“No!” screamed mummy as I was just about to touch the new item that had been brought to the house. It looked very nice and shiny so I thought when mummy won’t be looking at me I’d go and touch it. But it seems like mummy has four eyes. She saw me and came lunging at the crystal and instantly placed it high above my reach. From what I’d heard, it was a crystal angel. Shucks! There goes my chance. This is the case with most of the items at home. Anything new, then “Keep it away from little Johnny’s reach”. Oh come on mummy cant you hear me? At least let me touch it? I promise you I won’t drop it. Please! But she just glares at me while she tries to understand and then she walks away leaving me to play with these stupid fluffy toys that can’t even speak. “I told you mommy won’t let you. I told you she’d come, didn’t I?” said my twin sister who spends most of the day with her dolls. “At least I tried. You don’t even take a chance.” I said “I don’t want to. Don’t you see mommy likes me so much because I keep out of her way and you always get in trouble and make her do the work” “Oh! Shut up little Miss perfect!” “hmph!”she snorted and turned back to brushing her doll’s hair. I crawled my way to the sofa and went to look out the window. I saw many children playing down with each other, swinging and laughing, sliding and hiding. I wish mommy would let me go down, but no I always have to be in her arms or in the baby-pack. And when she’s off to work I’m left with dear granny who just doesn’t let me out of my cradle. What a life! I wish there was some fun…

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