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September 2 2016

Fiji Sevens Coach Ben Ryan Gifted Land And

Chief's Name After Rio Olympics Gold

Mom, over the years,

I've watched
the wonderful ways
you've made life special
for our family...
the moments of love
and laughter,
the traditions
and memories
we'll carry with us
throughout our lives.
But most of all
I've watched the way
you've shown us
the true meaning of love
in everything you do.

Voreqe Bainimarama

Happy Mother's Day

Fiji's rugby sevens coach Ben Ryan

waving to the crowd as he walks with
his team during a victory ceremony at a
stadium in Suva, upon their arrival from
Brazil following the Rio Olympics. Fiji
has ramped up overtures August 30,
2016 to sevens Coach Ben Ryan giving
him land and a chiefly title to keep
the popular Englishman in the South

Pacific island nation. Ryan has become

the most venerated person in Fiji since
guiding them to their first Olympic
medal when they won the sevens gold
in Rio earlier this month.
Fiji continues to heap honours on Ben
Ryan, the England-born coach who
guided its sevens rugby team to the
countrys first-ever gold medal at the

Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

After being made a Companion of the
Order of Fiji, the highest civil honour
the Pacific nation can bestow on a noncitizen, Ryan has now been awarded
1.2 hectares of land.
Ryan was given the land at Vunibau
in Serua province, the southernmost
province on Fijis largest island of Viti

Levu. He also received an honorary

name of Ratu Peni Raiyani Latianari
in a traditional ceremony on Monday.
Ryan, who became Fiji coach in 2013
and based the national team in Serua,
said Serua has become my family.
Ryan led Fiji's rugby sevens side to
gold with a 43-7 win over Great Britain
in the final at the Rio Olympics.


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Goundar Disappointed With Medical Tourism On Agenda

For CPA Congress Speaker
Photos On Social Media

A child sleeping on the floor of the Lomaiviti III washroom

The owner of the Goundar Shipping
Limited, Mr George Goundar was
very disappointed with pictures of
passengers sleeping in the washroom
of his ship Lomaiviti Princess III
posted on social media.
I feel that people were trying to
blackmail me and my company by
posting these pictures on Facebook,
he said.
Why cant they just come to me to
know the truth about the matter?
He said he was on the verge of stopping
his services to the islands but later
withdrew this decision because people
wanted to go to their islands.
This incident he said happened last
Thursday when the Lomaiviti Princess III
was carrying 600 passengers to Kadavu.
Passengers he said were told not to
sleep in the washroom.
They said it was fine.

However, he said some took pictures

of those sleeping in the washroom and
posted them on social media.
He said for the children sleeping in the
washroom, parents should be asked
if they knew about it and if so, why
werent they sleeping with them?
Its the parents responsibility to look
after their kids and be with them all the
time during the trip.
Mr Goundar said he would always
have issues every year and was not
new to him.
People he said would always come up
with nonsense to spoil his shipping
I am trying to improve service and
at the same time I am facing a lot of
He said what had happened would not
stop him from moving to the future and
improving his services to the people.

A judge says sexually assaulting a child

within her own family environment
by a known relative is one of the
outrageous forms of sexual crime.
Justice Thushara Rajasinghe said:
In view of the seriousness of these
offences, it is in my opinion that such
offenders must be dealt with severe
and harsh punishment.
He made the remarks when he sentenced
a 40-year-old man at the High Court in
Lautoka to 15 years in jail for raping
and indecently assaulting his niece,
with a non-parole period of 14 years.
He said: Hence the purpose of this
sentence is founded on the principle
of deterrence and protection of
Moreover, the court must demonstrate
in sentencing that the offenders of this
nature are socially abhorrent.
The man had pleaded not guilty to the
The court heard that the accused
committed the offences between April
1, 2012 and May 1, 2013 while the

victim was staying at his house in

The court also heard that the victim,
whose mother had passed away, was
forced to stay with the accused as
she had been treated badly by her
stepmother who had remarried her
Justice Rajasinghe said the accused had
unleashed disgraceful exploitations
on the victim when she was not in a
position to seek any assistance or find a
way to escape.
She is your niece and the daughter
of your elder brother. The victim has
considered you and your wife as the
persons who provided her needs,
Justice Rajasinghe told the accused.
She has considered your house and
the family as her own, the family
environment for a child to grow up
with confidence and safety.
Close family members and relatives
are the most trusted and dependable
developmental stages of a child.

Lautoka Judge Condemns

Sex Crime In Family

Medical tourism has been a much

talked-about at both industry level
and Government level but not much
progress has been seen in this area.
Now we will have an expert talk about
this subject area at the 2016 CPA
Congress which gets underway on
Thursday at Shangri-Las Fijian Resort
on Yanuca Island.
Dr Hari Prasad, President Hospital
Division at Apollo Hospitals in
India, will talk on the topic: The
Ideal Infrastructure for Health Care
Tapping the Untapped Medical
As Group President, Dr Prasad heads
the entire hospital division of the
Apollo Hospitals Group which is the
largest healthcare group in Indian
sub-continent and operates 9200 beds
across 64 hospitals.
Born into a medical family, a graduate
degree in medicine was a natural
Having graduated the search for
specialisation began and the pull was
towards the glamour specialities like
orthopaedics and cardiac surgery.
However, not wanting to get restricted
to one speciality and wanting
to contribute over a larger area,
anesthesiology became the speciality
of choice.
Having specialised in anesthesiology,
Dr Prasad worked in at the family
hospital for four years before
embarking on a journey to contribute
to the establishment of emergency
medicine as a speciality India.
At that point of time, there was no
concept of emergency medicine in
the country and few believed in the
benefits of the new speciality.
It was at this point of time that, Dr
Prasad joined the Apollo Group of
Hospitals and contributed to the launch
of the first ever dedicated accident &
emergency hospital in the country at

Under his guidance and leadership, the
first ever emergency system in India
became operational at Hyderabad in the
year 2000. As Director of Emergency
Medical Services, Dr Prasad took this
across 12 major cities in India and
created a network delivering consistent
standards of care in each city.
This model has subsequently become
the national model with many states
introducing EMS in partnership with
different private players.
In 2003, Dr Prasad was promoted as
Vice-President of Apollo Hospitals,
Responsible for a network of eight
facilities in Hyderabad, Dr Prasad
developed an integrated hub and spoke
model in Hyderabad.
This model once again is the first of
its kind in the country by a private
healthcare provider. In 2006, Dr Prasad
was promoted as the Chief Executive
Since 2006, Apollo Hospitals,
Hyderabad has been consistently voted
as the best hospital in the region and
has evolved into a health city Apollo
Health City, the first operational health
city in Asia.
Dr Prasad was promoted as the CEO
Central Region of Apollo Group of
Hospitals. He was then responsible
for Apollo Hospitals across Andhra
Pradesh, Karnataka and Orissa. His
area of operations includes 2000 beds
spread across 15 facilities in these
three states.
Standardisation of process and systems,
creating a sense of belonging and team
work across the region have been some
of the critical achievements in this role.
With an enriched background and
many successes to his credit, Dr Prasad
now heads the entire hospital division
of the Apollo Hospitals Group.

Dr Hari Prasad is the President Hospital Division at Apollo Hospitals in


Fiji News


International Filming Means More Employment For


The two international productions

planned for filming later this year and
two early next year in Fiji will mean
more employment opportunities for
The Film Fiji chief executive officer,
Dallas Foon said these two productions
would be from Australia, one from
United States and one from Europe.
Mr Foon said with a 2.8 economic
multiplier, this means the economy
would see $2.80 of new economy
activity for every dollar that productions
spend here.
Productions provide training to locals
which helps boost our resource base
and grows the industry, he said.
They spend large amounts of money
in a very short period of time which
significantly boosts the economy of the
local area they film in.
They hire and purchase local services,
transport and goods from the area.
Mr Foon said importantly, Film
Fiji carefully reviewed productions
interested here.
This is only approved when it is

satisfied that these productions will

bring benefits to the economy and
showcase Fiji to the world.
He said the Tourism Industry was the
ultimate beneficiary with fans of the
shows filmed here coming to visit the
This, Mr Foon said resulted in increased
visitor arrivals from the markets, the
films were exhibited.
Film Tourism is a proven market
around the world with many examples
to refer to and Government has
recognised this potential and put
serious resources to tapping into it.
Mr Foon said the two productions were
scheduled for shooting from October/
November, however the next years
projects would commence from April.
We generally do not disclose the
size of the production budgets unless
permitted to, he said.
However, we can advise that these
productions will be injecting a
significant amount of new spending
into the economy.
According to Mr Foon, Film Fiji

The groundbreaking ceremony for the

$500 million Wyndham SilkRoad Ark
Fiji Hotel Project took place yesterday
on the Coral Coast.
And while there has been a track
record for a number of failed Chinese
investment projects here, there is much
optimism about this one.
Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association
President, Dixon Seeto, said he
understood there has been proper due
diligence carried out by Investment
Fiji and the Ministry of Industry, Trade
and Tourism.
He further noted the company seems
to have the financial strength to back
the project given nine representatives
from the company have flown in on a
private jet to attend the groundbreaking
If they didnt have that kind of
backing and financial means, you
would perhaps be a bit more skeptical.
From what I can see today, I am certain
it will take off, he said.
Minister for Industry, Trade and
Tourism, Faiyaz Siddiq Koya, said
this was one of the very first projects
that has started as part of the Chinese
Governments One belt-One Road
Under this master strategy the
Guangdong Provisional Government
developed the New Silk Road
Strategy, he said.
The New Silk Road Strategy
is primarily focused to increase
international cooperation between
China and its trading partners, around
the world and in the Pacific.
In line with this, the Guangdong

Province has allocated a sum of US$2

billion for investments in the Pacific
over the next five years.
And as a result, this $500 million
investment source of funding will
be through the Guangdong Province
allocated funds.
Mr Koya said investments of this scale
are always a welcome addition to our
economic landscape, especially in
regions, which have lacked investment
over time.
I understand that Guangdong SilkRoad
Ark Investment Company Limited
has a number of plans in the pipeline
to contribute to the development of
Komave Village through the creation
of employment and new sources of
income, he said.
Clearly, this project reflects a huge
vote of confidence in our national
economy and is a means of enabling
Fijian tourism to capture the lucrative
growing Chinese travelers market.
Tourism benefits
Meanwhile, Mr Seeto believes
this project is going to be a good
development for Fijian tourism.
Any major brand coming into Fiji and
adding more inventory gives a scope
for the tourism industry to grow and
this is linked with the growth and the
fleet expansion by Fiji Airways, he
Tourism is mainly two things one
is aircraft capacity and seats and the
other is the bed. That is the essence of
holiday and we have to have the two
to mix.
This is a good development to grow
the industry because as we increase the

Film Fiji chief executive officer, Dallas Foon

continues to receive interest from
international film makers to film here
At this stage, the discussions are
preliminary and at scouting stages so
we are not able to comment just yet on

Mr Foon added Fiji has had a busy first

half of 2016 in terms of filming.
So far this year we have had 35
productions shoot in the country,
ranging from small TV documentaries
to significant reality TV shows and a
feature film.

Optimism Over The Chinese Wyndham Silkroad Ark


Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Faiyaz Siddiq Koya, has welcomed
the investment of such a large magnitude
numbers, people are going to have to can cater for the Chinese market and
the owners will obviously market the
stay somewhere.
Mr Seeto said once complete, the resort resort and Fiji back in China.

I Was Raped: Man Tells Suva Court

A man told the High Court in Suva he

was raped by three inmates at the Suva
Corrections Centre.
The three charged with one count of
rape are Jonacani Ciritabua, Sefton
Tupou and Tevita Qaqanivalu. They
have pleaded not guilty.
The trial is before judge, Justice Achala
The victim told the court that the
incident occurred on November 2,
2012 after 6pm when officers did
physical counting of inmates.
He said that after coming out of the
washroom he was confronted by the
accused who told him that he was

going to die.
They punched him and took him to the
dormitory known as Yasi two where
they placed him on the bed and punched
him before committing the offence.
He said no prison officer was present.
In cross examination defence lawyer
Priya Lal asked the victim about the
statements he had given to the Police
and had questioned him on why did
he not mention in his statement that he
was dragged from the bathroom.
The victim told the court that he did
mention it to the officer taking his
The trial continues.

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My Cousin Died In Car That Hit My Vehicle: Delasau

Former rugby star Filimoni Delasau
revealed the driver of the car that
crashed into his vehicle was his cousin.
Mr Delasau, still nursing injuries from
the accident, said he found out after the
incident that Napolioni Sugunavanua,
his cousin, had died instantly after
The ex-national 7s and 15s rugby star
claimed there was a high speed chase
before the crash.
A Police vehicle, he alleged, was in hot
pursuit of his cousins four-wheel drive
twin cab vehicle in Ba.
Mr Delasau, who injured his neck, ribs
and leg, said he was travelling in the
opposite direction.
He said he was returning from
Sorokoba Village, where he is from,
just after 4am after dropping a relative,
when the accident happened.
As I came around the corner to head
down the stretch to Wailailai, I noticed
these two vehicles travelling at high
speed but the one at the back had its
lights on full beam, Mr Delasau said.
I flicked my lights three times but the
full beam stayed and it was in my face
as we neared.
Mr Delasau said when the front vehicle
swerved onto his side, there was little
he could do.

My vehicle went straight into the ditch

and when it stopped I felt the back seat
for my cousin, Amena Dela, but he was
not there.
Mr Dela, 42, was thrown through the
window of the back door and into the
When I managed to get out of the
vehicle, I called out to my tavale (Mr
Dela) and heard like someone snoring
in the ditch and saw him lying there.
The Police helped him out along with
the passengers from the other car.
He said the Police should have called
off the chase and prevented the
My point is if the police knew he was
drinking they should not have chased
him, especially on the highway, he
Everyone including the Police in Ba
knows him (Mr Sugunavanua) very
well and where he stays.
Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said
police were conducting a thorough
investigation and all claims would
be looked into. Mr Dela, of Nailaga
Village in Ba, is in a coma at Lautoka
Mr Sugunavanuas three passengers,
his sister, Ateca Dravi, a teacher at
Tuvu Primary School and two teacher

friends, Rusiate Wadali, of Natabua

High School and Rusila, of Bulileke


Primary School were admitted at the

Lautoka Hospital in serious condition.

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Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz Praises Indonesians

For QVS Reconstruction

Russian Foreign Affairs Minister,

Sergey Lavrov
Fijis door is always open to the
Indonesian military, says BrigadierGeneral Mohammed Aziz.
The Republic of the Fiji Military
Forces deputy Commander made the
remarks when he bid farewell to the
Indonesian Defence Force personnel
at Queen Victoria School, Matavucou,
He said no words could be found to
describe their gratitude towards the
Indonesian military for the tremendous
work they had done to reconstruct the
cyclone devastated school.
The farewell was attended by officials
of the Indonesian embassy in Suva,

senior military staff, navy and army

Brigadier-General Aziz reminded the
100 military contingent that the RFMF
were their family.
This is your new home and the door
will always be open for you.
We want to show our deepest
appreciation for the great job you
had done in reconstruction of Queen
Victoria School after the devastation of
Tropical Cyclone Winston, he said.
Brigadier- General Aziz said the
Indonesian military had left a legacy
at the prominent all boys school in Fiji
and one which would go down in Fijis

Government is committed to ensuring

every Fijian has access to justice in
the real sense, says Attorney-General
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.
Speaking at the signing ceremony and
launch of the European Union Fiji
Access to Justice Programme, Mr
Sayed-Khaiyum said real access did
not mean a person needing to travel
from Rakiraki to Suva for legal aid
One of the first things Government
focused on from early on was opening
up of more legal aid offices around the
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said merely having
a Parliament, a judiciary and legal aid
did not mean people had real access to
He said their commitment was to
ensure that the service delivery system
was in a tangible and practical manner
reaching out to every Fijian it was
supposed to reach.

It was ridiculous to expect a person

living in Rakiraki to travel all the
way to Suva or to Lautoka to get the
access to some legal aid information.
It was ridiculous for somebody living
in Taveuni to go all the way to Labasa
or come to Suva to get access to legal
aid information. It is ridiculous for
somebody who is living in Lau to wait
for 18 months for his or her case to be
That situation has changed.
While thanking the European Union for
their assistance, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum
said the EU has demonstrated that it is
very much part and parcel of the way
of thinking that Government has.
Government also put in place policies
whereby now anyone wanting to have
their will made, can do so through a
legal aid office.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum stressed that
the access to justice programme be
implemented in an apoliticial manner.

I had faith in our military brothers
that they will carry out a tremendous
job and today theyve shown that, we
appreciate the effort you all have made
in trying to rebuild the school, he said.
Indonesias Major Abdillah Arif said
they had been working day in, day out
trying to meet the deadline expected of
them to complete rebuilding works.
He said they had constructed a state of
the art facility for the students of QVS.
It is a privilege to also work with the
RFMF engineers and I want to thank
my men for completing the work on
time and we hope that this will boost

the education sector in Fiji.

There were challenges that we face
along the way especially the shortage
of building materials but we tried our
best to finish our work on time, Major
Arif said.
He said they would miss the Fijian
hospitality when they leave for
The Fijian people are unique in their
own way and we really enjoyed their
hospitality, we hope to come to Fiji
someday, Major Arif said.
The first batch of Indonesians will
leave on Monday and the rest will
leave on Tuesday.

Govt Committed To Ensuring Access To Justice, Says A-G

From left: Head of delegation of the European Union, Ambassador Andrew

Jacobs, Solicitor-General Sharvada Sharma, Attorney-General Aiyaz SayedKhaiyum and Chief Justice Anthony Gates at the Grand Pacific Hotel, in

Fiji News

Pooja Ready For Miss

World Pageant

Pooja Priyanka
Preparations have started for the 66th for the crowning night and also for the
Miss World Pageant says Andhy Blake. designer gown award.
Pageant national director, Andhy Blake Mr Blake and Ms Priyanka are also
said they are waiting for the reigning working towards the Beauty with the
Miss World Fiji, Pooja Priyanka to Purpose programme which will carry
arrive in the country.
80 per cent of the total scores at Miss
Ms Priyanka was crowned Miss Fiji World.
in May 2016 who will be presenting This year we have decided to focus on
Fiji at the Miss World Pageant held some of the relief efforts on what the
on December 18 in Washington D.C, Tropical Cyclone Winston has done to
Mr Blake said this year they have We will be working closely to identify
bigger expectations from Ms Priyanka a village that needs further assistance.
who has so much talent in many ways. We will work on raising funds to
We are excited because this year we get donate farming equipment, Mr Blake
to work with two established designers said.
who will be designing Poojas gowns Mr Blake said this year: Pooja will
for the pageant, Mr Blake said.
definitely make it to the top finals as
He confirmed the designer, Hupfield she has been ranked in top ten on the
Hoerder, will be preparing a national popularity poll around the world.
costume for her, portraying the strong Currently we are sitting on the sixth
cultures of Fiji.
place in the popularity poll and we
For our national costume, we have expect it to rise before the Miss World
designed incorporating elements of Pageant.
Fiji to reflect all the cultures that make Ms Priyanka is currently in Australia
up our society but at the same time, we and will arrive in Fiji on September 19
will stay focused on Poojas heritage of and will depart for USA on November
Indo-Fijian, Mr Blake said.
We are also excited about working Miss World Pageant will be televised
with one of Australias top designer, live on FBC TV 9pm on December
Belluccio, who will create her gown 18th in Fiji.

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Expert To Speak On
The Topic Re-inventing

Technology is ever changing and for

many businesses and individuals, this
is more so a do-or-die situation.
You either need to stay ahead of the
game keeping up with the technological
changes or you stick to traditional ways
of doing things and go out of business.
Delegates of the 2016 CPA Congress
will get a chance to hear an expert
talk on the theme: Re-inventing
Professor Mohan Sawhney, Director of
the Center for Research in Technology
& Innovation and Clinical Professor of
Marketing will be speaking on this topic.
The keynote speaker for the event is
the Attorney-General and Minister for
Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, who
was be the keynote speaker.
He replaces Prime Minister Voreqe
Bainimarama tomorrow who is unable
to attend due to other commitments.
Speaker background
Meanwhile, Professor Sawhney is a
globally-recognised scholar, teacher,
consultant and speaker in business
innovation, technology marketing and
new media.
His research and teaching currently
focuses on advanced digital marketing,
innovation and enterprise analytics.

He has pioneered concepts like

the Innovation Radar, e-Hubs,
Innomediation and the Sentient
Professor Sawhney has written six
books as well as dozens of influential
articles in leading academic journals
and managerial publications.
His most recent book is Fewer, Bigger,
Bolder: From Mindless Expansion to
Focused Growth, published by Penguin
in 2014.
His research has been published
in leading journals like California
Business Review and Journal of the
Academy of Marketing Science.
He has also written several influential
trade articles in publications like
Fortune, Forbes, Business Week and
Financial Times.
He has won several awards for his
teaching and research, including the
2006 Sidney Levy Award for Teaching
Excellence at the Kellogg School,
the 2005 runner-up for Best Paper in
Journal of Interactive Marketing.
He also won the 2001 Accenture
Award for the best paper published
in California Management Review in
2000 and the Outstanding Professor of
the Year at Kellogg in 1998.

Professor Mohan Sawhney is a globally-recognised scholar, teacher,

consultant and speaker in business innovation, technology marketing and
new media

MasterCard Senior Personnel To Speak On Journey, Fraud Cases

With the increasing amount of credit
card frauds, it would make sense for
the decision-makers to become more
aware on this issue.
Participants at the 2016 CPA
Congress, which starts on Thursday,
will be able to hear more on this from
a very senior representative from
Craig Kirkland, the Vice President
MasterCard in New Zealand & the
Pacific Islands, will be talking on

MasterCard Journey Experiences on

fraud cases.
The 2016 CPA Congress will be held
at the Shangri-Las Fijian Resort on
Yanuca Island and is expected to be
attended by yet another record number
of delegates.
The major sponsors of the congress
are Vodafone and Westpac Banking
Speaker background
Mr Kirkland has been in the card
payment industry for over 20 years.

He has experience in fraud detection

and prevention as well acceptance
development, growing the level of card
acceptance both online and traditional
bricks and mortar.
Mr Kirkland was instrumental in
the highly success deployment of
contactless payments, both in Australia
and New Zealand.
Prior to joining the payments industry,
Mr Kirkland was with the New South
Wales Police Service in the field of
criminal investigations.

Fiji News

Faiyaz Koya Mum On

Trade Threats

PNG Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru with Fiji
Industry, Trade and Tourism Minister Faiyaz Koya
With trade threats from Papua New solve the issue Fiji has to comply and
Guinea still looming, our Minister for fly to PNG.
Industry, Trade and Tourism, Faiyaz Fiji Suns attempts to contact Mr Koya
Siddiq Koya, remained mum on Fijis all day yesterday was not successful as
stand on the issue.
he kept disconnecting the call.
Papua New Guineas Post Courier However, the Post Courier, quoted
newspaper yesterday reported PNG Mr Koya saying he had not received
Trade, Commerce and Industry the 14-day letter of notice from Mr
Minister Richard Maru has refused to Maru but his offer to have a bilateral
adhere to Fijis invitation for a bilateral meeting with the PNG Trade Minister
meeting to resolve the embarrassing still stood.
trade impasse between the two Mr Maru said if Fiji did not comply
and lift the ban he would have to take
Mr Maru was quoted saying he had the issue to another level by cutting out
declined the invitation from Mr Koya. all trade deals with Fiji.
As it stood, the deadline given by Mr Earlier statement
Maru to Fiji to lift the ban on Ox & Palm Mr Koya had earlier announced that
corned beef, among other products.
there are no bans placed by Fiji on
Mr Koya had earlier in August written food items or imports from Papua
to Mr Maru to travel to Fiji so that both New Guinea, especially the Ox &
could resolve the trade impasse that Palm corned beef, Trukai Rice and
was causing tension between the two Nambawan Biscuit.
biggest South Pacific nations.
Mr Koya said the two countries had
But Mr Maru has suggested that Mr not established a bilateral biosecurity
Koya travels to PNG instead.
pathway to enable the ease of trade
I will not go down to Fiji. Fiji has to between them.
lift the ban and come here to sort this This included imports of broccoli and
out as I have already written to them potatoes from PNG, export of poultry
declining the offer to go to Fiji, but from Fiji, as well as the Ox & Palm
will happily receive them if they come corned beef among other products.
here, he said.
He said another reason was there were
They have a day to decide and respond no importers in Fiji who applied to
to the ultimatum as I cannot go to them, import the PNG products, specifically
but if they want further discussions to the Ox & Palm corned beef.


Education Minister Slams

Trade Unions Over Claims
Minister for Education Mahendra
Reddy says trade unions are not being
serious when they claim they are not
being consulted on education issues.
He was commenting yesterday on
a statement by Council of Pacific
Educations (COPE) secretary general,
Govind Singh, that unions were
legitimate development partners in the
delivery of education and should be
Mr Reddy said the unions could not
say they were not being consulted. He
said his ministry had held education
forums where education stakeholders
were invited.
I can give you evidence recorded at
an education forum that they said they
were happy with all our reforms, Mr
Reddy said.
A week later, they released a statement
saying they are not happy. What are
they saying? I cant really understand
They are invited to all the Education
forums we have. Sometimes they turn
up and leave half way.
We are trying our best to engage with
unions, but it seems they have some
ulterior motive.
We cant run after them when they
dont have Governments vision for
education at heart.
We can only work together if we have
a common objective.

It seems quality education for children

are not their ultimate motive.
I get shocked when I see them
misconduct. That demonstrates to
me that they dont have childrens
interests at heart. That their objective
is something else.
He said unions should be attending the
forums to express their views.
But implementing policies was the
prerogative of the ministry not the
He clarified that was what he meant
when he said recently that unions could
not run the ministry.
Mr Singh said: Unions do not want to
run anybodys ministry.
Mr Singh added that trade unions were
development partners and it was a
misconception that they were trouble
Mr Singh spoke at the COPE Regional
Young Educators Training Programme
at Tanoa Skylodge Hotel in Nadi. The
young participants are from teacher
organisations in the South Pacific.
representatives from Fijian Teachers
Association and the Fiji Teachers
Union attend.
A wide range of topics were discussed
which included trade unions, religion,
language and many other challenges in
the education sector.

The Council of Pacific Education (COPE) secretary general, Govind Singh

(right), having a discussion with the participants of the COPE Regional
Young Educators Training Programme at Tanoa Skylodge Hotel in Nadi

Vodafone, FNPF Expected To Benefit From BlueSky Acquisition

Vodafone Fiji and the Fiji National

Provident Fund are both ultimately
expected to benefit when Amalgamated
Telecom Holdings acquires Amper
SAs interests in the South Pacific.
With an investment projected at $160
million, ATH understands the big risk
involved, however, is confident in the
management team it has planned for
the business.
Amper is a Spain-based company
telecommunications sector.
It has various telecoms interests in
the Pacific, including AST Telecom
(American Samoa) and BlueSky
Samoa (Samoa) which jointly control

a 60% stake in BlueSky Cook Islands

(formerly Telecom Cook Islands).
ATH chairman, Ajith Kodagoda, has
confirmed once acquired, Vodafone
Fiji will end up managing all of these.
He further indicated that FNPF will
make money out of this by lending to
the business.
Therefore, Vodafone will make money
by managing it and FNPF by lending to
it. So from group point of view, it all
makes sense, he said.
ATH has a market capitalisation of
$460 million and Mr Kodagoda said
the new investment was almost 30 per
cent of what they are worth.
There is an element of risk because it

is unknown territory but then I think

we have got a good management team
now, he said.
On Tuesday ATH announced that
Amper SA has accepted its Binding
Offer for the sale of all of Ampers
interests in the South Pacific.
Mr Kodagoda then confirmed they
envisage the investment to be funded
from a mix of debt and equity.
This investment presents ATH a
tremendous opportunity to play a key
role in improving regional connectivity
and delivering modern innovative
services, he said.
Moreover, ATH believes that
extending operations on a regional

basis will further unlock economies of

scale and scope, he said.

Fiji News

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ATH Works On Bringing All Its Subsidiaries Under

One Roof
The Amalgamated Telecom Holdings
Limited is working towards bringing
all its subsidiaries under one roof
through its continuing consolidation
ATH chairman, Ajith Kodagoda,
stressed consolidation has always
been their focus as there is no point in
duplicating something.
He said the idea is to have one group
chief executive, one group financial
controller etc. so that resources are not
being duplicated.
He made these comments to the Fiji
Sun following the conclusion of a
successful annual general meeting at
the Holiday Inn Suva.
Mr Kodagoda said currently, there
are three separate boards one each for
Telecom Fiji, Vodafone Fiji and FINTEL.
They are not necessarily looking at
things objectively because they are
fighting for their own business interest
which is natural because they all want
to be the best, he said.
So if we have one vision, one mission
and have one board there, it just makes
sure that the strategies are aligned
with what ATH wants rather than
duplicating it.
What ATH is trying to do is come up with

a structure to ensure the subsidiaries

specialise in a particular area.
And then rather than cutting into each
others areas of expertise, its better to
consolidate, he said.
Mr Kodagoda said the first stage
obviously was to try and buy out the
Government shareholding which has
now been achieved.
But it is easier said than done. Before
total consolidation, ATH also has
to consider tax implications and
shareholder implications.
At the same time, with ATH being a
listed company on the South Pacific
Stock Exchange, there are rules which
it has to comply with.
Mr Kodagoda emphasised: The
process has started but it is hard to give a
timeline for it. However, consolidation
is out ultimate objective.
One property
Meanwhile, also amidst discussions at
the AGM was ownership and sale of
ATH assets/properties.
A shareholder questioned whether the
premises which houses DATEC (Fiji)
Limited was also purchased when the
business was acquired.
To this, ATH general manager, Ivan
Fong, said ATH is not in the business

Amalgamated Telecom Holdings chairman, Ajith Kodagoda, in an interview

with the Fiji Sun after the ATH annual general meeting at the Holiday Inn
of properties and thus there is no need everyone closer together.
for ATH to own properties.
It may or may not require finding
He said it was not efficient for them a new property somewhere to bring
to own properties and which was the every one of the subsidiaries under one
reason for the sale of Ganilau House.
roof whether we build it or someone
But at the same time, Mr Fong indicated else builds it that is what we are
part of the consolidation exercise for looking at, he said.
ATH was to bring people together Across operation levels, when you put
working as a team.
everyone together, you get more ideas
He confirmed management has been faster and quicker and it works better
looking at options of how to bring that way.

CPA Congress Gets Bigger Council Believes Trade War

Threat More Political From PN
And Better

The CPA Congress is getting bigger

and this year, over 500 delegates have
signed up to attend the two day event.
The 2016 CPA Congress gets underway
at the Shangri-Las Fijian Resort on
Yanuca Island.
The Attorney-General and Minister for
Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, will
be the guest speaker for the two days
of the event.
CPA Fiji Branch President, Shaneel
Nandan, said the increased number of
delegates is building on successes from
the past year.
CPA Congress is now regarded as a
major premier business conference in
Fiji, he said.
We have a diverse range of speakers.
The 2016 CPA Congress connects you
to the most recognised thought leaders,
policy makers, innovators and disruptors.
Their knowledge, strategic insights
and innovative thinking will provide

invaluable intelligence as we navigate

a changing and unchartered business
and economic environment.
Delegates will have the opportunity
to hear from speakers on issues that
affect our daily lives for instance
enticing productivity from your people
and improving our own personal
They can also hear experiences on
credit card fraud cases, tax base erosion
and ideal infrastructure for health care
to name a few.
Certification Ceremony
Once again this year, there will be a
certification ceremony held.
This will be for those advancing
to CPA status together with other
This will be the second time for such
a certification ceremony to be held
and Mr Nandan said this is another
milestone for CPA and its members.

The Fiji-PNG Business Council

believes the trade war threats from
Papua New Guinea have been escalated
by politicians from PNG.
Council President, Nouzab Fareed,
believes Fiji, at this stage, has done
nothing wrong and in terms of business,
there is not much issue right now.
We the business side have been
fully supportive of both Governments.
I dont know which point it became
escalated, he said.
Mr Fareed said the issue with the Ox &
Palm Corned Beef has been there for a
number of years now.
He said this did not seem to be an issue
earlier this year when PNG Minister

for Trade, Commerce and Industry,

Richard Maru, visited Fiji.
Mr Fareed said both councils have
done their best to sort out the problem,
indeed having gone to much higher
But there is not much we can do at
this stage because it is a political issue
in PNG, he said.
Mr Fareed has assured that the council
is supportive of any PNG company
willing to export something to Fiji
as is the PNG-Fiji Business Council
supportive of Fijian exporters to PNG.
The trade war threat is not a practical
statement as both the countries need
each other, he said.

Fiji-PNG Business Council President Nouzab Fareed


Fiji News

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PACER Plus Legal Text Finalised But Have We Been

Strong Armed By Aust, NZ

Fiji was represented at the PACER Plus meeting in Christchurch by Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Faiyaz Siddiq Koya (seated third left next to NZ
Minister for Trade, Todd McLay (fourth left), who so far has not commented on the issue
The legal text of the Pacific Agreement guarantee if the relationship between binding under the trade agreement.
for specified products originating from
on Closer Economic Relations the countries is not good in the future, Whilst Australia and New Zealand the developing members of the Pacific
(PACER) Plus agreement has been Fiji isnt kicked out again.
might argue that they will bind their Islands Forum.
concluded by the Pacific Islands Forum Perhaps this was the reason Fiji tariff rate at zero thus also making Decisions
Ministers responsible for Trade.
was pushing for a legally-binding market access commitment, this is It has been agreed that members would
The agreement is said to be aimed at commitment from Australia and New already the case under SPARTECA.
work towards finalising the PACER
creating jobs, raising standards of Zealand.
SPARTECA rather is the South Pacific Plus market access negotiations with a
living and encouraging sustainable Other critical factors
Regional Trade and Economic Co- view to completing them by end of this
development in the Pacific. Talks had The general feeling is Fiji has lost out operation Agreement.
began in 2009 and since negotiations in a number of ways especially with It is a non-reciprocal trade agreement The PACER Plus agreement is expected
have been ongoing.
two crucial issues that were remaining in which Australia and New Zealand to be signed by end of this year.
There has been much comments towards the end.
offer duty-free and unrestricted access But questions remain.
made by Australia and New Zealand Australia and New Zealand are believed
regarding this.
to have included the Most Favoured
The question which arises now is Nation provision in the legal text.
have the Pacific Island countries, in The provision will ensure if Forum
particular Fiji, got what we wanted or Island Countries have future trade
have they been strong-armed by the agreements with third parties, then
two regional power-houses.
they are to extend the same benefits
Fiji had been lobbying for a legally and privileges to Australia and New Legal Aid Commission opened two Seaqaqa, Vunidawa and Keiyasi.
more offices in Levuka and Nabouwalu. Mr Sharma stated apart from the new
binding commitment on labour Zealand.
mobility. Whilst labour mobility has Fiji, together with other Pacific islands, This was confirmed by the Chairperson offices throughout Fiji, the Commission
of Legal Aid Commission, Solicitor- had also expanded the range of services
been included, it is outside the legal is understood to have opposed this.
framework of PACER Plus.
Meanwhile, the other provision which General Sharvada Sharma at the it provides.
Sounds good right? Not entirely is believed to have had a disappointing signing ceremony and launch of the In the past few years, our services
because being placed outside the legal outcome was the infant industry clause. Fiji Access to Justice Project at the have expanded beyond assistance in
criminal and family law to other civil
framework means it can be withdrawn Fiji, together with Forum Island Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva.
law matters, Mr Sharma said.
at any point in time.
Countries, pushed for an operative,
Currently the Legal Aid Commission
Fiji used to be a part of the Australia and implementable
now has 16 offices throughout Fiji
New Zealand labour mobility scheme provision which was permanent and
including offices in Nausori, Nasinu,
established earlier but got kicked was applied till the duration of the
Suva, Navua, Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka,
out after the events of 2006 which agreement. This was left out.
Ba, Tavua, Rakiraki, Korovou, Labasa,
saw rapidly deteriorating political Commitments
Savusavu and Tavueni.
relationship between the countries.
The market access commitments
Thus, there is already a precedence that Fiji or any of the Forum Island
of countries being kicked out if there countries undertake to reduce the tariff
is political instability. What is the under PACER Plus, will be legally-

Two New Legal Aid

Offices: Solicitor-General

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Why Colonel Timoci Natuva Resigned

The Minister for Immigration, National
Security and Defence, Timoci Natuva,
says he has resigned to spend more
time with his family.
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama
said in a statement last night that Mr
Natuva resigned for personal reasons.
He said he would assume Mr Natuvas
ministerial duties, until a permanent
replacement was appointed.
Mr Natuva said he had made his
contribution to the Government and
the people and it was time to spend
quality time with his family.
He said he had been thinking of
resigning from last year.
He said it was time for him to move to
make way for a replacement.
Mr Natuva said in his military life he
spent most of his time overseas.
His body language in recent months
had indicated that he had lost his usual
enthusiasm and interest. His blunt
response to the RFNS Kiro running
aground on Cakauyawa Reef near
Nukulau Island was a tell-tale sign.
He was also put in a precarious position
when he was required to give evidence
in the abuse of office trial of Sainiana
Radrodro had, a former employee in
the Ministry of Works when he was

Works Minister.
He said he had cleared his desks for his
replacement to come in.
As Minister for Works, Mr Natuva said
he had helped in the electrification in
many rural areas including Naitasiri.
He had also helped bring water
to remote rural areas and also the
maritime zone.
The FijiFirst Government, he said, had
delivered to the people and was glad to
be part of the team.
For his future, he said he would be
working on his farm.
I have a 250 acre land to develop and I
just love working on my farm.
He said since he was appointed
minister, he had been traveling daily
from his farm in Naitasiri.
Mr Natuva thanked Mr Bainimarama
for the support he had given him as
minister and said he would always
support his strong leadership.
He said he would be available for
the FijiFirst Party to help in the next
general elections.
Mr Natuvas time overseas:
Between 198990, he was Company
Commander of 2FIR in Sinai. He was
appointed Chief Operations Officer
Civil Military Affairs at the United

Minister for Works, Transport and Public Utilities, Colonel Timoci Natuva
Nations Transitional Administration
in East Timor (UNTAET) in Dili, East
Timor and Darwin, Australia, and
between 199293, he was appointed
Military Advisor to the UN Secretary
General in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
In 2001, he assumed the position of
Chief-of-Staff of the United Nations
Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).
In 2007 he was appointed to be
Contingent Commander of the First

Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment, Fiji

Guard Unit for the United Nations
Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI).
He attended various institutions
including Royal Australian Naval
College, Asia Pacific Centre for
Security Studies at Honolulu, Naval and
the Post Graduate School at Monterey
California. He is also a Fellow of the
Australian Defence College of Strategic
Studies at Canberra, Australia.

Teacher Waseem Khan Charged With Abducting And

Defiling A Student

A 23-year-old secondary school teacher

appeared at the Nasinu Magistrates
Court charged with abduction and
defilement of a student.
Magistrate Sufia Humza has remanded
Waseem Zafar Khan for protection and
because of the public interest in the case.
It is alleged that on August 12, Khan
unlawfully abducted a 15-year-old
student against the will of her parents
and had unlawful carnal knowledge
without her consent.
Police Prosecutor Sergeant Joseph
Dickson and Inspector Jiten Singh
served the first phase of disclosures.
Defence lawyer Jiten Reddy applied
for bail on the basis that his client had
denied the allegation and that he had
told the Police where he had been on
the day of the alleged offence.

Mr Reddy said his client came from a

respectable family and that he would be
presumed innocent until proven guilty.
Mr Singh objected to the bail saying
that it was a serious sexual offence.
Ms Humza asked the prosecution if
there were any letters given by the
Ministry of Education stating Khans
employment was suspended. Mr Singh
said there was none.
Mr Singh told the court that other
students of the school were witnesses
in the case and that there was a chance
of the accused interfering with the
Ms Humza informed Mr Reddy that he
could appeal the magistrates decision
in the High Court.
The court has been adjourned to
September 6.

Alleged Brothel Operator In Court

A woman charged with managing
a brothel appeared at the Suva
Magistrates Court.
Savita Devi, 27, also faces a charge of
operating a business without a valid
Magistrate Jioji Boseiwaqa has
extended her bail and will be fixing a
trial date in November.
It is alleged that Devi was managing a
brothel inside a massage parlour where

she had put pressure on three masseurs

to commit sexual favours for the clients
at the parlour.
The incident occurred in 2011 at Nabua.
Devi pleaded not guilty. The court has
been adjourned to November 22.


Fiji News

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Fijian High Court Upholds

Fiji Times Three,
VAT Amendment
Contributor To Take Plea
The High Court of Fiji has dismissed
an application for constitutional redress
filed by the Data Bureau against the
Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority
and the Minister for Economy
challenging the constitutionality of
Section 72(A) of the Value Added
Tax Decree (Decree), amended in
2015. The proceeding was specific to
the VAT reduction from 15 to nine per
cent announced by the Minister for
Economy in the 2016 National Budget.
Section 72(A) states that if the
percentage of VAT decreases, a
registered person must sell goods and
services at a price which reflects the
actual percentage of any VAT decrease.
Failure to comply will result in a fine
not exceeding $50,000 which must be
paid within 21 days of the notification.
The Data Bureau was found to have
charged 32 customers for credit checks
from the period of 1-16 January at

rates that did not incorporate the VAT

reduction from 15 to nine per cent
as announced in the 2016 National
Budget. For this breach, the Data
Bureau was fined $25,000 on 22
January 2016. After failure to pay the
fine within 21 days, the Data Bureau
incurred an additional penalty of
$100,000, as stipulated by the Decree.
The High Court ruled that Section
72(A) was not unconstitutional.
This is a major victory for Fijian
consumers, as it affirms the
Governments ability to penalise those
businesses who fail to pass on the
savings of any reduction to the VAT or
on customs duties. Consumers are now
better protected from businesses seeking
to withhold potential savings, and that
increases the purchasing power of the
ordinary Fijians who need it most, said
the Attorney-General and Minister for
Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

From left: Fiji Times contributor Josaia Waqabaca, Fiji Times Publisher
Hank Arts and Fiji Times editor-in-chief Fred Wesley outside Suva
Magistrates Court
Three senior staff of the Fiji Times
Limited and a contributor will take
their plea on September 21.
Fiji Times publisher Hank Arts, editorin-chief Fred Wesley, editor Nai
Lalakai Anare Ravula and a letter writer
to the Nai Lalakai, Josaia Waqabaca,
appeared before Suva Magistrate
Shageeth Somaratne.
They are charged with inciting
communal antagonism which stems
from an article which was published in
the Nai Lalakai on April 27, 2016.
Mr Somaratne has further extended
their bail.

Waqabacas lawyer Kalisito Maisamoa

told the court that the charge needed to
be revisited by the prosecutor because his
client was not part of Fiji Times Limited.
Lawyer Nick Barnes, who is
representing Arts, Wesley and Ravula,
told the court that Ravula was seeking
another counsel and had sought time
for two weeks.
Lee Burney of the Office of the
Director of Public Prosecutions, served
full disclosures.
The court has been adjourned to
September 21 for plea and bail
variation hearing.

Housing Authority
Mortgage Portfolio At $84m Fiji Teachers Union Contribute

The Housing Authority of Fijis

mortgage portfolio stands at $84
This was highlighted by the authoritys
acting chief executive officer, Isikeli
Navuda, while making submissions
before the Public Accounts Committee
in Parliament.
However, he said financially they had
progressed compared to the previous
Mr Navuda said bad loans amounted to
$11 million in non-performing loans,
but the authority doesnt enforce this
area as they needed to maintain the
individuals houses and would look
into the process should the need arises.
He said there are around 4000 active
accounts with the authority and they
looked forward to providing more
Mr Navuda said they are focusing on
making homes affordable for people by
providing the cheap home loans.
He said tendering some of their
properties was quite expensive.
Mr Navuda said demands were very
substantial and they are working
towards developing 1000 residential
lots from next year with hopes to
increase them in the future.
He said most of their developments
focused on the low end of their

Mr Navuda also said some challenges

they faced were competition with other
commercial banks, suspending mortgage
sales and trying to convert nonperforming loans into performing loans.
He said around 275 accounts are still
processed by the authority amounting
to around $7.6 million, it would turn to
performing loans.
Opposition MP, Mikaele Leawere
then questioned the authority on what
actions they would take to vacate
people illegally residing on the land
belonging to the authority.
Authoritys acting general manager
lending, Maciu Katamotu responded
that in order to vacate notice would be
issued a notice and they would also be
given compensation.
They will be given chances to
purchase land from that land after it is
developed, he said.
Mr Kamotu said the quality of
patrolling needed to be improved
and non-performance was income
generating for the authority.
He said over the years in 2006 to 2007,
the non-performance loan stood at $26
million and it later decreased to $11
Mr Kamotu said performing loan
decreased in 2009 as they were not
many developments of residential lots.
However it increased in 2015.

Towards Cyclone Appeal

Prime Minister appreciates support for

rehabilitation efforts
The Fiji Teachers Union presented
$10,000 towards the Prime Ministers
National Disaster Relief Fund on Tuesday.
FTU general secretary Agni Deo Singh
presented this cheque donation to the
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

Mr Singh said this additional donation

will assist those Fijians directly
affected by Tropical Cyclone Winston.
While receiving the cheque donation,
Mr Bainimarama thanked the FTU
for supporting Governments effort
in rehabilitation works following TC

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama with Fiji Teachers Union general

secretary, Agni Deo Singh during the cheque donation on Tuesday

Fiji News

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Ruling On Application To Tapping Into The Power Of

Strike Out Bid September 8

A ruling on an application, to strike out

a Fiji Times judicial review bid over the
award of the Government advertising
contract, will be made on September 8.
This after the High Court in Suva
judge, Justice Deepthi Amaratunga,
heard all the parties and noted their
written submissions.
Emmanuel Narayan of Patel Sharma
Lawyers appeared for Fiji Sun, Jon
Apted and Melvin Chand of Munro
Leys appeared for the applicant (Fiji
Times) and Robyn Ann Mani and
Preetika Prasad of Attorney-Generals
Chambers appeared for the respondents
(the Solicitor-General).
Ms Prasad sought for the matter to
be struck out as it was an abuse of
court process, disclosed no reasonable
cause of action and was frivolous and
Arguments were also made that on
August 16, new tenders had been called
for by the Fiji Procurements Office
for the publication of Government
advertisements and notices in print
media for the fiscal year 2016 2017.
Ms Prasad also argued that the orders
that were being sought by the applicant
had already been achieved due to the
new tender process now in place and as
a result the judicial review sought had
now become moot.

Mr Narayan in support of the

Respondents Strike Out application
argued that there was no actual
controversy left to be determined by
this court between parties and due to
the new tender process.
The orders as sought in the applicants
originating motion had already been
complied with.
Mr Narayan also raised the issue of
the applicant seeking orders which
would affect any tender process for
notices which he said would be
impractical as it related to awards
made in the future.
He further stated that there was now
a new fiscal year and a new tender
process had started and the tender
closed on the September 2.
Mr Apted argued that the court did not
have powers to strike out under Order
18, Rule 18 of the High Court Rules as
the relevant orders dealing with striking
under the said rules did not apply to
originating motions or affidavits.
Mr Apted also submitted that the
judicial review had not become moot
and that mootness is a matter for the
substantive hearing.
He also argued that the applicant had
a constitutional right to be heard in the
first instance.

A businessman, sporting coach and masters swimming champion John

Shackeltonduring the CPA Congress
John Shackelton indeed tapped into perform.
the power of the minds of delegates Its applying same rule sports
yesterday to improve personal psychology do but applying it to
Mr Shackelton, a businessman, Relevance to accountants
sporting coach and masters swimming Mr Shackelton said an accountant
champion, addressed participants of would have to understand a couple of
the 2016 CPA Congress at Shangri- things.
Las Fijian Resort.
Certainly an accountant would have
He said his background is sports fears not about the technical side of
psychology and so what he really does things but an accountant would be
in the corporate world is help people scared of public speaking but it is part
to understand that they can achieve an of their job, he said.
awful lot more than they think they can So if they have the fear of public
by reorganising what they think.
speaking, its an internal thing inside
He said this can be done by focussing their head that they have to learn to
on things like understanding what cope with.
motivates them, how they can get Its not going to go away unless they
themselves to do stuff, what to do learn how to cope with it. So it is
about self-belief.
understanding how self- esteem, selfThis is because this controls all belief works and how fear comes from
performance, how they can help self-belief.
themselves believe in themselves more If we understand that, then we can
because we all suffer from that problem overcome the fear and therefore
and how important it is to be clear whatever our job is, gets easier. So
about what you are trying to achieve.
it is the idea of working on self and
If we can get those areas right, then personal development.
just like the athletes, they get those The mind controls everything we do
areas crystal clear then they can get so the more we can understand how the
their physical performance and mental mind works, the better performance we
training and that is what gets them to can give.

Court Acquits Dad Of Rape Charges

A Nadi man who was accused of raping
his daughter was acquitted by the High
Court in Lautoka.
The High Court of Lautoka judge,
Justice Thushara Rajasinghe in his
judgment said there was reasonable
doubt about the credibility and
reliability of the evidence given by the
victim. Therefore he did not accept the
evidence given by the victim.
Justice Rajasinghe said he observed
the demeanour of the victim when she
gave evidence.
She was evasive and not consistent

in her answers when she was cross

examined by the learned counsel for
the defence about the opportunities
she had to raise alarm to her sister/or
sisters who were sleeping close to her,
Justice Rajasinghe said.
Justice Rajasinghe drew attention to
the victims evidence in court during
the trial when she said her sister
asked her why she was always scared.
However in giving evidence her sister
never asked her the question.
The victim said that she told her
teacher in charge of the girls in school

the matter twice; once during the first

term and then after school holidays.
But the teacher in her evidence said
she was told only once about the
He said the statements were therefore
Justice Rajasinghe said the victim did
not specify in her evidence much of the
accusations made by her against her
He said he did not find any cogent
reasons to disagree with the majority
verdict of not guilty by the assessors

in respect of the first and second

count as charged. However there was
cogent reason for him to disagree
with the majority verdict of guilty
given by the assessor in respect of the
third count.
The man was charged with two
counts of rape and one count of
indecent assault. The victim had
accused her father of performing the
sexual acts between April and May
2013 after she arrived from Taveuni
to stay with her father to further her


Fiji News

Rewa Rice Has Dealt With

Issues: Chairman

Rewa Rice Limited mill manager, Ashrit Pratap with staff at an event in
Rewa Rice Limited has dealt with
issues raised in the Auditor-Generals
reports 2009-2013, says chairman Raj
Abuse of office was an issue highlighted
before the Public Accounts Committee
at Parliament.
Rewa Rice Limited chairman, Raj
Sharma said, they had terminated three
staff from 2013 due to mismanagement
of company funds and other disciplinary
We have come up with policies to
eradicate such corruption practices and
this will help build up the company,
Mr Sharma said.
The issue was brought to light after the
company was asked to explain why

general ledgers were not backed up

when the system crashed causing loss
of records.
Mr Sharma responded the point was
noted and they had made enhancement
on internal controls and the company
continued to do so.
He said they had secured back up of
data on server, hard drive and CDs.
Mr Sharma said the supply of power
from Fiji Electricity Authority to
the Dreketi Mill this year would
enhance reporting and record keeping,
improving clear returns and stock
He said the company was looking at
modernised platforms for its milling

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Piece Of Plane Wreckage

Found On Munia Island
A piece of a plane wreckage has been
brought to Suva after it was found
washed up on Munia Island in Lau.
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama,
went to 20 Burerua Street in Raiwai,
Suva, to check it out.
He has instructed one of his staff
officers, Captain Isireli Tagivakatini,
to take a picture and send it to the
Malaysian Airlines office in Australia
to see if it was linked to the mystery
disappearance of Flight MH370.
This is the second piece of a plane
found on Munia. Villagers want to
check if it has any link to the Malaysian
Airlines plane.
Vanuabalavu villagers claimed the first
piece, an airplane wing was washed
ashore at uninhabited Munia, off
Vanuabalavu, in 2014.
Boitaci villager on Vanuabalavu,
Simeli Batibula, told the Fiji Sun that
most people in Vanuabalavu had seen
that plane wing with red and blue

The plane wing washed ashore when
the search for debris from Malaysia
Airlines Flight MH370 started.
Mr Bainimarama was told of the
airplane wing, but Mr Batibula could
not bring it to Suva, because it had
disappeared from the island.
The piece that Mr Batibula brought to
Suva also has blue lining.
Flight MH370 flight was carrying 227
passengers, including 153 Chinese and
38 Malaysians, with 12 crew members
who were all Malaysian, when it
disappeared off the radar.
The aircraft went missing in March
2014 when it took off from Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia, heading to Beijing
in China.
The search was concentrated on
the Southern Indian Ocean west of
Australia. A part of the plane washed
up on Reunion Island thousands of
kilometres away.

Simeli Batibula with a piece of what is believed to be a plane wing.

Triple Treat For Gounders

Bal Krishna Gounder with son Trishan Gounder,wife Ashna Gounder and
daughters Terina Gounder and Tisha Gounder at their house in Nadi
A Nadi couple is over the moon after (girl), Trishan Gounder (boy) and Tisha
welcoming their new born triplets into Gounder (girl) were born minutes
the world.
apart by Caesarean section on August
The trios mother, Ashna Gounder, 21 between 8:20pm to 8:24pm at 35
27, said the babies were born healthy weeks.
with the girls weighing 1.96kg and This was the second time Mrs Gounder
1.95kg while the boy was 2.35kg at the gave birth. Her first daughter is now
Lautoka Hospital.
four and half years old and the couple
Ten days old now Terina Gounder and their family members are happy

for their bundle of joy.

She said she was grateful to the nurses
and staff of Lautoka hospital for taking
excellent care of her and the babies.
In fact we have had 120 per
cent attendance, which included
preparedness, monitoring the growth
of the babies and mothers health and a
very successful Caesarean section.
I am also having friend requests on
Facebook, after I put up the picture
with these three.
In the beginning when the doctor
asked us if anyone in our family were
twins we were shocked and thought
we were having twins, but then later
he revealed we will have triplets, Ms
Gounder said.
Minister for Health and Medical
Services Jone Usamate said he was
happy about the recent rise of positive
feedbacks received from the patients
on the good hospital services.
There have been many instances
when patients have given us positive
feedbacks about our hospital staff and

their services. Many are expressing

their gratitude on how our nurses and
doctors have been taking care of them,
Mr Usamate said.
He said the ministrys aim was to
continue to provide such great services
and thanked the hospital staff, nurses
and doctors working in line with the
ministrys effort in providing best care
and services to the patients.
She said giving birth to the trio came to
them as a surprise, but the couple were
ready to explore the new life changing
The father of the triplets, Bal Krishna
Gounders family has a history of
having twins, his mother has a twin
sister and his dad also had a twin
My grandmother also had the same
situation therefore it looks to be in our
genes, Mr Gounder said.
The couple hosted a small chatti
(Hindu ceremony for new born babies)
at their house in Malolo, Nadi on

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Kemueli Tukula Rewarded For Bravery

The Fiji Police Force cant be
everywhere and as such we rely on
community partnerships to keep our
communities safe.
When the term police community
partnership is used, there is a perception
that this can only be achieved if you are
a member of a neighbourhood watch
zone or crime prevention committee.
This however is not true and I am
grateful to people like Mr Kemueli
Vakatalai Tukula a security officer of
Muslim League whose brave actions on
the 6th of December 2014 resulted in
the arrest of a man who had committed
a violent robbery.
Mr Tukula heard the cry for help from
a man who was on his way to do some
shopping at Shalimar Street. The victim
was being robbed and upon seeing this
Mr Tukula immediately gave chase and
apprehended the accused at Jittu Estate
before handing him over to Police.
The accused is now serving a prison
sentence of six years for the offence.
This act of civic pride is a testament of
how working together can reduce the

incidence of crime in our communities.

While Im not asking everyone to do
something similar to what Mr Tukula
did, I believe the mere act of putting up
a united front will help send a message
to criminal elements that you will not
be able to strike because we have a
solid partnership with Police.
This is not the first time for Mr Tukula
to assist Police and during his time
as the head of security of a major
supermarket chain he has assisted
with the arrests of persons involved in
similar crimes in 2010 and 2012.
This is why the Duavata Community
Policing initiative is crucial towards
the reduction and prevention of crime.
We need as many eyes and ears on
the ground and this will be a major
deterrent to would be opportunists
who are always looking for a chance
to strike.
I want to extend an invitation to
everyone to come on board and join the
Duavata Community Policing initiative
so that we are able to work together
and keep your communities safe.

It Is Very Important For Private

Companies To Work With Govt

SayedKhaiyum says in order to avoid
doubling up when helping people, it is
very important for private companies
to work with the government.
While speaking at the CPA AustraliaFiji Branch 2016 Congress in
ShangriLa's Fijian Resort & Spa,
SayedKhaiyum says he spent a week
in Ba and Tavua after Cyclone Winston
where he went to so many homes and
was told that some 10 groups came
with food items in one hour.
SayedKhaiyum says they went to
visit a family and were told by their
neighbors to not give them any money

as they are not fixing their homes so

that people will come and give them
more things.
The Minister says that they are talking
with developers and aid partners that if
they want to pump money in education
and environment they should check
what the government is doing.
He says they can check to ensure that
the same thing is not done again and
again, and the money, resources, time
and energy, goes to different areas.
SayedKhaiyum says if we are able to
coordinate ourselves better and look
beyond our noses, enormous potential
lies in Fiji.

Diwesh Sharma

Minister for Economy Aiyaz SayedKhaiyum

Commissioner Of Police presents certificate of Commendation and reward to

Mr. Kemueli Vakatalai Tukul

Swastika Singhs Dreams Of

Supporting Her Family Come True

Life is full of challenges for Swastika

Singh, but none of them could stop her
from fulfilling her dreams.
The 25-year-old was among 31 women
who graduated at the Makoi Womens
Vocational Training Centre. Ms Singh
graduated from a cookery course.
Since the age of eight, she has been
raised at the Dilkusha Childrens Home
in Nausori.
I always wanted to study and become
a successful person in my life.
Due to financial problems, I was not
able to fulfill my dreams, she said.
Ms Singh said she grew up in a very
poor family. She was the youngest of
four children.
My parents had to send me to the
Dilkusha Childrens Home because
they were not able to support me.
I spent 12 years in the Dilkusha
Childrens Home.
Ms Singh said because of financial
problems, she only studied till Year 11.
I got married when I was only
20-years-old. I met my husband at the
Dilkusha Church.
I now have three children and my

husband is the only breadwinner in the

family, she said.
Ms Singh said she had been staying
with extended family members. She
said she and her husband faced a lot of
hardships to fulfill their needs.
She said she took a job as a security
guard to support her family.
When she was appointed as a security
officer at the Makoi Womens
Vocational Training Centre, she learned
about the courses offered there.
It was a second chance for me to
complete my education, get a certificate
and start up my own business. I then
went home and discussed with my
family and they supported me with my
decision, she said.
Ms Singh said doing a cookery course
at the centre was the first step to
supporting her family.
I am so happy that I have graduated
today and I will now be able to support
my family.
I am now planning to set up my small
business and sell food, she said.
Ms Singh said she was thankful to her
family for their support


Fiji News

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PM Bainimarama Tells Unions Times Have


It is neither reasonable nor acceptable

in modern day Fiji for unions in the
education sector to insist on deciding
who gets appointed to a particular
school or where someone gets
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama
has made this clear while speaking
at the Fiji Head teachers Association
conference in Labasa.
Bainimarama also says that it is neither
reasonable nor acceptable for unions to
determine who gets paid what level of
salary and what is taught in our schools.
The Prime Minister says those days are
over and for good reason.
He says a modern nation needs to use
the services of experts and specialists
within the country and or to reach out
to the world at large and get the best
advice it can on what students should
be taught from the best minds available.
Bainimarama says experts who
specialise in curriculum development
and other areas can help us improve
our performance, not a union leader
who may once have been a teacher but
isnt a specialist.
He says in some cases, these leaders do
not have any expertise at all.

Bainimarama says these people do

not seem to realise that times have
He says the old ways of doing things
in Fiji are no longer the best ways and
are holding our education system and
children back.
The Prime Minister says the
government is working with its
international partners to modernise the
approach to education by accessing
some of the best minds they can find
outside Fiji.
He says in the past two years alone,
the government has added an extra 686
teachers to the nations classrooms.
Bainimarama stresses that the
government does not need lectures
from those who are placing their own
narrow sectional interests before the
interests of the education system and
the interests of the young people.
He also says that he has instructed his
ministers in all sectors to work with
union representatives in a cooperative
manner and in a spirit of goodwill.
The Prime Minister has called on them
to join hands and work to resolve their
differences in the new spirit that has
taken hold in Fiji since the Olympics.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama

Rewa River Could Be Largest Nursery For Endangered

Shark Species
The Rewa River Delta could possibly
be the largest nursery ground in the
world for the scalloped hammerhead
shark, one the most globally threatened
shark species.
The discovery comes after a team of
researchers from the University of
the South Pacific (USP) conducted a
study on the Rewa Delta with findings
and evidence of the existence of a
scalloped Hammerhead shark nursery
in the area.
The team led by USPs head of the
School of Marine Studies Professor
Ciro Rico, compiled their findings
and associated data in a report which
was handed over to the Permanent
Secretary for Fisheries and Forests
Samuela Lagataki on Monday.
The official handover of the report
was made during the launch of USPs
2016 Strategic Research Themes by
the Minister for Education Mahendra
Professor Rico also reiterated the need to
preserve the endangered shark species
and had put forward recommendations
to protect the ecologically.
Mr Lagataki, after receiving the report,
lauded USP and Professor Rico for
his research doings and delivering his
results to the Ministry.
This Rewa River estuary and lagoon
nursery ground may be one of the
largest remaining nursery areas within
Fiji for the scalloped hammerhead
sharks and may be genetically distinct

Hammerhead shark nursery in the area

or different from the other nursery or
pupping grounds across Viti Levu and
Vanua Levu, he said.
It may also be very important because
it may still be frequented by the most
number of breeding male and female
scalloped hammerhead sharks.
He said the fisheries department was

looking to impose a ban or moratorium

on fishing across the Rewa River
systems and associated habitat units
during the breeding seasons.
The scalloped hammerhead sharks
breeding seasons are in the summer
months starting from October 1 until
the end of March.

Meanwhile, it is understood that

the Ministry is drafting a law that
would protect the nursery with more
discussions from stakeholders to
achieve an agreement. The law would
also fulfill the resources requirement of
the people whose livelihood depend on
the Rewa Delta.

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Colorado Man Tried To Kill His Toddler Son By

Unbuckling His Seatbelt And Crashing Car At 75 mph
A Colorado man has confessed to the
attempted murder of his toddler son,
after he unbuckled the two-year-olds
seatbelt and crashed his own car at
approximately 75mph.
Nathan Weitzel, 29, told police he
tried to kill his son, Isaiah, because
he couldnt handle the responsibility
of fatherhood. He was charged with
attempted first-degree murder, child
abuse, assault, criminal mischief,
possession of a controlled substance
and vehicular assault.
Isaiah is recovering from non-lifethreatening injuries, including a
concussion and a broken leg. He had
stitches on his head, a neck brace and a
will have cast on his lower body for at
least the next two months.
According to court records, Weitzel
took his son to the park in Centennial,
a Denver suburb, on the morning of
Sunday 21 August. While Isaiah was
playing, his father sat and considered
ways to kill his son. After leaving the
park, police said, he drove around

looking for a good place to crash

the car and eventually plowed his
vehicle into a parked car outside
a local home at around 11am. As
firefighters freed him from the wreck,
he tried to slit his own throat with a
sliver of smashed glass, the Denver
Post reported.
Weitzel admitted he had used cocaine
on the day of the crash. He had
deliberately neglected to put the child
in his carseat, later telling Arapahoe
County police officers that he wanted
to killed his son because being a
father was a big responsibility and he
did not think he was man enough to
raise a child.
Weitzel and Isaiahs mother, Nancy
Lopez, live separately and the toddler
spends weekends with his father.
He was due to return to his mothers
home on the afternoon after the crash
occurred. Speaking to KUSA, Ms
Lopez said Weitzel was in the place
that he should be, adding: He needs
to be in jail for a long time.

Police And ICBC Launch New Province-Wide

Campaign To Combat Distracted Driving
Month-long campaign meant to combat the practice responsible for about a quarter of all fatal crashes in B.C.

Following the recent introduction of

tougher penalties for distracted driving,
ICBC, the province and police across
B.C. are launching a new month-long
Distracted driving is now responsible
for about a quarter of all fatal crashes
in B.C.
Police will be ramping up their
enforcement and "cell watch"
volunteers will be along the sides of
roads reminding drivers to leave their
phones alone, according to a statement
from ICBC.
At community events, ICBC will have
road safety coordinators who will invite
people to try a driving simulation that
demonstrates how using a cellphone
can affect one's ability to drive safely.
'Plan ahead': police
"Plan ahead, make calls and send
messages before you get into your car,"
said Delta police Chief Neil Dubord,
chair of the B.C. Association of Chiefs
of Police (BCACP) Traffic Safety
Committee (TSC)."
"Turn off your cell phones and
electronic devices before you start
driving, and keep your hands on the
wheel and your eyes on the road."
The B.C. government raised the
penalties for distracted driving on June
First-time offenders now receive a
$368 ticket, more than double the
previous fine of $167.
Repeat offenders pay the same $368 but
receive escalating penalty-points for
each offence within 12 months, as well

as an automatic licence review which

could result in a driving prohibition of
three to 12 months.
There are some exceptions to the rules
around distracted driving. Drivers
are permitted to use their hand-held
devices when safely parked in a place
where they are not impeding traffic
or when making an emergency call to

police, fire or ambulance.

Drivers are also permitted to use handsfree devices, but only if they are not
holding their phones and not driving
under a novice or learner's licence.
On average, 81 people die every year
in crashes in which distracted driving
was a contributing factor, according to
statistics from ICBC.

Distracted driving is responsible for 27

per cent of all car crash fatalities in the
According to one expert, distracted
driving, especially texting while
driving, will become the biggest cause
of youth-driver deaths in Canada in
the not too distant future, overtaking
impaired driving and speeding.


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More Than 100 Canadians Have Opted For Assisted

Death Since Law Passed

Federal government is required to

record assisted deaths but has yet to
begin tracking numbers
Doctors and nurse practitioners have
helped hasten the deaths of more than
100 Canadians since the federal law
governing medical aid in dying was
passed in June.
The actual number of deaths is
probably significantly higher because
several provinces could not, or would
not, provide complete data. Quebec,
which was the first province to adopt a
law on doctor-assisted death, provided
no data whatsoever.
The federal law governing medical aid
in dying came into effect June 17, after
weeks of passionate, and sometimes
very personal, political debate.
However, the federal government isn't
yet officially tracking the number of
CBC News called all 13 provinces and
territories in an effort to find out:
Ontario's coroner recorded 49
cases of medically assisted death.
British Columbia reported 46.
authority said there were 15 cases.
Manitoba had 8 recorded cases.

The Yukon, New Brunswick and

Nova Scotia all declined to provide
a precise number, citing privacy
Nunavut, Northwest Territories,
Prince Edward Island, and
Newfoundland and Labrador all
said they had no reported deaths
during that two-month period.
Saskatchewan said there were
fewer than five cases.
Newfoundland and Labrador did have
one request. "The individual; however,
died of natural causes before the
service was provided," said a Health
and Community Services official.
Officials in Nova Scotia explained
their reasons for declining to provide
numbers: "Essentially, these are very
small numbers and the risk of an
infringement of confidentiality or
distress for families who may identify
with the numbers have resulted in our
decision to not provide the numbers."
In Quebec, where a provincial law has
made doctor-assisted death available
since December 2015, the Ministry of
Health and Social Services said it could
not provide a figure yet. An official said
the ministry was supposed to receive

the data by the end of September.

Federal government isn't counting...
The new law requires the federal
government to come up with guidelines
for what data should be recorded when
someone asks for a medically assisted
death. But that hasn't happened yet.
"These regulations could include
specifying the kind of information to be
provided, the body that would analyze
the information, and how often reports
would be published," said a spokesperson
for Health Minister Jane Philpott.
Right now the government is still
working on an interim protocol to track
the numbers.
There are also dozens of medicallyassisted deaths that took place before
the legislation was passed.
Initially, when the Supreme Court
declared it was unconstitutional to stop
suffering Canadians from accessing
medical aid in dying, the court gave
the then-Conservative government 12
months to put a new law in place.
When the Liberals came into power, the
court granted that government a fourmonth extension, but said, during that
time, Canadians who wanted a doctor's

help to die could apply to a provincial

judge for permission . There was also a
brief period of time after the Supreme
Court's deadline expired where there
was no new federal legislation in place.
'Things seem to be proceeding
relatively well'
One group that represents Canadian
doctors said things seem to be off to a
fairly good start.
The Canadian Medical Association
has generally been supportive of the
government's approach on this issue.
It just wrapped a general meeting with
members in Vancouver in August.
"Based on anecdotal reports from
CMA members, things seem to be
proceeding relatively well with respect
to availability of physicians and
interpretation of federal legislation, "
said a spokesperson in a statement.
However, one civil rights group has
already launched a legal challenge,
saying Canadians who are suffering,
but not nearing the end of life,
should still be able to access medical
assistance in death. An official with
the justice minister's office said it
was the only legal challenge of the

Major Earthquake Hits Off Coast Of New Zealand,

Shaking North Island
A severe earthquake centred on the
East Cape has shaken the North Island
of New Zealand on Friday morning
(NZ time), triggering low level tsunami
activity and sending coastal residents
fleeing for higher ground.
The quake was 7.1 in magnitude and
hit 130 kilometres north-east of Te
Araroa at a depth of 55 kilometres at
4.37am (2.37am AEST).
It was felt from Northland to Wellington
on the North Island, and on the top of
the South Island. Severe reports were
felt in Gisborne and the Bay of Plenty,
and led to some residents piling into
their cars and moving uphill in its
GNS Science seismologist Caroline
Holden said there were a flurry of
aftershocks, including one measuring
6.2 at 5.14am local time (3.14am
AEST). By 7.10am (5.10am), there
had been 57 aftershocks.
Tenga Apiata, who lives at Hicks
Bay, a small settlement closest to the
epicentre, said the locals gathered in
the motels that sit on higher ground.
"I felt a little shock, then it just got
bigger and bigger and everything
started rocking. Everything in the
house just started rattling and falling
everywhere. I jumped up and saved our
TV because that was ready to fall over
and smash," he said.
Apiata, his partner and his 15-yearold son, hurried to the motel. "That's
the biggest quake we've ever had on

the coast and I've been here for 20

something years. It was scary all right,"
he said.
Tsunami warnings
New Zealand's Ministry of Civil
Defence and Emergency Management
issued a tsunami warning for the East
Coast of the North Island (including
Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty),
and for the upper South Island after the
quake struck.
But the agency cancelled that warning
at 8.30am local time (6.30am), saying
the greatest wave activity had most
likely already occurred. The recorded
tsunami activity was fairly small - a
wave of just 30 centimetres.
People in the Gisborne district's coastal
areas were initially warned to go to
higher ground, but they have now been
told they may return to their homes.
They have been warned to stay away
from beaches, streams and estuaries,
saying there could be "unusually strong
currents and unpredictable water flows
near the shore".
Concerns have been raised about
the time taken to issue the tsunami
The ministry's request for the
broadcasting of the warning was not
sent out until 80 minutes after the
quake. By then the main tsunami wave
had already hit sections of the east
The ministry sent out its first national
advisory at 5.10am (3.10am) but that

was only about the earthquake itself.

'It was a rolling wave'
Haro McIlroy, who lives at the
Taharora Marae on Waipiro Bay, told
Radio NZ that about 25 people from
his community evacuated to higher
ground after the quake.
"It shook the house, scared the hell out
of me and my boy. Literally the house
rattled and shook - it was a rolling
wave, one of those earthquakes ... that
continually just lifted the house," he
"I picked up my son and headed
Speaking to the radio station by phone
from higher up on a hill, he said people
were calm and the sea looked "as flat as
a pancake."
East Cape resident Aomihi Cook said
her community headed for the hills
after the earthquake struck.
Cook said the quake "was horrible, it
was bad".
"I've never experienced one like that,
but it was freaky," Cook said.
"Our homes we don't know, we heard
the alarm and we all just evacuated

and came up the hill. We don't know

how our houses are but the sea looks
pretty asleep to me but to be safe we're
going to stay here until we're told to go
There have been no reports of
significant damage or injuries. Civil
Defence advised residents to continue
to listen radio/TV for further updates,
and follow instructions of local Civil
Defence authorities.
Tairawhiti Civil Defence Emergency
Management controller John Clarke
said that if people felt another long and
strong earthquake, they should again
head for higher ground or as far inland
as possible.
Schools in the region would be open
on Friday, except for Tolaga Bay Area
School, which had made an early call
on school buses.
However, Civil Defence says unusually
strong currents and unpredictable flows
could be expected.
In Auckland the Britomart train station
was earlier shut down as a precaution
- causing large disruption to morning

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Trump Outlines Tough Stance On Immigration

Republican shows he is not softening
his approach to those living in US
Republican presidential nominee
Donald Trump has vowed that anyone
who is in the United States illegally
will be subject to deportation if he
is elected, sticking with his hardline
position after flirting with a softer
In a major speech in the border state of
Arizona, Trump took a dim view of the
11 million people who crossed into the
US illegally, a week after saying many
were "great people" who had lived in
the country for years and contributed
to American society.
He said all people in the US illegally
would have "only one route" to gain
legal status if Trump were to win the
November 8 presidential election: "To
return home and apply for re-entry."
"Our message to the world will be
this: You cannot obtain legal status or
become a citizen of the United States
by illegally entering our country,"
Trump said.
"People will know you can't just
smuggle in, hunker down and wait to
be legalised.
"Those days are over."
Trump again vowed that Mexico would
pay for construction of a "great border
wall" between the two countries.
He spoke hours after Mexican President
Enrique Pena Nieto told Trump in a
face-to-face meeting in Mexico City
that Mexico would not pay for it.
"We will build a great wall along the
southern border," Trump said. "And
Mexico will pay for the wall - 100 per
cent. They don't know it yet, but they're
going to pay for the wall."
Trump said at a joint news conference
with Pena Nieto that he and the
Mexican leader did not discuss who
would pay for the wall.
Pena Nieto remained silent on the issue
at the event, but said later on Twitter he

did raise the issue.

"At the beginning of the conversation
with Donald Trump I made it clear that
Mexico will not pay for the wall," the
Mexican President said in a tweet.
Trump used the Phoenix speech
to clarify his stance on illegal
immigration after prevaricating on
the issue last week. He returned to
the hardline rhetoric that powered
him to the Republican presidential
nomination over 16 rivals, heartening
those conservatives drawn to Trump by
the issue.
Ann Coulter, a conservative activist,
tweeted: "I hear Churchill had a nice
turn of phrase, but Trump's immigration
speech is the most magnificent speech
ever given."
Correct The Record, an organisation
Hillary Clinton in the presidential
election, slammed Trump. "Tonight
confirmed what we knew all along
- there is no softening," Correct The
Shappell said.
Trump's "America First" positions are
aimed at rallying middle-class people
who feel they have lost jobs to illegal
immigrants or to the outsourcing of
jobs abroad.
However, he may have put himself at
risk of limiting his ability to broaden
his base of support to include more
moderate Republican voters who do
not think it is possible or practical to
crack down on all illegal immigrants.
In his speech, Trump emphasised
that his priority would be to quickly
deport those among the undocumented
population who have committed
serious crimes.
"As with any law enforcement
activity, we will set priorities," Trump
said. "Anyone who has entered the
United States illegally is subject to
deportation. That is what it means to

President Enrique Pena Nieto and Donald Trump met in Mexico City but did
not agree on who would pay for any border wall.
for his rhetoric.
have a country."
He said he would form a commission "The Mexican people have felt
to study which regions or countries aggrieved by comments that have
he would suspend immigration from, been made, but I was sure his interest
saying Syria and Libya would be high in building a relationship is genuine,"
on his list. This would be his way of Pena Nieto said.
carrying out his proposed ban on A few dozen demonstrators gathered
Muslims from some countries without beneath a monument to Mexican
independence in the centre of the
getting into their religious affiliation.
Trump said he would also establish capital to protest against the visit, some
a "deportation task force" to identify holding placards emblazoned with
criminals subject to deportation, would captions such as: "You are not Walltriple the number of federal deportation come" and "Trump and Pena out".
officers, and increase the number of Trump has been pilloried in Mexico
since he launched his White House
border patrol stations.
Trump is trailing Clinton in opinion campaign last year.
polls and the New York businessman's Clinton said that Trump could not
aides hoped the trip would make him paper over his previous harsh language
look presidential and show he was against Mexico.
willing to deal head-on with thorny "It certainly takes more than trying
to make up for more than a year of
issues such as relations with Mexico.
Pena Nieto said at the joint news insults and insinuations by dropping
conference with Trump in Mexico City in on our neighbours for a few hours
that the many millions of Mexicans in and then flying home again," she told
the US deserved respect. However, he a convention of the American Legion
offered only a mild rebuke of Trump military veterans' group in Cincinnati.

Two lovers who were convicted

of plotting to kill their spouses
in Saskatchewan have each been
sentenced to three years in prison.
A judge on Friday found Curtis Vey
and Angela Nicholson equally guilty of
the crime and said they should receive
the same sentence.
But he also said the two were genuinely
remorseful and unlikely to re-offend.
The two faced a maximum sentence
of life in prison after a jury convicted
them in June of conspiracy to commit
murder. Defence lawyers had told court
during the trial that their clients weren't
serious about killing their spouses.
The trial in Prince Albert Court of
Queen's Bench heard that the pair
planned to kill Vey's wife, Brigitte, in
a house fire, and Nicholson's husband,
Jim Taylor, by drugging him and
making him disappear.

Vey and Nicholson were sentenced to

three years on two counts each, but are
to serve their sentences concurrently.
They received a few months credit for
time spent in custody.
Vey's defence lawyer had asked for 16
months for his client, while Nicholson's
counsel argued for a six-month sentence.
The Crown had requested six years.
Justice Martel Popescul said there was
no obvious leader and follower in the
plot. He also said he opted to sentence
on the lower end of the scale because of
a lack of weapons and the unlikelihood
of the pair following through.
"Why good people do bad things is a
mystery," Popescul said.
Brigitte Vey read a victim impact
statement in court and said it still scares
her to think she was sleeping next to
someone who was planning such things.
"You don't do these things to the person

you claim to love, she said.

The trial heard that Brigitte Vey hid an
iPod under a kitchen table and secretly
recorded her husband and Nicholson
hatching the plan in July 2013.
In the scratchy kitchen-table recording,
Angela Nicholson was heard chatting
with Curtis Vey about her birthday and
flowers that he gave her for Valentine's
Day, before the conversation shifted to
their spouses.
"It could be a number of days before
anybody's suspicious he's gone,'' Vey
was heard saying. "Is there going to be
really anybody who really is worried
about him?''
Nicholson and her husband had been
married for 30 years at the time, but were
separated. She was heard in the recording
talking about getting into his house.
"If I go in there, if I turn over, say, the coffee
table, and I open the cupboards, and I'd go

Plotting Lovers Sentenced To Three Years In Prison

upstairs and I'd pull dresser drawers out

and make it look like they're rummaging
through for something that's going to
make them suspicious, is it not?''
"Just make sure you got gloves on,''
Vey whispered.
A few minutes later, Vey wondered
about a fire at his house.
"The bottom line is that's how, you
know, it's set up to be an accident,
right?'' he said. "Do you know what I
mean? Like, the house burns down.''
Nicholson admitted in court that she
and Vey talked about doing something
to their spouses, but added they would
never act on it.
"You know what, when the time came
closer, that's probably all it would have
been, just talk. You say things out of
anger, but nothing that you intend to
do,'' she said.
"I can't even kill a frickin' mouse.''


World News

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Hermine Leaves Power Outages, Downed Trees In Its

Tens of thousands of residents of
northern Florida and southern Georgia
could be without electricity for days
after strong winds from Hurricane
Hermine swept through overnight,
downing trees and power lines.
Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum said
power outages are pretty ubiquitous,
and about half the city and up to
100,000 residents were left in the dark.
Many roads in the area were covered in
debris, downed trees and power lines,
making many of them impassable.
Emergency officials urged residents to
stay off the roads.
We had a pretty stiff storm last night,
and it dropped about four to five inches
of rain on us through the night, Leon
County Sheriff Mike Wood said. We
have lots and lots of trees down and
lots of power outages."
One person was killed by a falling
tree in Marion County,
Georgia Power reports that more than
30,000 of its customers were without
power shortly before dawn Friday as
Hermine rolled across the southern
section of the state. Georgia Powers
online outage map showed that many
of the outages were in and around the
cities of Valdosta and Brunswick.
On Cedar Key, on the Florida coast
about halfway between Tallahassee
and Tampa, many parts of the island
were underwater, according to the
Cedar Key Police Department. State
Road 41 was closed.
As the storm closed in, many residents
shrugged off the threat and instead
joined a hurricane party at a photo
Pat Bonish, owner of Bonish Studio
in downtown Cedar Key, said water
was waist-deep in his business, which
was probably a total loss. As the
storm approached Thursday and an
evacuation order was issued, Bonish
held a hurricane party for holdouts.
It was like a river coming up and
under, he said Friday.
Mayor Heath Davis, who popped into
the party Thursday, travelled in a small
boat Friday to observe damage and
flooding in the streets.
Martin Kemp, owner of the 1842 Daily
Grind coffee shop, offered free coffee,
muffins and water. The business got
two inches of water. Kemp said he felt
How can I charge people when
theyve lost half their stuff? he asked.
Further north up the coastline, Wakulla
County and much of the Big Bend area
took a beating as the first hurricane
to hit the states in more than 10 years
made landfall across the northern tier
packing 80-mph winds and gusts close
to 100 mph.
Wakulla County Administrator Dustin
Hinkel said one couple suffered minor
injuries when they hit a tree that had
fallen into the road, the Associated
Press reported.

He noted that a storm surge of 8 to 10

feet hit the countys beaches, damaging
docks and flooding coastal roads in the
county south of Tallahassee.
Wakulla County Undersheriff Trey
Morrison estimated 150 to 200 trees
were felled by high winds throughout
the night, bringing down dozens of
power lines.
If we're lucky, it's going to take two
days to get power throughout the

county, he said.
Authorities made several emergency
rescues, including pulling a mother
and her three daughters from a
Crawfordville home after a tree came
crashing through the roof.
Several people along Mashes Sands
and Ochlocoknee Bay were pulled
from floodwaters, Morrison said, but
there were no injuries.
Its kind of mind-boggling, he said.

The scary part is we dodged a bullet.

It could have been so much worse.
In Pasco County, just north of Tampa,
fire rescue personnel and sheriffs
deputies used high-water vehicles to
rescue people from rising water and
take them to a nearby shelter. At least
18 people were forced from their homes
in Green Key and Hudson Beach by


Fish Manchurian

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Panko Crusted Salmon

4 Salmon Fillets
2/3 cup Panko
2 Tbsp. parsley, finely chopped
1 tsp. lemon zest
1/2 tsp. Kosher salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
2 tbsp Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tbsp. Dijon mustard (or try honey
1 tbsp. vegetable or canola oil, for
browning fillets
Lemon wedges, for serving
Preheat the oven to 425 F.
Combine the panko, parsley, lemon
zest, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/2 teaspoon
pepper in a small bowl. Add the 2
Tbsp. olive oil and stir until crumbs are
evenly coated with oil. Set aside.

Oil for shallow frying or deep frying
250 gms fish fillet
1 tbsps. Corn flour
1 tbsps. Plain flour
Sauce ingredients
3 garlic cloves minced
2 tbsps. Green parts of Spring onions (I
used onions since I did not have spring
onions in hand, if you use onions
separate the layers)
2 tbsps. White part of spring onion
each of green and red bell pepper
tsp. corn flour (optional)
1 tsp. soya sauce (you can reduce little)
1 tsp. vinegar
2 tsp. red chili sauce
tsp. sugar
Marination ingredients
Salt very title
tsp. Soya sauce
tsp. Pepper powder
1.5 tsps ginger garlic paste
-Wash the fish and cut to cube sized
-Add Soya sauce, ginger garlic paste,
and pepper powder. Mix and marinate.
Set aside for at least 30 mins.
-Add the sauces to a bowl and set aside.
-Heat a pan with oil for deep or shallow
frying or preheat the oven and bake.
-Add 1 tbsps. each of Corn flour

and Plain flour, little salt and stir well.

Sprinkle some water and mix to coat
the fish with flour. The batter should
not be runny. Fish has to be coated with
a thin layer of batter
-Fry the fish pieces to golden on
a medium flame. Drain these on
absorbent tissue.
-After you finish frying fish, drain the
oil from the pan retaining 2 tbsps. oil in
the same pan
-Add garlic and fry till it gets fragrant.
Add capsicum, layered onions (white
parts of spring onions) and fry on high
flame for about 3 mins. Onions and
capsicums should be crunchy (not over
cooked) and not soft.
-Stir the sauce mix. When it bubbles,
add fish. To make a gravy version, pour
the corn flour mixture first. Allow it to
thicken on a low flame, it gets done
quickly. Then add the fish.
Switch off the heat and stir well.
Garnish with chopped spring onions
The color of your dish can vary
depending on your red chili sauce
If you are using salmon to prepare this
dish, you need not use egg since this
fish remains moist and soft after frying
too. But if you are using any other
kind, you could use 1 small egg to lock
the juices in the fish so that they remain
soft, juicy and moist after frying.


Place the salmon fillets skin side down,

on a board. Brush the top of the fillets
with the mustard. Sprinkle with salt and
pepper. Top with the panko mixture,
pressing it down lightly so that it sticks
well to the mustard.
Heat the oil over medium-high heat
in a 12-inch cast-iron skillet or large
heavy, ovenproof pan. When the oil is
very hot, add the salmon fillets, skin
side down, and cook for 3 to 4 minutes,
without turning, to brown.
Take the pan off the stove and transfer
to the pre-heated oven for 5 to 7
minutes, until the salmon is almost
cooked and the panko is browned.
Remove from the oven, cover with
aluminum foil, and allow to rest for 5
to 10 minutes. Serve the salmon with
lemon wedges.

Lemon Chicken

Chinese Lemon Chicken can be easily

prepared with common ingredients
found in your kitchen.
For the chicken, you will need:
68 chicken breasts, (boneless,
skinless) cut into bite-size pieces
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 cup water
4 egg yolks, beaten
2 cups vegetable oil
For the sauce, you will need:
1 1/2 cup chicken broth
1/2 cup lemon juice
3 Tbsp brown sugar
1/4 tsp ground ginger
Sauce Preparation

In medium saucepan, combine all

ingredients and cook over medium
heat 5 to 6 minutes or until sauce boils.
Keep at low simmer.
Chicken Preparation
Heat vegetable oil in wok or large
In medium mixing bowl, combine salt,
pepper, water, and beaten egg yolks.
Place chicken pieces into bowl, coating
pieces with mixture.
Place chicken pieces in vegetable oil,
frying 5 to 7 minutes, or until golden.
Remove chicken from oil and drain on
paper towel.
Place chicken in serving dish and pour
sauce over, tossing gently.



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Common Dry Fruits And Their Lesser Known Health

If you are too worried about your calorie
intake, chances are high that you have
come across reports that suggest nuts
are high in fat and calories. Some nuts
are also blamed to have cholesterol.
In reality, nuts and oil seeds are plant
foods, making them cholesterol free.
They are power packed with nutrients
and extremely beneficial to health. You
must know that they are also low in
carbohydrates, with good amounts of
heart-healthy fats, fiber, and protein,
making them an ideal choice for
diabetics and weight watchers.
Studies have shown that people who
ate a handful of nuts daily enjoyed a
prolonged life. But just be sure to eat
them in moderation as they are dense
source of calories. Choose unsalted,
unroasted nuts to get their maximum
nutritional benefits.
Dry fruits are smaller in size but are
power packed with nutrients. They
can be used as fillers in-between the
main meals and will provide omega-3,
Vitamin E, good quality of fibre,
calcium and other nutrients. Apart
from giving energy they improve

haemoglobin, maintain cholesterol

Almonds- The super heart friendly
Crunchy, tasty and packed with
nutrition, almond is clearly in the leader
board. They have a high concentration
of alpha-tocopherol, an antioxidant
that lowers LDL Cholesterol (bad
cholesterol) which is a risk factor for
those prone to heart disease. Studies
have shown that eating 1-2 handfuls
of almonds per day can lead to mild
reductions in LDL cholesterol levels.
That is not it.Almonds are rich
sources of vitamin E, with just one
ounce (28gm) providing 37% of the
recommended daily intake. They are
packed with Vitamin E, which help
nourish the skin and protect it from the
harmful effects of UV rays.
Almonds are also a good source
of Riboflavin, Manganese and
Magnesium. They offer a myriad
of health benefits, such as aiding in
lowering blood pressure, improving
heart health and lowering risk of

Pistachio nuts- Diabetes friendly and

immune boosting nuts
Handfull of pistachio nuts a day help keep
blood glucose in diabetic individuals in
the safe zone. They are also believed
to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL
cholesterol), triglycerides and boost
the good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol)
levels in blood, thus providing
protection to the heart.
They are a good source of dietary
fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin
K, -tocopherol, and a number
of phytochemicals all needed to
maintain good health. If consumed
in moderation, pistachios may help
control body weight due to their effect
on satiety levels. They have a high
amount of Vitamin B6, which helps
lower homocysteine, known as a
risk factor for heart disease. Vitamin
B6 also helps in the production of
hormones, red blood cells, and cells
of the immune system, thus boosting
Cashew nuts- Agent for weight loss
Cashew nuts is infamously famous for
being the most calorie dense dry fruit,

that is rich in fats. But this is plain

myth. In reality, cashew nuts when
eaten in moderation, help in losing
weight. In fact cashew nut oil is used
in a variety of beauty care products. It
lessens skin tan and protects skin from
any harm. Additionally, it heals your
cracked heels and nourishes them.
Cashew nuts are rich in Vitamin E and
they have anti-ageing properties also.
They control cholesterol, glucose,
avoid headaches and hypertension.
Walnuts - Stress buster
Walnuts are brain-boosting foods,
which actually look like the brain. They
help lower cholesterol, blood pressure
and improve sleep quality. Some of its
lesser known benefits are its ability
to help cope with stress and reduce
depression symptoms. They are rich
in Omega-3 fat (ALA), which protects
against heart disease, inflammation
and breast cancer.
What's more? They contain fiber, which
help in weight control; are a source of
Vitamin E for flawless skin and has
protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and
omega-3s beneficial to good health.

Fight Cholesterol The Easy Way

Heart diseases are not restricted
to a certain age any more. Hectic,
demanding lifestyles that rely a lot
on fast, unhealthy, pre-packaged,
chemical-laden food, is hastening this
ailment into lives of much younger
people. And so, cholesterol is not just
one of the most dreaded words, but
unfortunately, one of the most common
ones also, in the list of heart disease
risks today.
Dr Vijay D'Silva, critical care specialist,
explaining about cholesterol, states, "It
is important to note that cholesterol is
a natural fat-like substance present in
the blood and actually is a necessary
ingredient of cells. It aids many of
the body's processes such as the
production of certain hormones and
enzymes necessary for digestion of
food. It is synthesised in the body as
well as comes from food items."
The balancing act is important
Dr Santosh Kumar Dora, cardiac
electro physiologist explains, "There
are two types of cholesterol LDL
known as 'bad' cholesterol and HDL
known as 'good' cholesterol. LDL
makes up the majority of the body's
cholesterol and its high levels can
lead to plaque buildup in your arteries
and result in heart disease and stroke.
HDL cholesterol absorbs cholesterol
and carries it back to the liver and its
high levels can reduce the risk for heart
disease and stroke."
The main problem starts when
cholesterol is present in the blood in
more than required quantity. "The total
cholesterol level in the blood should be
less than 200 mg/ dL as per American
Heart Association recommendations. If

cholesterol is present in excess amount,

then it may get deposited in the blood
vessels of the heart and brain, and can
cause obstruction to blood flow to these
regions which may lead to heart attack
or stroke," says Dr Dora.
Food to the rescue
The main reason for high cholesterol in
the blood is intake of excess calories.
The primary way to reduce cholesterol
is to have non refined, high fibre, lowglycemic index food. The secondary
way to reduce cholesterol is by drugs.
There are many food items, which may
help in lowering the blood cholesterol
level. Dr Dora and Dr D'Silva share a
list of some common food items that
can help.
Oats is a common breakfast food,
which is also healthy. It is rich
in dietary soluble fibre that helps
preventing absorption of cholesterol
from the intestines. Beta-glucan
is the soluble fibre present in oats.
Having one-and-a-half cup of oatmeal
provides around six grams of fibre. The
daily recommendation of dietary fibre
is around 20 to 30 gms and it can also
come from other food items like beans,
fruits, wheat bran etc.
Beans are also fibre-rich and contain
high amount of soluble fibre. Eating a
cup of beans can lower cholesterol by
as much as 10 per cent in six weeks.
Any kind of beans can be consumed,
such as kidney, black, white etc.
Fish like mackerel, herring, tuna and
salmon are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.
These are essential fatty acids, which

our body does not synthesise, and

so, have to be taken from an external
source. Omega 3 fatty acids lower the
triglyceride level and increase good
cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). Some
studies have shown that it can decrease
bad cholesterol as well. The American
Heart Association recommends eating
fish at least twice a week.
Nuts contain high calories, no doubt.
But when taken in moderation,
they give immense health benefits.
Vegetarians can find omega 3 fatty
acids in nuts like peanuts, almonds,
hazel nuts, walnuts etc. The lowering
of bad fat and increasing of good fat
benefits are similar to eating fish. The
FDA in 2003 issued a statement on
health benefits of eating nuts. One can
take an ounce of nuts (around 30 gm)
daily to maximise health benefits.
Fruits are rich in fibre and one can

derive all benefits of dietary fibre by

eating them. Fruits like avocado are
rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids
like omega 3 fatty acids and beta
sitosterol, which is a plant-based fat.
Omega 3 fatty acid has beneficial
effect on fat as described above while
beta sitosterol prevents absorption of
dietary fat. Around 15 per cent of your
daily calorie need should come from
MUFA. Thus, for a person on 1,800
calories per day, around 300 calories
should come from MUFA. An avocado
contains around 300 calories and
around 30 gm fat. Eating food the right
way can go a long way in reducing
bad cholesterol and boosting good
Regular consumption (one gram daily)
of cardamom treats high cholesterol
levels and reduces high blood pressure;
thus, lowering the risk of cardiovascular

You may want to stop snoozing in the

daytime as a new study has found that those
who steal forty winks in the day are more
likely to suffer from high blood pressure.
Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in
Rochester, MN conducted a meta-analysis
that included data from nine observational
studies with 112,267 participants.
The results found that those seeking
midday shut-eye had a 13-19 percent
increase in risk for hypertension.
However, when researchers looked at
the data on the link between nighttime

napping in individuals who work nightshifts and hypertension, the results

were limited.
One observational study found that
night-shift workers who napped at night
showed reduced risk of hypertension
by 21 percent.
According to lead researcher Wisit
Cheungpasitporn, ore research is
needed to better understand whether
the duration of midday sleep or if diet,
exercise or an underlying medical
condition, might be impacting risk.

Daytime ZZZS Puts You At High

Blood Pressure Risk

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Ranbir Kapoor Is An Alcoholic: Bollywood Stars Who

Shocked Us With Their Confessions

When many actors decide to keep their personal life and choices carefully guarded, Ranbir Kapoor revealed a lot in his tell-all interview. And he isn't the only
one. There are other actors who have made some shocking revelations in the past. Here's a look.
Bollywood stars are called heroes personal life was never easy as she was
and heroines for a reason. Many fans the "unwanted child" in her family.
idolise these actors. Most want to be "When I was born, my parents, my
liked them. Others admire them from mother especially, couldn't come to
a distance.
terms with the fact that they had another
While many think in real life too, these baby girl. I know these stories in detail
stars' lives are as glossy as the pages because every time a guest visited, or
of the magazines their photos are there was a gathering, they repeated
published. But not all is as rosy as it this story in front of me, saying how I
looks. Like every normal person, these was the unwanted child in the family."
stars too face their share of issues. Deepika Padukone: I was suffering
From alcohol addiction to sexual from anxiety and depression
abuse, many B-Town stars have had At the peak of her career, Deepika
harrowing experiences in their past. Padukone made a confession about her
Some are still struggling with them.
personal life that many would thank
In a first-of-its kind interview, Ranbir her later for. The 30-year-old actor
Kapoor, who doesn't speak much spoke about her battle with depression
about his personal life, made a candid and anxiety during her best phase in
confession about his alcohol problem. Bollywood.
Speaking to Vogue magazine, the "In early 2014, while I was being
32-year-actor revealed that his shoot- appreciated for my work, one morning,
less days can turn him into an alcoholic. I woke up feeling different. It was a
"It is a visual medium and I have to struggle to shoot for Happy New Year's revealed that Bulimia is a common vocal about issues like feminism and
look after myself. I have seen it in my climax. Finally, I had a word with Anna disorder that plagues Bollywood and women empowerment. And in order
family, I have seen it go the wrong way; aunty (her psychologist). She flew to she, too, has been a victim of it.
to create more awareness about child
so I'm aware I have a drinking problem. Mumbai from Bengaluru, and I talked "I was told I should gain weight, then sexual abuse, she revealed that she was
When I shoot, when I work, I don't my heart out to her. She concluded lose weight. I crumbled under the sexually abused as a child.
drink. But when I'm not shooting..."
that I was suffering from anxiety and pressure like a wrecking ball had hit me. "I allowed someone to have sex with
While many actors decide to keep their depression. The counselling helped, Bulimia is when you consistently hate me at the age of nine, not understanding
personal life and choices carefully but only to an extent. Then, I took what you look like, and compulsively fully what it meant and my biggest fear
guarded, Ranbir revealed a lot in his medication, and today I am much induce vomiting, throw up all the after that was that my mother would
tell-all interview. And he isn't the only better."
food you eat, accompanied often by find out. I felt it was my mistake and
one. There are other actors who have Richa Chadha: Eating disorders are binge eating. You become drastically so I kept it hidden for years. If I had
made some shocking revelations in the the best kept secret of showbiz
unhealthy, low on nutrition, with lack the confidence or awareness to confide
Size zero and a perfect body have of sleep. I hated myself, gained weight in my parents, it would have saved
Kangana Ranaut: I was an unwanted always been a fad in Bollywood. Richa in a strange way and felt like a failure." me years of complexes about my own
Chadha, for the first time, spoke at Kalki Koechlin: I was sexually sexuality. It's important that parents
Kangana Ranaut, who has portrayed length about the eating disorder that abused at the age of 9
remove the taboo around the word sex
strong characters on screen, made many in the Showbiz industry struggle Not one to shy away from speaking her or private parts so kids can speak openly
heads turn when she revealed that her with. The Gangs of Wasseypur actor mind, Kalki Koechlin has always been and be saved from potential abuse."

Big B To Host
'Savdhaan India'
Megastar Amitabh Bachchan will
be back on the small screen as a host
for a special episode of the TV show
"Savdhaan India".
He was last seen hosting "Aaj
Ki Raat Hai Zindagi" in 2015.
According to a source in the knowhow, the actor will host the Life Ok
show as a part of the promotional
activity for his forthcoming film
"He is going to shoot for a new
campaign for the show. 'Savdhaan
India' is going to launch a campaign
- Jurm ka saamna darr ke nahi dat ke
karo - with a special focus on college
students. He will be shooting for

two episodes, and simultaneously

promote his movie 'Pink'," said the
The show brings real life-based
crime stories on the small screen. The
episodes with the cine icon will air
next month.
"Pink", which revolves around three
girls trapped in a criminal case,
stars Amitabh as a lawyer. Produced
by Shoojit Sircar, it is directed by
Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury.
"Pink" also features Taapsee Pannu,
Kirti Kulhari, Andrea Tariang, Piyush
Mishra, Angad Bedi, Dhritiman
Chatterjee in pivotal roles. It is
scheduled for release on September 16.

Aamir Khan Starts

Shooting For His Cameo In
Secret Superstar
Earlier we had reported that
Aamir Khan will be a part of his
former manager Advait Chandan's
directorial debut Secret Superstar.
And now we hear that the actor,
who generally likes to take one film
at a time, has already shooting for
the same.
Though it is not a full-fledged
role, we hear that Aamir Khan
will be seen in a pivotal cameo
in the film. While he has kick
started the shoot for the same
on Tuesday, the actor it seems
will have a schedule of eight
days for the film. In fact, it is

being said that Aamir has asked

the permission from Nitesh
Tiwari, his Dangal director
to wrap up the schedule of
Advait's next since he was
working with the director on
the music of their ambitious
wrestling drama.
From what we hear, Aamir Khan
plays the role of a music mentor
in Secret Superstar in the film
which focuses on a motherchild relationship. The film,
apparently produced by Aamir
Khan, is being extensively shot
in Gujarat.


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This week will bring many new
assignments and contacts that will
gonna help you. In business, you will
enjoy profitable deals and partner
will also support you. You will feel
happiness inside, due to your childrens
good performance in studies. This
week is very favorable if you are going
to purchase a land or property. Lastly,
you will take decisions from the heart.
Taureans will going to make their parents
feel proud. Chances of getting a proposal
are there. Your nice attitude towards
things will grab appreciation at work. You
are likely to get promoted also. Overall
this week is full of proud moments. As
stomach related issues is foreseen. It is
advisable to take care of your health and
try to have light simple food.
Geminis, there are chances that you
are likely to go on a trip with friends
& family. While enjoyable days are
ahead with lots of entertainment in it,
new friends will be made by you. You
may plan a trip with friends or loved
ones. You might spend a lot on items
like clothes, accessories to stylised
your look. You are recommended to
balance everything.

This week is nice with some see-saw
moments in it. Quarrels are expected
between elder brother & father.
Whereas, soulmate will give you a full
support. It suggested to be prepare and
act calm with everyone. But, do keep
your personal and professional separate.
Chances of getting defamed are possible.
Lions, some tensions from past and
personal problems might become
stressful situation. The need of the
break will be needed by you. This
week some short and quick trips might
be planned. You and your family might
face ideological differences. But, do
not worry, you will be able to win over
them. This time without any doubt take
part in competitors, you will do great.
You will feel energetic. This energetic
attitude will help you in completing
all the task on their due time. Also,
you might become an inspiration for
someone this week. It is very important
to keep this thing in your mind, while
driving, follow all the instructions. With
this some unfavorable changes might
be felt. Otherwise, good conditions at
workplace are there.

Financial life will be spent smoothly.

Office goers might enjoy a promotion
or a salary hike this week. With this
purchasing power will also increase.
So, be careful while spending. Your
partner will support you fully, but
ideological differences with father &
mother are there. This week is favorable
but it must require some alertness.
Scorpions, time is in the favor if you are
studying or going for any competition.
It is advisable to put a pause on legal
matters and do not proceed. Otherwise
desired results will not be achieved. In
the mid of this week, you might plan
a trip or might go on a pilgrimage. In
the weekend you can plan for future, as
time is good for you.
You will spend most of your time in
chatting with friends either on what
is on social networking sites. You will
not be able to concentrate on work.
But, this will not create any problem
at workplace. Everything will remain
smooth and you will feel relaxed. Some
guests may visit your place and keep
you occupied. Your social circle will
increase and respect will also increase
in society.

Capricorns, an excellent performance

at work is foreseen. You might get
some eye illness, so take a proper care
of hygiene. Also, avoid getting into the
arguments with neighbours, otherwise
more issues in life will be added. The
time is very good to think about the
marriage proposals. This is the best time,
if some of you are planning to fly abroad.
Aquarians, ambitious days are awaiting.
You might switch your job, and you will
grow steadily. Thus, this time is very
good to make financial decisions. Your
senior might be in charge of you, so
follow the rules properly like avoid the
excess use of phone while at work. You
might have to travel due to work which
will gain desired outcomes. Do not work
continuously & take a needed break.
Pisceans, week will going to be spent
with your loved ones. Some auspicious
happening are likely to occur at home.
It is recommended to take care of
your elders health issues. You will
be fully supported by parents and
at work. Lovers will get some cozy
time together and the understanding
between them will get strong. People
who are related with social and politics
work, desired results will be obtained.

I like winning, Priyanka Chopra says

about becoming Miss World at 18. She
sounds like an Indian Donald Trump,
but with eyelids that work, nearly 5
million more Twitter followers, and
slightly better hair.
Now Chopra is preparing to dominate
season two of her first U.S. TV show,
ABC's "Quantico," about FBI trainees
who all seem to have at least one plotupending secret. The twists serve an
important function: giving Chopra
the chance to show off her range of
surprised faces. Her character went
outside to get reception on a phone
call with a terrorist, and her friend got
blown up? Shocked and devastated!
The recruit she's in love with is married?
Shocked and angry! But the marriage
is just part of his cover? Shocked and
secretly relieved! They're called act

enders. I'm really good at them, she

says, correctly.
Thanks to her work in Bollywood,
she's also good at dancing and singing,
which, based on Indian movies I've
seen on mute in artsy bars, is important.
When asked whether "Quantico"
or next summer's movie remake of
"Baywatch" (her role: billionaire
bombshell) has a cast more likely to
break out in Bollywood-style song, she
says, 'Baywatch,' for sure. I mean,
they're already running in slow motion.
They're going to dance.
Although Chopra has a 22-person
entourage, there is one thing she has to
do on her own: find an apartment. This
is the 20th she's looked at, and she really
likes it. Chopra claims I'm her lucky
charm. I feel like her 23rd assistant.
This definitely deserves a dance.

Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira became

proud parents to their first born child.
Its a GIRL! Shahid Kapoor and wife
Mira Rajput became proud parents to
their first child, a baby girl on Friday.
The girl was born at the Hinduja
hospital in Khar around eight in the
evening. Both mother and child are said
to be doing well and healthy. Shahid
himself took to Twitter to confirm the
happy news.
Mira was admitted to the hospital on
August 24 ahead of her delivery to the
Hinduja Healthcare Surgical Hospital
in suburban Khar. Earlier the child was
expected to be born sometime around
mid-September. A hospital source said
the delivery was normal and the mother
as well as the child were doing fine.

Sources also suggest that both the

mother and daughter will be discharged
within a couple of days. Shahid, who
has been around his wife all through
and taking special care about her
delivery, is no doubt a happy father
Mira had been spotted with a baby bump
at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai
in April, while Shahid revealed during
the trailer launch of Udta Punjab that
he was going to become a father. The
couple had tied the knot in July last
year. It was an arranged marriage.
Needless to say the news has brought
immense cheer to the entire Kapoor
family too ever since the news broke.
Shahid had few days ago shared an
adorable picture with Mira.

Miss Bollywood Priyanka

Chopra Takes On The FBI

Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput

Blessed With Baby Girl

TS Times Sports

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FRU's Plan For Ryan

RATU Peni Raiyani Latianara (Ben

Ryan) could be working behind the
scenes to assist Fiji Rugby Union
before they find a suitable replacement
for him.
With the new HSBC World Rugby
Sevens Series expected to begin
in December at Dubai, FRU board
chairman Francis Kean said Ryan
could be helping them out before they
selected a new coach for the men's 7s
team to work towards defending the
world 7s series title.
Asked by this newspaper if the new
coach would work on retaining the
core players because of time, Kean said
"I think that's something that the new
coach will have to decide upon but also
believe that our lovely friend Ratu Peni
Raiyani will also be helping us behind
the scenes, prior to the announcement
of whoever is going to take charge of
the national Fiji 7s team."
The post will be advertised both locally
and internationally with the assistance
of World Rugby.
"The process will be for two to three
weeks, the advertisement will also
have the support from World Rugby,
it will be advertised internationally,
and the process will take its due course
before we make an announcement,"

Kean added.
Meanwhile FRU chief executive
officer John O'Connor bade farewell
to the couple yesterday at the Nadi
International Airport after having more
discussions with Ryan.
He said the outgoing champion's
mentor had informed them that he had
received other offers apart from the
offer from Fiji rugby but he would take
a break for a while before he informed
them of his decision.
"Ben had confirmed to FRU that he
also has other offers apart from the
offer from FRU but he wants to take
time off to have a look at the offers that
he has and the next challenge for him
he will communicate to us in the next
6-8 weeks," O'Connor said.
"On behalf of the Fiji Rugby Union
chairman and board of directors I would
like to extend our appreciation for what
Ryan has done for the national 7s team.
"The discussions with Ben indicates
his desire to take a break from rugby
by returning home to England and
to explore options for his future
undertaking. The FRU board respects
this decision by Ryan and wishes him
well in his future endeavours."
O'Connor added should Ryan have a
change of heart, he may re-apply.

Jarryd Hayne Can Play For NSW

Jarryd Hayne could still represent NSW
even if he pledges his international
allegiance to Fiji as rugby leagues Test
eligibility rules look certain to undergo a
major revamp.
Hayne is an outside chance of making
Australias Four Nations squad at the end
of this year, but discussions have already
commenced to entice the Titans fullback to
commit to Fiji.
The Rugby League International Federation
will meet next month to discuss the prospect
of allowing free movement for players
between tier one and tier two nations.
This would allow Hayne to select Australia
in order to play for NSW next year but
switch his allegiance back to Fiji in time to
play in next years World Cup.
Eligibility for State of Origin will not
change, with English and Kiwi players
remaining unavailable.
The rule would also free up the likes of
Anthony Milford to pursue his goal of
representing Queensland will allow him to
play for Samoa should he miss Kangaroos
selection. Incumbent NSW hooker Robbie
Farah has indicated his desire to play for
Lebanon at next years World Cup.
Plans are already afoot to have Hayne

feature for Fiji against Samoa in what will

be Samoas first official Test match on
home soil on October 8.
Meanwhile, Andrew Hill starts in his
role as World Cup chief executive on
Monday. Hill, a long-term rugby league
administrator, steps into the position after
Michael Brown was forced to resign
following a heated voicemail left on the
phone of ex-Panthers chief executive
Corey Payne.
The first task is to build a strong team,
Hill said. We are moving out of the NRL
offices. We are starting our own office to
create our own identity. I will introduce
myself to the key stakeholders and very
much focus on the football aspect of
getting the World Cup up and running
Part of Hills challenge will be to engage
western Sydney after the region was
overlooked for matches.
The draw has been done and settled, Hill
said. Management went through a very
rigorous process. Sydney will get two high
quality games. The fact that every state
and territory wanted to have international
football is an enormous sign that perhaps
the game wouldnt have had 10 years ago.

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