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Coordinate Systems and Map Projections, Second Edition.

General Geology:
1. Principles of Physical Geology by Holmes, A., 1978, Nelson.
2. Foundation of Structural Geology by Park, R.G., 1983, Blackie
3. Elementary exercises upon Geological Maps by Platt, J.I, latest Ed., Thomas
Murby & Co.
4. An introduction of Geological Sturctures and Maps by Bennison, G.M., latest Ed.,
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5. Physical Geology by Plummer, Mcgeay & Carlson, 2005.
6. Lab. Manual for Physical Geology by Jones, Noris. W., Johnes, Charles E.,
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7. How does Earth work: Physical Geology and Process of Science by Smith, G.,
and Pun, A., 2006, Prentice Hall.
8. The 3D Mapping of Geological Structures by McClay, K.R., 1987, Open
University Press.
1. Tectonics by Moores, E.M. & Twiss, R.J., 1995, W.H. Freeman and Co.
2. Global Tectonics by Keary, P. & Vine, F.J., 1996, Blackwell.
3. Plate Tectonics: How It works by Cox, A. & Hort, R.B., 1986, Blackwell
4. The Evolving continents by Windley, B.F., 1984, John Wiley & Sons.
5. Geology of Pakistan Ed.: Bender, Friedrich; Raza, Hilal A. 2006, Gebr. Borntraeger
Verlagsbuchhandlung, Science Publishers, Stuttgart.
1. Geomorphology of Earth Surface Processes and Form by Aharma, V.K.,
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2. Geomorphology by Chorley, R.J., 1984, Methuen.
3. Image interpretation in Geology by Drury, S.A. 1986, Allen & Unwin.
4. Remote Sensing & Image Interpretation by Lillis, T.M. & Kiefer, R.W.,
John Wiley & Sons.
5. Principles of Geomorphology by Thornbury, W.D., 1991 John Wiley &
6. Process Geomorphology by Ritter, Kochel & Miller, 2002.



Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology

1. Field Hydrogeolgy by Brassington, R., 1988, John Wiley & Sons.
2. Groundwater Hydrology by Todd, D.K., 1995, John Wiley & Sons.
3. Groundwater Resource Evaluation by Walton, W.C., latest Ed., McGraw Hill.
4. Introduction to Groundwater by Michael P., 1985, George Allen & Unwin.
5. Applied Hydrogeology by Fetter, C.W., 1994, MacMillan Pub. Co.
6. Groundwater by Ragunath, H.M., 1992, Wiley Eastern Ltd.
7. Atlas of WAPDA
8. Groundwater Hydrology by Bouwer, H., 1988, McGraw Hill.
9. Hydrology and Groundwater Resources of NWFP by Kruseman, G.P., 1988,
10. Engineering Geology by Beavis, F.C., 1985, Blackwell.

11. Geology for Engineers by Blyth, F.G.H. & De Frietes, M.H., 1960, Butter &
Tonner Ltd.
12. Geology and Engineering by Legget, R.F., 1962, McGraw Hill.
13. Fundamentals of Engineering ?Geology by Bell, F.A.G., 1983, Butter Worth.
14. Measuring Engineering Properties of Soil by Wray, W.K., 1986, Prentice Hall.
15. Engineering Geology by Goodman, R.E., 1993, John Wiley & Sons.
Environmental Geology
1. Environmental Geology by keller, E.A., latest Ed., Chales E. Merril Publishing Co.
2. Earthquake Risk and Damage by Liu, B.C., 1981, Westview.
3. Environmental Geology by Montgomery, C.W., 2005, McGraw Hill.
4. Radio propagation and remote Sensing of the Environment by Armanel, N.A.,
Polyakove, V.M, 2005, CRC Press.