difficult) discussions about Israel and
Palestine with friends from the Leeds Muslim
Youth Forum, social-action campaigns and
food-bank drives with Makkah Mosque.
But more than the countless organisational
encounters (what cynics might call tea and
samosas), Ive been particularly inspired by the
common currency of compassionate, respectful
engagement with people of all faiths and no
faith on the ground.
My best interfaith moments are when I chat
to the Pakistani cab driver during Ramadan
who asks me, So what do you do for a liv-

ing?, chatting to my Sikh neighbours or building connections with my Christian allies in the
local Citizens UK organisation. It seems the
most meaningful and transformative encounters are also the most organic ones.
As to what the Jewish community can do to
combat extremism? Again, we have to flip the
question on its head. The question should be:
What can each individual Jew do to build genuine relationships with individuals from other
communities? The organisational tea and
samosas approach has its place, but mainly as
the structure that facilitates the relationshipbuilding. For the rest, we should focus on
being a dugma ishit, a personal example.
It is we who get to set the agenda of compassion, who get to define our mission of
gemilut chasadim, acts of loving-kindness,
and who get to extend the invitation of openness, hospitality and respectful curiosity.
he best way to combat extremism as ordinary
citizens is to live ordinary lives that are accessible to the wide range of humanity. To strive to
be an am chacham vnavon, a wise and discerning people in the sight of others as the Book of
Deuteronomy (4:6) tells us. Ask questions, be
willing to share, learn how to navigate difficult
topics and trust that, despite wide-ranging
opinions, most people are decent to the core of
their beings and willing to learn, love and trust.
We cannot change the world wholesale, but
offering those around us the gift of grace and
an open heart is our most realistic option yet.
Rabbi Esther Hugenholtz, Sinai Synagogue, Leeds



SEE more. DO more.

*Cheapest pair complimentary

104 Regents Park Road, Finchley N3 3JG

Find next to Wrap a Wish. Convenient parking available


This week Paul Bloomfield, community
project co-ordinator for Beit Klal Yisrael,
picks Hollywood director Steven Spielberg
AS SOMEONE who has always
loved stage and screen, first as
a fan and now as a performer
and producer, I know theres
been a large pool of Jewish
people to admire as rolemodels.
But the ultimate in my eyes,
and the one who has been part
of my life since I was a child,
has to be Steven Spielberg.
Aside from a list of directing
and production credits for
some of the most memorable
moments in cinema history, he
is the one filmmaker I have always felt is, at least in part, truly
telling my story.
Growing up in the tight-knit
Redbridge Jewish community,
and attending a Jewish primary

school, I found many films and

cartoons a bit foreign, especially
around Christmas my mum
loves telling about a four-yearold me exclaiming: Who is this
Farmer Christmas anyway?
The one animation I really
connected with was An American Tail, about the harsh immigration into the USA. When my
Zeida told me stories of his
familys escape to London after
the pogroms, I at least had
some kind of reference.
Spielberg is the one A-list director who pushes to tell our
story and try to make people
understand what the Jewish
people have been through. We
all take for granted that every-

one knows about the Shoah,

but Schindlers List had a lot to
do with people really understanding the atrocities.
He also dedicates time to
raising money for a multitude of
charities, Jewish and non-Jewish, and extending the 16,000
titles in his Jewish Film Archive.
His films inspired me to perform, to learn more about my
heritage and to pick up a camera and think about what kind of
thing I could create myself.
Thats why Steven Spielberg
has to be my Jewish hero.
For more on Beit Klal Yisrael,
an all-embracing Liberal Jewish
community, see

1 September 2016 The Jewish News








020 8371 6611

Independent and
in a wheelchair
Dear Hazel
Ive been fighting against moving into a home but everything has become too much of a struggle. Climbing stairs
is like scaling a mountain and even making a cup of tea
has become a massive task as I am wheelchair dependent
and cannot reach the kettle safely. In my mind I am still
fit and agile, but my body just does not seem to agree.
Am I right in thinking Jewish Blind & Disabled may have
something other than care homes that could be suitable
for me?



Able to draw on the expertise of Norwoods
professional staff team, including social workers,
educational psychologists, drug and alcohol
specialists, speech & language and occupational
therapists, teachers, psychologists, benefit
Expertise in specialist services available for children and their
families, children and young people with special educational needs,
and adults with learning disabilities and autism.

Lawyer with more than 15 years experience in
will drafting and trust and estate
administration, eight years at KKL Executor
and Trustee Company.
Keeps in close contact with clients to ensure
all legal and pastoral needs are cared for.
Member of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

NORWOOD 020 8809 8809




MD at RCUK since 1999. Grown the business
into 3 substantial UK branches that serves clients
worldwide USA, Europe & Middle East.
Telecoms specialist in Business & Consumer
mobile solutions, Landline & Broadband services
and is an Ofcom Telecoms registered reseller.
Successfully established the RCUK International Travel division offering
international voice and data solutions to many countries worldwide.

Experienced housing professional, BA (Hons),
PG Dip Housing, PG Dip Leadership.)
CE of jLiving, Jewish Community Housing
Association Ltd; a long established and
respected provider of sheltered and supported
accommodation, primarily for the Jewish
jLiving has sheltered housing properties in north-west London, Streatham,
Margate and Hemel Hempstead.

RCUK 020 8815 4115

jLIVING 020 8381 4901


Dear Peter
Yes, you are right. We dont run care homes but what we do
have are developments of mobility apartments designed especially to enable people like you to manage for themselves,
thereby maintaining their independence which we know is so
very important to their overall wellbeing.
You dont mention your age or disability, but our tenants
range from their early 20s to 100-plus and encompass a vast
array of different disabilities including multiple sclerosis,
motor neurone disease, Huntingtons disease, heart problems, accident victims, amputees and cerebral palsy as well
as impaired vision and those disabilities that come with age.
The one thing they all have in common is that, thanks to
our unique facilities, they can live life as they choose and not
as their disability may otherwise dictate. I hope we can help
you to do that, too.

The Resource to help you

back into work
Free support, learning and opportunities to


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scheme that enables landlords and letting
agents comply with their legal obligations.
mydeposits launched in 2007 and has protected
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We operate in England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Jersey.

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Swiss Cottage and Edgware.
Specialist in Israel travel, cruises and
kosher holidays.
Leading business travel company, ranked in top 50 UK agents.
Frequent travel broadcaster on radio and TV.

MYDEPOSITS 0333 321 9401

WEST END TRAVEL 020 7644 1500

020 8346 4000


The Jewish News 1 September 2016




020 8446 0502

Im worried that I may

be losing my hearing


Professionally designed and built e-commerce
and brochure websites for the professional, retail
and voluntary sectors.
Specialist departments for financial services,
property agents and charities.
Services include graphic design, software
development, website support/hosting for both new and existing websites.
Online marketing, including SEO, PPC and social media.
Established 2001. Based in Edgware HA8 7AR.

ACUREGEN CLINIC 07778 267778

WEB PRO CREATIVE 033 33 447 300




Supports couples in the Jewish community
dealing with infertility and reproductive health.
Strictly confidential helpline.
Specialist medical support and information.
Counselling for individuals and couples.
Expert medical advisory panel.
Educational events.

From what you describe, I think your suspicions may be correct.

Statistics suggest that it takes 10 years from suspecting a hearing loss to actually doing something about it.
However, the sooner you address the issue, the easier it will
be to adjust to wearing a hearing aid, should you need one.
And the faster your quality of life can improve.
The first thing to do is to visit your GP, who may refer you for
a free hearing test. Your GP will check to see if there is anything, such as ear wax, making it more difficult for you to hear
clearly. NEVER try removing wax yourself. Remember the old
saying that you should never put anything smaller than your
elbow in your ears. This is to avoid damaging your ear or pushing ear wax further down, causing painful complications.
There is also plenty of equipment that can help to make
your life easier. Here at JDA, you can try out amplified telephones and TV devices.
We can show you a range of doorbells and other alerting
devices (whether you use a hearing aid or not.) Do come and
see what works for you before you go out and buy.
If you discover that your hearing has deteriorated, you might
like to try out a lipreading class at JDA term begins shortly.
Our professional team is here to give you advice and information on your hearing, so please get in touch. Call us on 020
8446 0214 or email
Youll find more information on


MAcS MPCHM CertNatSci(Open).
CNHC Registered.
Founder of Acuregen Ltd, Intl.
Lecturer in cosmetic acupuncture and skincare
Vice chair of The Acupuncture Society
Backed by experienced team specialising
in unisex health and beauty.
Fertility, skin problems and injury/pain clinic.

Dear Sue
People around me seem to mumble and whisper and TV has
become difficult to understand. Am I losing my hearing? If
so, what should I do?

Dear Geoff


18 years hands-on experience, leading JDA in
significant growth and development.
Deep understanding of the impact of deafness
on people at all stages of life, and their families.
Practical and emotional support for families of
deaf children.
Extensive services for people affected by hearing loss/tinnitus.
Technology Room with expert advice on and facilities to try out the latest
equipment. Hearing aid advice, support and maintenance.

CHANA 020 8203 8455

Helpline: 020 8201 5774 / 020 8800 0018




Owner and principal dentist at Finchley Dental
Lounge, a private practice on Ballards Lane.
Family dental care with free examinations
for children under 16 years of age.
Special interest in cosmetics,
whitening and straightening
Specialist implants at the practice.

20+ years experience as a criminal defence
solicitor and higher court advocate.
Specialising in all aspects of criminal law
including murder, drug offences, fraud and
money laundering, offences of violence, sexual
offences and all aspects of road traffic law.
Visiting associate professor at Brunel University.
Member of the Lord Chancellors Judicial Selection Committee
for Lay Magistrates.


NOBLE SOLICITORS 01582 544 370





Professional choreographer qualified in dance,
drama and Zumba (ZIN, ISTD & LAMDA), gaining
an honours degree at Birmingham University.
Former contestant on ITVs Popstars, reaching
Bootcamp with Myleene Klass, Suzanne Shaw
and Kym Marsh.
Set up Dancing with Louise 10 years ago. Now teaches 800+
people across north London.

Chartered accountant FCA.
Accounting, taxation and business advisory
Specialises in forensic accounting.
CEDR accredited mediator.
Expert witness advice for all financial matters.
National winner of British Accountancy Awards and Most
Innovative Accounting Firm of the Year.


SOBELL RHODES 020 8429 8800





Director of UK Aliyah for Nefesh BNefesh,
an organisation that helps facilitate aliyah
from the UK.
Conducts monthly seminars and personal
aliyah meetings in London.
An expert in working together with clients to
help plan a successful aliyah.

Jewellery manufacturer since 1980s.
Expert in the manufacture and supply of
diamond jewellery, wedding rings and general
Specialist in supply of diamonds to the public
at trade prices.
We buy for instant top cash prices any diamond, platinum, gold, silver
or jewellery.

NEFESH BNEFESH 0800 075 7200

JEWELLERY CAVE LTD 020 8446 8538

1 September 2016 The Jewish News


Do you have a question for a member of our team? Email:



Level 3 personal training (plus
International NASM bridging course)
Olympic weightlifting instructor/
competitive weightlifter
Diploma in studio instruction
(exercise to music and specialisms)
Emergency first aid





2015 UK fastest growing ActionCOACH (1st out
of 108 coaches)
Business growth rates enjoyed by CEOs/business
owners I work with include:Digital marketing business 6m loss to 1.5m
profit in 6 years. Web design agency 100% in 2 months. Health clinic 50% in
three months. Manufacturing business 50% in 9 months. Decorating firm 189% in
1 year. Retail chain 82% in 2 years. Hairdressing businesses 48% in 3 months.

Free professional service with immediate
practical help assisting those alone and in crisis.
Providing workable solutions with budgeting,
bills, utilities, insurance, welfare & benefits,
form filling, bureaucracy and all procedures.
Cross communal and throughout London.
Working with all major social organisations, communal bodies and
borough councils.
Registered charity 1146302.

ActionCOACH 020 7993 2420 (Video testimonials are on my website)




Career in global pharmaceutical GlaxoSmithKline with
roles in IT, change management & people development.
Now an International Coach Federation certified coach
helping people with career development and midlife
change including dilemmas around ageing parents
Provides specialist advice to help unemployed
people get back into the workplace
Offers free one-to-one advisor support, workshops and networking opportunities





Expertise in providing unique and specialised
homecare for adults with age-related impairments,
dementia and complex care needs.
Knowledge of how to support adults with care
needs to achieve their full capacity in their own
Ability to support clients to live a meaningful and purposeful life
Training care staff to empower, rather than foster dependency.
Ensuring care staff are trained to understand Jewish values and traditions.

Launched Man on a Bike IT consultancy 11 years
ago to provide computer support for the home
and small businesses.
Clients range from legal firms in the City to
families, small business owners and synagogues.
More than 15 years experience means there arent
many problems Ian has not seen before..

CONCEPT CARE SOLUTIONS 020 8731 5970 / 07711 317 132

MAN ON A BIKE 020 8731 6171

Member of the Federation of Master Builders
Member of the Consumer Protection Association
offering an underwritten insurance backed guarantee
of 5 years on all projects
Providing a tailored end to end property service for
residential property clients in North and North West
London. Focusing on a bespoke and quality service
Loft conversions, extensions, kitchens or bathrooms HPS is your first and last call
Fully insured and indemnified to be in your home.
HPS 077 1005 7233 / 020 8457 1320


077 1005 7233 /

020 8457 1320

Help! My wet room

has been a washout
Dear Howard
Two years ago we changed our bathroom into a wet
room. Our builders seemed experienced but its been a
disaster ever since, with constant leaks and uneven
floors. I need to get my wet room rebuilt. What do I
need to look out for in future?


Able to draw on the charitys
45+ years of experience in providing specialist
accommodation designed to enable
Knowledge of the features and innovations that
can empower people to undertake everyday tasks.
Awareness of relevant grants and benefits that may be available.
Understanding of the impact of a diagnosis of disability and ability to
offer help and advice.



Member of Resolution, Law Society Accredited
and registered with the Family Mediation
Collaborative family lawyer, with more than
20 years experience and founder of family
mediation practice, Evolve Family Mediation
Promotes a constructive and non-confrontational approach to resolving
family disputes and gives advice on financial claims upon divorce and
arrangements for children





Are YOU qualified to

join Jewish News
expert panel?

Dear Michael
A wet room has to be constructed in such a way that when the
water hits the tiled floor, it drains off through a well-constructed system.
Remember, you are building up layers of flooring that will
give you a fail-safe system against leaking, unlike a shower,
which has protection as the water goes directly into your
shower tray then into the drain.
There are several different systems for a wet room construction depending on the room and type of floor but this will
give you a basic idea.
Once all the existing matter has been removed, lift the floorboards and plumb-in your pipework and drainage between
your joists. Cover your floorboards with 18ml marine ply.
The floor needs to be fully waterproofed with a tanking
membrane that comes some way up the sides if the walls. Cut
the floor tiles in a way that creates an incline fall towards the
drain, and gravity will do the rest.
Undertake the rest of the plumbing, tile the walls and grout,
install the lighting and paint to finish.

The Jewish News 1 September 2016



On the side
Koyama is a great new addition to the burgeoning restaurant
scene on Childs Hill. Husband-and-wife team Joosun &
SungJae are on a mission to deliver
an authentic Japanese culinary
experience to north-west
London. Dishes are expertly
prepared and beautifully
presented. This fabulous little
place will satisfy all tastes.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday between 11:30am and
2pm, Ben Spiers sells colourful, inventive salads from the
phone box in Bloomsbury Square, two minutes from
Holborn tube station. Yes really! Choose from however
many of five home-made salads you fancy, pick 'n' mix
style, and top with, for example, pomegranate molasses
and chilli-roasted chicken or
baked salmon, if you
wish. Salads change
with the seasons and are
constantly reinvented.
They are hearty, healthy
and full of protein, nutrients
and minerals. Salad dodgers
prepare to be converted!

left, the dancing fountains in the square

had been lit up and we laughed with
that warm glee that comes at the end of
a good night.
Sharon Feinstein

Theres an exuberant air at Granger & Co in Kings

Cross. They dont take reservations, so people queue
expectantly amid the buzz of the square, which makes
the wait easier.
The shape of the place is striking. Loosely based on
an Italian railway station bar, it is beautifully set up with
long glass walls, outer rim tables and comfortable bar
stools. It feels light, airy and spacious, even though it's
really just a single big room.
Granger & Co looks toward Australia for its heart.
This is Oz through and through sunny, breezy,
amiable, relaxed. Bill Granger himself is known as a
man who offers up a really good brunch, but clearly he
does a great dinner, too. Unfussy, tasty and
imaginative, with the kind of trendy menu one expects
from 21st-century metropolitan food small dishes,
grains, barbecue, raw, mixed n matched. The food is
light but just enough, inventive without being
experimental, unpretentious and matey,
with a contemporary panache.
I loved the tuna poke, whipped
avocado, tofu & chia cracker its his
best dish in terms of flavours,

Bill Granger says: Kings Cross is the most

connected place in London, and is set up
for ideas Central St Martins, the Francis
Crick Institute and Google are a few of
our neighbours. Its a new creative hub
and Im thrilled to be part of it.

combination, and freshness. My friend

also loved the burrata with crushed
tomatoes, miso aubergine and tofu. We
washed it all down with a good white
wine, adequate but not high-end.
Bill Granger has brought a kind of
Aussie-style sunshine to Kings Cross.
His dishes are well thought out, and
they work. We went to relax and have
fun, which is precisely what you can do
at Granger, while eating well at the
same time. Young, trendy foodies have
realised this and fill it every night. As we

Unit 1 Stanley Building,
7 Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG
T: 020 3058 2567

New Place in Town:

Park Chinois

I was already a big fan of Bluebelles in Mill Hill and

Portobello and now they have upped their game in the
cake stakes with a mouthwatering range including
Lammingtons, loaf cakes (choose from lemon & poppy
seed, carrot, cinnamon, gluten free orange & almond,
dairy free blackberry & apple), red velvet and
chocolate & Guinness cake. Bluebelles is also great
for coffee, full blown brunch or a light lunch. Cakes
are available to take home, too!


Restaurants not
kosher unless stated


Granger & Co


On a trip to the theatre last week, I was excited to see

hoardings around a restaurant site on St Martins Lane
showing that Fumo is opening there. Fumo is part of the
San Carlo group, which owns 17 restaurants including
Cichetti in Piccadilly and Covent Garden and Signor
Sassi in Knightsbridge. There is a branch of Fumo in
Manchester and another in
Birmingham, and the London
site opens early in September.
Expect delicious Italian small
plates (ciccheti) including
gnocchi truffle!

by Louisa W


She knows her place and its NOT in the kitchen


Red velvet drapes, padded banquettes,

gleaming gilt, live jazz band you could be
forgiven for thinking Im about to review the
Moulin Rouge, but it burned down in 1915.
No; this, my friends, is the plush, lush and
super swanky Park Chinois Alan Laus highend Chinese restaurant, a concept that has
been inspired by the jazz clubs of 1930s
Shanghai. Its gloriously sumptuous, with the
highest staff-to-diner ratio Ive ever
encountered. This isnt just a first class meal in
a top restaurant its an experience, and I
loved every single OTT aspect of it.
Can this lavish indulgence really be the
offspring of the same man who brought us
the pared-down, minimalist Wagamama? He
was kind of halfway there with Duck and
Rice in Soho, but Park Chinois flaunts
expense account-style luxury on a whole
new level. The best-kept (but actually
best-known) secret is that you have to preorder the house speciality Cantonese
duck, as it is cooked to order. Yes yes, I
hear you say, I can take or leave the duck
pancake thing. This aint no duck pancake
thing; this is a succulent, tender, slow-roasted
bird with gloriously gleaming crisped skin.
Everyone gets a dish of cucumber and spring

onions, a steamer with pancakes, a dish of hoisin

sauce and, best of all, a water bowl with get this
properly HOT water (none of that tepid stuff).
This duck is a meal in itself it warrants a review
of its own and it doesnt even need the
pancakes, but we also tucked into dim sum,
Shanghai salad with Chinese mushrooms and
edamame, wonderfully sweet and succulent
blackened cod and perfectly-steamed bok choy.
We were stuffed, but the desserts who could
refuse Summer Refreshing on a summers night?
Delicately poached peach with raspberry sorbet
and coconut crumble.
I could go on... about the cocktails (mine was
bitter orange, raspberry & champagne), the
wines (a glass of Brangelina Miraval for me
hubby stuck to the whiskies), the fabulous jazz
band that was crooning in the background, the
people-watching, the wonderfully attentive
service, the sense of occasion, the stunningly
sumptuous dcor and the side-by-side
mezzanine seating.
To sum up, in three words: marvellous,
magnificent, memorable. Go! (And make sure
you visit the toilets!)

17 Berkeley St, London W1J 8EA
T: 020 3327 8888

As we finally got a taste of summer, members

of the Restaurant Club Facebook group were
all heading towards Whetstone to try out the
fantastic new ice-cream parlour Promised Land
Gelato. The fantastic range of flavours, all made
with organic milk from a local farm where the
cows are 100 percent grass fed, includes Oreo,
Bounty, Popcorn, Banoffee Pie, Rose,
Bubblegum and Peanut Butter, plus a range of
sorbets, sugar-free ice creams and even ice
cream for dogs beef and chicken flavours!

We really fancied an ice cream so we

headed off down the road to the Promised
Land - no, we didn't end up in Israel, but
in Whetstone! said Michelle. I was
greeted by a lovely husband and wife
team. So many flavours to choose from - I
was allowed to have a little taster of all
of them. They also have a fab selection of
milkshakes. In winter they serve waffles,
cakes etc.

1 September 2016 The Jewish News 27

Fastlens Wholesale Glasses
80 Mowbray Parade, Edgware Way, Edgware
Middlesex, Tel: 020 8958 9393
Single Vision Lenses
Bifocal Lenses
Varifocal Lenses

from 10.00
from 10.00 per pair
from 25.00 per pair
from just 45.00 per pair

'Cheaper than any television advertised deal'
'Most spectacles made while you wait'

Claire and Michael Hutchinson celebrated their golden

wedding anniversary. They were married at Ilford District

Picture: Contributor

Ethan Gold celebrated his barmitzvah at Bushey United

Picture: The Photo People

Bar/ Batmitzvah & Wedding photography

Capturing special memories in the most
important times of your life.
We build packages to suit your needs.

07956 818477 | 020 8491 6482

Jessie Williams celebrated her batmitzvah at Abridge Golf

Picture: The Photo People

Lara Sassoon celebrated her batmitzvah at Norrice Lea

Picture: The Photo People

Half Sovereigns
Full Sovereigns
1oz Krugerands

Adam Gilbert celebrated his barmitzvah at Bushey United

Picture: Gary Perlmutter Photography

Have you just celebrated a simcha?

Send your picture to

0.37 per/g
109.37 each
218.74 each
936.05 each

If you are thinking of selling, the price

of diamonds has never been higher!
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272 Friern Barnet Lane London N20 0NH

Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm
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Dont waste time & energy with the auction houses.

We will give you a free evaluation.
We pay more! , No commission taken , instant payment.
If you cannot get to us, home visits are also available by appointment.


The Jewish News 1 September 2016


24.00 A WEEK

Call sales today

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Top prices paid

Cash paid for Mink

boleros, stoles,
also fox coats,
jackets etc.
Wardrobes cleared

Call 01277 352 560




Man on a Bike will get

you working fast!
Rapid Response IT support for your PC & Mac
Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless systems,
new computers and everything else you may need.
For small businesses & home users.

Antique Reproduction Retro Furniture

(any condition)

All Antique Furniture Hille & Epstein
Diamond Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Paintings, Porcelain,
Glass, Bronzes, Ivories, Oriental & Judaica Antiques etc.

Epstein, Archie Shine, Hille, G Plan, etc.

Dining Suites, Lounges Suites, Bookcases,
Desks, Cabinets, Mirrors, Lights, etc.
House clearances
Single items to complete homes

Full house clearances organised.


Please look at our website for more details


0207 723 7415(SHOP)


0800 840 2035 or 07956268290
OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS.

Call Ian Green, Man on a Bike on


020 8731 6171

closed Sunday & Monday



Charity & Welfare


Counselling for adults & children who are
experiencing loss. Support groups offered.
Call The Jewish Bereavement
Counselling Service in confidence

020 8951 3881 07765 693 160



For confidential advice, information and support dont forget Jewish Care Direct.

020 8922 2222


Sheltered Accommodation
We have an open waiting list for our friendly and comfortable
warden assisted sheltered housing schemes for Jewish people
in Ealing, East Finchley and Hendon. We provide 24-hour
warden support, seven days a week; a residents lounge and
kitchen, laundry, a sunny patio and garden.

For further details and application forms, please contact

Westlon Housing Association on 020 8201 8484

Charity Reg No. 802559

Jami supports and represents

people with mental illness across
the Jewish community.


Are you a Jewish woman experiencing domestic violence?

With abuse in your home, do you worry about your children?

We are here to help

Give support Get support Get involved

with free support, advice and information and confidential counselling.

Kosher Refuge available for women and children in need.

020 8458 2223 |

Reg Charity No. 1003345

Free Confidential National Helpline 0808 801 0500

Home & Maintenance

No further, your

Hall & Randall Plumbers



020 8953 2094 office


Better Safe Than Sorry

For all your heating and plumbing requirements

| boiler repairs and installation | complete central heating |
| power flushing | complete bathroom installation service |
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All NW-London postcodes covered

07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12

020 8207 3286 home 020 8386 8798

Not shabbat





   !  #   
 "  #  



  +" ) "# ,!"
) *" "- *'

London 020 8485 8176

Home & Maintenance

Over 20 years experience
Friendly, reliable &
personal service.
Very competitive rates

STEPHEN: 07973 342 422

Chipped Glassware

City and Guilds Electrician

All types of electrical work undertaken

We restore crystal & antique,
wine glasses, tumblers,
jugs, vases & bowls.
Dishwasher bloom, 90% removal


Collection & Delivery Arranged

Call Martin: 01923 859351

Rewiring, extra sockets, BT points, Economy 7

storage heaters, Shabbat time switches, security lighting,
LED spotlights, fault finding, CCTVportable appliance tests,
landlord tests and house buyers surveys.
For an efficient reliable and friendly service.

Call Harvey Solomons on

020 8958 6495 / 07836 648 554

1 September 2016 The Jewish News



Home & Maintenance



020 8551 7944 07958 747 746

Home & Maintenance

24.00 A WEEK

Bridge Club


Call sales today

on 020 7692 6943 for further details


Russell & Son Landscaping

130 High Street
Edgware, HA8 7EL

0207 754 4659

0207 754 4646

Gary Green Memorials

14 Claybury Broadway, Clayhall, Ilford
Tel: 020 8551 6866 Fax: 020 8503 9889
41 Manor Park Crescent, Edgware, Middx
Tel: 020 8381 1525 Fax: 020 8381 1535

Best prices paid for complete house

clearances including china books,
clothing etc. also rubbish clearance
service, lofts, sheds, garages etc


Gants Hill
12 Beehive Lane
Gants Hill, IG1 3RD


Established over 60 years.

Know who you are dealing with.
All quality furniture bought & sold.

Please contact Gordon Stirling

0208 9605401 or 07825224144

New memorials
Additional inscriptions &


in September
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Stirlings of
Kensal Green



Tel: 020 8905 7275

Creating that perfect garden for you

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62 Albermarle Gardens, Ilford, Essex 1G2 6DL

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Distinctive monumental masons

The Handel Smithy, 105a High Street, Edgware, HA8 7DB


LEGACY - Leave a gift in your memory

Leaave a legacy
and create
creaatte the
thhe future
leaders of Israel
Aliyah Child
Child Rescue
House, 34 Arcadia
Arcadia A
venue, LLondon
rojan House,
ndo N3 2JU
t: 020 8371 1580 e: inf

1 in 4 people will
experience mental illness.
Leave a legacy to Jami to support those with
a mental illness across the Jewish community.

Charity No: 1077913

020 8458 2223

Remember our future

Please remember the future of
Jewish children by remembering
Jewish Childs Day in your will. It is
the legacy that will last a lifetime.
To nd out more call 020 8446 8804
or email

Reg Charity No. 1003345

Registered Charity No. 209266


Call Alison on 0208 922 2833 for more
information or email
Charity Reg No. 802559

ILL you...

Caring for the people of Israel

020 7319 9169

Leave a legacy for

future generations
of children and
families in Israel

Leave the legacy

of independence
to people like Joel.

The British Friends of Reuth


People come to Reuth broken, with no

physical and mental independence.
The patients need your legacy
to help rebuild their lives

Charity Number 1125012 Company Number 6634748

OR CALL 020 8371 6611

Registered Charity
No. 259480

T: 020 3286 4100 E:

Charity no: 1126124

1 September 2016 The Jewish News
















1 Cheroot, eg (5)
4 Grass cutter (5)

7 Came face to face (3)

8 Spendthrift (7)
9 Internal sore (5)


Pieces of money (5)

All set (5)
Pity, forgiveness (5)
Angostura ___, tonic (7)
Lingerie item (3)
Needing a rest (5)
Commencement (5)

1 Wales, in Welsh (5)
2 Intestine (3)
3 Oarsman (5)
4 Melody (5)
5 Fighter (7)
6 Baps (5)
10 Loud crockery noise (7)
12 Prove wrong (5)
13 Agricultural produce (5)
14 Contemplates, ponders (5)
15 Raising agent (5)
17 ___ constrictor, snake (3)

JEWISH NEWS has teamed

up with Mainline Menswear to
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Last issues solutions


Fill the grid with the numbers 1 to 9 so that each row,

column and 3x3 block contains the numbers 1 to 9.

5 1
8 4
8 4
3 1

ACROSS:1Rota 4Gist 7Ton 8Oil

drum 10Nephew 12Spam 13Flue
15Robber 19Rolling 20Son 21Stye
DOWN:2Own up 3Above 4Gull
5Strip 6Stand for 9Membrane
11Hoe 12Sob 14Unlet 16Organ
17Bison 18Line


All puzzles Puzzler Media Ltd -











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1 September 2016 The Jewish News


Season countdown... 1 0 days



Our latest preview of the 2016/17 Jewish football

season looks at teams harbouring title ambitions
RAY ABRAHAMS says his Division Two
title winning Scrabble side are looking
to make it back-to-back promotions as
they chase their dream of securing Premier Division football next year.
He said: Winning the league and
gaining promotion last season was fantastic for the club, but all that is now
history. Were going to be in a tough
division this year where there are some
good sides looking to go up to the
Premier Division.
We've reluctantly released four or
five players who did so well for us last
season and have signed the players
that we targeted to compete in this
league. Were confident that with the
squad we now have, we can secure our
aim of back-to-back promotions by
next May.
Redbridge B player-manager Sam
Rank has laid down the title gauntlet,
saying: Our main aim is to win the title,
weve a very committed and well
trained side.
Describing his sides many
strengths, he says: The main ones are
how the team performs as a unit.
Theyre a very hard team to break
down, due to their work ethic. The
commitment the boys put in at training and on a Sunday also provide the
team a great platform for the season.
Oakwood B manager Jason Stein is
looking at a top-three finish, saying:
We'd like to push for the title, but it's
a deep division this year. We enjoyed
two good cup runs last year, getting to
the last eight in both and another one

would be welcome.
Los Blancos manager Nick Grosse
is also aiming for a top-three finish,
saying promotion is our ultimate
goal. He says: This season marks a
wholesale revamp of the entire club.
We now have significant depth in our
squad and cover in all positions. Were
technically strong and intelligent, but
above all, are a top bunch of lads who
enjoy our Sunday football.
Maccabi London Lions B manager
Samuel Marchant is expecting a tough
campaign, saying: Having had a great
first season last year and now in a
higher division, we know that the standard will be tougher, which means we
have to work that much harder if we
want to achieve something special. The
squad is strong and showing a lot of
promise. Were also highly ambitious,

and all being well,

would love to be
challenging for the
promotion spots
manager Rob Shooman believes his
side will be there or thereabout
come the end of the season. He says:
We have a physically strong squad of
youth and experience that seem to gel
extremely well. Were going to do well
this season, Im very confident in the
players we have.
North London Raiders B manager
Jonathan Adelman concedes his side
are an unknown quantity, saying:
Having lost so many of our stalwarts
last summer and during last season, the
first step for this is to gel as a side as
quickly as we can, and we'll take things

from there. We will aim to be competitive and see where that leaves us come
the turn of the year.
Eli Gottlieb says Athletic Bilbaum
are looking to build on a strong 2016,
to demonstrate more consistency and
cement their place in Division One.
Saying the squad are relaxed and refreshed for the new season, their midfield, structure and dangerous wingers
are cited as their main strengths.
Hendon Bs joint-manager Jono
Nesbitt says his side are aiming for a
comfortable mid-table position and to
use that to build on for next season. He

Scrabble (above) are looking for back-toback titles, while Redbridge B (far left) are
confident of challenging for the title

says: We felt we were very unfortunate

not to finish in a promotion place last
season, with some injuries and a run of
some poor results after Christmas. We
feel that justice has now been served,
and initially we will just look to get used
to our new league and surroundings.
Brixton Old Boys and Finchley City
FC complete the line-up.
Full review

Israeli champs handed Judo star raises Sela suffers fiveSouthampton Euro test 40k for charity set US Open exit
ISRAELS TWO representatives in
this seasons Europa League
have been drawn against English
and Irish opponents in the group
stage of the competition.
Israeli champions Hapoel
Beer Sheva face a trip to the
South Coast, having been drawn
in Group K with Southampton,
Italian giants Inter Milan and
Sparta Prague of the Czech Republic. Manager Barak Bachar Maccabi Tel Aviv celebrate their win in Croatia
said: Any draw at this stage of
the competition would be diffipenalty shoot-out win over Hajduk
Split. They were drawn in Group D
Were proud and happy to face alongside Irish side Dundalk, Russias
teams of this quality and we will do Zenit Saint Petersburg and AZ Alkeverything to ensure we are ready for maar from the Netherlands.
The group stage begins on 15 SepMaccabi Tel Aviv booked their tember, with the last of the eight
place in the group stage thanks to a games taking place on 8 December.

ISRAELI Olympic bronze

medalist Yarden Gerbi has
raised nearly 40,000 after
she auctioned off her name
patch from the Rio Games.
The 27-year-old won
bronze in the 63kg judo
event and decided to put
the nametag on her uniform on eBay, with the proceeds
department which treats
children with cancer at
Ichilov Hospital.
Having raised money in a
similar fashion on the back
of her World Judo Championship win in 2013, 87 bids
were placed by 22 bidders
with a so-far unnamed bidder buying it for 39,607.

Gerbi with her bronze medal

Gerbi said: I have no

words! Wow! Thank you
very much to the donor
who will receive my signed
name tag.

DUDI SELA suffered a dramatic five-set first round defeat to Pablo Cuevas at
Flushing Meadows on Monday evening.
Once again, Israels only
singles player at a Grand
Slam tournament, the 31year-old (pictured) was up
against the world number
20 and found himself two
sets down after just an hour.
However, winning the
third set 6-0, he then tied up
the match at two sets all,
winning the fourth 7-5.
The fifth and final set saw
Cuevas break serve first to
take a 3-1 lead, and although Sela then broke to
pull it back to 4-3, was un-

able to hold his serve as

Cuevas went on to win the
set 6-3.
There were also first
round exits for Argentine
Diego Schwartzman and
Italian Camila Giorgi.
Sela is also involved in
doubles action, as is fellow
Israeli Jonathan Erlich.


The Jewish News 1 September 2016


Israels coach plays down his countrys World Cup

hopes ahead of qualifiers against Italy and Spain


Israel face 2006 World Cup winners Italy in their opener...

ISRAEL MANAGER Elisha Levy has

played down his countrys hopes of
reaching its first World Cup finals in nearly
half a century, saying they face a very difficult task to qualify for the tournament
in Russia in 2018.
The 58-year-old (pictured inset) was
named as Eli Gutmans replacement last
April and handed the task of leading Israel
in a World Cup qualifying group which pits
them alongside two of the last three World
Cup winners in Italy and Spain.
Having not qualified for the tournament
since 1970, Levy, speaking to Jewish
News ahead of their opening qualifier
against Italy on Monday, said: Although its a very difficult group, the
aim is to be competitive, achieve as
many points as we can and win
the support of our fans.
Albania, Macedonia and
Liechtenstein complete the
group, with only the winner
sealing a place in Russia
and the runner-up qualifying for a play-off tie.
Conceding theres a big
difference in class between

the sides, he admitted: The balance of

power between the teams is clear to everyone, but anything can happen in football
and we will do our best on the field.
Wary that not all his players will be 100
percent match fit, he said: This is the start
of the season so not all of the players are
in their best shape, but this is also true of
the Italian squad, since their league started
not long ago.
Looking to count on a vociferous home
support in Haifa for Mondays match, he
said: That will be most important. We
need our fans, especially in important
matches we count on their support.
The match against Italy is sold-out and
we also have almost 15,000 season ticket
holders for the whole campaign. If the
fans push us to be the best that we
can be, then we'll look good on the
And delighted on a personal note
to lead his country, he said: Im
very proud to be the Israel national team coach. I really see
this job as a mission. I will do
anything and everything that I
can to succeed.
I have plenty of experience
as a coach and I will take this
challenge and pressure to improve myself and the players."

...and end their campaign against the 2010 winners Spain

Paralympian boss hoping

for some medals in Rio
THE HEAD of Israels Paralympic Committee says hes hoping his countrys
Paralympians can win some medals in
Rio over the next couple of weeks.
The Paralympic Games, which begin
on Wednesday and run until 18 September, will see Israel take a squad of 30
athletes, who will be competing in 11
The delegation won eight medals in
London four years ago, though Dr. Ron
Bolotin, professional manager of the Israel Paralympic Committee and the Israel Sports Association for the Disabled
in Tel Aviv, said: We probably wont
match our eight medals in London, yet
we still hope to win some.
Taking 15 men and 15 women, for
whom half of them, this will be their first
Games, its a larger squad than in 2012
mainly due to the addition of Israels

Moran Samuel is one of Israels medal hopes

first ever goalball team. Medal hopes

will be focussed on 2015 paralympic
rowing world champion Moran Samuel,
swimmer Inbal Pezaro, who won three
medals in London, Kobi Leon in handcycling, Doron Shaziri, who has won
medals in shooting at six previous Para-

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lympics and tennis doubles duo Itay

Erenlib and Shraga Weinberg, the latter
of whom will be the flagbearer at the
opening ceremony.
Despite recent barren years in terms
of medal success, Israel has won 380
medals since the first Games in Rome in
1960, including 124 gold medals.
Describing why that has changed over
the years, Bolotin says: I think the main
reason is that when the Paralympic
movement was in its infancy, we were
one of the pioneer nations and therefore had an advantage. Now the level is
getting closer to Olympic and its getting tougher every time as Paralympic
sports become more elite and countries
invest more money in them.
Follow Israels Paralympians in Rio at