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Touch the machine to make the cap up to the pressing end (26). Features: beautiful appearance. plastic burglar-proof cap. and then press the pusher (13) Model 980 MULTIFUCTION LOCKING AND CAPPING MACHINE 1 Operation Manual . rotation cap and aluminum cap rotation of nozzle cap.1. easy operation.37KW 6) Power supply: 220V 50HZ 7) Weight: 65KG 8) Contour dimension: 560X240X1150mm 25~35mm 3. Regulate the pusher (13) to make the cap fit the pressing end (26). cap of pop-top can. place a bottle on the pusher (13). Main parameters and specifications: 1) Model: 980 2) Height of bottle: 20~350mm 3) Sealing scale: ¢ 4) Productive power: 1000TLS/H 5) Capacity: 0. reasonable design. simple construction. USE 980 Multifuction capper manufactured is widely used in metal burglar-proof cap. precision work and convenient maintenance. 2. USING 1) Regulation of center and height: first.

Finally. Then. Note: 1. If not meeting the need. fix the jam nut (7) and the rating nut (4). fix the top-plate screw (14) tightly. which can meet the need. press the dog screw (19) and the round nut (21). regulate the copper core (12) and stick the edges of two bottlenecksealing wheels (11) to the lower edge of the cap and press them properly. Then. 2) Regulation of thread rolling wheel: Place a bottle on the pusher (13). Regulate the copper core (12) to make the edges of two thread rolling wheels (8) (with springs) fit the thread-rolling point of a bottle. If the bottleneck isn’t identical. Finally. When using. Model 980 MULTIFUCTION LOCKING AND CAPPING MACHINE 2 Operation Manual . release the top-plate screw (14) and move the middle plate. First. Release the rating nut (4) and regulate the regulating screw (3) and stick the edges of two thread rolling wheels (8) to the thread rolling point of the cap and press them properly. When sealing glass bottles. Release the jam nut (7). do fix the top-plate screw (14) tightly as the middle plate suffers large power. disassemble the iron pusher (13) and replace a plastic one. lower the machine to the lowest point (make the sealing end up to the highest point for model-980). 3) Regulation of bottleneck-sealing wheel At the same time of regulating thread rolling wheel (8). Operate the machine and rise to the highest point. After regulating the center. release the dog screw (19) and the round nut (21) and regulate the elevating screw (20). regulate two bottleneck-sealing wheels (11) (without springs). 2.tightly. Measure the distance from the end face to the one under the pressing end (26) and the distance must be about 48mm. which it is easy to move. release the jam nut (10).

Note: from the loose regulation to the tight one. fix the center shaft with a bull screwdriver. which can’t exceed 0. And disassemble the complete sealing end. 4. Regulate the elevating height of the bearer. disassemble the gland end. fix the rating nut (4) and the jam nut (10). then. disassemble the pressing end (26) in the opposite direction.). NOTES: 1) Need placing steadily.Finally. The plastic sealing end can move up and down. which the plastic sealing end leads the plastic cap rotating and sealing tightly. Note: The two guide screws (5) can’t support the rising sleeve (1) tightly. 4) Cap rotation of mineral water bottle Release the guide screw (5) and disassemble the inverse-thread gland end (9) clockwise (for model 980. Then. 4) Polish grease in the engine base monthly. Model 980 MULTIFUCTION LOCKING AND CAPPING MACHINE 3 Operation Manual .05mm. assemble a plastic sealing end (accessory) on the rising sleeve (1). 2) Do polish lube oil on each moving part before operating. Test the beating. 3) Often test the fixture situation of each part. avoiding the damage of the bottleneck. Regulate the sealing end with a hand. finally.

5. respectively 2) Bull screwdriver: 3cun 3) M6. M8 internal die nut 1. respectively 4) Plastic pusher 1 5) Cap some Model 980 MULTIFUCTION LOCKING AND CAPPING MACHINE 4 Operation Manual . respectively 2cun 1. ACCESSORIES 1) Open spanner: 8~10 17~19 1.

Lower plate 19.1. Rating nut 5. Electric motor 24. Thread rolling wheel 9. Regulating screw 4. bottleneck-sealing wheel 12. Guide screw 6. Eccentric locating piece 17. Footing 23. Copper core 13. Top-plate screw 15. Middle plate 18. Column 26. switch 25. rising sleeve 2. round guide roller 16. Contact roller 3. Gland end 10. dog screw 20. Pusher 14. Round guide roller 22. Jam nut 8. Elevatng screw 21. Pressing end Model 980 MULTIFUCTION LOCKING AND CAPPING MACHINE 5 Operation Manual . Jam nut 11. square bar 7.