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An episode of Truth vs Hype by award winning anchor Sreenivasan Jain broadcast

on 13 February 2016 on NDTV described some issues being faced by buyers in
Raheja Developer projects.[14] (Video segment at 10:41 minutes into the
program.) Buyers in Atharva & Vedaanta pointed out that the projects did not
have valid fire safety clearances in the projects. During a recent fire in the
Atharva complex, the fire department was not intimated, and neither were the
fire tenders called, for fear of violations being detected. The buyers also pointed
out that there were towers which were built in violation of the fire safety codes,
and there was no setback roads around them, and fire tenders could not reach
those towers at all. It was also pointed out that though Environment Clearances
had lapsed in the projects, the projects had illegally obtained Occupancy

The buyers in Atharva project further alleged that the builder had showed them
large green areas in 2007, and plans to build only 440 apartments, but the
builder did not honor that promise. In an area that was designated as a green
park, the builder had constructed a series of high rise towers called Shilas, taking
the total number of apartments to 700. To meet the statutory requirements of
green areas, the builder had overnight covered tennis courts with grass, and had
installed plastic grass in other areas. The buyers also alleged that exorbitant cost
escalation was being demanded of them, and though the Agreement was signed
for Rs 7.2 million, the builder was now demanding Rs 2.4 million more; a sum
that was 33% more than the agreed price. This despite the fact that apartments
that were promised to be delivered in 2011 were still not ready 5 years later in
2016. The buyers also alleged that their "super area" had increased, collectively
for the complex by over 50,000 sq.ft, and the builder was charging them for the
same without being able to explain where the increase stemmed from.

Mr Navin Raheja (CMD, Raheja Developers) also appeared on the "Truth vs.
Hype" program, and objected to all of the allegations by buyers. He claimed that
though he had completed the project, the buyers were unwilling to take
possession of the apartments as their monthly maintenance charges would start
immediately. He also claimed that the buyers had misrepresented the situation
about the Environment Clearances, Fire Clearances, Occupation Certificate, and
the lack of statutory green areas.