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Experiment No:
Experiment Name: Study on tappet and
dobby shedding mechanism.
Emdad Sarkar
Lecturer of FMT-ll Lab
Department of Textile
Southeast University
Name:Thushar kumar Bhowmik.
ID: 2007200400062
Batch: 6th
Group: B
Date of experiment: /


Date of Submission: / /2009

Shedding is the first primary motion of weaving .It is done by means of
treadles, dobby or jacquard ,both in hand and power looms .In handlooms
the thread treadles are operated by the weavers feet ,where as in power
looms they are mechanically operated by shedding tappets ,Healds are also
used in dobbies for shedding ,where as jacquard s control warp threads
separately by means of hooks, harness cords and knives .
Tapped are generally used for heald shedding .Tapped, cams and wipers
are names given indiscriminately to those irregular pieces of mechanism to
which a rotary motion is given for the purpose of producing by sliding
contact, reciprocating motion is rods and levers .The pricile of the tapped
shedding motion in using a tappet impinges upon an anti-friction roller or
bowl, supported in treadle .This shedding motion has the widest range of

To know the tappet mechanism.
To know about the shedding tappet.
By knowing it , turning into higher production
To know about the shedding & types of shedding.
To know the general knowledge of dobby.
To know about the dobby capacity.
To know about the necessary parts shedding by dobby mechanism.

Finally gain the actual things help in our practical field.

Tappet Shedding:
From figure, A and A are two plates and both are fixed on the tapped shaft
benearth the centre the of the heald C and C .Two treadle D and D move
on a fulcrum pin E and each Carrie an anti-friction roller or needle bowl F;
F upon which the tappet plates act, a they rotates G and G are straps and
cords which connects the treadle D and D to the bottom heald shaft .Cords
and straps H and H ,connected to the upper heald shaft ,are secured respect
to the peripheries of two roller K and K ,Which may be either fast or loose
upon a shaft B .
When bottom shaft get motion then it starts revolving .At a time one
shedding cam starts to presses the one adjacent treadle bowl .So treadle
lever goes down word .AS a results it pulls the connected heald shaft with
treadle lever down word .
For reciprocating motion to the other heald shaft goes upward .So one shed
is produced .After that another shedding can presses the another upper
mechanism .
So we can see that two shed is produced for one revolution of bottom shaft
because there are two shedding cms are attached at 180 angles.

Dobby Shedding Mechanism:

The dobby is a shedding device placed on the top of a loom in order to
produce figure patterns by using a large number of heads than the capacity
of a tappet .
The number of shaft which can be actuated by a dobby varies between 6
and 40 .Theoretically the capacity is 2-56 ..Dobby offers greater facilities
for producing a variety of patterns with more number of healds.

Dobby shedding mechanism:
The dobby is a shedding device pleased on the top of a loom in order to
produce figure patterns by using a large number of healds than the capacity
Of a tappet
The number of shaft which can be actuated y a dobby varies between 6 &
40 a .Theoriticall the capacity is 2-56.Dobbied offer grater facilities for
producing a surely of pattern with more numvreof heals .