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Dogs have sense

of inequity, 4A



35 suits in developer’s past Defender’s

The Wichita Eagle

A developer who negotiated a

deal with the city of Wichita that
Grant Gaudreau, identified at
last week’s City Council meeting
as the “principal developer” of
the Renaissance Square project
in central Wichita, also has an
more than $450,000 in back
taxes, according to court records.
In an annual report filed with
the Kansas Secretary of State’s
Office in April, Gaudreau was
Gaudreau said Monday that the
corporation was reorganized last
month and he is now a consultant
working “strictly on a fee basis.”
The current owner of ICDC is
office stops
includes $11 million in public
money has been sued at least 35
times in the last seven years,
mostly for nonpayment of bills
and bounced checks.
outstanding warrant in Butler
County for $12,332 in unpaid
income tax and previously ran a
hotel venture that went bankrupt
owing the city, county and state
identified as a partner in ICDC,
LLC — also known as Inner City
Development Co. — the firm
planning the Renaissance Square
his former partner, Joel
Associates LLC, a north Wichita
real estate firm, Gaudreau said.

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new cases
Schools face a new era BY RON SYLVESTER
The Wichita Eagle

The Sedgwick County

Regional Public Defender’s
Office for the first time has
stopped taking new clients
because its caseload is over-
whelming an underfunded
Ron Sylvester,
The Eagle’s
courts and
office with a dwindling staff. legal affairs
Steve Osburn, the chief reporter, broke
public defender of the Wichita this story
office, said Monday that his Monday morn-
office needs from two weeks to ing on his blog,
a month to catch up on its What the
workload, after losing several Judge Ate for
lawyers without the funds he Breakfast. Find
needs to replace them. the blog,
“We have an obligation to dedicated to
offer ethical representation, covering news
and we just can’t keep going from inside
on like we have been,” Osburn Wichita’s
said. “We just had to stop the courts, at
bleeding.” http://blogs
Sedgwick County District
Judge Eric Yost, who presides /courts/.
over the criminal courts
division, said he will use a list
of private attorneys available to receive court-
appointed cases, which they will bill to the state.
“Their volume is about to increase,” Yost said.

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Court shrugs
off challenge Photos by Mike Hutmacher/The Wichita Eagle
Students get off the bus Thursday at L’Ouverture Computer Technology Magnet. L’Ouverture’s percentage of students living in
poverty jumped about 13 percentage points this year as the Wichita school district ended busing for racial integration.

End to busing for integration brings to Obama’s

racial, economic shifts in enrollment citizenship
The Wichita Eagle Eagle news services

ome Wichita schools are experienc- WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack
ing unexpected consequences as Obama’s January inauguration is still good to go,
a result of the end of the district after the Supreme Court on Monday declined to
policy to bus students to achieve hear a long-shot challenge to his
integration. electoral eligibility.
One of the biggest surprises was Without comment, the court
the jump in enrollment at brushed off a lawsuit claiming
L’Ouverture Computer Technology Magnet Obama didn’t meet the
Elementary School, near 15th and Ohio. Constitution’s citizenship require-
With 100 more students at the school than ments. The move undercuts but
last year, second-grade teacher Emily Allen socioeconomic makeup of students this year. doesn’t end a legal campaign
said she spends a lot more time wrangling A committee of residents and a new district that’s gotten far more traction on
straggling students and controlling classes of director are beginning to respond to the the Internet than in the courts.
up to 29. emerging consequences of the end of the Justices must still dispose of at Obama
“It’s hard to keep addressingæ.æ.æ. the crowd 37-year-old busing policy. least one other legal challenge to
control,” Allen said. “It takes away from Obama’s eligibility. Promoted on Web sites and in
ABOVE: L’Ouverture kindergarten academics.” School choices the conservative media, the various challenges
teacher Kim Williams said of her L’Ouverture and other schools within the differ somewhat in detail but build on common
larger class, “Everything takes a lot Assigned Attendance Area — where black Official enrollment figures for the district questions and insinuations about the circumstances
longer.” RIGHT: L’Ouverture students were bused out and white students show most of the black students bused for of Obama’s birth.
kindergarten teacher Pam Ediger bused in under the former busing policy — “Since candidate Obama was born to a Kenyan
talks with one of her 28 students. have seen dramatic shifts in racial and Please see SCHOOLS, Page 3A
Please see OBAMA, Page 4A

A teenage

Alex’s family finds out there was a survivor wears his

World War II
The Wichita Eagle PART 3 OF 7 couple of days, taking the
kids, after Alex deftly goaded
went into Kansas prisons to
minister. They did not like
Bob into slapping him. Christians who judged. His grandfather,
After Alex died, the When Bob complained Karen didn’t like Alex’s faith, Bob said, was rooted in Bob
Funcheons found themselves bitterly to God about Alex’s cruel behavior either, or the the belief that a follower of Funcheon Sr.,
wrapped in the good inten- death, it wasn’t a loss of faith. way he broke basement Christ reaches out. had been
tions of friends and neighbors. Bob, knowing his temper and windows to get back in after This obligation would soon shot three
“Sufficed to say, there are his failures, had dedicated his sneaking out. But she drew bring him face to face a with times fighting
no doubts in my mind as to if life to Christ because he knew the line at slapping. man he’d never heard about the Germans.
people care about me or not, he was a sinner who fell short She and Bob took solace in — a man lucky to be alive but He came
Gloria wrote in her diary. of God’s expectations. One an intense faith that led them wishing he was dead. home to a
“But when everyone leaves, day when Alex was 13, Karen not only to church but good hero’s
I am immeasurably sad.” had walked out on Bob for a works. Once a month they Please see ALEX, Page 5A welcome.
Courtesy photo

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