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How safe are your assets? How high is the risk of leakage,
damage or even explosion in a pipeline network, for example?
Material fatigue, corrosion, external forces such as
excavators, anchors or fishing nets and, of course, human
error all pose a potential threat. Safety is critical in the
mitigation and avoidance of major accidents, which may
have a negative effect on corporate reputations and profits.
Failure can also have a significant impact on shareholder
value to say nothing of the negative effects on health,
safety and the environment (HSE). For those responsible the
corporate and personal consequences may well be serious.
Owners and operators of complex assets, e.g. in the oil
and gas industry, have an obligation and in some instances,
a statutory requirement to develop and implement processes
to ensure that asset integrity and reliability issues with
HSE impact potential are identified and duly considered at
every stage of an assets lifecycle in order to demonstrate the
mitigation of risks associated with major accident hazards.
How can those ultimately responsible for asset safety
demonstrate corporate, statutory and regulatory compliance
in areas of high risk across all assets? The implementation
of intelligent solutions for managing the integrity of assets
throughout their lifecycle is therefore crucial.

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At Germanischer Lloyd (GL) we have intelligently applied
our engineering expertise, domain knowledge and many
years of experience in upstream, midstream and downstream
oil and gas, petrochemicals and power generation to develop
a lifecycle-oriented asset integrity management solution.
This lifecycle approach to asset integrity management
(AIM) covers every stage from pre-FEED, FEED, design,
fabrication and construction through operations, maintenance
and life extension to abandonment and decommissioning.
The objective of our lifecycle AIM solution is to ensure
that operationally critical elements remain fit-for-purpose
throughout an assets lifecycle.
Our AIM solution is focused on safety, reliability and
production optimisation to ensure that corporate, statutory
and regulatory governance are met and sustained in a
cost-effective manner. Moreover, it is engineered to deliver
operational excellence by ensuring a world-class HSE
performance, optimising reliability, maximising efficiency
and availability, mitigating and avoiding major accident
hazards, and ultimately increasing lifecycle value across
all types of assets.

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Our systematic but flexible approach to delivering a
holistic lifecycle AIM solution is based on a wealth of
expertise and experience in this field.
Systematically develop a corporate or asset-specific
AIM solution
Develop an AIM philosophy and strategies
Demonstrate corporate management and control
Assure corporate, statutory and regulatory compliance
Define competencies and accountabilities within the
AIM strategy
Establish and develop best-practice AIM processes and
Align with corporate and statutory AIM strategies
Identify key roles and responsibilities
Manage and implement asset-specific condition status
Identify critical elements in safety, business and
environmental terms
Develop performance assurance verification standards
for all critical elements
Perform baseline and criticality assessments to
establish inspection frequencies
Acquire, control and interrogate real-time operational
integrity data
Optimise inspection, monitoring and testing frequencies
Detail current status reporting to highlight main integrity
Transfer from time to condition-based monitoring
leading to reduced costs
Call on GL for AIM and you get all these services from a
single source. Thats the practical side of Applied Intelligence.

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GLs lifecycle solution sets new industry standards in
asset integrity management because it is truly holistic and
beneficially innovative, perfectly integrates into your existing
systems, and is intelligently implemented by a global network
of internationally experienced AIM specialists. Our industryleading and fully integrated AIM software tool, of which
GALIOM is the keystone, is totally flexible, allowing us to
get involved at any phase of an assets lifecycle (though
the optimum time is the pre-FEED stage on new projects).
With existing assets we deliver value by extending plant
life. Moreover, our AIM solution can be fully customised
for seamless integration into any existing AIM/RBI system
and includes bi-directional links to SAP, for example.
Whatever asset you may have, it can be monitored and
managed by means of GLs integrated solution.
GALIOM, GLs integrated solution, provides criticality risk
assessment / risk-based assessment at a qualitative
or semi-quantitative level, supporting the transition from
time-based to condition-based monitoring. It combines
the power of an in-built inspection data management
system, work pack planning, management of change
methodology and historical inspection data management.
It identifies criticality, risk and technical integrity in an
easily understandable colour-coded asset hierarchy. When
interfaced with operations DCS and laboratory information
management systems, it can highlight operating integrity
issues and guide a proactive inspection and maintenance
This unique software comes in a variety of customised
modules covering asset equipment, structures, onshore
and offshore pipelines, pressure vessels, piping, pressure
safety valves, rotating equipment, instruments and
electrical equipment all in a single integrated software
application that demonstrates GLs move from a reactive
to a proactive system. GALIOM clearly addresses the
task of delivering operational excellence just one of the
benefits Applied Intelligence brings.

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Industry-specific software tools add a unique credibility
to our business consultancy offerings in asset integrity
management. These sophisticated software solutions have
been developed on the basis of our first-class technical
know-how, clear insights into clients needs and deep
understanding of their assets.
Our broad portfolio of software solutions can help to
improve the safety, performance and integrity of our
clients complex assets and processes throughout
their lifecycle. Our specific software solutions cover the
following areas:

Network simulation
Pipeline management
Asset integrity management
Safety and risk

GLs AIM solution is engineered to deliver world class

asset performance, while optimising the lifecycle value of
all asset types. Our 4-stage solution is flexible, and allows
involvement at any stage of an assets lifecycle although
the optimum time to contact GL is in the early stages of new
projects, when we can work with you to build in systems
that will maximise safety and performance. Whatever the
challenge, we always aim higher.

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Lets keep it short and simple.
Why should GL be the company of choice to deliver your
AIM solution? These are the five key benefits:
1. Globally consistent approach and delivery across
all types of assets, facilitating the identification of safety,
business and environment critical elements and the
enactment of operational best practice.
2. Compliance with corporate, statutory and regulatory
governance through common management solutions
based on industry-leading GALIOM technology, allowing
an unequivocal demonstration of management and control
and a clear understanding of critical risk mitigation and
3. Transition from time-based to condition-based
monitoring and maintenance on the basis of sound
engineering principles and reliable information supplied via
GLs four-stage AIM approach.
4. Optimised costs and reduced system downtime
through increased reliability, reduced inspection costs,
optimised inspection frequencies, streamlined ways of
working and more efficient processes throughout an
assets lifetime.
5. Step change in safety performance leading to mitigation
and avoidance of major accident hazards or occurrences
affecting HSE, corporate reputations and profits.

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What Applied Intelligence means in practice is best
illustrated by practical examples taken from the GL Group
of companies.
Shell, Brunei: Implementation and maintenance of an
AIM/RBI inspection programme for onshore and offshore
facilities consisting of 210 platforms, 26,620 lines,
1,753 pressure vessels, 1,188 pipelines, 4,281 pressure
safety valves and 273 offshore cranes.
PEMEX, Mexico: Implementation of an RCM pilot
project for an LNG extraction plant, including loading,
dehydration, cooling, de-ethanising and fractionation
Murphy Sabah Oil: Implementation of an AIM/RBI
inspection programme for the Kikeh deepwater production
facilities, including a spar platform, FPSO, interfield
pipelines and a gravity-actuated pipeline.

ADMA OPCO, Abu Dhabi: Integrity management

framework contract involving a gap analysis of ADMA
processes, procedures against minimum industry
standards and international best practice, and a
subsequent list of corrective measures.

GUPCO, Egypt: Implementation of a base line inspection

and asset integrity management / risk-based inspection
programme for GUPCO Egypts facilities in four offshore
operating areas, 11 offshore fields and various onshore
gathering, storage and production fields.

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