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Seat Number


Machine Design I

(Also Old Sem.- V Equivalence) (125103)

P. Pages : 3
Time : Four Hours
Max. Marks : 80
Instructions to Candidates :
1. Do not write anything on question paper except Seat No.
2. Graph or diagram should be drawn with the black ink pen being used for
writing paper or black HB pencil.
3. Students should note, no supplement will be provided.
4. Attempt any two sub questions from each question out of a,b & c.
5. Use of non programmable calculator is allowed.
6. Use of PSG Design Data Book is allowed.
7. Assume suitable data if necessary.



a) Write a short note on selection of preferred sizes with example.

b) A cylindrical shaft made of steel of yield strength 700 MPa is subjected to

static loads consisting of bending moments 10KN-m and a torsional moment
of 30 K-N.m. Determine the diameter of the shaft using two different theories
of failure, & assuming a factor of safety of 2. Take E= 210 GPa & poisson
ratio = 0.25.


Design a Knuckle joint to transmit 150 KN load. The design stresses may be
taken as 75 N/mm2 in tensions, 60 N/mm2 in shear and 150 N/mm2 in

a) The layout of a shaft carrying two pulleys 1 and 2 and supported on two
bearings A and B is shown in fig. The shaft transmit 7.5 kw power at 360 rpm
from pulley 1 to pulley 2. The diameters of pulley 1 and 2 are 250 and 500
mm respectively. The masses of pulley 1 and 2 are 10 and 30kg respectively.
The belt tension act vertically downward and ratio of belt tensions on tight
side to slack side for each pulley is 2.5:1. The shaft is made of plain carbon
steel 40c 8 (syt= 380 N/mm2) and the factor of safety is 3. Estimate suitable
diameter of shaft. If the permissible angle of twist is 0.5 per meter length.
Calculate the shaft diameter on the basis of torsional rigidity Assume G =
79300 N/mm2

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T4 T1




b) Write a short note on Design of spline.


Design a cast iron protective type flange coupling to transmit 15 KW at

900rpm from an electric motor to a compressor. The service factor may, be
assumed as 1.35. the following permissible stresses may be used. Shear
stress for shaft, bolt and key material = 40 N/mm2 crushing stress for bolt &
key = 80 N/mm2 & shear stress for cast iron = 8 N/mm2

a) Write short note on.

i) Bolts of uniform strength.
ii) Strength of transverse fillet welds.

b) A welded connection as shown in fig. is subjected to an eccentric force of

7.5 KN. Determine the size of welds if the permissible shear stress for the
weld is 100 N/mm2. Assume static conditions.



7.5 kN

The structural connection shown in fig. is subjected to an eccentric force p of

10 KN with an eccentricity of 500mm from the C.G of the bolts. The center
distance between bolts 1 and 2 is 200mm, & the centre distance between
bolts 1 and 3 is 150mm. All the bolts are identical. The bolts are made from
plain carbon steel 30 c 8 syt = 400 N/mm 2 and the factor of safety is 2.5.
Determine the size of bolts.

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a) State and explain the procedure of Design of helical spring.

b) A semi elliptical multi leaf spring is used for the suspension of the rare axle of
a truck. It consist of two extra full length leaves & ten graduated length leaves
including the master leaf. The center to center distance between the spring
eye is 1.2m. the leaves are made of steel 55si2mo90 (syt=1500N/mm 2 &
E=20700N/mm2) and the factor of safety is 2.5. The spring is to be designed
for a maximum force of 30 KN. The leaves are prestressed so as to equalize
stresses in all leaves. Determine cross section of leaves & the deflection at
the end of the spring.


The following data is given for a rimmed flywheel made of gray cast iron
FG200 :
Mean radius of rim = 1.5m
Width of rim
= 300mm
Cross sectional area of
each spoke
= 10,000mm2

thickness of rim = 200 mm

number of spokes = 6
Speed of rotation =

Calculate The tensile stress in rim at =30 < =0 & the axial stress in
each spoke.
The mass density of cost iron FG 200 is 7,100kg/m3.

a) Write a short note on Design and natural tolerance.

b) State and explain stress concentration its causes and remedies.
c) A transmission shaft carries a pulley midway between the two bearings. The
bending moment at the pulley varies from 200 N-m to 600N-m as the torsional
moment in the shaft varies from 70N-m to 200N-m. The frequencies of
variation of bending & torsional moments are equal to the shaft speed. The
shaft is made of steel FeE 400 (Sut = 540N/mm 2 & syt = 400N/mm2). The
corseted endurance limit of the shaft is 200 N/mm 2. Determine the diameter
of the shaft using a factor of safety of 2.

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