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Correctly punctuate these sentences:

a) Brian asked what happens if I press this button
b) the world will end replied Nadeen
Choose the correct option
a) It was (I, me) who ate the entire bag of potato chips while you were out.
b) I asked her (who, whom) she meant to marry after she dumped Alfred.
c) Hell send candy to (whoever, whomever) he likes best.

Write down what tense they are in:

a) By the end of this year I will have shifted to our new house.
b) I have been living here for two years.
Write down the plural/singular form of:
a) Premium
b) Cattle
c) Hypothesis
d) Agenda
e) Crisis
f) Data
g) Phenomenon
h) Looker-on
Convert this to indirect
a) She said, I met him yesterday.
b) He asked, What is his name?
Choose the correct verb:
a) Every one of you is/are answerable.
b) Truth & honesty are/is the best policy.
c) Six dozen cost/costs only ten rupees.
d) Ten miles is/are a long distance to cover in an hour.
e) He as well as they was/were present.
f) Two & two makes/make four.
g) Either he nor I is/am to blame.
Change the voice
a) Please stop writing.