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Geisenheim Faculty

Research Results: Mineral Water as an Accompaniment to Wine ...
The influence of 15 European premium mineral water
varieties on the sensory perception of wine
Over a period of eight months, a total of 58 tasting
sessions were conducted under the direction of
Prof. Mark Strobl with over 4,500 individual samples
at the University of Geisenheim. A total of 52 doctoral candidates, nutrition scientists, oenologists, and
students trained in sensory perception as well as 71
sommeliers from 14 countries participated.
Individual results according to the ranking test of
In the scope a scientific research project,
the sensory attributes of 15 European mineral water

mineral water varieties:

varieties available in restaurants were tested:

SELTERS Classic and SELTERS Light were perceived
as very harmonious and very drinkable due to their ideal

SELTERS Natural is a noncarbonated water, which was
preferred by testers in pure taste tests of water over
other European branded water varieties without carbon
Enjoying SELTERS together with wine:

Original SELTERS as a beverage paired with wine
enhances the taste experience of the wine. SELTERS
preserves the most subtle aromas of premium wines.
The impression of the wines’ aromas was improved with
a sip of Original SELTERS between wine tastings. The
initial and main impression of the wine is perceived as
more pleasant organoleptically and gustatorily. The
wine is also more pleasant.

Prof. Dr. rer. hort. Detlev Reymann
(President of Hochschule RheinMain
University of Applied Sciences)

Prof.- Dr.- Ing. Mark Strobl
(Project director)

Hochschule RheinMain University of Applied Sciences,
Geisenheim Faculty
Geisenheim, October 15, 2009