Year 10 Science Assessment Task – Nuclear Reactors

Darshil Shah
Part B: Table

Nuclear Reactors
Advantages Disadvantages Readily available and does not have to Waste has to be carefully disposed be of developed. and monitored for thousands of years More energy will be distributed accident rate and if an accident High throughdid occur, the environment and all out the city. High amount of energy things will be harmed. It will living can take be generated from one reactor thousands of years to recover and Because of Parramatta’s density, the causalities will be high. Doesn’t pollute the environmentPreferred targets for terrorist (high as much population) as other energy technologies (low contribution to greenhouse gases) Creates job opportunities Radioactive waste can be used to make nuclear weapons and can damage environment Non renewable energy, and it is going to run out sooner or later Takes 20-30 years to build and costs a fortune (minus the training etc.)

Part C: Letter
Dear Managing Director of Greytech, I have recently read that your company has made a proposal to build a nuclear reactor in what is considered to be Sydney’s second CBD. Firstly, I must express my outrage over this, as I feel that you are making a big mistake. I believe it’s my duty as a citizen to remind you of the risks involved in your development. You simply cannot build a nuclear reactor is Parramatta without realising there could be so many deaths and risks. If a nuclear reactor was to be built in Parramatta, the problem of nuclear waste would arise. The waste is produced when there nuclear reactors are used. This waste has to be properly disposed of, otherwise, it causes problems for the environment and the living things around it. Sooner or later, the waste will fill the land and problems will arise such as leakage. All humans make mistakes, and a mistake at this scale is devastating. No matter how perfect training and security is, the risk is too high. Even the new

technologies cannot stop a person’s simple mistake turn it into something like Chernobyl. Accidents also happen in other power sources, but the consequences are nowhere near what will be faced if anything goes wrong at this stage. A nuclear reactor has the power to wipe out the entire district and haunt everywhere around with radioactivity. There would be thousands of deaths, millions of dollars of damage and a long time of suffering. This type of result can be overlooked by terrorists, and it won’t be long until a loophole in security is found and the security is bypassed. Nuclear waste is a good source which helps making nuclear weapons, and you cannot expect to guard each and every thing that the nuclear reactor produces waste. This would also disturb world peace. The main resource used to generate nuclear power is Uranium, and Uranium is a non-renewable energy source, just like the present day coal. Experts predict that there will be no more Uranium left in the world in 50 years time, and that’s through the development of current energy needs. As soon as the Uranium is gone, nuclear energy is gone. Do you think its worth investing millions of dollars into something that will only last 20-30 years? As you can see, I feel very strongly that there should not be a nuclear reactor build in the district of Parramatta, or anywhere else for that matter. I hope you can see the error in your ways, and realise that there is just too much to loose and nothing much to gain. Thank you for taking the time to read this, your time is highly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Yours Sincerely, Darshil Shah (Concerned Community Member)