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Differences between Descent 2.

0 and Imperial Assault

Imperial Assault

Move through enemy units


Yes, with +1 movement cost

Additional movement

No limit on amount of fatigue spent for additional movement

2 strain max

Large figure movement

No diagonal movement; must move entire base and pay any
additional movement costs for terrain or enemy figures; can
Count individual spaces (diagonal movement allowed as usual) rotate for 1 movement point but must occupy at least half of
then place figure so it covers destination space
original spaces after rotation

Diagonal movement between
corners of blocked spaces


If one or both spaces contain figures: yes; otherwise: no

Line of Sight
LOS tracing

Any corner of originating square to two separate corners of
Any corner of originating square to any corner of target square target square; those two lines cannot overlap

LOS along wall


Yes (because you have to trace another line that won't be
along a wall)

LOS traced diagonally between
corners of blocked spaces


If one or both spaces contain figures: yes; otherwise: no

Figure in own space blocks LOS
tracing (tracing from/to one of the
back corners of the space)


Spaces separated by wall

Not considered adjacent; no LOS

Not considered adjacent; does have LOS


Can be opened or closed as an action

Once opened, cannot be closed (except by mission special

Adjacent to door

Diagonal allowed

Only spaces that share an edge with a door are considered

Attribute test

Roll dice specified by ability. Success if at least one surge
Roll gray and black dice, success if number of shields equal to rolled. For a test with a value, success if that number of surges
or less than attribute
rolled. On failure, rolled surges accumulate for future attempts.


Recover all fatigue at end of turn

Immediately recover strain, then damage, total equal to hero's

Carrying tokens

Can pick up or drop objective tokens as an action

Can retrieve token as an action, but cannot drop unless


Special actions, skills, or abilities
denoted by an "action" arrow
May perform more than once per activation

Perform once per activation
v1.0 2016-07-13

Differences between Descent 2. Spend threat to place a reinforcement for an existing group. number of figures placed only limited by threat spend Turn order Heroes all go.0 and Imperial Assault Descent Imperial Assault Attack Spending surge on a miss (insufficient range. some heroes activate more than once so that there is a total of 4 hero activations per round Open groups Monster types restricted by encounter Generally no restrictions. Remove all damage. remove conditions. 2 hero game gives heroes an additional normal attack on their turn When fewer than 4 heroes. (If hero regains health for any reason. the hero withdraws from the mission. 2 other 1 armor. 6 items from each Tier item deck Secret information All information about quests are visible to both Overlord and hero players Missions have hidden information only known to Imperial player Balance for number of heroes The number of monsters in each group depends on the number of heroes playing. When do heroes equip items At beginning of hero activation Before mission starts Limit on equipped items 2 hands. 2 weapons (with any modifications). Items without a credit be sold for 25 gold. X.) Flip hero card to wounded side. no action cost or movement cost Items can be freely traded between missions but not during a mission Items available for buying Draw 5 item cards Draw 6 item cards Search item value Each search card lists its gold value Crates are worth 50 credits each Selling items Half item cost rounded down to nearest 25. then carry over excess damage. Starting items can Half item cost rounded up to nearest 25. In either case. such as recovering a strain When hero is defeated Max out damage and strain. 3 equipment Excess items Can carry any number of items Left behind until after the mission Trading items May give or receive items to adjacent hero during a move action. Shopping between Acts/Tiers All remaining Act I items available. dodge) Not allowed (per BGG unofficial FAQ) Can activate non-attack surge effects. Excess strain may need to be removed due to lower endurance (strain limit). Usually. cost can be sold for 50 credits. and either or both can be used in a mission Reinforcements Specified by each encounter. respecting group limits. 1 armor. Another hero must spend an action to revive the hero or hero must spend entire next turn to stand up. the hero stands up immediately. one monster per turn placed on a specified tile. at a deployment point. then Overlord's monster groups all go Alternate hero and Imperial unit group. respecting group limits. or a new group. separate from the regular version group. heroes first Blast All adjacent figures must defend against attack All adjacent figures suffer a fixed amount of damage Items Shopping General . except no unearned unique figures Elite figures Master and minion monsters are part of the same monster group Elite units are in their own groups. roll 2 red dice to recover health and strain. Overlord draws an Overlord card. If a wounded hero is defeated.