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Nom Date CONTEXTES: AUDIO ACTIVITIES a Identifiez You will hear six short exchanges. For each one, decide whether it is a greeting, an introduction, or a lea ve-taking. Mark the appropriate column with an X. You hear: AUDREY Bonjour, Laura! LAURA Salut, Audrey. Ca va? AUDREY Ca va bien, merci. Et toi? LAURA Pas mal. You mark: an X under Greeting & Greeting Introduction Leave-taking Modéle 1 ZI 3 4, 5. 6 ED auestions Listen o each question or statement and respond with an answer from the list. Repeat the correct response after the speaker. a. Enchanté(e). c. Je m’appelle Marie. €. Comme ci, comme ga. Et toi? b. A demain, d. In’y a pas de quoi. f, Tres bien, merci. Et vous? 13 | Associez You will hear three conversations. Look at the drawings and write the number of the conversation under the appropriate group of people.