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High Performance Film Coating System

Opadry II, high performance film coating system, is quick and easy to prepare. Simply add Opadry II film
coating system powder to water and mix for 45 minutes with a propeller stirrer.*
The coating suspension can be made with up to 20% solids. Your Area Technical Manager can recommend
the ideal solids for your specific Opadry II system and your equipment.
Figure 1


Opadry II film coating system.

Water, deionized or distilled preferred, ambient

temperature (maximum 30 C).


Variable-speed mixer capable of producing and

maintaining a vortex.

Propeller stirrer. For optimum mixing, utilize a propeller

with a diameter equivalent to 1/3 - 1/2 of the diameter of
the mixing vessel. (Figure 1)

Mixing vessel large enough to contain a liquid volume

15% to 25% greater than the total suspension being
prepared. The liquid height and vessel diameter should
be equal.

1. Weigh necessary quantity of Opadry II film coating
2. Weigh necessary quantity of water into the mixing vessel.
3. With the propeller in the center and as close to the bottom of the vessel as possible, stir the water to form a
vortex without drawing air into the liquid.
4. Steadily add the Opadry II powder to the vortex, avoiding powder flotation on the liquid surface. If required,
increase the stirrer speed in order to maintain the vortex.
5. After all the Opadry II powder has been added, reduce the mixer speed to nearly eliminate the vortex. Mix
for 45 minutes.

The prepared Opadry II dispersion can be pumped directly from the preparation vessel if desired.
We recommend that the Opadry II dispersion be gently agitated during the coating process.



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