F. & A. M.

Officers of' Hyde Park Lodge,
Rev, D. D. Hopkins Resigns Notes and Personals.
The Minimi election of otlleeis m lirlil lust uvoiiIiir In Hyde I'm It lodge, No. 3S0, h'l'cC and Accented Masons, when the following selection. weie liiiulr: Worslllliltil nitlsler. Hurry Wrlffk-ypeiilor warden, Wlllhun M. Lewis;




his resignation to the church Hunday evening, lie Informed the deacons In the morning or his accoptnnce uf the call, and notllled the chtlich In the evening. ltoV. Hopkins will cUhc his ministry here the last Ktindity In February, and sail for Wales In March. He preached In the Hhomldii valley church In August last and lccelved the call on October 23. How Hopkins llrst etunc to this city In January, 1SH9, iiutl assumed his present pnstoriitp three .curs ngo last September.

File Yesterday Afternoon.
the Times olHee on Jackson street was overturned at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon by some of the newsboys, causing a slight lire. ) alarm was sent In from Hox :!", ill the corner or Alain avenue and Jackson street, bill the lire was extinguished without much trouble. (Ieorge Daniels, the manager, was slightly Injuied by railing over a bench during the excitement, and one or the newsboys cut himself In climbing thiough a window. The stove


and Mrs. Alexander Heildor, of South Sumnef avenue. The Oxford mine accidental fund wan formally disbanded lust uvuiilng at it itieotliiR held In Cd'operatlve hull, wheit the money In the bunds oC the tieasurer INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS OF Was divided iiininiK- the members lit KING SOLOMON LODGE. ruoiI standlnc This social lind fair oC HI, Amies' chapter will bo held this evening In St. A Banquet Was a Feature of the OcDavid's Episcopal church. casion Affair Attended by a NumContributions for the Christmas basket dinner under the direction uf the ber of Visiting MasonB Skin Had Bnlvatton Army, may he sent to Adto Be Oiafted Onto the Arm Of Pat-lic- k jutant Nankwell at No. 10 Merrlileld wtret't, McDonald, jr., of Bunker Hill. A new Iron fence Is being erected In Marriage of Miss Margaret Lan-ga- n front of the Simpson Methodist Episcopal church mi North Main avenue. to John Fahey, of PhiladeMrs. Kdwnrd Watts, who has been lphiaOther Notes. the finest of Mr, and Mrs, P. ,T. of I.ussorno strret, has returned to her home In Nantlcoke. King Solomon lodge, Free and John M. .Inties, of Corbet t avenue, Is Masons, hold tholr annual banHutTi'i'lnir ft 0111 burns received from quet and Installation of oltlcors In I'dcaplng steam while at milk In the hall Inst night. A large number Hellevtti! mine recently. The members or St. Paul's Pioneer of visiting Masons from the sevctal corps will meet In their hull this evening to practise the drill which will be Riven 111 the Father Wllltt.V's hall In North Sci'iiuUm some time In January. The newly elected cabinet of the League of Simpson Methodist ICplseopnl church were entertained last evening at the home of Miss Anna Hughes, :iiJ)!i North Hyde Park avenue. Druggist John J. Da vies will lead rt paper next Friday evening al the meeting of Laeka wanna council, No. liyj, Hoyal Arcanum. Miss Angle lleese, of Syracuse university, Is visiting at the homo of her parents, Mr. and airs. S. M. Itee.--e, on North ll.vde Park avenue. Mr. and Mrs. David Anthony, who were married at Olyphnnt recently, have returned and commenced housekeeping on South Fillmore avenue.


Lyceum Theatre, Hel,
LeB Rhd Manitfter. Ai J, Diifty, Dumneii




Die. 16


i;rWAHD C. KIDDEM'S AMERICAN COUNTRY PLAV, Krnin Its Memorable huhJt 6r Montlii lr Uostoh and 160 Nights In Now York.

A Blmplo Story nf the Werkslilre Hllti, ALL BUNB1IINH AND LOVlJ. PniChS-tl.O- o, 73e tOc, 23c. flenta on ftalc.




Wednesday ,Ba"st Dec. 17

Special nciiiin HngitRcment, K. AVrlRlit'iTiH8;nlnocnt prodtlc-llo- n of the pirtileflt of all pastoral plAys,

The biggest hit hi the Dramatic World! Pieseiited by the original great CBfct. Tho most elaborate ceenle protlttctlou ever given n. pastoral play. Children. Ciirlnlii rlies pioirlptly nt 8 p. m. spetlnl Mttllnec I'rlccs-- 25 nntl 50 centK, IS cents. 7.1c., G0c., 23c. Night Prlfccs-Jt.O- O, Seats on sale. TWO NIGHTS ONLY, Friday, Dec. 16 ttd 10.



The teachers of No. 1!) school yesterday deposited the rollowlng sums 111 SOUTH SCRANTON NOTES. H. N. DAVIS, the West Side bank for their pupils: iiAmtv wisigley. New WoiHhlpful .Master of King SoloD. W. Phillips, .",; Miss Miss Davis, .:.'; IJtri'loit Wnis!ll)ftd Aluslcr. mon Lodge, F. and A. M. Kvans, $1."0; Miss Mutrny. .r3; Miss Officers for the Mountain Lake Hunt.:,; Miss ,8n; Miss Hutton, Xleholls, Junior wutdon. Huffy A. Sprouts; lodges In the valley were present, and ing and Fishing Club Chosen. Chnrles K. Limning; treasurer, .Morgan, .i'0; Miss lSurrall, ..'0; Miss u very enjoyable social evening v ns .41'; Miss Wnde, Wlllluni It. Williams: trustees, Thomas Kelly. $!.:; Miss Funeral of Mrs. Hiltz. enjoyed. Carey, Joseph Oliver and Charles n. Heamlsh, .L'O; Miss Flynn, .:!.".; total, Those Installed were: Worshipful Pitcher; reiucseuliitlve to niand lodge, $7.92. master, Jt. N. Davis; senior warden, A well attended session of the Mounor Mouth Main avenue, Tony Munoltl, (leorsu Oberdurfer. Charles Oliver; junior warden, Joseph yesterday caused the arrest of Uaefello tain Lake Hunting and Fishing club Wntrous; treasurer, Wilson D. Decker; was held at the lake headquarters on secretary, clarence Watrous; represenLed. of 12S South Ninth street, before Another Fund Disbands. Sunday The Drlnbln MIhe Accidental fund, Alderman Noone, on the charge or ma- coming afternoon when olllcers for the tative to the Grand lodge, Charles F. year weie elected. They Nlemeyer: trustees, Charles F. which was In existence during the past licious mischief. The latter was a tenPresident, Alderman John Lentes; (Ix years, has been disbanded, and a. ant In Manottl's house and before vaThomas Sly and Charles Brady. meeting will bo held In Drummer's hull, cating. It Is alleged, broke the windows, and plastering Skin Grafting Operation. al HiiH'h Head, this evening for the doorsheld In $300 ball. In the house. Led purpose of dividing the funds In the was Patrick McDonald, jr., of Hunker The Ladles' Aid society of the Taberhands of the treiKuier. Hilli who was badly Injured some time The odlccis were: President, A. fl. nacle Congregational church will hold ,iko while employed on tho new Cansecretary, Charles Johnson; a fair and social In the church parlors Lewis: non Ball railroad, underwent an opertreasurer, James Davis. The commit- tonioriow evening. Qutlts. aprons and sv ation at the Scranton Private hospital :3iijijiijijijijijH tee appointed to wind up the fund's small articles will be for sale. Admison Saturday hint. Ills injury was of u trail's were George 'fell, Charles AVnt-1- 1 sion, Including lunch, will be 1.1 cents. such n nature that the surgeons reProf. D. AV. Phillips, principal or No. ns, Henry Lutz, Charles Johnson and sorted to that the flesh 1!i school, is conllued to bis home by (ieorge Davis. on the hand and arm might he covered. illness. Miss Bertha Powell is substiAt present Jie is resting comfortably tuting fcir him. Has Accepted the Cnll. and his chances are good for making a The local lodge or the Modern WoodD. V. Hopkins pastor of the Hev. rapid recovery. men of America were to have elected First Welsh Baptist church, onicers last evening, but In the absnee Main avenue, who received a call some Fahey-Langa- n Nuptials. time ago to become the pastor or the of a quorum the election was deferred Langan, of East Miss Margaret until the next meeting. I'orth Welsh Raptlsl church in the Drinker street, and John Fahey, of Hrunlng, of. Jenkins' drug Henry Ithondda valley, outh Wales, sent In Philadelphia, were married In St. store, was called to Carbondale yesterMary's church on Saturday afternoon day, owing to the serious illness of his b. Hev. M. H. Donlau. sister. After the nuptial knot was tied tho The wedding of HaVry P. Decker, of happy couple, with a few intimnis North Sumner avenue, and Miss Helen friends enjoyed a wedding dinner at Thayer, of South Main avenue will take the home of the bride, Mr. and JIis. place next Thursday. Five stamps given, away with Fahey will make their future home in Airs. Caroline Brooks, of North Hyde PKKSIDKNT JOHN T. I.IJNTUS. each bottle of Dufour's French Tar Philadelphia. Park avenue, is 111 at her home. G. W. JENKINS. A daughter was born yesterday to secretary, Herman Urlll; treasurer. TOLD IN A FEW LINES. Kell; steward, I'arl Graf: adviser and referee, Councilman Charles (Jraf. Tho youngest child, aged ten months, The society was organized some time ago by lovers of the piscatorial pas- of M r. and airs. Patrick Dougherty, of time, and one member Is admitted each Center street, died on Sunday afteryear, the qualifications being that the noon, after a lew days' illness. Internewly elect shall have proved his right ment will be ni'ide In Ml. Carinel cemeto admittance by telling the best and tery today. The Tin oop line has not beten opened most original fishing or hunting story of the season. Fred Kircholf won the since Friday's snow storm. membership prize this year by a yarn Contractor Peter Stlpp, with a large that struck the members speechless, force of men, began excavating for the and they voted favorably while still new bank building yesterday morning. The Ladles' Aid society of the Dudunder the spell of his magnetism. Following the election a bounteous dinner ley Street Jlaptlst church will conduct a P. C. C. U. social In the church parwas served. Of holiday specialties and novelties on Saturlors tonight. The public Is cordially InThe Reliable Stores. vited to attend. day. Everybody pronounced it "Great" and Vandyke Pinckney is 111 at his home Why journey to town for your grobuying was so generous that wa knew we had ceries and Christmas goods when you on TJloom street. John T. O'NIel ind family, of Kim '0 can get everything you need almost at made no mistake. your door. Goods and prices just a street, left for Hichmondville, .Mich., shade better than in the city. Every- yesterday, wheie they will spend tho thing In season. Christmas toys and next few weei;s. Attorney II, S. Hubler left yesterday presents a specialty. Charlen Graf, trip to Susquehanna on a buslne--- s Pittston avenue. county. Funeral of Mrs. Hiltz. Itov. Charles II. New lug Is ill at his Hundreds gathered to pay a last trib- home on Ulakely street. His pulpit was ute or respect to the memory of Mrs. filled on Sunday morning by Dayton there were pickers and choosKatei-niHlltz, whose funeral took Ellis, and In the evening by Hev. Joers all day long among the place yesterday afternoon. For fully seph Madison, of Scranton. good sorts with the two Tho building recently purchased by an hour before the set vices a long lino years' guarantee for service. Our Jewelry department of sorrowing friends passed the open Mrs. Louis Fnglo from the bank direcThey've just as pretty as they has earned its reputation for casket to take a faiewell look at the tors lias finally boon plncod on her land, are good. Umbrella Prices, reliability, correct style, and one ihey had known anil lespected for after many delays, during which time $1.00 to S10.00. thorough-goin- g Drinker street, below the corners, has economy on so many years. merit. Everything sold is Services were conducted at the house been blockaded. as represented. Our guaranSt by Hcv. William A. Nordt, of the Hicktee for that every time. Solid ory stteet German Presbyterian church, SCRANTON. gold and silver jewelry of all who spoke feeling words of comfort to hinds; gold filled jewelry tht bereaved family. Ho also read tho Next Sabbath will be observed by tho Presbyterian people as that's warranted; funeral services at the grave side In Providence silver trinkets of all kinds; silverPlttHton avenue cemetery, where Inter- Christmas Sunday and a line proware and pocket cutlery; picment was made. Tho pallbearers wete: gramme of Christmas music will bo renstocks held visitors long. It; tures at surprisingly low John Deiuuth, Geoige Kosar, William dered by the large choir under the leadThere is ao much to see and prices; Brush Sets, Manicure ership or Musical Dltector C. F. Whitle-morso little time to take it all in. 0. Flitch and Christian FIckus. Dr. Guild will pi each a Cluls't-inuSets, Mirrors, Shaving OutNo use to try and tell about sermon at the morning service. fits, Cracker Jars and other A Fine Display. it. Come and see for your- things in cut glass, silver, A Christinas goods, The choir will have a rehearsal this self. r$ & toys line assortmentareofon exhibition, also evening, etc. and presents Mr, and Mrs. Edwin A, Klefer, upon fruits, cakes and candles to please the tholr return fiom their wedding tour, " little ones at Westphals. will enter upon housekeeping lit tho rooms over Henwood's drug store, NUBS OF NEWS. The North End Stars play a team goods ate shown in endless J.ost A Persian lamb collattlte with from Plymouth tonight. Manager Ilas-we- ll 5 variety. The burnt leathers expects a fast, clean game. martin tall, lost between Cedar avenue are popular with faddists, II. K. Orlllln, the druggist, has recovand Uacka wanna avenuo last Filday. and so are the many burnt Finder will be rewarded if returned to ered sufficiently from a severe attack wood productions which show for every member of the of grip to again have charge of his Mrs. Klrst, HOt Cedar avenue. the deftness with which art family: Fur Scarfs, Ruches Anthony Nealnn died last evening of store, may guide a practiced hand in various materials and all burns due to an exploding lamp. Tho '0 in the use of a hot poker. colors; Ties, Stocks and Silk accident occurred some days ago, The Pillow Shams, Cushions, Lace Neckwear in endless assortdeceased Is survived by a wife and Covers for stands, tables, bufamily. The funeral notice will appear ment for ladies and children; Miss Jenalo Okell, of West Chester Nor. reaus, etc., Pocketbooks,Hand Mufilers and Silk Neckwear nml school, Is spending tho Phrlstmus later. Bags, Toilet Bequisites, PerSee our, grand display of premiums holidays at her homo on Monroe avenue, gentlemen in styles that for Mrs, Henjaniln Klllam, of Paupack, Is fumery and a thousand and given away absolutely free. Trading baflio description. Values tho guest of her daughter, Mis. IMIsou one other things suitable stamps, Westplml's general stores. that have never been equalled of Green Ilidgo street, for Christmas remembrances in Scranton. Another member of the Fourteen Greene, Green Hldgo Wheelmen and Ar- Tho cluster around these departFiiendH has arrived on this sldo to ments, spend the hollduys. It's a boy anil will board at the home of Mr, and Mi-b- , Thomas Duffy, of :i20 Cedar avenue, Jacob lluppenthal, formerly of Irving avenue, has sold his property and moved to S22 Ueech street. A game of basket ball will be played nie much in demand among Friday night al Callery's Hull between Christmas shoppers. No need These depaitinents have no the St. Mary's and the Twentieth Cento tell you that the largest PLEASANT equal iu this state outside of tury teams, stocks, the best selections, Philadelphia and Pittsburg. I)i', Schley's laiug Ik.illug Bilsam Is the leading fashions and the All the latest productions giaiiautecd to cuio all coughs "No cine, lowest prices blend such hapfrom home and foreign no pay," For salo by all dealers. py harmony here as to make and specialties for Jllss Amanda Thlehauur, of Lehlgh-tobuying a pleasure. Pa., Is the guest of he, sister, Mrs. the holiday season only, George Oswald, on Plttstou avenue. THE NEXT NfORNING FEEL BRIGHT AND NEW well AND BETTER. & A union attended rehearsal of the Clio-n- My doctur MY COMPLEXION ouIS(lid stumutb. livtr &) was held last evening. It icts uttiitly
y. fol-lo- y: Nie-meyskin-graftinKit-wa- rd

Miss Gannon, Secy Detroit Amateur Mr. Chauncey Olcott Art Association, tells young women what to In His New Pluy, do to avoid pain and suffering caused by OLD LIMERICK TOWN
female troubles.

The Grcutest of nil Olcott's Successes.

female weakness and the troubles which so often befall women. Buffered for months AVlth general weakness, and felt so weary that I had hard work to keep up. I had shooting pains, and was utterly miserable. In my distress I was advised to use Lydia E. Pinkhum's Vegetable Compound, and it was a red letter day to me when I took the first dose, for at that time my restoration began. In six weeks I was a changed woman, perfectly well in every respect. I felt so elated and happy that 1 Avant all wonien who suffer to get well as I did." Miss "Guila Gannon, 359 Jones fat., Detroit, Mich., Secretary Amateur Art Association. It is clearly shown in this youncr lady's letter that Iij'dla E.

"Dear jVIrs. Pinkham: T can conscientiously recommend Lyd la E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to those of niy sisters Buffering with

By Augustus Pltou, Manager. Hear Olcott's New BOngs. All Bit Hits.

73c, 60a, 25c.

Scats on pale Tuesday at

a. m,



Academy of Music
Rcls. Lessen nnrt MrinHflrAr. A. J. Duffy, Business Manager. .1 NIGHTS starting THURSDAY, DEC. 18. Matinee Dally Starting Thursday. Lincoln J. Carter Presents thfe World' Only Indian Actress,

Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will certainly oitre the Sufferings of women; and when one considers that Miss Gannon's letter is only one of the countless hundreds which wc are continually
publishing in the newspapers of this country, the great virtue of Mrs. Pinkham's medicine muBt be admitted by all ; and for tho absolute dll kinds of female ills no substitute cure can possibly take itfi plticc. Women should bear this important fact in mind when they go into a drugstore, and be sure not to accept anything
o-- f

Fire and Gliflst Dancej the Exoltlna Horse Race: the Attack On Old KdY0 Reno; the Flaming Arrow; the Wonderful Horses AVonfty anil Buekslitm 10 Big Special Cast 10 Genuine Indian Brass Band. Special Matinee Prices Gallery, lOf.j Balcony, loc; Lower Floor, 25c; chlldi'Ln 13c. to lower floor. Night Prices IS. 23, 33, 50 cents. Scats on sale Tuesday at 9 a. m.

8 tort the ttchpsn of tho Moon; tho

In tile Picturesque Western Play THE- FLAMING AKKOW.
C.otin-r- ll

that is claimed to be "just as good " as Ijydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, for

no other medicine for female ills has made so many actual cures. ' Young How

The Dixie Theatre
HENItY FARNSWORTH DIXIE, Lessee and Manager.

Another Sufferer Was Cured.


write and tell you what your Vegetable Compound has done for rne. I suffered terribly every month at time of men struation, and was not able to work. Your medicine has cured me of my trouble. I felt relieved after taking one bottle. I know of no medMiss Emm Cross, 169 icine as good as yours for fcmalo troubles." Water Street, Haverhill, Mass



I must



News Boy's Week at th Dixie. Big Holiday Novelty. WEEK OF DECEMBER 18th. 400 Scranton Newsboys to ting ai speoial feature every night. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Keley. Will B. Pox.
Genere & Theel. Miles & Raymond.. Cotton's Donkeys.





Through a Foot of Snow I They Came to See the Show


Remember, Mr. Pinkham's advice is free, and all sick women are foolish if they do not ask for it. !No other person lias SucU vast experience, and has helped so many women. Write
to-da- y.



FORFEIT I' wa cannot forthwith produce th original letter signatures of above testimonials, which will prove their absolute genuineness. lijula

IMnklium Medicine Co,,



ALF. G. HBRRINQTON, Urltgr. iinmiur. Tiiesdav and Wednesday. . DECEMBER 11, 16 AN Rentz-Santle-

3 5

Among the


Jewelry, Pictures,

127-2- !)

VIII liuwl a Umiki.i' Kitmo tills evenliitf nt tlio chili Iiouhp on Wyoming avenue. Hereafter (Ireen ltlilge lodKe, No. fi'k!. Independent Order of Odd fellows, will confer the Initiatory degree the llrst meeting nlRht In eneli month. There uie now several luopo.sltlons to be acted upon. At the (I recti nidgo Cash .store, Capouso and Miirltm stieet: ", lbs. I'nine.s, Sic; 1 Neetailnes, 10e.: 2 cans Peaches, SSu.; 1 Italslns, lue.; l.ner Haisins, 1 aic.: 1 lb. 11). Dates, T,c. 1 lb. FIrs, Apricots, Se,; 1 Cut rants, inc.; mixed l'eel, l.'c. l.linbiii'Kei', Swiss and Ilrlek Cheese. New phone, VI'; old,






Matinee Every Day.


Convenlent to Theatres and Sliopplnc Districts. Take 23rd st. cross town cars and transfer at 4th nve. direct


to hotel.
llooms wltli Until

ULEANOIl Itl'SSKI.l., ased yeuis, wife of Dr. K, IJussell, of Ml Atlanis avenue, died on Saturday night at her home uftcr a week's Illness with peritonitis. Sho Is survived by her husband and the following two brothers and n. slbtcr: Lester Davis, of Scranton; .Marshal J. Davis, of Vermont, and Miss Addio Davis, of filcns Falls, N. Y. The funeral will bo held this ufteriidun at L' o'cloeit from the residence. Services will bu conducted by Hev. Dr. It. F. Y, IMeice, pastor ot the l'enn Avenuo llaptlst church nml interment will bo mado hi Forest J I 111 cemetery.
.MltS. yi'.iiH, died on Sunday
(ill! W



(Suits with Until 1 $3.00l


. .

W. H. PARKE, Proprietor.


Cor. SUtccnlh St. and


lr In; I'licc,

The Novelty

American Man, $3.80 Per Day and Upwards. European Han, $1.00 Per Day and Upwards. Special Hates lo FamlUci.

and It Fancy Goods 9







2 Art Needlework Neckwear j,and Leather of All a Kinds

I'lun street, after a brlet Illness, Tho 4-deceased was a wmnn posjesRlng many lovable traits of eliatiictcr and was Idolized by her chlldien. She Is suvlved by 4: her husband and tho following chlhheu; Mrs. J, M, Staples, Jllss Jes.ilo VuBlltfl and Perry Wnwr. The luneral will bo hold iitcruoon at 2:20 o'clock luliiiineiu will bo from the lesldenco. "t made iu the Washburn stieot cemetery,

ut tho family

WAtiNlOn, lined





f 1'or liusluess Men In tho liea it of the wholesale




For Shoppers
n 2

Florist, 203 Wash. Ave



minutes' walk to Yt'nnamakrra inllllites to Slescl Cooper's Dig Stole. Hasy of access to tho Bleat ury uooos niuius.



MUS, WUjI.IAM fi. WI1.MAMH, of r.1,1 South Hyde 1'aik avenue, died at her homo last evening after a shott illness. Deceased's husband died sovual mouths ago, and one of their chlldien tiled a few weeks ago, Soven children now survive, Thov uro Thomas, .lenule, Lizzie, Mary, Willie, Nelllo and Tudor. Tho funeral announcement will be iiuiilo later.

Ins easy tMiiiBportatlon

One block fiom B'wuy Cms, glv. to all L




Gloves, Furs


ni'DOI.PII WILL died .vestetday at hh home, T'.'S "Willow street, after a long The deceased was nu old resident of South Scranton nml was well and favorably knoVn. lie Is survived by one son, Kmll Will, and two daughters, Mis. Cminu Holier mill Miss Annlo Will. The funeral notice will appear later,

NEW YOKK. $ ft UNiviansiTy ru st.Illock Ironi lliondway, 4Only ono Rooms, $1 Up. J
cor nth


and Waists

and Hosiery


Christian Kudeuvor merman on Sunday night, January i3. .Special ineGtliiRS to bu utldressed by out of toyn wpeakeiH of reimto will be conducted In homo centrally located church on the threo nlulits tollowluir. II. I riLLMOUH, aged 71 years, died On Thutriduy night, .lanuary L'9, it Is nt hH lesldenee last evening al Mb Marplanned to have a graml rally of all lon street. Funeral noticu later. the active Christian Kudeavorers In tho city. - TO ISSUE A PAPER. COURT HOUSE NEWS NOTES. to Be Devoted


is Lager

Manufacturers or

Old Stock

Monthly Publication
to Local

a a a a a





I 111

E. Work.

Glob? Warehotis?.

& Kryer lot of poultry for LANE'S FAMILY MEDICINE jar. the holidays; also a choice lot of meats All ilriiKgl.Uorbymtllt', cti.ljiICOcti. Huylttii itty. l.uut-1.v .Ui'ilii'luu iinivt'M lUu 0 and sausages always on baud, IjiiutU tui'li I'u ilii). In onlvr to bn Imnllliy tllbl Cedar ayonue, and 437 i'enn avenue. V,


Guthelnz, Welsser

Will have


and kidutj auJ U ATleaant Uiatnv. Tbla drink 14 nude from liorbs, and i prepared fur u&o as easily an ta. It U tailed "Iuiie'4 Ti'ii" or







U Hojr, N.

At u meeting of tho executive olllcers of the City union of the Christian Kn. denvor societies held last night In flrace Kplsu'ojial church, it was Herorined decided tu publish a monthly periodical to he devoted to tho needs of the iiiihin. Tho llrst number will he Issued In January and the details of publication weie left to a special committee. It was ulso decided to devute the last week in Juiuttuy In a. hpeclal series o meetings for Bible study. It Iu planned to have, the pastor of every 1'rotesttutt church In the- city' deliver u special

The bond of Joseph I, Jennings, JuMlcs of tho peace of Lackawanna township, was ye.itoiday tiled with IM'othonotary Copelninl. It Is in the sunt of $1,(KW und has John J. Coyne for surety. L. II. Powell & Co., yesterday obtained a writ ot replevin lo recover posseHslou B re wiry. Kl O of u cabinet organ valued at $75. which It is maintained Is now iiiiluwliilly In the N. so cut Of, VVII UIIKVIII possession of Vi'illlaiu Harvey. Old'fltone, a33i. In the c.iso of the city of Scruntou New 'Phone, 2s35. iiKalust H. N. Corson, a tule una granted yesteiday on Harali Corson, Harry . Cuison and Lulu Corson .McDonald to show cause why tho satisfaction of Judg. ment Invoked to the use of Emily Wright,, meiit cnlcicu In tho ease shall not be It is returnable to the next argument stricken from the ricoul and the Jucl?. court.




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