Teaching Portfolio ENGL 5361

Philosophy A 1-2 page single-spaced document that makes clear (as clear as possible) your beliefs about teaching and how those beliefs guide or would guide your choices in the classroom. Syllabus We will use for reference the CLA adjunct faculty handbook for s reference on the required parts of a course syllabus. You might also use the model of a teacher you observed, or use guidelines published by an institution you'd like to work at. (This will be as long as it needs to be.) Major Assignments A writing course will have major assignments, usually 3-5 formal, written, sometimes researched, essays or projects of other genres. These usually scaffold (build upon each other) learning, so students are developing progressively more difficulty skills as they move through the semester. A writing assignment should include audience, purpose, and genre, and criteria for evaluation. One theoretical concern of BW is what type(s) of assignments are appropriate; usually this is a "crawl before you walk" argument vs. a "learn by doing" argument, which usually falls along traditional/transactional philosophical lines. In other words, do you assign full length works, or teach the paragraph before you teach the essay? Obviously, assignments demonstrate philosophy too in how they require "process" vs. "product." Or how they treat writing as "social" vs. "individual." Or how (much) they require SAE or other conventions of academic writing. Also, the assignments provided might be impacted by the "level" of student & expectations/requirements of the institution. So it could be best to look at an institution at which you'd like to work, and create a course & assignments that correspond to those requirements/expectations, even if they are constraining. Reflective Overview The RO is something you should write at the end. It can be completely informal and personal (and you may use non-standard English), but should be relevant, thoughtful, and reference the portfolio. It should discuss the processes you used to write/compose the portfolio, the struggles you might have had, the choices you made, and the "so what?" Did you find this task useful or not, why, and how? Be creative. Do what makes sense to you.

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