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Tips for NetBotz/Pelco Sarix

The following outlines common tips for integrating Pelco Sarix
cameras with a NetBotz appliance. If you are having diffi culty
confi guring a NetBotz appliance to work with a Pelco Sarix camera,
please ensure that you have read and tried all of the following tips
and procedures.
It is best to confi gure the settings on the Pelco Sarix camera prior to
discovering it on the NetBotz appliance. If any confi guration
changes are made to the Pelco Sarix camera after it has been
discovered by a NetBotz appliance, the NetBotz appliance must be
rebooted in order for the Pelco Sarix confi guration changes to be

Start by resetting Pelco Sarix camera to defaults
1. Hardware
1. Locate the reset button on the board inside the back box.
2. Press and hold the reset button. The camera status LED will cycle through several different color
3. When the status LED flashes red, release the button. All settings have been set to factory defaults
and unit will reboot.
2. Software
1. Log in to camera
2. Click on "Settings" menu.
3. On the "General" tab is a section labeled "Reset to Factory Defaults".
4. Check in the box "Select All"
5. Click "Save"

If using Pelco Sarix camera firmware 1.8 or higher, ensure that

you have upgraded the NetBotz appliance to botzware 4.2
which fixes a known integration issue.

Ensure the Pelco Sarix camera and NetBotz appliance are on

the same network segment.
This is a limitation for discovery in botzware 3.3, 4.0, and 4.1 only. Crosssegment discovery was added in botzware 4.2. However, the Discovered Camera
List will only display Pelco Sarix cameras that exist on the same network segment.
Cameras on other network segments will need to be discovered manually using the
IP address or hostname.

Ensure SNMP Configuration is set to None.

A/V Streams - Typically it is easiest to use the Video Presets
under A/V Streams. The default preset is High, which should
work in most cases and achieve settings that meet the
following criteria:
1. The Primary Stream should use the H264 or MPEG4 Compression Standard
-Used for actual detection of motion by the Pelco Sarix camera
-Motion Detection Threshold/Area of Motion and Sensitivity settings apply to this stream
2. The Secondary Stream must use the JPEG compression Standard
-Used to send images to the NetBotz Appliance once motion is detected
3. The resolution selected for the Primary and Secondary Streams should match in order for Masking,
image rendering, and surveillance to work correctly.

NOTE: In some cases, resetting a camera to defaults or using one of the Presets for A/V Streams does not
achieve the above criteria. ALWAYS verify the primary and secondary streams match the above criteria
during the configuration process!

NetBotz Appliance:
Only the NetBotz 455/456, NetBotz 550, and NetBotz 570
support integrating with a Pelco Sarix camera.
Ensure that you are using botzware 3.3 or higher in order to
integrate with a Pelco Sarix Camera, and that the Advanced
View software version matches the version of botzware on the
NetBotz Appliance.
Ensure that the Pelco Sarix camera is discovered using port 80
and NO SSL options.
Pelco PTZ camera configuration can be performed via HTTP only on port 80 only. Camera
configuration settings performed on Pelco PTZ cameras discovered via HTTPS are not applied. This is
planned to be addressed in a future release of botzware.

Discover the Pelco Sarix camera under Pod & Rack Access PXHID Sharing in NetBotz Advanced View. Then ensure that you
choose the Pelco Sarix camera and select Share Remote Pod in
the bottom pane.
In botzware 4.2 you can check the Add as Camera option during discovery which will result in
the camera being shared automatically once discovery is completed.

Enable camera motion within Shared Cameras >> Masking. Be

sure to select Apply Motion Mask Changes before clicking OK.
Failure to click Apply Motion Mask Changes will cause the changes to be discarded!

If using standard NetBotz Motion Detection, enable the Camera

Motion threshold under Shared Cameras >> Sensors. Also, on
the Advanced tab, ensure the correct Camera to Trigger is
If using standard NetBotz Motion Detection, ensure the
Capture settings of the camera is configured to use the same
resolution as the Primary and Secondary Streams on the Pelco
Sarix Camera.
If using Struxureware Data Center Expert Surveillance, ensure
that the Camera Motion threshold on the NetBotz appliance is
disabled. This prevents images from being processed and
stored in duplicate on the NetBotz appliance and Data Center
If using the Pelco Sarix camera with StruxureWare Data Center
Expert Surveillance, use a resolution on the Pelco Camera and
NetBotz appliance that matches one of the supported
Surveillance resolutions.
If the Surveillance resolution does not match the NetBotz/Pelco Sarix camera resolution, the
Surveillance thumbnails will not update in real time and other performance issues may occur.

Sensitivity and Area of Motion settings may need to be

modified in order for motion to be detected in the frame of
view. Adjust and test as necessary.
As of botzware 4.2, new Sensitivity % and Threshold Blocks fields have been added which may
be used in place of the sliders. These new open fields allow more granular configurations to be applied.
Note that the Threshold Blocks available range is dependent upon the Primary Stream of the Pelco Sarix
camera. Any changes made to the Pelco Sarix camera require the NetBotz appliance to be rebooted
before the changes will become visible in Advanced View.
Failure to click Apply Motion Mask Changes will cause the changes to be discarded!

Anytime changes are made to the Secondary Stream on the

Pelco Sarix camera, the NetBotz appliance must be rebooted in
order refresh Advanced View with the currently available
resolutions from the Pelco.
If the secondary resolution is changed to a different resolution without rebooting the NetBotz
appliance, you may see camera image sizes displayed incorrectly within the NetBotz Camera View and
may not have the option to select the same resolution within Advanced View as is configured on the Pelco
Sarix camera.

Pelco Sarix camera location data is not retained after

rebooting the NetBotz appliance.
The location associated with the Camera Motion sensor of the Pelco Sarix Camera will persist
after the NetBotz appliance is rebooted. This is resolved in version BotzWare 4.3.