Year 2012 - Is It Really The End?

by Dana Goldberg

While 2012 prophecies have excited some official comments, there is much more sp eculation on the Internet. There is almost always at least one 2012 thread activ e on most forums, many sites discuss it extensively, and many bloggers with phil osophical bents comment on the phenomenon. What exactly are the 2012 prophecies? They start from one simple fact. THe Mayan Long Count calendar abruptly terminat es in 2012, indicating to those who believe that they had predictive powers that they saw no need to continue a calendar beyond that time. The actual details of the world's end change depending on who is looking at the information. Some think the end will be brought about by a natural disaster, oth ers think it may be less literal and more the end of the world as we know it as opposed to the absolute end of the world. Some prophecy believers feel that the change will come about with the predicted alignment of the galaxy, a once in a 2 8,600 year occurence, on December 21st 2012. It does not specifically mention that skeptic people are abundant in number. Alt hough a lot of Mayan predictions have turned out to be true, some skeptic people have cited many logical inconsistencies so far as 2012 forecast is concerned. T heir arguments include a simple thing like Mayan scholars may have not found en ough time to bring out a new calendar due to end of Mayan culture. Another argum ent is that the set periods of Mayan calendar covered a period more than a moder n year of twelve months and it might have 2012 as the last year. Their opinion is that ending of Mayan calendar in 2012 is of no importance. Alth ough it is in many ways. There are innumerable arguments for and against any conceivable explanation, whi ch isn't surprising given how vague the prophecy is. But it's clear that the arg ument cannot be settled until 2012 itself, when we find out what, if anything, o ccurs. We can only hope that 2012 will pass without any problems. However, due to the f act that there are several catastrophies predicted, you should learn how to prep are yourself for year 2012. To learn how to survive 2012 CLICK HERE or keep reading these pages. 2012 Survival Guide (feel free to copy/edit & circulate) General thoughts about 2012 are as follows: 1] As we approach to 2012 all things and events will speed up. 2] More Extreme climate changes to take place all over the world. 3] Sudden Floods, Droughts, Heavy Thunderstorms, Earthquakes, Hurricanes will oc cur. 4] More chaotic society with wars, conflicts, violence etc. 5] Scarcity of eatable food, drinkable water, Nutrition, Medicines. 6] Pole Reversal of Earth; Magnetic or perhaps Geographical also. All above are the most probable possibilities of things may happen. (somethings are already started) The most important out of the above is Pole shift event.

Because I think only Global warming alone could not promote to rise in sea level of entire earth s oceans. The Reversal of poles may cause a massive earthquake all over the planet that wi ll rip the continents apart. So there may be some new continents emerge that are at the bottom of the ocean now. Some of our known peaks like Mount Everest etc. will be like an island or so or perhaps ocean level will rise above it. Such an event IF HAPPENED will obviously wipe out the large population volume fr om the planet. So there is no such SAFE PLACE on the planet if mass flooding of oceans took place . But still there is the hope to survive through all the other bad events if the y occurred. The only thing required is your will to survive & help others around you to surv ive. The other means not only your family or well wishers but the common peoples also who would be facing along with you the same/even worse situation than you in your surrounding at the time of the event. So, along with your will to survive you must learn some basic survival skills al so and to practice them frequently in your locality and with other peoples. Study your locality completely, see exactly which survival methods you need to f ocus on & then master those methods. That doesn t means that you study only one su rvival technique and ignore the other; NO. you should know all possible survival techniques out there perhaps invent your own survival techniques and share them with others. The more you skilled in those survival techniques the more your chances of being alive. e.g. if you are living in a posh city area then along with mastering in Urban Su rvival techniques, you should also learn jungle, flood, snow, drought etc . surv ival techniques. So you can cross utilize them any possible way you can just for sake of your survival. Another important thing is your Emotional Behavior & Men tal State. Don t panic no matter what happens just be calm, stay steady a while (if you can) and try to get a hang of exact surrounding situation of events happening around you. Try to decide some basic or important priorities and make sure you stick to those. It may happen that you frequently need to refine or change the prioritie s entirely, do so if needed but follow those first. The Basic things for any hum an survivals are Eatable Food, Drinkable Water & livable Shelter. If you manage to find all 3 basic needs you are like a rich person in the game o f survival. Sometimes it might happen that the people of some particular religious community will provide you all the above basic needs by forcing you to accept their god/ideas of living. Do so temporarily (until you get the better options to consider) if required. Because such bastards are always in search of needy people to encash upon their foul bus iness. Don t try to be robin hood/maseeha type hero for freeing those who already living(surviving) under those (religious/cultural) bastard s rules mind your own b usiness of Survival . Try to search Google for various survival techniques, see YouTube videos about s urvival guides, Use search terms like survival guides for 2012, basic survival techniques, rope knots, knife combat techniques, emergency medical treatments, first aid kit item s, jungle survival, flood survival, drought survival, earthquake survival, impor

tance mental health, pole reversal etc. Try to educate yourself as much as possible and also educate people around you. They use to say Prevention is Better than Cure more upon I say Preparation is bette r than being like a dead mass in some gutter. Please take it seriously and act wi sely. 2012 is not a science fiction anymore. So act immediately upon above menti oned points. May your god (no matter what religion you belong until you have you r faith upon it) help you to survive 2012. See this for more: -Abhijit Juvekar (India)

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