MRS. CECELIA BRADOC Mrs, Cecelia Bradoe of Second street, Fayette City, died suddenly at her home this morning- Friday, Developments Are More Positive December 21, 1945, at 10 a. m. Mrs. Bradoc was a lifelong' resiThan Negative, Stalin's dent of Fuyette City, the place of Birthday her birth. She was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Cooper. MOSCOW, Dec. 21— ( U P ) —Big Surviving are one sister, Mrs. Ella Three circles indicated today that Reeves of Payette City and several the,re have been more positive thi.'n nieees end nephews. negative developments in their consultations but strict silence on speLIZZIE ANN HEATH cific issues was maintained. Mrs. Lizzie Ann- Heath, aged 83 The conference's atmosphere, howyears, died- at the home of her son, ever, was reported to be good with Samuel W. Heath, Belle Vernon, R. the three foreign secretaries thrashD., on. Friday, December 21, 1945, at ing out matters in good humor ;.nd 1:15 a. m. joviality. IBorn, November VI, 18G2, she was Any difficulties being encountered, a, 'lifelong resident of Belle Vernon it was understood, were difficulties and vicinity. She was a member of which existed before the conference the Belle Vernon' Methodist church. Surviving are one son, Samuel W.; one sister, Mrs. Mary Bell Price, of Broad avenue, Belle Vernon, four grand childen and five great grandchildren. MARIA ZAVODNI •Mrs-. Maria Zavodni, 100 Pallow, field avenue, Charleroi, died in Mon-ongahela Memorial hospital Thursday. December 20, 1945, at 3:30 p. m. .She was born in Austria on March 25, '1870 and came to Charleroi 43 years ago. Her husband John Zovodni is- deceased. Mrs. Zavodni was> a member of Sts. Cyril and Methodius* church and Zevena lodge, both of Charleroi. 'Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. T . R / Bucsko of New York City; Mrs. William C. Baker, Monongah-ela, and Mrs. August Peltonen, of Charleroi. .Two sisters, Mrs, Thresa Churay of Glassjport, Mas. Anna Kbn^rc, Ford City, nine "grand children and 12 great .grandchildren survive. JANET B. WILSON .- Mrs. Jcn-et Bruckner Wilson, age 27;'yeaT3,' died in Columbia Hospital, •Pittsburgh, December 20, 1945, at 7 a.,: io.'. • . " • " • ' " . ; . ;: vShe was !born in Charleroi in 1918, and 'attended local schools- until her senior year of high school. She graduated from West Middlesex' high school She was a. daughter of the lata.Mr and Mrs. W. -H. Bruckner of Charleroi . .' : > •._••• She is suivived' by her husband Fostei A. Wilson, three-children, one sjster, Mrs C C. .Robinson "of PittsDurgh and two brothers,- H. P. Brucknei of Belle Vernon and W. H. Biuckn-er of Los'Angeles, California.


rather than new 01103 which have been raised in the course of the discussions. British and American embasies were giving close study to a of ..rticles in, the Soviet press week dealing with international jects. These articles placed particular criticism on the American policy in China and Jap..n and 1 continued presence of British and American troops in Iran, Egypt and Western Europe. In some quarter* there was u feeling the articles were intended primarily for home consumption. The conferences sx-heduled their sixth session today. The day was GeneraUs'simo Stalin's G6th birthday but there was no notice of t h i s fact in the Soviet press. Stalin's birthday received little public attention. He worked until a late hour last night, as usual, and probably will do the same tonight. His wld comrades, Foreign Commissar ViathesL.v M. Molotov, Mikhail K a l i n i n and other members of the Politbureau were expected 1 to pay

him birthday visits. . . Molotov, Secretary of State Janies F. Byrnes and1 Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin went ahead1, meanwhile, with their particularly frame attacks on problems facing the tnree great powers, particularly iii the Middle East and Far East. Byrnes and Bevin were guests at a jovial cocktail party given by Molotov last evening in the Spiridonovka 1 palace conference room, attended by the entire diplomatic corps, foreign newspapermen and a< large number of Soviet foreign commissariat officials, writers' and scientists.

Marshall, lij,, near the Indiana-Illinois .state line. . Pennsylvania officials in Chicago said the three rear units, two- sleep-ers and the observation car, left the tracks but remained upright. Several passengers were shaken and bruised but none required treatment. The-streamliner was en route from St. Louis to New York.

Three Coaches On Streamliner Train Derailed At Marshall
CHICAGO, Dec. 21—(UP)—Three coaches of the Pennsylvania railroad's sti-eamlirier "Spirit of St. Louis" were derailed yesterday at

ALLENTOWN, Pa., Dec. 21 (UP) —A discharged Army Air Force Lieutenant and the 21-year-old estranged wife of a steel worker -were shot to death last night as they stood in front of the woman's home, a few hours after they met for the first time in a Bethlehem, Pa., nighf club. The couple was identified as Benj:vmin C. Bowman, 22, Williamsport, Pa., a student at Lehigh University,

Bethlehem, and Mrs.-. Madeline BOTnak, 21, Allcntown. She was the mother of two ssnall children., Her husband, John, 30, from whom she was separated for the 'fourth time lust Oct. 18, was taken into custody at his home shortly -after the shooting and held fotf questioning. He was rot charged. Bowman was shot through the right cheek and Mrs. Barnak was shot through -the right breast'. They were pronounced dead when taken to, the .Sacred Heart hospital. The -murder weapon, believed to be a .32 or .38 calibre revolver, was not found. Police reported the couple apparonily met for the first time last night after Mrs. Barnak accompanied another couple t0 the night club. All four returned to Allehtown shortly before midnight.

board of viewers, appointed by the U. S, District Court, yesterday awarded $1000 to the heirs of the George Patterson estate, of Uniontown,. Pa., for a tract'of 150 acres which was condemned by the government. The plaintiffs had asked for $60,000 for the land which was taken in connection with the construction of the Youghiogheny River flood control dam. It' was contended that the land, located in Somerfield, Fayette County, was valuable because of coal deposits. Government attorneys countered that the coal was not' worth 'mining. Federal Judge R. M. Gibson issued an order allowing 30 days for appeal. Improves Meat Caponizing renders a bird more quiet and peaceful and causes the flesh to retain the fine flavor and texture of broiler meat. Origin -of Marine Marines get their name from the old FrencS; word, "marin," which means "sea soldier."


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.PtTT.SBUR.GH, Dec. 21—(UP)-4A family of four, .which had ; just moved Into a one-rbohi '''apartment; was wiped out by carbon •monoxide fumes escaping' .from -an.... oldL ga» stove, police reported . fod^y. . ; . . ••. ^The 'leaking stove' brought- death to, Harrison Stewart-, Woy, '30;: Mrs. Alice Woy, 22,.: and. their, children, Jtarfison, J r , orie-year-oid,\ and Judith Ann, 2 .'...."''.'.'•'. •'':•'•'•.' i Woy died early today., at Southside "Hospital after frantic efforts to i pull him through, by. .treatment under an oxygen .tent had failed.:The Test of the.family,was found oWa late yesterday in the crowded flat. ' ' . - - • " ' • '• " . . Iron-cally, the -Woys htd moved onto the apartment just two days befow the tragedy. Their unpacked '•''Belongings, .including the children's toys, were still scattered about the fobm. In the baby's crib was a single isn'wia-pped.; Christmas present — a rwooleni snow suit. , : : The father's nude body was found '.sprawled grotesquely over the bed where his'- dead children lay. He ap' patently.: had been, trying to carry them to-a window. The body of Mrs. •.Woy,' partii.lly dre&sed, lay in a double .bed. The children were in their:night clothes. , The tragedy was discovered by Gus Muniz, who sublet .the apartment. A small, open-flame gas heater, v'was still going; full-blast when Muniz broke in. He luter told a morque official . that the stove had never been defective—'it worked good for 18 years."

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ley. Scores of farmers who signed options on coal land.feared that the "projected; "Monongahela, Washington & Wheeling R. R." would not be built. A hitch had occurred in damages and the deal was being held up In W-ashington. Joy had given way to despair. It wasn't until the following April thsrt everything was again satisfactory. Subsequently the "M., W. & W." was buiit. True it never went thru to Wheeling, or ever to Washington, but it became the railra.u which opened the vast Bentleyville field and today, 50 years later it is still producing revenue and livings for hundreds of miners. Today, & similar event seems in the making. The extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (railroad of the future) has been given a threatening blow by announcement of the County Commissioners that they can not condone, nor will they pay, property damages on construction of this thru highway across Washington

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