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Mahawa Touray

English 1121
Professor Vilbig
April 4, 2016

Lust: Through the Eyes Of A Woman

The shameless behavior of delinquent, adolescent girls has been a cultural

fascination for years. By truly examining the point of view and irony all throughout the
short story, you could see a strong women's activist perspective. The short story
"Lust"written by Susan Minot is an intense representation of feminist stereotypes,
weights, and emotional battles that women face in the public eye right up until our
present time.
This story is a prime example of how the creator needed the tone of the work to be
set. At the point when intently looking into the creator's state of mind depicted all through
the story, it would be evident that she was portraying the rich measure of control that men
had over women when it went to their harmful spell of "desire". Not only does it explain
real life examples of the actions of young women victimizing themselves to their own
emotional point. In a sociology textbook it explains feminist theory Feminist theory is
one of the major contemporary sociological theories, which analyzes the status of women
and men in society with the purpose of using that knowledge to better women's lives
(Anderson 1).Returning to the point where she makes this the noticeable is the place
where Minot says

The more girls a boy has, the better. He has a bright look, having reaped fruits,
blooming. He stalks around, sure-shouldered, and you have the feeling hes got more in
him, a fatter heart, more stories to tell. For a girl, with each boy its as though a petal gets
plucked each time (Minot 43).

The short story starts with Minot depicting her own recollection of dating in her
high school years. One can see how she battled with society's weight on her part as a
female in the group while additionally satisfying her female desires. According to Women
in the late sixties and seventies were relied upon to be submissive and serve their male
other with all the sexual longings that they longed for without being compliant and
simple. Women' feelings were taken as unimportant at as immaterial and not as
imperative as satisfying the physical needs in a healthy relationship.

By taking this little speculation and understanding that the author was not just
utilizing this chance to talk about her hardships, additionally be utilized to identify with
other women that were put in the same position. The thought that physical connection
were just essential to men, while women were all the more so keen on the emotional part
in a relationship is basically another illustration of how men are the dominant part in a
relationship while women are simply needy.
The author tends to use sensitive lines loaded with the feeling of sympathy for all
women that go through society to have the capacity to relate with. In the content, she
doesn't neglect to demonstrate the male point of view, obviously through her women's
activist perspectives, as she highlights females abuse all through the content and in the

public eye all in all. While she doesn't tend to accuse the male population, despite
everything she appears to depict women as a kind of casualty in a male predominant
world. Not just does this give them a lower position on the social step, yet it additionally
increases the thought of how they are more keen on the eager parts of a relationship. By
making them show up as though they stick onto every last word showing us and how
much pity they received by society.
While story shows humor and personal recognition and entertains stories she shows
an exceptional job of getting her point of view across. The story can be summarized by
this line :
You stare into their eyes. They flash like all the stars are out. They look at you seriously,
their eyes at a low burn and their hands no matter what starting off shy and with such a
gentle touch that the only thing you can do is take that tenderness and let yourself be
swept away. When, with one attentive finger they tuck the hair behind your ear, you- you
do everything they want. Then comes after. After when they dont look at you... You seem
to have disappeared (Minot 80-81)
She is sending a message that women still need to never let their guard down .
Never let a man get their desire over on you and make you do things you know is bad but
think it's the right way to get things you want . Also, definitely, it is urgent for them
realize things give it a second thought, this gives them control back over their bodies and
emotions, control that is fragile to be put in the hands of a man. Always defend your
emotion and remind yourself that women have duties on this earth within their home,
however it doesn't outline their power and importance in society, they created structuring
of society one life at a time.