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Air Inlet System


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• Filter Replacement Service
• Evaporative Cooler Commissioning
• Component Inspection/Evaluation
• Annual Service Contracts


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Constellation Energy.. High Desert Power Plant.Andy Stevens. For best economy. attention to detail. it’s up to you. We designed the original system. or choose the whole package.. We inspect: • Filter element & element retention condition (checking for dents.donaldson. possible leak paths. Donaldson can also perform any repair work that may be needed. so we know how to modify it and still retain its high performance and structural integrity. We can: • Stage new filters and necessary equipment to perform change-out • Remove old filters • Dispose of old filters • Install new filters and pre-filters To quote. silencing baffles.. we’ll need to know the type and number of filters in your systems. and can properly design a modification for you if there’s not an existing kit. We have standard kits for many items.all within a tight time frame of the ‘back end’ of an outage. A typical inspection takes only one day. and the successful return to service of the evap coolers -. www. after which you’ll receive a full report and recommendations.Filter System Inspection “W A nnual inspection of your Donaldson air inlet filter system will help you keep it running at optimal performance. moisture eliminators in the hoods. bent yokes. California USA ” Upgrades and Repair Work W hen it’s time to enhance your inlet system with service access doors.. call upon Donaldson to perform the work. damaged/ missing bolts) • Filter element seals (checking for leak paths) • Filter house seams & joints (checking for leak paths) On self-cleaning systems. choose just the ones you need. Maintenance Director. replacement or upgrade Filter/Pre-Filter Change-Out F ree up your maintenance staff for other duties by having Donaldson change out the air filters in your inlet systems. -. Call Donaldson for: • Exterior access hatches at walk-way level for tossing out used filters at service time • Inlet hood modifications -. birdscreens • Evaporative cooler work (see details on following pages) • Filter support upgrades to stainless steel • Instrumentation repair. Under separate order from you.add moisture eliminators. have us perform inspection of your evaporative cooler at the same . damage. Our experienced expert crews can perform a variety of services. or component repairs. Donaldson Field Services e were very pleased with Donaldson’s fast response. we also inspect the pulsing mechanisms & electrical system to ensure that everything is in proper working order and correctly adjusted. pre-filters.

clamps. valve. • The ∆P across the evap cooler has doubled compared to when it was new. Combine this with an inspection of your entire inlet filtration system for best economy and value. • The media is separating from the framework. let the Donaldson experts perform a full inspection. flow meter. We check for everything -. ¾” NPTF 61096-01 110 VAC 61096-02 220 VAC Retrofit Kit for adding conductivity incl. drift eliminator panels. Replace Deteriorated Media in Evap Cooler W hen you see one or combination of the condtions listed below in your evaporative cooler media. Scope of this work covers • Sump/pump/meter tune-up • Media evaluation & replacement • Seals. from the ravages of minerals. Call us for pricing on wetting media. These conditions require immediate attention. distribution pad. you’ll know it’s time to replace some or all of the media panels. and installation service..that drift eliminator was installed per instructions. Part Numbers Conductivity Controller with stainless steel electrode. Call Toll-Free! 1-800-431-0555 Order one conductivity controller (either 110 or 220 VAC) and one installation kit. piping.. as well as any necessary repairs work before start-up every spring. a solenoid valve opens and blow-down initiates. caulking • Dry run and wet run testing • Related work as necessary or requested Many turbine OEM’s recommend annual inspection. couplings.and more! We designed it. Annual Commissioning of Evaporative Cooler P er TIL 0726-1.Evaporative Cooler Inspection T o ensure you’re getting optimal cooling performance from your Donaldson Evaporative Cooler. and Donaldson is authorized to do such work. and orifices are working properly. this involves full inspection to ensure that everything is in safe and proper working order. Typically. 6 Signs of Media Deterioration • Excessive scale (‘white frost’) on the face of the media. When the conductance exceeds a set value. that there is sufficient caulking. as well as the system components. GE recommends annual commissioning of evaporative coolers and has authorized Donaldson to do it. pump. This will protect the longevity of the evap media. • Media edges are crumbling. so we know how the components should be installed and function. gaskets. • There is water downstream of the evap cooler. • The media is mushy. The valve stays open until the conductance is below setpoint. that the sump components. Wetting Media Drift Eliminator Monitor Mineral Content in Evap Water A dd a conductivity controller to continuously monitor water quality (mineral content) of the water in your Donaldson Evaporative Cooling system. You’ll receive a detailed report. etc 89205-01 Retrofit Kit Donaldson Field Services . that there are no gaps between media sections.

rated to 20" w.g.. www. Built of all stainless steel materials. The drift eliminator panels snug up to the sides of the door. Donaldson Field Services From the backside. our ‘hobbit’ door is engineered with a positive seal to preclude leaks. no welding required! Here you can see the depth of the ‘hobbit’ door access hatch. are constructed of heavy gauge materials and fasteners to ensure safety and durability. 2 panes vertical. Bolt-in installation. Kit includes: • Window set with mounting frame • Installation hardware & gasket • Drawings & installation instructions. These 2-panel windows. Call for pricing on windows and installation.Lexan Window Set Mounts in Transition A llows visual inspection of the airflow downstream of the evaporative cooler or chiller coils. Two are recommended.without your having to remove media to get . single pane. The 30”-high ‘hobbit’ door opens for access to the transition area behind the evaporative cooler media.donaldson. Choose from among several configurations: 2 panes horizontal. one for each side of the transition. Kit includes: • Door • Installation hardware • Drawings & installation instructions. Call for pricing for the door and installation. ‘Hobbit’ Door Allows Physical Access to Area Behind Evaporative Cooler M ake your maintenance life easier with our 30"-high hatch that allows access to the ducting downstream of the evaporative cooler module for physical inspection and service -.

Call us for pricing on product and installation services. A ladder. paintable caulk. bolts. A hoist will ease this burden! See list below.5”x30”/ 724x762mm. Hoists on jib cranes mount on the roof of the filter house in existing holes. hinged door. Electric Chain Hoist Manual Hoist You may want to add access hatches at the end of each service walkway level if your GDX or GDS does not already have them. which indicates various options. which mounts into the existing lifting lug holes on top of the filter house. Jib Crane with 10’ arm (CAD rendering) Pneumatic (Air) Hoist Component Part Number Description Access Hatch Kit AD63850-01 Install Kit for 1 access hatch Jib Crane 63127 10-ft arm length Manual Hoist 38446-* Lifts 1/4 Ton Electrical Hoist 44479-* Lifts 1/4 Ton Pneumatic Hoist 55225-03 Lifts 1/4 Ton Regulator 55225-01 for compressed airflow Air Hose 55225-04 1/2” diam. 12-ft length Safety Gate Kit AD66938 Specify right or left hinge Ladder Kit AD72844-02 For roof access to reach crane * Check your Filter System Manual for specific suffix. is also available to enable roof access to the crane. Hoists mount on the jib crane. labor intensive.Make Filter Change-out Faster & Easier by Adding Access Hatches and a Hoist Hatch Doors Hoists mounted on Jib Cranes L ifting new elements by hand up to the various filter levels at filter change-out time can be cumbersome. Call Toll-Free! 1-800-431-0555 Donaldson Field Services . Usually. a hatch door is added at each filter level for convenient access. to be installed inside on the top level of the filter house. Our access door retrofit kit includes one welded frame. and potentially damaging to the new filters. and creates an opening that is 28.

ruin your filters. Protect Against Nesting Birds B . Box 1299 Minneapolis. The cost is surprisingly low against the improved turbine output result. barn owls. Minnesota 55440 Phone 952-887-3543 Fax 952-703-0555 Email filterinfo@mail. At this site without birdscreens. and fasteners enough to protect one filter house module are packaged into handy retrofit Parts/Elements 800-431-0555 Donaldson Field Services www. 94th St. Gas Turbine Systems 1400 W.donaldson.O.Upgrade Performance with Better Filter Media I f you’re using air filters with commodity media. This feather. and generally be a nuisance. you could attain better system performance with just a simple change: upgrading to better media. Call us for a price on kits and installation. and bats love to nest in the inlet hoods of your air filtration system -. bracket supports.and they can make a mess. and no doubt many others. Call us for performance specs. The number of kits you need depends on how many modules comprise your Donaldson filter house. were headed straight into the turbine. P. Inc.donaldson. feathers were found on the clean-air side behind the evaporative cooler. Bird screens or moisture eliminator panels (cut to size). Ask about our Annual Service Contract ! • Annual air inlet system inspection • Filter and pre-filter change-out • Annual re-commissioning of your evaporative cooler Donaldson Company. Prevent their nesting by installing Donaldson bird/trash screens or moisture eliminator panels. such as Donaldson’s patented highperformance Spider-Web. Bird Screen Kit Part Numbers: 39569 (Galvanized) 83768 (Stainless Steel) for most GDX & GDS style hoods 80457 for Composite-Filter System Inlet Hood Bird/trash screens and/or moisture eliminator panels lay horizontally in the inlet hoods.