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LAB Waste to Wealth 2013 Summary

Since 2008 PepsiCo Latin America Beverages has been working with partners to
establish recycling programs, which we call Waste to Wealth programs. The
objective is to lead solid waste solutions that:
1) contribute to take care of the environment,
2) improve the quality of life and work of recyclers,
3) facilitate the development of a local recycling market and are sustainable in
4) involve our business, people and products.
Each country in Latin America has different solid waste management technical
capabilities, as we as different legislations and opportunities, therefore we partner
with local organizations that understand the challenges and can develop a solution
that supports our regional goals, but are localized to support the specific
characteristics of each city and country.
Argentina IDB and PepsiCo partnered with the NGO AVINA to support 2,000
waste pickers and their associations in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Parana, to
develop a local recycling market. The program started operations in 2011 and
consists of three components: 1) strengthen waste pickers and their associations, 2)
ensure waste pickers participation in the recycling vale chain and 3) communicate
project results. Timeline: 2010-2014.
Bolivia IDB and PepsiCo partnered with the NGO Swisscontact and supported 20
rural municipalities to start 20 cleaning and recycling micro-enterprises, supported
by local government, and aiming to benefit 300,000 people. Timeline: 2010-2013.
Brazil in November 2012 together with the NGO Ciudad Saludable and GAIA
Social, PepsiCo started a project with the aim of increasing recycling rates of BOPP
and PET, taking the best of the recycling model in Peru, but also adapting it to the
Brazilian reality and legislation. The project works with 08 cooperatives in So Paulo,
assessing their current situation, creating action plans and providing training for
commercialization and establishing an advantageous partnership for the Recycler.
Timeline: 2012-2014
Dominican Republic IDB and PepsiCo partnered with the NGO IDDI to develop a
program that supports cleaning & sanitation community foundations. The project
consists of a recycling center (equipped for basic recycling transformation), as well
as training for the foundations and support to develop a profitable recycling network
in the country. Timeline: 2012-2015
Guatemala together with CBC and the NGO FUNDES we developed a recycling
program through community micro-enterprises. The program aims to close the
recycling circle (cradle to cradle) and support the creation of recycling microenterprises. We are currently working with the NGO Ciudad Saludable to make

the project self-sustainable and

companies. Timeline: 2009 - 2015






Peru IDB and PepsiCo partnered with the NGO Ciudad Saludable to develop a
recycling micro-enterprise program that focuses on: providing micro-credits for
recyclers; formal training on recycling and business management; and developing a
local recycling market. Timeline: 2008-2012
In 2012 PepsiCo and Ciudad Saludable decided to take this program nation-wide to
benefit more recyclers outside of Line and signed an agreement for 5 years.
Timeline: 2012-1017
Program Results:
In 2013 we partnered with True Impact to develop regional indicators that would
allow PepsiCo to standardize indicators from our Waste to Wealth regional initiative
and report a regional impact rather than isolated country results.
The following results were collected in 2013, and represent the 2012 full year of
activities in five countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru and Dominican
Social Impacts:

165,000 people trained

2,700 new jobs created by recycling
Increased individual annual income of USD$ 2,150
Increased annual revenue of recycling organizations USD $48,000

Environmental impacts:

2.2 MM kwh of electricity saved

6,200 barrels of oil saved
6.5 MM BTU energy saved
12,000 landfill cubic yards of landfill space saved
3,000,000 gallons of water saved
2,170 metric tons CO2 conserved