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Tourists killed in Vietnam

Vietnam belongs for tourists to the most popular and safest travel
destinations in the world, as long as one can believe officially widespread
reports. However, this information may not been longer current since a
long time. More and more tourists in Vietnam were killed at criminal
offenses as well by tragic accidents. These accidents occur mostly due to
insufficient checking for compliance with statutory safety regulations by
the Vietnamese authorities.

Crime in Vietnam rises

ITI-HOLIDAY had reported as early as April 2016 about the constantly
District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City - among tourists and
rising crime in Vietnam, especially in the metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City.
criminals equally popular
The offenders became more and
more unscrupulous over the past
years and willing to accept even the death of their victims. On Monday the 27th
June 2016, at 5.00 am, a 24 years old woman was on her way back home when
she became the victim of a brutal robbery in Vo Thi Sau Street (District 1 of Ho Chi
Minh City). The two perpetrators on a scooter were trying to steal the handbag of
the young woman by drive past. The young woman was crashed so hard that she
died three days later at hospital by her head cerebral injuries.

Tourists killed by robbers - not a unique case

after nightfall - Saigon

becomes a hot dangerous place

A similar crime occurred in District 11 of Ho Chi Minh City on 30th November 2015.
At 1:00 pm a couple was on the way in the Lac Long Quan Street together with the
sister of the husband. Here the family was attacked by robbers on a scooter. The
criminals tried to snatch the handbag from the 58-year-old sister of the husband.
All three victims crashed hard at this attack but fortunately the couple was only
slightly injured. However the 58-year-old woman had not been so lucky. She was
unconscious after the accident and was taken to a nearby hospital. In there she
died on the same day because of her brain injuries.

Other risks to be killed in Vietnam as tourist

In the evening of 04th June 2016 an excursion boat capsized on the river
Hanh nearby the coastal City of Da Nang. Also foreign tourists were aboard
the totally overcrowded boat when it got into trouble and was sinking. Sad
balance sheets of tragic accident were 3 deaths and including 2 children.
The responsible captain led the boat without a valid license what is an
unfortunately very widespread business practice in Vietnam.
On March 14th 2016 came the 43-year-old Swede, Mr. Sjogard Peter
Larson while bathing, in Vung Tau to death. He was on a trip with 2
Vietnamese acquaintances. Mr. Sjogard Peter Larsson just went with his
friends to swim in the sea when they all 3 together suddenly started to
drown. Fortunately they were saved first from other bathing guests who
noticed the accident. The two Vietnamese survived without permanent
Waterfalls in Vietnam present special risks
damage. The heart of the Swedish tourists was failing however on the way
for tourists
to hospital. Why or how it came to this collaborative drowning is still not
clear until today. Presumably there were incidents such as this, which
resulted in that the local authorities felt obliged, to decide on amendments for the beach of Vung Tau. ITI-HOLIDAY
reported about these innovations on the Beach of Vung Tau in detail at May 2016. Unfortunately nationwide at all
beaches in Vietnam are only a few lifeguards available despite such tragic accidents like this one.

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In the afternoon of February 26th 2016, it came in Dalat to a mysterious accident in

which 3 British tourists were killed. Beth Anderson (24) and her sister Isobel
Mackenzie Squire (19) died along with her friend, the former Royal Navy Sailor
Christian Sloan (25) at Datanla waterfall in Lam Dong province in the Central
Highlands of Vietnam. What caused the death of these three backpackers in Vietnam
is still unclear and the reports of the local press, as well as the responsible authorities
go very far apart. One fact is probably that the three were on a adventure tour with a
non-authorized guide. What the death of these three friends caused really seems still
to be an insoluble mystery.
Vo Anh Tan, who is the deputy director of the competent local tourism company, said
that the three tourists explored the area without official admission ticket and with a
non licensed tour guide. They were as well using damaged safety equipment for
climbing. During the climbing at waterfall was then probably torn a rope and the three
Britons plunged together into the depths.
Bui Duc Ro from the local police, however, asserted that the trio must have been
caught suddenly by a strong stream while swimming above the falls which tore them
into the abyss. He explained further that there were found lifejackets by police officers
Waterfalls in Vietnam are popular
in the vicinity of the dead.
destinations but also dangerous
Mr Hoang Ngoc Huy, Director of Tourism Authority (Department of Culture, Sports and
Tourism), however, said that the three visitors would probably be slipped
unexpectedly during bathing above the waterfalls and then plunged together into the
endless depths.
Even more mysterious is it to hear the version Vietnamese tour guide who was accompanying the trio. This guide claims
that initially Mr Christian Sloan stopped the swimming from inexplicable reason and jumped into the deep. Despite its
explicit warning the two sisters, Beth Anderson and Isobel Mackenzie Squire were then afterwards jumped.

other in recent years killed tourists on Datanla waterfall #cccccc

Adri Aristiono Ignatius (male, 28 years old, Indonesia), Leone Patterson (female, 57 years old, Australia), Mathen Gordon
(male, 40 years old, Australia), Alexandra Gordon (female, 18 years old, Australia): Yonas (male, 29 years old, Indonesia),
Rizky Rinaldi (male, 31 years old, Indonesia), Curj Polakitang (female, 30 years old, Indonesia).

Some Vietnamese Tourist Companies willing to accept the deaths of tourists for more gain
Annually in Vietnam losing more than 10.000 people their lives in road traffic!!!

In accidents with in Vietnam very popular open-tour buses tourists were

killed in recent years repeatedly. So it came in July 2014 to a tragic
accident of a Open Tour Bus, wherein 7 foreigners are injured and had
to be hospitalized. On March 13th 2009 a bus were hard crashed en
route from Dalat to Mui Ne. 9 of the 24 Russian passengers died at the
accident place and 13 were injured some seriously. Also a Vietnamese
guide was among the dead ones. The Vietnamese driver was driving
with too much speed on the narrow mountain passes. In May 2012 a
totally overcrowded bus crashes with full speed 18 meters deep from a
bridge into a river on its way from Dak Lak to Ho Chi Minh City. The 55
passengers were surprised by the disaster while sleeping. 32 of the
passengers died at the accident place. 21 other passengers were injured
seriously and two of them died by their injuries at hospital. These are
just some examples of tragic road accidents involving buses, which are
due to the neglect of safety standards and inadequate checking.

Open Tour bus crashes off a bridge to deplore 34 deaths

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Often fatally ended for tourists - two wheeler accidents in Vietnam

In the evening of January 15th 2016 two Canadians died on
Hai Van Pass between Hue and Danang after a motorcycle
accident. A 20-years-old tourist and his 19-year-old sister as
the tripadvisor member -Mathieu Cwell their 22-year-old friend had rented scooters for the ride
from France wrote about MotorVina:
from the old imperial city of Hue to the coastal town of Hoi An.
According to a statement by the only one survivors, Carol
! A company of thieves !
Wayne from Vancouver, all of them was on the downhill from
Quote: We were 5 of us going from Hue to Hoi An
the top of the pass in a very twisty track when the brakes at
with MotorVina. We decided to take 5 scooters that
her friends Clark Stevens scooter became unusable. The only
was our chance. 2 of them were down on the road
way which Mrs. Wayne saw at that moment, was to jump from
due to mechanical problems and we had to leave
the ever faster running scooter which was rented from the
them aside the road. When we arrived in Hoi An, the
company MotorVina in Hue. Only this circumstance it owes the
person in charge didn't want to refund us for the 2
young woman that she survived, though seriously injured. Her
scooters down, just 1. He was close to tell us that we
friend and her brother doesn't were so lucky. Both of them died
were the one to blame. A damn shame, unbelievable.
at the scene when they first collided with each other and after
source: tripadvisor
slide into the guard rail.
Already 6 years in the past, on 18/06/2010, Mr. Alan Lee Doge
(46 years old, Australian) had a fatally accident with his at
MotorVina rented motor scooter. The Australian was on the
way from the Marble Mountains nearby Da Nang to Hoi An
when he drove unbraked in an oncoming truck. The cause of
the accident was never detected. In 2010 the company
"MotorVina" was still well-known as "Diemo Travel". Its former
managing director Mr. Kien Xuan Nguyen is today the owner of
the in 2013 founded company "MotorVina". Diemo Travel was
closed in 2013 due to bankruptcy.
In November 2015 a 51-year-old Dane was killed in a traffic
accident in Vietnam. The businessman with company in
Vietnam was on motorcycle when he was hit by a car. The
Vietnamese accident opponents escaped undetected from the
accident and was never found. Whether it really was an
accident or crime is still unknown.
Rental motorcycles in Vietnam are usually not insured and
foreign driving licenses are not recognized. Foreigners in
Vietnam are usually liable for all costs of an accident in events of
damages. This means for the cost of the injured party and the
motorcycle owner and also their own costs independent of the question
of guilt. more information

the Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

and one of the most popular attractions in Vietnam

In the, with domestic and foreign tourists alike popular Halong Bay on
February 17th 2011 occurred a tragic accident in which at least 12
tourists were killed. It was said in the official reports of the authorities
that 21 passengers were on board of a junk as this was suddenly
broken apart, in the morning at 5:00 o'clock. The passengers were
surprised during they slept and were drowned in their cabins. Only
those passengers who were already on deck could save themselves.
Arrested and then sentenced was the 21-year-old captain of the junk.
The organizer in charge is selling again cheap tours for tourists to the
Halong Bay today under a new name.

2016, 09.04.: Hoang Anh for ITI-HOLIDAY

Vietnam is still worth a trip,

however, one should pay attention who or what is involved during a trip. Otherwise it can be a evil awake.
Anyone who wants traveling cheap is not always traveling by the best choice and in the end they get that what
they had paid for. Especially when traveling in countries with a non-existent justice system, as Vietnam one
should think carefully before making a decision.
ITI-HOLIDAY is feeling with the relatives of all killed tourists in Vietnam and we are sending our condolences.