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Humanity Ends Here

On the face of earth,
Dating back to its birth,
Lived a creature,
With some feature.
Humanity was their religion,
Faith overruled the suspicion,
Striving for perfection,
Humbly involved in their profession,
No need for regret or confession,
The specie was a HUMAN.
Being human was a gift,
Harmonious life with no rift,
Brisk and swift,
Everyone was good and uplift.
The nature too, was wise,
Peacefully conducive and kept to improvise,
Until, he began to pulverize,
Selfishness evolved,
Over which the greed rolled,
The nature replied two fold.
‘Every action has a reaction’
That’s what told the Newton,
Then there was a race called Mayan,
Claiming to predict future of the Human.
They said;
Dooms day is here,
Ultimate apocalypse is near,
And it is the time to fear!
So inevitable it would be;
The whole earth should see,
Oceans sinking the land,
Shaking surface, uprooting the man!!
This left people waiting eagerly,
Thinking to witness this nature’s derby.
But, nothing did happen!
The day rather passed as often.
With earth still bearing the onus of human.

a big question…. Being passed on. Perhaps. Your sister is in danger. “The End of Human”. Brother killing brother. Lying on a cliff with a bed of knife. in this rude society. Its nothing but the END of HUMANITY. Threatening her prestige. This prompted Mayans to “share” That Humanity “indeed” Ends Here!! Ashish Sharma Christmas 2012 We are still alive. A perfect act of insanity.Now. . May become a victim of a heinous siege. Not sparing even mother and father. A torture that disgusts her life. This is what the corrupt legacy. Is what said the prediction? Probably NOT! Look at the surroundings for the answers you sought. minus the humanity.