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Jujine´s Adventures

Maura Pascuale Bruno Pascuale Mr. Giani Pascuale Jordana Pascuale Angela Rizzoli . Soderman .Characters Mrs. Mr.

so she fell down . their mom was upset and scared because she was worried about them . Jujine and his sister had been trying to cross out the river. Maura gave him Biña-Biña as a birthday present.Jujine´s Adventures Chapter I Jujine Pascuale is a Little boy. When Jujine arrived to his home . Chapter II Jujine went to one of the Luisiana´s rivers with his sister Jordana .He got two siblings.Biña . it was too late around 9:00 pm .Junine was very pleased in his warm and comfortable bed with Biña-Biña . at 7:00 am he´s gone to his school . . he dreamed with his adventure. Jujine got up at 6 a. they went to the bed . but it was raining . Jordana found an enormous green caterpillar . on his free time he´s very mischievous . He lived in a beautiful little farm in Louisiana. He got a cat. he used to eat oatmeal with fresh milk .he´s looked for frogs and insects. one of them called Bruno and his little sister called Jordana . Jujine and Jordana were hungrier . she was scared . Jujine tried to helped to his sister . she was happy their children were safe and sound with her . they were looking for some bugs . frogs and alligators . he was scared .m. affortunately he reached to his sister and he saved her . he helped to his mom In the house chores and with the take care of their farm .m. Jujine and Biña-Biña are inseparable . it calls Biña. he got dress very quickly with his brown pants and his blue t-shirt . Jujine wants to become in a famous biologist because he loves the nature . he´s 10 years old . he always feed the chickens and the cows . it looks like a mini-panther. He used to stay at school from 8:00 a. he thought that caterpillar was amazing . Biña-Biña it’s a big black cat with enormous green eyes. so she called to her brother and Jujine keep it in to his pocket . to 4: 00 pm Jujine is a little troublesome. Maura gave them a delicious chicken soup . so he jumped in to the water and he swam faster than he can . at 6:30 am he´s having breakfast with his mom and his siblings . his family is immigrant from Italy. both arrived to their home soaked. The school ´s director always calls to his mom Maura.

because he was thinking about the war and how his father was suffering . At night Jujine couldn´t sleep. Jujine run after Milo . he told him “Milo is very dangerous be careful when you feed it. Jujine went to the shed to feed the animals .Chapter III It was a lovely day . Suddenly his mom called him and she told him that Giani is coming for the holidays. he´s name was Giani . he missed him . so he feed it . He went at school and he told everybody tales about his father. he cried and Mario comfort him . Jujine was lying down over the grass . but one of his partners told him “your father is a murder” so Jujine get upset and started to fight with that boy . he called Mario. he started to cry and he was shouting “my father is not a murder” . he jumped out of his bed. Giani is going to arrive in December 22 . with a big smile . they used to play soccer every weekend at their farm in Florencia . . he couldn´t move with his family because he was in charge of the Italia´s Army . but when he opened the shed´s gate. He went to his uncle´s farm. Jujine was waiting for his dad . but Milo peck him . he asked for goose´s name to his uncle and he told him it called Milo . Jujine saw the big wound on his left hand . and told him that his father wasn´t a murder . he started to jump and danced with Biña-Biña . Mario warned to Jujine about the goose . Chapter IV It was a sunny Saturday morning . the school´s director called to Maura . he told them how his father flew a Heinkel-60 the most powerful plane . later Mario came along to Jujine . he lived in Florencia . he saw a big white goose . and told him for the next time be careful mischievous boy. thinking about his dad . he was very pleased with the visit of his nephew . she was worried for Jujine and she explained that the war was awful for everybody . he got the grade of Captain for his labor during the second world war . Jujine was excited with the marvelous news . and he saved the people. Milo peck “ Jujine was amazed with Milo . he cried and suddenly he got to sleep.Jujine catch Milo . Jujine said that his father was a hero for his country . Maura was worried . so she heel Jujine´s wound . the birds were singing . His mom called him for the breakfast. Jujine help him with the farm´s chores . and run to the kitchen and he ate eggs with bacon and fresh handmade bread . Their friends were amazed with Jujine´s tales . Finally . he dreamed with his Nona Isabella . sunny . Jujine woke up very happy . Jujine started to counting the days . Milo run away . he tried to catch it .

first they beginning with the floor .Chapter V It was the night before Giani´s arrival. they went to the forest looking for wood . Giani told him yes . that night Jujine dreamed with the little wood house . for Jordana it was a precious doll with long blond hair . they were very happy . the day is finally ending it was around 7:00 pm .and for Bruno an amazing book “David Copperfield” from Charles Dickens . Jujine couldn´t sleep . Jujine was happy . onions . Giani told him “Nona is fine . The next morning . Giani was happy . it was heavy but Jujine helped to his father . Maura told the children is too late go to sleep. they carried out the wood . he though “we are going to play soccer. Bruno went out to help them . tomorrow we will do whatever you want . Giani told him . he was very happy . but he was happy with his family . she miss all the family . he asked him how was his Nona . she is a stronger women . with deep blue eyes and mustache . they started to build the little house . Giani gave them special gifts . . he opened the door . they were happy . Finally they arrived to their home . I hope she will come soon” . Jujine got up quickly and he run downstairs . Then Bruno and Jordana run to his father´s arms and Maura started to crying of joy. then he told him to his father. he was thinking what would he do with his father . then with the walls. he got dress quickly and went to the kitchen . the Pascuale family were reunited after 4 years . he though “I will never leave them” . he was exited . of course my son . there were all his family . it was Giani . the door was red and the ceiling too . Jujine asked to his dad if he was ready . then they started to painted it . Maura called the boys for the Dinner . it was Giani´s favorite dish. he looked like the Emperor Nicolas II from Russia . they found fir . for Jujine it was a beautiful small red car . and tomatoes). Finally he gave to Maura an expensive French fragrance. Giani hugged and kissed to Jujine . if tomorrow they will build the wood little house . Maura cooked pasta with Bolognese sauce. Giani was very tired his trip was to long around 3 weeks in ship . his father was amazed with Jujine because he grew up faster . the rest of the house was painted in white . let´s go . we will build the little wood house above that big tree near to my house” . The next morning someone was knocking the door . Maura called him for having breakfast . Jujine and his siblings go to bed. let rest to your father. and the little door at the end they build the ceiling . they were eating calzone (it’s a popular Italian patty with cheese . Jujine was amazed with his little house . Chapter VI Jujine was enjoying his family dinne . he couldn´t believe his children grew up so faster .

It was an amazing Birthday party . Jujine was hugging to his lovely cat . Jujine told her he found the puppies near to the river in a bag . it was a lovely Christmas day . they enjoyed their dinner and went bed . Giani and Mr. they told to Giani . Mr. he was excited . it was Christmas eve . yes I leave them because . the two new members of the family were called Ciccio Bello and Rubi . his parents told him . Jujine told them we should take it home . Giani told them calm down boys I will talk with Mr. but you must to take care of them . the Pascuale family were reunited singing Italian songs . meanwhile Biña-Biña prefers the commodity of Jujine´s bed . Jujine´s Birthday . somebody leave them . so Jujine run away with the puppies and their siblings followed him . he found an amazing blue bicycle he was exited then he called to his siblings . the children were very happy Ciccio bello was in charged for Bruno and Rubi for Jordana . Giani opened . he enjoyed with the company of Pascuale´s family . Soderman was happy . I didn´t wanted them . Soderman find an arrangement . Mr. so he went to the forest with Jordana and Bruno . they feel relive . so he invited him to Jujine´s Birthday party . he told them . the children were working in Mr. Maura Cooked a delicious Baccalá with noodles and for the dessert the struffoli (Neapolitan noodles with honey) it was the Jujine´s favourite dessert . when he opened . and asked them were they found them . the next day Jujine woke up early and run downstairs and he looked for his present . Soderman was a lonely mean man . Giani told them ok . that puppies are mine . Bruno wasn´t sure about that idea . those puppies belongs him . and Jujine told him . he heard an unusual sound near to the river . Mr. when they arrived . all his family were there .Maura saw the puppies . waiting for the holy Jesus´s born . and saw the puppies . today is my son´s birthday . the children beg to their parents for the puppies. but they took the puppies . when the owner of the following farm Mr. go to play with your siblings. Soderman came near to the kids . he found 2 beagle puppies . Soderman´s farm around one Month for paying the puppies . we are neighbours . please share with us your company . . Giani told him calm down . he told them . Jujine asked for permission to his parents . he told to Biña –Biña I will never change you. after them were the Two puppies Ciccio Bello and Rubi . and he told him . Jordana was very happy with the puppies . but now I want my puppies . what happened with Mr. he found the puppies near to the river in a bag .the last week I lost them . Anyway the three kids were to the forest and they started to play . Soderman Knocked the door . Soderman .Chapter VII In a blink of an eye . he went to see what was that bag . so he went with his bicycle near to the river . Soderman .everybody were happy. the children agree . Chapter VIII It was January 6 . he called to Jordana and Bruno . when they arrived to his house .

he felt ill .he didn’t know that frog was venomous . so he found Madame Shaniqua’s store . because he lost his wife when she was pregnant of their first child. like feed the chickens. Mr Soderman felt alive with the children’s company . took sheep´s wool and soaked the vegetables fields . Jujine and his siblings started to play with water . he didn´t want to his father go away . but he fall and he lost his medal . Bruno helped him looking for the Medal . The Next morning Angela and Jujine went to the Luisiana´s market looking for Madame Shaniqua. the children finished the work at Mr. Mr Soderman´s story was very sad. they click right away. he was destroyed inside. Angela was worried about him . the desk was filled by any kind of bugs and frogs. Angela felt relieve and grateful with Madame was too late . Jujine was very sad . it was very funny. he was in his bedroom all day . Jujine told him “ please Daddy . he was deeply sadly . The next morning Jujine went to the forest with Bruno .Chapter IX It was the first February weekend . Angela Rizzoli was the Maura´s younger sister and Jujine´s good mother . Jujine´s father was called to serve to his country . Giani hugged him . he was happy and grateful with Biña Biña . Jujine picked up . Jujine went to his bedroom suddenly he saw to Biña Biña with something shinning in his mouth. but there wasn’t any signal of it . his mom worried . he was happy because with this medal his father will be with him every day. By the end of the month .Jujine and Biña Biña sleept very pleased . say goodbye is hard even for the tough captain Pascuale. take me with you” Giani got sad and kissed to his little Jujine . Angela was at the Pascuale´s garden when she met to an Mr. they were looking for some plants for Jujine´s school project . That day Jujine didn’t play or eat . Soderman it was love at first sight . Jujine and his siblings were working at Mr. Chapter X The time run faster it was July . and told him he will back soon . he cried. for Jujine´s surprise it was the honor medal . . Jujine is a mischievous boy . Soderman´s farm and the unexpected arriving of Angela Rizzoli at the Pascuale´s house was special. cows and getting shower the pigs . there a little yellow frog. there was a lot of things to do . she was a doctor and she came to America to studied the mythical nature medicine from the voodoo people. she asked for help to Madame Shaniqua .he climbed to enormous tree . called him and gave him an Honor medal form his father . Soderman´s farm . with voodoo medicine she heel to Jujine .