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Modi will address a

rally in Gujarat, the
first in two years

Only extracts of report

on new education
policy published

London Mayor Sadiq

Khan criticises ban
on burqini in France

Marathon runner O.P.

Jaisha has tested
positive for A H1N1

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Italy earthquake toll
goes up to 250
AMATRICE: The death toll in the

powerful earthquake that struck

central Italy on Wednesday
went up to 250 on Thursday.

Talks only on PoK and

terror, says India
NEW DELHI: New Delhi has told

Islamabad that it will hold talks

only on terror and Pakistan
vacating PoK immediately.

Noida CEO shifted

LUCKNOW: The Uttar Pradesh

government on Thursday
shunted out Noida Authority
CEO Rama Raman in a minor
bureaucratic reshuffle involving
two more IAS officers.

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Our future linked to J&K: Rajnath

Ready to talk
to all, including
separatists, says
Home Minister



SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir

Mehbooba upset at questions,

ends press meet abruptly

SRINAGAR: The future of India

and Kashmir is linked, Union

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said here on
Thursday, stating that the
Centre was willing to talk to
all groups, including the separatists.
During his visit to Kashmir, the Minister announced
reconciliatory measures to
douse the 47-day unrest in
the State, including replacing pellet guns and sending
an all-party delegation.
Addressing a joint press
conference with Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, Mr.
Singh said, An expert com-

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, along with Jammu

and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, at a press
conference in Srinagar on Thursday. PHOTO: NISSAR AHMAD
mittee on pellet guns will
submit its report soon to find
an alternative. Whether a civilian or a soldier dies, it
pains the entire nation. However, nobody will be allowed
to play with the future of

He said the forces were

exercising maximum restraint and more than 4,600
security personnel had been
injured so far.



Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti

on Thursday lost her cool when
faced with tough questions on
the on-going unrest in the State
and abruptly ended the press
conference at her official
residence while Union Home
Minister Rajnath Singh was still
A barrage of questions on the
State governments inability to
address the political problem and
end the cycle of violence that has
left 66 civilians dead upset Ms.
Mufti. Were children going to
buy toffee in the Army camps?
What were children trying to do
at D.H. Pora police station? Buy
milk? Ms. Mufti said in response
to a question on the growing
number of civilian deaths.

They are being pushed into

the fire and used as shields. We
will not allow five per cent to
impose themselves on 95 per
cent, Ms. Mufti said. She also
mentioned that she had helped to
ease the situation for civilians in
south Kashmir at the peak of
militancy. Remember, civilians
used to be taken for bonded
labour. I stopped that, she said.
Mr. Singh tried to calm Ms.
Mufti and wanted to take more
questions. However, immediately
after differentiating between the
violence in 2010 during the reign
of Omar Abdullah and the 2016
street protests, the Chief Minster
got up and ended the press
conference. Have a cup of tea
now, she said.

More Scorpene
data made public
Indian Navy takes up
issue with French
govt., seeks probe
NEW DELHI: More documents
were made public late on
Thursday night from the
22,400 pages of the data on
the combat and stealth capabilities of the Scorpene submarines which were leaked
from the French manufacturer, DCNS.
The Australian, the newspaper which reported the data leak on Wednesday, posted
nine pages on its website,
consisting of the technical
manual related to the Scorpenes underwater warfare
sub-system and the operating instruction manual relat-

ed to the Combat Management System (CMS) among

other data.
French govt. contacted
Thursday claimed that it was
taking up the issue with foreign governments through
diplomatic channels.
The Indian Navy has taken up the matter with the Director General of Armament
of the French Government,
expressing concern over this
incident, and has requested
the French Government to
investigate this incident with
urgency and share their findings with the Indian side,
the Navy said in a statement.



Move to replace MCI, a remedy worse than malady

Hands of god

NEW DELHI: Dr. Jayshree Mehta, president of the Medical
Council of India which has
been under the scanner for
corruption and is currently
being monitored by a threemember committee mandated by the Supreme
Court, has said that the
Council was not given a
reasonable opportunity to
present its side of the story.
She said the negative attention on the MCI, following a

MCI was denied

mandatory opportunity
of hearing, which the
principles of natural
justice guarantee
report by a Parliamentary
Standing Committee, was
unfair and claimed the report did not reflect reality.
Not given time
We sought time from the
Parliamentary Committee

but were not given any time.

To that extent, the Medical
Council was denied the
mandatory opportunity of
hearing, which the principles of natural justice guarantee, Dr. Mehta said, adding that the Parliamentary
Standing Committee did
not bring out any specific
complaints of corruption of
any type and magnitude.
On the decision of the NITI Aayog to scrap the MCI
and replace it with the National Medical Commis-

sion, Dr. Mehta termed it

the remedy more dangerous than the disease.
The draft Bill on the National Medical Commission, 2016, is plagued by several
would result in complete
loss of democratic character expected of a regulatory
body, she said.


Centre seeks clarification on another Delhi Bill


Devotees are showered with water before they form a human pyramid during the dahi handi (curd pot) celebrations
on the occasion of Janmashtami, in Mumbai on Thursday. The Supreme Court banned children from taking part in such
events and restricted their height to 20 feet following a string of accidents in recent years. PHOTO: AFP (REPORT ON PAGE 9)

Rahul sticks to
his stand on
Gandhi killing

Nirbhaya convict Vinay

Sharma attempts suicide



NEW DELHI: Congress vicepresident Rahul Gandhi on

Thursday dismissed the suggestion that he had backtracked from his stand on
Mahatma Gandhis assassination. I will never stop
fighting the hateful and divisive agenda of the RSS. I
stand by every single word I
said, he said in a tweet.
He is accused of having
blamed the RSS for the killing of the Mahatma, during
his campaign for the 2014
Lok Sabha elections.
An RSS activist filed a case
against Mr. Gandhi in the Supreme Court. On Wednesday, Mr. Gandhi told the
court that he had never
blamed the RSS as the killer
of Gandhi but a person associated with the RSS.

NEW DELHI: Vinay Sharma, sentenced to death for the 2012

Nirbhaya gang rape in Delhi,
allegedly attempted suicide
at a high-security cell in the
Tihar Jail on Wednesday
Security staf at the jail,
however, prevented his attempt to hang himself from
the iron grill in his cell and
rushed him to the Deen Dayal
Upadhyay Hospital in West
Sharma did not require any
emergency treatment and
was declared fit to return to
jail after medical examination. Jail sources and the police denied Sharmas claim to
have overdosed on medication, before trying to hang
A gym assistant until his ar-

Vinay Sharma
rest for the brutal gang rapecum-murder case of a physiotherapy student, Sharma is
awaiting the Supreme Court
decision on his appeal against
the death penalty.
Alleges assault
He had earlier alleged assault by fellow inmates and
jail authorities and his demand for security in jail was

His high-security cell is

guarded by four to five personnel of the Tamil Nadu
State Police at all times. The
suicide attempt happened
around 9.30 p.m. on Wednesday when most other inmates
were asleep.
A security personnel noticed him trying to hang himself using a towel. The towel
was untied from his neck after which we decided to immediately shift him to hospital, said Bijendra Kumar,
Superintendent of Tihar Jail
Mr. Kumar claimed that the
convict appeared unharmed
right from the moment he
was sighted attempting suicide. He walked to the ambulance without any help from
the jail staf, said Mr. Kumar.


NEW DELHI: Another Bill passed

by the Delhi Assembly has
run into trouble with the
Centre. The union Home
Ministry has sought clarifications from the Delhi government on the Minimum
Wages (Delhi) Amendment
Bill, 2015, passed by the Assembly last year.
A proposal in the Bill says
the head of the dispute resolution body will be appointed
by the Delhi government.
But a senior Home Ministry oicial said not anyone
can be appointed to a dispute

resolution body as it is statutory in nature.

Since Delhi is not a full
fledged State, the power to
appoint a statutory body lies
with the Centre.
The Delhi government
cannot appoint just anyone to
the important post, which
will redress the grievances of
the labour force. It is desirable as well as legally tenable
that a statutory body, cleared
by an Act of Parliament, is instead constituted to look into
grievances and disputes, the
oicial said.
We have sought clarifications from the Delhi govern-

ment and dont want to reach

a situation where an ombudsman is appointed, whose appointment itself can be disputed in the court of law, he
The Bill proposes higher
fines and imprisonment for
violation of labour norms.
As per the amendments,
companies in Delhi would
have to periodically upload
data of their employees on a
website as prescribed by the
Delhi government.
Earlier, a Bill seeking 400
per cent hike in the salary of
MLAs, was returned by the
Home Ministry as it had not

come in the proper format.

In all, 14 Bills passed by the
Delhi Assembly are pending
with the Centre. Similarly, the
Delhi (Right of Citizen to
Time Bound Delivery of Services) Amendment Bill, 2015,
has been sent to the union
Law Ministry for comments.
The oicial said the contentious Jan Lokpal Bill, 2015,
was not likely to be given the
go-ahead as it was repugnant
with several Central laws.
The Delhi High Court earlier this month ruled that Delhi was a union territory and
that the Lieutenant Governor
was its administrative head.

Couple killed;
minor, woman
raped in Haryana
GURGAON: In a shocking incident, a couple was bludgeoned to death, their minor
niece and a woman relative
were allegedly gang-raped
and their house ransacked
by five unidentified men at
Dingerheri village in Mewat district here in the
early hours of Thursday.


Driverless robo-taxi starts cruising Singapore streets

This will change the face of cities, says developer nuTonomy, which has 100 taxis on the cards
SINGAPORE: The first
driverless taxi went into
service on Thursday in a
limited public trial on the
streets of Singapore.
Developer nuTonomy
invited a select group of
people to download their
app and ride its robo-taxi
free in a western Singapore
hi-tech business district,
hoping to get feedback
ahead of a planned full
launch of the service in
2018. This is really a
moment in history thats
going to change how cities
are built, how we really


SMART DRIVE: A nuTonomy self-driving taxi. The service

is currently on trial in Singapore. PHOTO: REUTERS
look at our surroundings,
nuTonomy executive Doug
Parker said.

The trial rides took place

in a Mitsubishi i-MiEV
electric vehicle, with an

engineer sitting behind the

steering wheel to monitor
the system and take control
if necessary.
The trial is on an ongoing
basis, nuTonomy said, and
follows private testing that
began in April.
Parker, whose company
has partnered with the
Singapore government on
the project, said he hoped
to have 100 taxis working
commercially in the citystate by 2018. nuTonomy is
one of several companies
racing to launch selfdriving vehicles, with

automakers and technology

firms striking new
alliances. Swedish
automaker Volvo AB said
last week it had agreed to a
$300 million alliance with
ride-hailing service Uber to
develop a driverless
vehicle. Israels driving
assistant software maker
Mobileye NV said its
vehicle, developed with
Delphi Automotive, would
be ready for production by
2019, while Ford Motor
Company said its selfdriving car was slated for
2021. Reuters











Aug 26, Fri

Aug 27, Sat

Aug 28, Sun

RISE 05 57 SET 18 49

RISE 05 57 SET 18 48

RISE 05 58 SET 18 47

RISE 00 08 SET 13 56

RISE 01 00 SET 14 54

RISE 01 56 SET 15 48

Couple bludgeoned, minor and

kin gangraped in Mewat village
Four others suffer injuries; assailants decamp with cash and jewellery
GURGAON: In a shocking incident, a couple was bludgeoned to death, their minor
niece and a woman relative
were allegedly gang-raped
and their house ransacked
by five unidentified men at
Dingerheri village in Mewat
district in Haryana in the
early hours of Thursday.
The parents and two sisters of the minor gang-rape
victim were also beaten up
by the accused. The two
families are related to each
other and live in adjacent
single-room accommodations in the fields away from
the village. An 11-year-old
boy, the son of the injured
couple, managed to escape
the robbers by hiding in the
fields. He raised the alarm
but by the time the villagers
arrived at the spot the accused had already escaped
after looting cash and valuables from the two houses.
The villagers reported the
matter to the police but
there has been no breakthrough in the case so far.
The two families, which
toil on a piece of land, had
migrated to Mewat from Uttar Pradesh five years ago.

Tied to cot
The second gang-rape victim, a 20-year-old married
woman who was visiting the
two families on the occasion
of Eid, lodged the complaint
with the police. She said she
along with her three cousins
was sleeping inside the
house while the other family
members (the two couples)
were sleeping outside.
She heard loud screams
around midnight and saw
the robbers beating up the
two couples, who were tied

GRUESOME CRIME: Police and villagers at the spot where a couple was killed and a minor and a
woman raped by five unidentified men at Dingerheri village in Mewat district on Thursday.
Below, IGP (southern range) Mamta Singh at the crime spot.

to their cots with chunnis,

with iron rods and sticks.
Three of the robbers then
barged into the house and allegedly took turns to rape
the complainant and her 13year-old cousin. The robbers ransacked the house
searching for valuables and
cash. One of the gang members was carrying a countrymade pistol, the complainant told the police.
The robbers locked the
sister inside the house before decamping of with
cash, jewellery and a motorcycle about three hours
One of the couples later
succumbed to injuries at a
hospital. Their six children
escaped the attack as they
were away at their grandmothers house at the time
of incident.
The injured couple and

their two daughters, aged 8

and 10 years, are being treated at a government hospital
in Mewat. They are said to
be stable.
A case has been registered
under diferent sections of
the Indian Penal Code for
gang-rape, causing death or
grievous hurt and house
tress pass and under Protection of Children from Sexual

Ofences Act and Arms Act.

A dog squad from Ballabgarh and a forensic team from
Palwal were sent to the spot
to help the investigators.
It is a case of murder and
gang-rape during a robbery.
Eforts are being made to
identify the gang. No arrests
have been made so far, said
Superintendent of Police
(Mewat) Kuldeep Singh.

A drama conceived by Vinays

lawyer: Nirbhayas mother
December 16 gang-rape convict's lawyer alleges conspiracy by jail staff
NEW DELHI: Terming gang-rape
convict Vinay Sharmas alleged suicide attempt as
drama conceived by his advocate, Nirbhayas mother
said it was enacted to influence the Supreme Court
If Vinay actually wanted
to end his life, he would not
have failed. It is just that he is
scared of the death sentence
that awaits him. But had he
shown little fear at the time
of the brutal crime against
my daughter, he would not
have had to do this drama today, Nirbhayas mother
Asha Devi told The Hindu.
What better suggestion
do you expect from a lawyer
who has made senseless
statements in court and before the media? But all these
antics wont save the rapists
from the noose, she added.

Ms. Devi had earlier told
another media organisation
that she would have been
glad had Vinay actually died
because that would have reduced a sinner from the face
of the earth.
However, her drama allegation was rejected by Vinays lawyer, A.P. Singh, who
said his client wants to live.
He has been pursuing his
education from Tihar. Just a
few days ago, he requested
for permission to work in jail
so that he can earn and contribute towards his sisters
marriage, the lawyer added.
Suspecting a conspiracy
by the jail authorities, Mr.
Singh alleged that Vinays
fellow inmates had been provoked to attempt the murder
of his client.
Vinays fellow inmates

Talk: ICS special lecture: Chinese
State-Owned Enterprises and the
OBOR Initiative by Peter Cai at ICS
Seminar Room, 8/17, Sri Ram Road,
2:30 p.m.
Talk: Book discussion on The Gene:
An Intimate History by Siddhartha
Mukherjee. Discussants: Dr. S.
Swaminathan, Director General,
ICMR; Dr. Amit Sharma, International Centre for Genetic Engineering
and Biotechnology (ICGEB); and Ms
Subhra Priyadarshini, Nature India.
Chair: Prof. Seyed Ehtesham Hasnain, Kusuma School of Biological
Sciences, IIT at Conference Room I,
India International Centre (IIC), 6:30

If Vinay actually
wanted to end his
life, he would not
have failed. It is just
that he is scared of
the death sentence
that awaits him...
Asha Devi
Nirbhayas mother
first force-fed him the pills
and then tried to strangle
him, he alleged.
The lawyers allegations
were not based on his conversation with Vinay, but on
previous incidents of alleged
assaults in the jail premises.
Vinay is being tortured in
jail on a regular basis. He

fractured his limbs twice.

That is the reason why no
CCTV cameras are being installed in his cell despite repeated pleas. The plan is to
eliminate Vinay just like
Ram Singh was killed in the
jail. Ram Singhs murder too
was passed of as suicide.
Ram Singh, another accused in the December 16
gang-rape case, was found
hanging in his cell in March
2013, months before the other four co-accused were
found guilty by a court. A
probe by jail authorities had
concluded that Ram Singh
had committed suicide and
had not been murdered, as
suspected by some.
Of the six accused in the
gang-rape case, Vinay is the
only one with a school education and can speak English. The 23-year-old is currently pursuing graduation
from Delhi University.

Talk: Interactive reading and discussion on the philosophical text

Symposium by Plato. Symposium is
one of Plato's celebrated classics.
This dialogue features Socrates,
Phaedrus, Aristophanes and several
others, who gather to debate on the
nature of beauty and love at Amaltas
Hall, India Habitat Place, 7 p.m.
Talk: A series on new-age challenges of children and adolescents. Panel
perspectives held by various stakeholders (ie. parents, teachers, children and young adults themselves)
on issues faced by them, at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Place, 7 p.m.
Art: Uday a group show of emerging artists at Akar Prakar Art Advisory, First Floor, 29 Hauz Khas
Village,11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Exhibition: Photography Grants
2016 - photography show at Art
Heritage Gallery (Basement), Triveni Kala Sangam, 205, Tansen Marg,
Mandi House, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Exhibition: Main Dhoondh Raha
Hoon - Photo panel show at The
Japan Foundation, 5A Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar IV, 11 a.m. 7 p.m.
(Mail your listings for this column

Television journalist harassed

NEW DELHI: Television journal-

ist Parvina Purkayastha was

allegedly harassed by four
men who drove alongside her
vehicle on the southern
stretch of Ring Road on
Wednesday evening.
Chases one accused
Undeterred, the journalist,
who is on her 20s, managed to
film their actions. She also
chased down one of the accused and ensured his arrest.
The woman was on the way
to her Noida oice around
6.30 p.m. from Vasant Kunj,
where she had gone for a
shoot, when she spotted a car
tailing hers. Moments later,
the car was driving parallel to
Ms. Purkayasthas vehicle
and the occupants started
making obscene gestures and
passing lewd remarks. Her


Parvina Purkayastha posted
a picture of the accused on

objections went unheeded.

She told the police that the
accused had spotted her organisations logo on the vehicles windscreen, which gave
away her identity as a journalist, but in vain. She was accompanied by a driver and a
cameraman at the time of the
incident. The cameraman

stepped in to rescue her.

That deterred them for a
while and they quickly rolled
up their windows. Our vehicle now started chasing
them. Panicking, three of the
four men jumped out of the
moving car and disappeared, her statement added.
They finally intercepted
the car near Andrews Ganj,
forcing the driver to alight
from the car. He initially
blamed the others saying
they were the ones eve-teasing Ms. Purkayastha and that
he had absolutely no role to
play in the incident. A video
aired later showed the fourth
man claiming to be a taxi
driver and that the others had
hired his car. A police oicer
later said the man failed to
produce any evidence supporting his claim of being a
taxi driver. The vehicle did

not have a commercial licence plate. He did not have

any driving licence to bolster
his claim either, he added.
As the victim and her colleagues were arguing with
the man, a policeman on patrolling duty stopped. The
journalist narrated the incident to him. The driver, identified as Greater Noida resident Punish, was taken to
Defence Colony police station. He and his alleged accomplices have been booked
for stalking and outraging the
modesty of a woman.
During a television programme aired on the channel
Ms. Purkayastha works for,
she claimed an oicer at the
police station had remarked
that eve-teasing was something that happens on a daily
basis and there was nothing
exceptional about the incident.

Newly-married woman
killed by husband, her sister
Second attempt on her life by duo, who were allegedly having an affair
NEW DELHI: A woman in
Palam was on Wednesday
murdered barely a month
after her marriage,
allegedly by her husband
and sister. The accused
were having an afair.
The incident took place
at the victims maternal
home, where 21-year-old
Pooja and her husband
Rahul had moved in after
Deputy Commissioner
of Police (south-west)
Surender Kumar said this
was the second attempt
on Poojas life this week
by her 23-year-old
husband and 20-year-old
sister Rinki.

15-minute window
Their first attempt was
unsuccessful, but Pooja
did not report the matter
to the police due to

According to police,
the victim did not
report the first
murder attempt due
to family pressure
pressure from the family.
Poojas father was
aware of their intentions
and had stayed back
home. However, he had to
go to his shop to settle a
payment issue. The
accused duo used the
15-minute window to
strangulate her to death
using a dupatta, added
Mr. Kumar.
Immediately after
killing Pooja, Rahul gave
Rinki Rs.200 along with
instructions to take the
metro from Janakpuri
station while he started
looking for a place to hide
the body.
Poojas father returned

and caught Rahul trying to

dispose of the body. He
nabbed Rahul and
informed us. We have
arrested him, the oicer
said, adding that Rinki
was arrested at Rahuls
Rahul and Pooja got
married on July 13. It was
an arranged marriage.
Soon, Rahul and Rinki
became close and got
involved. His fondness for
Rinki resulted in him and
Pooja moving into her
fathers house.
Rahul and Rinki saw
Pooja as a hurdle to their
plans to get married as the
victim repeatedly raised
objections to their
relationship before her
parents and husband.
The duo then decided
to eliminate her, said Mr.

Published by N. Ram at Kasturi Buildings, 859 & 860, Anna Salai, Chennai-600002 and Printed by S. Ramanujam at HT Media Ltd. Plot No. 8, Udyog Vihar, Greater Noida Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar, U.P. 201306, on behalf of KASTURI & SONS LTD., Chennai-600002. Editor: Mukund Padmanabhan (Responsible for selection of news under the PRB Act).








From another planet

Boring skin and sex show

A desi superhero adventure best suited for under 10-year-olds

A modern-day adaptation of Savitri and Satyavan pitted against Yamraj is a snoozefest


In a tangential way, A Flying

Jatt reminded me of a few
portions I have seen of Malegaon Ka Superman, an ultra low-budget spoof film by
Shaikh Nasir, the leading
filmmaker of the town. The
villain there loved gandagi
(filth) in much the same way
as the villain here thrives on
pollution. The early parts of
A Flying Jatt have a similar
touch of the burlesque as
Nasirs video film, especially how the superhero (Tiger
Shrof) himself is mocked
time and again. So much so
that someone even calls him
a joker. He is scared of
heights so he flies low. Much
to his consternation, his
pushy mother (Amrita
Singh) keeps making him try
out weird costumes and insists he should fly out of the
window than leave home
through the door. She is terribly critical of his landings
and even uses his superpowers to clean up the cobwebs
high up on the walls. It is in
these jokey parts that the
film was fun in a childish
way and could elicit an indulgent chuckle out of me.
But soon the jokes are
preaching on religion, the
nation and pollution. The
film stands on twin planks
the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan (no wonder CBFC
chief Pahlaj Nihalani has
been such a vocal supporter
of the film) and Raj Karega
Khalsa, the Sikh slogan of
sovereignty. At one level, it
is an out and out propaganda
vehicle for the clean India
drive and at the same time,
an ode to the Sikhs as well.
There is an entire scene explaining the significance of
the turban, the valour of the
Sikhs (sawa lakh se ek ladaunthe age-old saying
has it that one sikh can alone
take on 1.25 lakh) and how
the sardars have been needlessly ridiculed.
And so we have the hero
Aman, who is a cut-surd (as

SUPERNATURAL PLAY: A clunky script, flat characters and a wafer-thin plot are propped up by
needless song-n-dance routines, juvenile SFX and innumerable fights. PHOTO: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT
we say in the Delhi parlance), i.e. a Sikh who has cut
his hair. He is a martial arts
teacher who stays with his
mother in this peaceful, unpolluted enclave by a huge
old tree. Businessman Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon)
wants to grab the land and
employs a lethal foreign
gunda called Raaka (Nathan
Jones) to bring the big tree
down. Thats when the tree
decides to transmit its supernatural powers through
the Khalsa symbol to Aman,
who soon takes on Raaka,
Malhotra and pollution.
A clunky script, comic
book flat characters and a
wafer-thin plot are propped
up by needless song-ndance routines, juvenile SFX
and innumerable fights and
confrontations. The climactic battle in space is hilariously ridiculous, with some
unnamed planet, a satellite,
rocket and nuclear battery,
all thrown in.
Theres a scene in the film
where Amans mum shows
several foreign superhero

A Flying Jatt
Director: Remo D Souza
Starring: Tiger Shrof,
Jacqueline Fernandez,
Amrita Singh, Nathan Jones,
Kay Kay Menon
Run time: 151 mins
DVDs to him to light up the
spark in him. She then quietly goes on to sit at the sewing
machine, just like a good old
Hindi film mother would do,
to stitch a Khalsa warrior inspired costume for him. Its
these gawky, desi touches
that actually work way better for the film than the obvious nods to the Hollywood
superhero genre.
Shrof is light and lithe
with dance, action and mild
comedy (a highlight is a Baby Doll hat tip to Sunny Leone) but hasnt still been
able to find a right balance
when it comes to emotions;

he either overacts (notice

him in the background in an
early scene between Singh
and Menon and you know he
is trying too hard when the
camera isnt even focused
on him) or he is way too
dour or he grins too widely
and too much. Jacqueline
Fernandez is the superheros
love interest. She has been
specialising of late in doing
these ditzy-cute roles, I just
hope she doesnt end up doing her masters in them.
Menon walks in only to get
sidelined by the monster
Raaka, played growlingly by
Nathan Jones. Singh is the
likeable, spunky, new age filmi mom.
Postscript: A Flying Jatt
ends with a quote: Everything has an alternative, but
not Mother Earth. Guess
who is it from? No, not Rumi,
but some Remo. Remo who?
The musician? Could it be
Remo DSouza? Surely a first
from a director.

When a film doesnt manage

to hold your attention, you
end up observing and ruminating on all kinds of irrelevant things. Like how a
promising actor like Rajat
Barmecha hasnt acquired
an identity beyond of
Udaan fame. Or how a
character, who has lost all
his wealth, talks of recession
while drinking some premium red wine. Or how a foreign model cast as the vamp
Candy dances to Shake My
Booty, meticulously living
up to the lyrics. And how the
villain Money John, who
doesnt seem to have ever
stepped out of Las Vegas, uses the term behenji type to
describe a not-so-chic girl.
A term used long ago by
my generation of North Indians and one that is utterly
pass and dclass now.
How did he get to know of it?
Or, like me, you might even
get busy counting the number of hair (albeit trimmed)
on the ears of the actor Aditya Raj Kapoor who plays
Thakur, the heroines father,

Waarrior Savitri
Director: Param Gill
Starring: Niharica
Raizada, Rajat Barmecha,
Om Puri, Gulshan Grover,
Lucy Pinder, Ron
Run time: 123 mins
till such time as the camera
zooms in on the countless
ones on his bushy feet and
thenyou just have to give
To get more serious and
sombre, this modern-day
adaptation of the fable of Savitri, who saved her husband Satyavan from Yamraj,
the god of death, and
brought him back from the
throes of mortality, could
have been an interesting
way to turn around the gender divide, role-playing and
In its own clumsy way it
tries to, but only initially and

that too, very half-heartedly.

The wide-eyed, childlike Satya (Rajat Barmecha), an
NRI in Jodhpur is quite an
innocent foil to his toughie
local bride Savitri (Niharica
She puts on her hoodie very purposefully and fights
the goons, while he looks at
her moonily, calls himself a
hopeless optimist and talks
some gibberish about breaking his leg to bring their
hearts together. Soon, the
two get married and move to
Las Vegas, where Satya has a
casino business and many
threats to his life.
Somewhere along the
line, the film turns into yet
another skin and sex show.
That too, a boring rather
than titillating one; the kind
in which the man is fully
clothed in a swimming pool
while the woman wears the
itsy-bitsy bikini. Add to this
a dash of mythology, the talk
of reeti-riwaaz and Shiva
puja and all is well to let the
21st century heroine go on a
kissing spree. There are a
couple of nods to the Modi
era as well, right from pro-

HALF-HEARTED ATTEMPT: This modern-day adaptation of the fable of Savitri could have been an interesting way to turn around the
gender divide, role-playing and expectations. PHOTOS: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Rebel MLA attacks Sisodia Why is LLB given second-hand

for wrong information
treatment, asks High Court
Says did not get right answers to questions on Delhi govts liquor policy


NEW DELHI: Claiming he did not

get right answers in the Assembly session, AAPs rebel

MLA Pankaj Pushkar has
moved a breach of privilege
notice against Deputy Chief
Minister Manish Sisodia.
Mr Pushkar has accused
Mr Sisodia of giving out
wrong information to defend the Delhi government
on the liquor issue.
In a press conference on
Thursday, the MLA said that
he had raised two questions
on Tuesday regarding the
Delhi governments liquor
Mr Sisodias answers were
factually incorrect and intended to hide the Delhi governments misdeeds, he said.
Mr Pushkar, who openly
supports the Swaraj Abhiyaan a political outfit
formed by expelled AAP
leaders Yogendra Yadav and
Prashant Bhushan claimed
that when he asked in the Assembly if there was any public consultation before granting licences to new vends in
the last one year, Mr Sisodia
said that this was not required.
This is incorrect as relevant sections of the Delhi Excise Rules, 2010, make the
Deputy Commissioner liable
to take all reasonable steps to

FACTUALLY INCORRECT? Pankaj Pushkar said the Deputy CM's

answers intended to hide the AAP governments misdeeds.

Counters govt stance

His second question was if
the consent of the local MLA
was required before opening
liquor vends in an area, to

which Mr Sisodia replied in

the negative.
The fact remains that
while granting L6 licence (retail vends), as per the excise
policy of the Delhi government, the area MLA should
have given his positive opinion. An NOC from the area
MLA is required for L2/L10
vends before the opening of a
liquor shop, he said.

Civic bodies not sharing data on pension scheme

NEW DELHI: Despite the High

Court directing the Delhi government to take over the pension scheme of the municipal
corporations, the Social Welfare Department is awaiting
data in this regard.
On Tuesday, LieutenantGovernor Najeeb Jung had
asked the Delhi government
and the municipal corporations for data about the pension scheme.
The corporations arent
willing to share data. Our data
is available online, said a seCM

given second-hand
treatment? Can anyone
pursue medicine while
being in some other
profession? asked the
Delhi High Court on
Wednesday while hearing a
plea against the Bar
Council of Indias (BCI)
order on change in the
timing of evening classes at
Delhi Universitys Faculty
of Law.
Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva
raised the questions while
hearing a petition filed by
eight professionals, who
had cleared the entrance
test for the Faculty of Law
for this session, raising the
issue of change in timings
at Law Centre-I and II from
5.55-9.30 p.m. to 2-7.30 p.m.
The court has now issued
notices to the BCI and the
Delhi University.

The court was

hearing a plea against
the BCI order on
evening classes at
DUs Faculty of Law
Advocate Jai Bansal, the
counsel for the petitioners,
told the court that the
petitioners comprised
bankers, inspectors in the
Enforcement Directorate
and chartered accountants.
He said that a sudden
change in the timing of
evening classes would
make it impossible for them
to pursue LLB alongwith
their current profession.
This sudden change in
timing for LC-I and II
would put the career of
hundreds of students in the
doldrums and also put
pressure on the resources
as all students would then
choose LC-I, since LC-II

also has the same timing,

Mr Bansal said.
If you want to pursue
legal profession, adjust
other professions. Tell me
how many students can
pursue MBBS while being
in some other profession?
Why is LLB treated as a
second-hand course? If you
are not okay with the
timing, do something else,
the Bench said.
Let them enjoy their
respective jobs. This
second-hand treatment for
LLB is a problem. Why
cant it be like medicine,
etc? Why does it need to be
a second-hand course? the
court asked while adding

that since LC-I had got its

own building this year, it
could now conduct classes
Mr Bansal said the
petitioners and many
others would be afected by
the change in timings and
prayed that the counselling
session scheduled for this
week be stayed, which the
court refused. The Bench,
however, granted him
opportunity to challenge
the BCI rules.
The petitioners said the
prospectus of the Law
Faculty did not state that
the timing of evening
classes was under dispute.
On August 23, a notice was
issued stating that the
classes for the 2016-2017
batch will start at 2 p.m.,
scrapping the evening
classes completely and
making the purpose of
evening classes
infructuous, the plea said.


ascertain the opinion of persons who reside or have property in the neighbourhood
and are likely to be afected
by the proposal, the Timarpur MLA said.

nior government oicial.

The oicial added that
though the municipal corporations had provided a soft
copy of the data in March, it
was incomplete. Addresses,
names and wards were missing, he added.
Corporations deny charge
The civic bodies, which had
been instructed by the High
Court to update and hand
over the data, are yet to do so.
But till date, they havent. Either, it is a scam or the corporations do not have information, said the oicial.

The municipal corporations say they have already

shared the data they had with
the Delhi government. We
handed over the data in
March when the matter was in
the High Court, said a spokesperson of the North Delhi
Municipal Corporation.
The Delhi government,
however, has maintained that
the municipal corporations
arent willing to authenticate
their own data. When we ran
a check, there were a lot of
discrepancies. The corporations are not authenticating
their data, the oicial added.

claiming a date (in the age of

Tinder, mind you) as chai pe
charcha to the talk of a
bloodless revolution to
clean up the nation and turn
it back into sone ki chidiya.
The film travels from scenic Jodhpur to a striking Las
Vegas, but nowhere does
this show in its mounting.
Shoddily shot, the film looks
tawdry. A song in particular,
feels like a shabby wedding
video rather than the stuf
feature films should be
made of. More so, because
the groom is extremely sad
looking and the song is even
sadder: Hang on to me tight,
kudiye nachle through the
Barmecha smiles, Om Puri as Yamraj keeps gufawing, Raizada fights and dances industriously, while the
foreign actors look totally
befuddled. Its left to Gulshan Grover (who is credited as Satyas dad in the film)
then to come up with the only good moment in the entire film, when he proclaims:
Ice cream mein burayi
dhoondhna bahut mushkil
hai. We agree entirely.

CBI fined Rs.5,000

NEW DELHI: Observing that
the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), being a
premier investigating agency, should resort to due diligence while filing the charge
sheet, a Delhi court imposed a fine of Rs.5,000 on it
as deterrence.
Additional Sessions Judge
Sanjay Garg imposed the
fine while allowing the CBIs
fourth request to file additional documents in a disproportionate assets case
against Abhay Chautala, the
son of former Haryana Chief
Minister O.P. Chautala.
The CBI should resort to
due diligence while filing
the chargesheet so that all
important documents are
filed along with it. To put a
deterrence on the CBI, a cost
of Rs. 5,000 is imposed to be
deposited in the Delhi Legal
Services Authority, Mr.
Garg said in its order.

Former BCI oice-bearers

jailed for accepting bribe
NEW DELHI: A Delhi court has
sentenced three erstwhile office-bearers of the Bar Council of India (BCI) and a law
professor to five years imprisonment each for accepting a
bribe of Rs. 3 lakh and granting recognition to a law college in Uttar Pradesh in 2010.
The court observed that the
convicts were handed over
the important task of ensuring good standards of legal
education, but they preferred
to keep aside ethical principles for monetary gains.
Sentencing Raju Dhanapal
Raj, then Vice Chairman; Milan Kumar Dey and Rajinder
Singh Rana, then members of
the Bar Council of India; and
professor Yash Pal Singh, Additional Sessions Judge Anju

Bajaj Chandna said: Instead

of upholding the spirit and integrity of law, the convicts indulged in rampant corrupt activities to enrich themselves.
They failed to observe professional responsibilities and diminished the image of this
Commercialised their duty
The convicts have been responsible oicers of justice
delivery system but in total
disregard to the sanctity of
law, they commercialised
their solemn duties. The situation raises a range of questions about the role, conduct
and accountability of such
governing institutions and
their oice-bearers towards
the society, the Judge said.
In its chargesheet, the CBI
alleged that oice-bearers of

the regulatory body had taken

a bribe of Rs. 3 lakh from the
chairman of the School of Law
Studies, Khurja, to grant recognition for running a fiveyear B.A., LLB course.
The chairman of the college, Prashant Garg, was also
an accused in the case but was
pardoned after he turned into
an approver. The professor
acted as a middleman in the
Holding them guilty, the
Judge said: Conversations
(between the accused oicerbearers of BCI) clearly demonstrate that they have been
seeking bribe from other colleges also, and the present
case is not an isolated incident. It is clear that the accused have been seeking
bribes from new and old colleges as a matter of right.

No aspirin for
heart patients
with dengue
says IMA
NEW DELHI: Doctors in the city
have asked all heart patients
who may be suffering from
dengue and are taking regular
low-dose aspirin to stop
consumption immediately
and contact their physician.
Never administer asprin or
ibuprofen to patients
suffering from dengue fever,
the Indian Medical
Association said in a
Cases of dengue are
rampant, especially in the
city. While most people are
seen scouting through
journals and articles looking
for dengue symptoms and
treatment, they often miss
one of the most crucial
pieces of information. One
must never administer aspirin
or ibuprofen to a patient
suffering, or suspected to be
suffering, from dengue, since
it can cause internal bleeding.
In addition to this, all heart
patients who are on regular
low-dose aspirin and
associated drugs must stop
consumption immediately
and contact their doctor,
said a release issued by the
Doctors explain that since
dengue presents itself as a
fever with body ache, most
people mistake it for viral
fever. They then self-medicate
and take aspirin or ibuprofen
for relief.
This is extremely
dangerous because if the
patient actually has dengue,
chances of severe bleeding
and complications go up
drastically. Most heart
patients also continue taking
aspirin, not realising that this
can be life-threatening.
Creating awareness is the
need of the hour, said Dr. K.
K. Aggarwal of IMA.
He added that Delhi is
presently going through a
dengue and chikungunya
outbreak, not an epidemic,
and that cases will continue
to come in for the next one
Instead of ibuprofen and
aspirin, paracetamol should
be used to treat symptoms
such as fever and body aches.






JNU rape: accused sent to judicial custody

Former activist suffering from heart ailment, Tihar told to provide medical care
NEW DELHI: A Delhi court on
Thursday remanded Jawaharlal Nehru University
(JNU) student Anmol Ratan in 14-day judicial custody in a case of allegedly
drugging and raping a 28year-old research scholar
in his hostel room on the
campus last week.
The court sent him to judicial custody till September 7 as the Delhi Police did
not seek his police remand.
The court also directed
the Tihar Jail authorities to
provide him medical facilities after his counsel submitted that he was sufering from a heart ailment.

NEW DELHI: The Jawaharlal

Nehru Students Union

(JNUSU) along with members
of the All India Students Union
(AISA) on Thursday staged a
protest outside the Delhi
Police Headquarters against
the manner in which the police
have dealt with the case of
sexual violence reported in
JNU on August 20.
The students alleged that
the Delhi Police had leaked
sensitive information to
sections of the media that had
revealed the identity of the
In their letter to the
Commissioner of Police, New
Delhi, the students alleged

Request turned down

Judge Amit Bansal had on
Tuesday refused to give
him protection from arrest.
He had sought the protection when the Judge refused to take up his anticipatory bail application for
hearing immediately.
Later, Anmol had surrendered at the Vasant Kunj
(North) police station on
Wednesday night.
He had been evading arrest since the case had been
lodged against him.
Earlier, several teams
had visited the university
campus as well as raided
several hideouts in DelhiNCR in a bid to nab him.
Statement recorded
Metropolitan Magistrate at
the Patiala House courts
has recorded the statement
of the victim under Section
164 of the Criminal Procedure Code. The statement
is important as it is admissible as evidence in the
Politics at play?
While seeking anticipatory bail, the accused had
alleged that the case
against him was politically
There were ideological
diferences between the ac-

Students union protest

shoddy handling of case
that the police, on August 21,
had also revealed the political
affiliation of the complainant.
They demanded action against
the police officers who had
leaked such information.
The students said the
police, instead of helping the
complainant, were violating
every norm of defending the
privacy of the complainant
from public trial.
They said the police
commissioner must be held
accountable for such violation
of norms.
On Thursday evening,
JNUSU members also held a
protest march on the
university campus as the
administration is yet to
suspend the accused student.

cused and the victim, the

application said.
The victim, a Ph.D. student, said in her complaint
that she had enquired
through a post on Facebook

whether anyone had had a

copy of Marathi film Sairat
as she had wanted to see it.
The accused had messaged her that he had had a
copy of it.
The case
On the day of the incident, Anmol picked her
from her hostel on the pretext of providing the film
and took her to his Brahmaputra Hostel room where

he ofered her some drink.

Thereafter committed sexual assault on her, the victim had alleged in her
The accused had initially
illegally confined the victim and threatened her
against revealing the incident to anyone.
The next day, she had
lodged a complaint at the
Vasant Kunj (North) police

NEW DELHI: Weightlifter

Sumati Devi, who was

banned for four years
after she tested positive
for a prohibited
substance last year, has
moved the Delhi High
Court challenging the
ban. In her plea, she has
claimed that she was
ofered a protein-laced
drink by one of her
colleagues and she had
no knowledge of the
A Bench of Justice
Sanjeev Sachdeva has
sought response from
National Anti Doping
Agency (NADA) on her
The court also issued
notices to the Centre
and CRPF director
general on Ms. Devis
Ms. Devi was a part of
the women
weightlifting team in
75-plus kg category and
was one of the four
weightlifters who tested
positive for banned
Cries foul
Terming the penalty
of four years as very
harsh, she claimed that
she had not taken the
drink intentionally.
Ms. Devi has alleged
that one of her
colleagues, with whom
she shared a room in the
sports hostel attached
to the Jawaharlal Nehru
stadium here while
participating in 63rd All
India Police Games
Championship in March
2015, had given her a
protein drink which was
laced with anabolic

FACING CHARGES: The JNU student has been accused of drugging and raping a 28-year-old
research scholar in his hostel room on the campus last week. PHOTO: PTI

Ratan had allegedly

confined the victim
and threatened her
against revealing the
incident to anyone

Weightlifter moves
HC against 4-year ban

UP IN ARMS: The protesters alleged that the police had

leaked sensitive information to the media that had
revealed the identity of the complainant.

Sequence of events
She said she was in
the hostel room with
two other women
athletes of CRPF from
March 1, 2015 to March
5, 2015, and they used to

Sumati Devi
was banned after
she tested positive
for a prohibited
substance last year
go together for routine
She said that in the
event held on March 5,
2015, she secured the
second position and her
blood sample was taken
for screening the
presence of any
prohibited substance.
Matter comes to light
She then participated
in the 30th women
national weightlifting
championship in
Rajasthan during which
the NADA issued first
notice to her on April
10, 2015, stating that
some prohibited
substances were found
in her sample, the plea
Ms. Devi claimed that
on March 3, 2015, when
she came to her room
after practice, she found
that one of her
roommates was
preparing her protein
drink which she ofered
to her in a friendly
Complaint lodged
The plea said, After
much deliberation, it
had come to her
knowledge that one of
her roommates/
colleagues... have
given/shared her
protein drink/food
supplement. By now she
is fully convinced that
she must have laced the
said drink with anabolic
steroid during the said
sports meet.
Accordingly, she lodged
a written complaint to
the Director General,
NADA, for taking
appropriate action
against her on May 7,

CIC seeks report on Ridge encroachment

NEW DELHI: The Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)
has taken exception to rampant encroachments in the
green lung of the Capital
the Ridge area due to delay in its demarcation and
sought a report from the forest and revenue departments
in this regard.
The case relates to an RTI
application filed by one Anil
Sood seeking details of maps
and measurements of encroachments in the Ridge
Sood had pleaded before
the Commission that there
were at least 50 cases of encroachment in the area every
day. He had claimed that
there was an urgent need to
stop this practice. Taking
note of this, CIC Sridhar
Acharyulu directed the two
departments to submit a report on the action taken
against encroachers.

authentically done and that

the issue was before the National Green Tribunal and
the Delhi High Court.

NO CHECK: A plea states that there are at least 50 cases of

encroachment in the area every day. FILE PHOTO: SUSHIL KUMAR VERMA
Forest department oicials, however, did not have
answers to questions posed
by Mr. Acharyulu.
He said it was a highly objectionable attitude of the
forest department to con-

sume months and months to

give just one copy of aidavit
which they have already had
with them.
The forest department
claimed that the demarcation of the ridge had not been

Department slammed
Their (Forest Department) approach is hypertechnical and red tape-based.
If an information seeker has
to sufer so much of procrastination, how could any common man challenge the encroachments? How do the
so-called conservators postpone the protection of forests from encroachers on the
excuses of non-authentication or no time to demarcate,
etc.? How can they keep
quiet after writing a couple
of letters to the revenue department? he asked.
Acharyulu said the RTI
Act was meant to challenge
this inaction and red tape
and the Forest Department
had to understand this. -PTI

Charge sheet
against Dawood,
Chhota Shakeel
NEW DELHI: The charge sheet filed in

connection with the arrest of four

men allegedly planning to eliminate underworld don Chota Rajan
inside Tihar Jail mentions underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his
trusted lieutenant Chhota Shakeel.
The charge sheet was filed earlier this month at the Patiala House
Court, said an oicer of the Delhi
Police Special Cell. The cell had arrested Roger Robinson, Junaid,
Manish and Yunus on June 3.
According to the charge sheet,
Dawood and Chhota Shakeel have
been named as the prime suspects
in the conspiracy. It also mentions
the alleged conspiracy to gun down
Chakrapani Mahraj, the person
who successfully bid for a car belonging to Dawood car and then
burnt it. The car was burnt in full
public view in Ghaziabad last
Six months later, the cell had intercepted communications between the four Delhi- and NCRbased men and Shakeel, following
which all four were arrested. They
had planned to kill Rajan when he
would come out for treatment, the
police had said.















DDA plans community centres

with banquet hall-like facilities

Traic drive ends in Gurgaon



Agency mulls multi-storey community centres on the lines of Kalyan Mandapams in southern India
pared to private banquet halls,
our rates are much lower and
we are trying to provide similar quality and amenities at an
afordable cost, the oicial

NEW DELHI: The community centres of Delhi Development Authority (DDA), which remain
in demand for weddings and
other functions because of
their prime location and afordable rates, might soon ofer
competition to private banquet halls.
Apart from our existing
community centres, we are also in the process of building
multi-storey community centres in the city and the facilities would be on a par with
what people expect at a banquet hall, said a senior DDA
DDA ofers 333 open
grounds, 57 community centres and 27 parks for weddings,
religious functions and other
social activities. The venues
vary from small parks to
grounds spread over 60,000
square metres. The DDA community centres and grounds

BIG INDIAN WEDDING: In demand due to their prime location and

affordable rates, the Delhi Development Authority's community
centres might soon give private banquet halls a run for their
are preferred by many due to
their prime location and comparatively much lower booking rates.
Booking a DDA communi-

ty centre usually costs about

Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 with
amount for some venues going up to Rs. 50,000. Com-

To provide better amenities
to its users, the DDA recently
started asking for feedback
from those who have used the
facilities. The feedback has
been received online and all
the proposals, suggestions and
complaints are being compiled. This would help us understand what people expect
from us and then decide what
kind of facilities can be provided, the oicial said.
Some of the proposals that
have been received from a
large number of users and are
under consideration, according to sources in the DDA, include centralised air conditioning at community centres,
use of high quality marble and

tiles instead of plain flooring

and distemper paint finish.
Suggestions have also been received about provisions of libraries and gymnasiums at
community centres for residents of nearby areas, so that
the community centres can be
used by people for more purposes other than weddings
and similar functions.
DDA has been trying to
come up with multi-storey
community centres in the
Capital on the lines of Kalyan
Mandapams that are in vogue
in States in southern India. At
these multi-storey community
centres, DDA will be able to
provide sitting area, dining area, space for wedding or religious functions and kitchens
at diferent floors.
According to sources in the
DDA, such multi-storey community centres will come up
at all DDA zones in the city
and the first of these are expected to be built in Rohini.

SEIZED: Four country-made

pistols and 10 live cartridges
were recovered from the two

Chhath Puja Park on Palam

Dabri Road for supplying
weapons to other criminals.

Kidnappers arrested
NEW DELHI: Two criminals who

had allegedly kidnapped a

Gujarat-based businessman
were arrested following a
brief exchange of fire with
the police in South Delhis
Bhati Mines on Tuesday.
The businessman was
lured to Delhi by the kidnappers, who had ofered to sell
him a car at a dirt-cheap
price. The victim, who landed in Delhi on Sunday, was
taken to Palwal in Haryana,
where he was kidnapped and
thrashed by a group of six to
seven men, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ravindra Yadav said on
After robbing his valuables and money, the kidnappers called his son demanding a ransom of Rs.5 lakh.
The accused were forced to
abandon the victim and flee

GURGAON: A total of 14,893

challans were issued by

the Gurgaon Police during
an eight-day special enforcement drive aimed at
improving traic conditions in the Millennium
City. Also, 1,828 autos
were impounded during
the drive for violating traffic rules, including not
carrying valid documents.
The drive, which was
launched after Sandeep
Khirwar took over as
Commissioner of Police,
ended on Wednesday.
More than 3,000 people
were challaned for not
wearing seat belts while
1,226 vehicles were found
wrongly parked, and
about 850 people faced action for driving on the
wrong side. Also, a total of
835 vehicles, mostly cars,

1,226 cars were

found wrongly
parked; 850 people
fined for driving on
the wrong side
were towed away for being parked on roads or in
wrong places.
In most cases of wrong
parking and wrong-side
driving, documents were
seized and the person
concerned was asked to
complete the process at
the Traic Tower challaning centre, said a traic
police oicer in Sushant
Lok. The challaning process involves an hour-long
lecture and awareness on
traic rules, regulations
and various aspects of responsible driving, after
which the violator is required to pay the penalty.

A total amount of
Rs.30,12,300 was collected
as challans/fines during
this period. As part of this
special drive, separate
teams enforced traic
rules and took action
against all violators, besides educating and creating awareness.
While this special
drive was appreciated by
most citizens of Gurgaon,
some people may have
faced some diiculty in
hiring legal autos. The
General Manager Roadways, Gurgaon, has assured to provide suicient
additional buses to address such issues. Similarly, RTA Gurgaon has also
assured that the issue of
exorbitant charges by autos, if any, shall be handled
by his oice on priority,
said a statement issued by
the Gurgaon Police.


We laid a trap and arrested both the accused after

they reached the spot on two
stolen motorcycles. Four
country-made pistols and 10
live cartridges were also recovered, said Mr. Kumar.





Two held for illegal supply

of arms, auto-lifting
NEW DELHI: Two men allegedly
involved in illegal supply of
arms, snatchings, robberies
and auto-lifting have been
arrested by the south-west
district police.
According to the police,
Kailash and Hari Singh are
accused in several previous
cases, including murder. The
duo was arrested by the districts Special Staf following
a tip-of.
Taking a note of cases of
snatchings and robberies at
public places by armed culprits, a team of Special Staf
of the south-west district police was formed to nab the offenders. The team collected
information about gangs that
carried firearms, Deputy
Commissioner of Police
(south-west) Surender Kumar said on Wednesday.
Mr. Kumar said the police
received a tip-of that both
accused would come near

More than 3,000 people challaned for not wearing seat belts

on Monday after they learnt

of the Delhi Polices plan to
raid their hideout.
The victim returned to
Gujarat by train, but a team
from the Delhi Polices crime
branch kept trying to track
the kidnappers. On Tuesday,
the police received a tip-of
about two of the kidnappers
arriving from Gurgaon to
Bhati Mines to meet their associates. A trap was laid under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner of Police
Bhisham Singh. As soon as
the suspects were spotted,
they were signalled to stop.
However, the accused ignored the order.
While fleeing, both the
suspects whipped out pistols
and fired at the police. The
team returned the fire before
nabbing both of them, said
Mr. Yadav. The accused men
belonged to the notorious
Mewati gang.

Murder case
During interrogation, the
duo purportedly confessed
to their crimes. Hari revealed that he had been arrested in connection with a
murder in Dwarka. He came
out of jail in 2010 and continued to commit crimes. In
2015, he came into contact
with Kailash alias Bhusa, and
both committed several robberies and snatchings, said
Mr. Kumar.
The oicer added that Kailash, who was arrested in
connection with several
cases, was in jail till 2014. H
coming out of jail, he started
keeping firearms and got involved in snatchings and
robberies with Hari.

Snake causes stir

in Delhi jail
NEW DELHI: A 3.5-foot-long
checkered keelback (Xenochrophis piscator) was rescued by Wildlife SOS from
Rohini Jail. The snake, found
to be in good health, has been
released into its natural habitat.
The jail oicials spotted
the snake wandering about
the prison yard and contacted
Wildlife SOS for help. A twomember rapid response team
was immediately dispatched
to the location The non-venomous snake, also known as
the Asiatic water snake, is
found predominantly near
water-bodies, drains and
agricultural lands. After ensuring the security personnel
were at a safe distance from
the agitated snake, the rescue
team remove it carefully from
the premises.

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Karnataka calls
all-party meet to
discuss Cauvery

The meeting will take stock of the water storage situation

in reservoirs in the Cauvery basin. FILE PHOTO

BENGALURU: With Tamil Nadu

moving the Supreme Court

seeking release of Cauvery
waters, the Congress government in Karnataka, which is
facing deficient rainfall in
the catchment areas, has
called an all-party meeting
on Saturday in Bengaluru to
decide the next course of
Karnataka Water Resources Minister M.B. Patil
told a press conference here
on Thursday that the all-party meeting convened by
Chief Minister Siddaramaiah
would take stock of the grim
water storage situation in the
reservoirs in the Cauvery basin and the problems faced
by farmers.
We need the water stored
in the dams in the Cauvery
basin for drinking purposes
and have strictly instructed
our farmers not to take up
cultivation of water-intensive crops. But Tamil Nadu is
seeking water for irrigation
purpose, he said.
We will convince the Supreme Court, the Centre and
the Cauvery Monitoring
Committee about the deficient rainfall and poor storage position in Karnatakas
dams, he said.


Referring to Tamil Nadus

contention that there was a
deficit of 22.934 tmcft of water to be released by it, Mr.
Patil said as per Karnatakas
oicial records, the shortfall
was only 12 tmcft. It may be
noted that Tamil Nadu has
filed an application before
the Supreme Court seeking
directions to Karnataka to
release 50.052 tmcft of water.
T.N. team meets CM
Meanwhile, a delegation of
representatives from all the
farmers associations in Tamil Nadu, led by the former
MP K.P. Ramalingam, met
Mr. Siddaramaiah in Bengaluru on Thursday and appealed to him to release
Cauvery waters to their samba crop on humanitarian
Mr. Siddaramaiah told
them about the grim storage
position in Karnataka and
said it would be diicult to
release water now . He assured them of releasing water in the coming days if
there was a good rainfall in
the catchment areas. He requested the farmers leaders
from the neighbouring State
to understand the position of
Karnataka which was finding
it diicult to provide even
drinking water.


Telugu families stranded at Kazakhstan airport

HYDERABAD: An Air India flight

carrying over 300 people

from Mumbai to Newark
many of them families from
Andhra Pradesh and Telangana was diverted to Kazakhstan on Thursday after fumes
in the cargo hold triggered a
fire alarm. External Afairs
Minister Sushma Swaraj said
all passengers were safe and a
relief aircraft was already on
its way from New Delhi to ferry the stranded passengers to

Our Ambassador Shri

Harsh K Jain has informed me
that all passengers are safe.
There is no reason for worry,
Swaraj said in a tweet. The
Boeing 777-300 ER plane
landed at the Aktobe international airport in Kazakhstan
at around 8 a.m.
Smooth landing
Everyone was asleep
when the announcement [of
the emergency landing] came
and the pilot was calm and
landed the plane smoothly,
said one of the passengers, M.

Passengers waiting at the Aktobe international airport in

Kazakhstan on Thursday. PHOTO: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT
Venkat, in a WhatsApp message to his family in Erragadda
We landed at the airport
within 15 minutes of the an-

nouncement. We are right

now inside the airport; [we
have been] waiting for the last
six hours for the replacement
aircraft to arrive from Delhi.

Beehives to save elephants and farms





elephant herds often run
into trouble with electric
fencing around farms,
while farmers without any
around their lands sufer
huge crop damage. An
innovative idea to use
bees to prevent both the
loss of elephant lives and
the loss of crops seeks to
change the way the
problem of man-animal
conflict is addressed. Dr.
Lucy Kings Elephants
and Bees Project has
Active in 11 countries
Dr. King heads the
Nairobi-based Save the
Elephants (STE) charitys
Coexistence Program and
its Elephants and Bees
Project, which is active in
11 countries mainly in
Africa, Thailand and Sri
Lanka. The project has
also been adopted in
Karnatakas North Kanara
district by the non-profit
A beehive fence is

A beehive fence being set up inDewagiriya village in

made up of interlinked
dummy beehives hung 10
interlinked with a plain
piece of fencing wire that,
if disturbed, causes the
whole fence to swing and
release the bees as
natural electricity to
elephants, Dr. King told
The Hindu in an email
According to Dr. King,
elephants are wary of
bees. My studies have
shown that elephants will
run from the sound of
disturbed African bees as
they fear being stung
around the sensitive parts
of their body, like the eyes,

inside the mouth, and up

the trunk, she said.
She said that STEs
studies had found that the
fences were efective in 80
per cent of cases, but bulls
were more likely to risk
especially in a herd, and
cause damage.
While Dr. Kings work
focuses mainly on Africa,
she said that each project
beehives were being used
for diferent purposes. For
example, South Africa
and Gabon are using
important tree species
from being damaged by
elephants, said Dr. King,
who completed her D.Phil

on the project from

Oxford University.
Inspired by Dr. Kings
experiment, the STE
website quoted WRCS
oicials as saying, prerecorded bee sounds were
broadcast during crop
raiding events and they
withdrawal of elephants
from the crop fields.
Following this, they have
set up low cost beehives in
structures and wooden
logs to deter elephants.
Source of income
Apart from acting as a
defence mechanism for
farms, beehive fences also
act as an additional source
of income, especially for
the poorest farms. The
beehives can generate as
much as 50 per cent more
income for them in a year
from the sale of honey,
she said. Dr. King noted
that bees also have an
important function as
pollinators, adding, Our
studies have proven that
farms with beehive fences
experience fewer crop
raids and consequently
have higher productivity
than those farm areas that
are unprotected.

They served us soup and

bread from the airport kitchen, Mr Venkat said.
Mr. Venkat and IT professional, his wife and two
daughters, along with his
brother M. Venus family of
wife, two boys and a girl, had
come to Hyderabad for a wedding.
Along with several other
Telugu passengers, they took
of from Hyderabad to Mumbai on Wednesday night to
catch the Newark flight
scheduled to depart at 2.30

He said the airline and airport staf were doing the best
they could for the around 300
passengers and crew.
I guess we would be delayed by at least a day to our
destination if everything goes
as per plan, Mr. Venkat added, before signing of to conserve his phones battery.
Fumes from cargo
An airline source said that
fire alarm was set of after
fumes were detected from the
cargo hold of the plane.
(With inputs from PTI)

Egg protest doesnt

rule actor Ramya
MANGALURU/BENGALURU: BJP Yuva Morcha activists continued their protests against the
former Congress MP, Ramya,
and tried to block her convoy
from leaving the Mangaluru
airport. Some activists even
threw eggs at her convoy as it
left the airport on Thursday
evening and showed black
Unperturbed by the protests, Ms. Ramya quirkily responded to the media that
she loved eggs and ate them
every day. The actor-turned-politician has been targeted by the BJP after she
disagreed with Defence Minister Manohar Parrikars
comments and said that Pakistan is not hell and there
are good and bad people
Meanwhile, Agriculture
Minister Krishna Byre Gowda, defending the actors
statement, said: the word
Hindu comes from the Sindhu valley which is now in Pakistan and calling Pakistan
hell would imply that the
birth place of Hinduism is in
hell. The two countries have
been together for 3,500
years. We have been separate
only for 70 years.
Mr. Byre Gowda told The

Hindu that the protests were
an efort to create an a dangerous us versus them sentiment to cover up the inability of the government to
handle the Kashmir issue
and Pakistan.
Ms. Ramya told The Hindu
that the attacks seem to be
an attempt to divert attention from the situation in
Kashmir. She added that her
comments were being unnecessarily blown out of proportion and she was being
She alleged that the BJP
was trying to polarise Karnataka on religious lines
and that she hoped they
would not succeed.
She added that to progress as a nation we need to
stand united and uphold the
principles of freedom






Death toll mounts to 37 in flood-ravaged Bihar Pharmacies show restraint in

teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF)
and the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) to take
people out of the flood but
people at some places are reluctant to come out, said Mr.
Vyasji, principal secretary of
the Bihar State Disaster
Management Authority.

PATNA: Chief Minister Nitish

Kumar on Thursday visited

relief camps set-up for floodafected people in Patna, and
instructed oicials to focus
on the quality of relief materials and sanitation for women. There was no let up in
flood fury in Bihar with eight
fresh deaths reported on
Meanwhile, water in major
Uttar Pradesh rivers are receding though they are still
flowing above the danger
mark. West Bengals Malda
and Uttarakhands Uttarkashi district witnessed one
death each in flood and rainrelated incidents. With the
fresh death, the flood toll
rose to 37 in Bihar, with Bhojpur district accounting for
the maximum 12 deaths.

STAYING AFLOAT: Two children on a makeshift raft after floods, in

Bhagalpur district of Bihar on Thursday. PHOTO: RANJEET KUMAR
Over two million people
from 1,115 villages of 12 districts in Bihar have been affected by devastating floods
forcing over 1.7 lakh to take
shelter in altogether 179 relief camps set-up in various

afected areas. The government has also deployed 160

medical teams at these relief
camps, and set-up 49 shelters for animals.
Were plying 1,507 boats
and we have pressed several

CM inspects camps
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Minister for Water
Resources Rajiv Ranjan
Singh and other oicials inspected several relief camps
in Patna district, from Maner
to Athamalgola. Mr. Kumar
checked the quality of food
and asked flood victims
about the help from the government. He also instructed
oicials to focus more on the
quality of food, and sanitation for women, at the

camps. The Chief Minister

also asked oicials to provide monetary help to children born in the relief camps.
Earlier, reports had said babies, since called Gangaputras (sons of the Ganga),
were being born in relief
camps and rescue boats.
However, at some places
like Samastipur, Chhapra
and Patnas Didarganj, floodhit people protested against
inadequate relief from the
government. At Samastipur,
angry protestors even took
the Circle Oicer hostage,
while in Chhapra they protested outside the residence
of the district magistrate. In
Patnas Didarganj area, protestors blocked the national
highway for an hour and demanded immediate help
from the government. (With
inputs from PTI)

SC directive on dahi handi violated

20-foot height restriction compromised; MNS challenges police to take action
MUMBAI: In a brazen violation
of the Supreme Court order
of limiting dahi handi height
to 20 feet, organisers ailiated to Raj Thackeray-led
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena on Thursday not only tied
up handis above the permissible limit but also challenged the police to initiate
action against them.
In Thanes Naupada, Jogeshwaris Jai Jawan govinda
group built a human pyramid
of 9 tiers at the dahi handi organised by MNS leader Avinash Jadhav. Wearing a white
T-shirt that announced Hoy,
me Kayda modnar [Yes, I
will break the law] in Marathi, Mr. Jadhav said his
leader Mr. Thackeray had 92
cases against him and he
would not be scared if one
more was slapped against
him too. Thane Police said an
FIR was registered with the
Naupada police on Thursday
evening against Mr. Jadhav.
In Chembur, MNS leader
Karna Dunbales dahi handi

DIZZY HEIGHTS: A human pyramid formed by the Jai Jawan Krida mandal during dahi handi, in Thane on Thursday. PHOTO: RAJENDRA G
too witnessed violation of
SC orders with eight-tier human pyramid.
We stand firmly with go-

vinda groups. If the police

decide to initiate action, the
MNS will stand with the
groups, said MNS leader

and ex-MLA Nitin Sardesai.

Apart from the height limits, the SC had disallowed govindas below 18 years to par-

who lives with his mother,

father and a younger
brother at Wadi Chawl,

Nagesh Bhoir (29), who fell from the the human pyramid
during dahi handi in 2009. PHOTO: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT
from organisers and the
government, but now, there
is nobody to help. The
doctor has suggested an
injection next month that

costs around Rs. 2 lakh.

With a monthly income of
around Rs. 8,000, its not
possible for us to bear the
expense, says Bhadwankar,

Loses job after fall

Following the fall, he was
admitted to KM Hospital
and then to Hinduja
Hospital, where a surgery
was performed. The
accident cost him his job,
and the only earning
member in the family now
is his 26-year-old brother,
an oice assistant in an
Andheri firm.
Nagesh Bhoir, 29, from
Bhiwandi, shares

Nashik farmer
gets just 5 paise
per kg for onions

After outrage, Odisha launches

scheme to transport bodies

NASHIK: A farmer from Karanj-


ticipate in dahi handi.

In various handis, children
below permissible age limit
were seen participating.

Sambalpur district on Thursday sentenced five persons

to life imprisonment on
charges of raping a minor girl
and filming the shocking act.
Sambalpur District and
Sessions Judge Dipti Mohapatra convicted five accused
Bishnu Kishan, Prashanta
Dansana, Jayamangal Pradhan, Ranjan Oram and Muna
Oram in the crime which had
taken place on July 22, 2014.
As per reports, the victim

Bhadwankars plight. A fall

from the pyramid in 2009
left him bedridden, with
spinal cord injuries.
Bhoir, who was a
collector with a local bank,
lives with his parents and a
sister. I dont want to
comment on the height of
the dahi handi pyramid but
I respect the courts
decision. It will cause fewer
injuries. Someone should
take responsibility for the
injured. There should be a
mechanism to provide
relief, he says. His family is
trying hard to raise funds
for his medical treatment.

DRUG WARS: The study, published in Lancet, states none of the

pharmacies mapped in Mumbai, Delhi and Patna dispensed
first-line anti-tuberculosis drugs. FILE PHOTO: MOHAMMED YOUSUF
38% of the pharmacies dispensed antibiotics or steroids to people with tuberculosis symptoms but no test
results. The use of fluoroquinolones in 7% and steroids in
5% of interactions is especially worrying because
these drugs delay tuberculosis diagnosis. Additionally,
fluoroquinolones are also an
essential part of multi-drug
resistant tuberculosis treat-

ment regimens and emerging regimens, so quinolone

abuse is a concern.
Decrease in use
The study notes that most
pharmacies surveyed had
managed the confirmed tuberculosis cases correctly
and the use of all antibiotics
decreased sharply when the
patients diagnosis was revealed to the pharmacists.

Scarlett Keeling case

verdict on Sept. 23

BHUBANESWAR: A day after the

picture of a tribal man carrying his dead wife on his

shoulder walking 10 km in
the absence of ambulance
service in Odishas Kalahandi district triggered outrage,
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Thursday launched a
scheme, Mahaprayan, to facilitate transportation of
Implementation of the
scheme, under which bodies
are to be transported from

had gone to Jamadarpali area

of Sambalpur city with a boyfriend on that fateful day.
The convicts reached the
spot and threatened the boy
to leave the spot. After chasing him, the convicts took
the college girl to distant
place and sexually assaulted
In shameful act, they had
also filmed the act by their
phone sets. The victim was
rescued by residents of nearby villages when she shouted. Later miscreants had circulated the MMS.

government hospitals and

government-ailiated hospitals to the residences of the
deceased, was originally decided in February this year.
The scheme will be available
in all 30 district headquarters hospitals and three government medical colleges.
Comes too late
The scheme launch came
too late for Dana Majhi, a
tribal from Melghar village,
who had to carry his wifes
body on his shoulder as he
had no money for a hearse

van. After seeing the sobbing

teen-aged daughter accompanying her father, the locals
demanded the administrations intervention for shifting the body.
Former MP Bhakta Charan
Das said, Although the Naveen Patnaik government ruined public health service
during its 16 years of rule,
there is no dearth of private
vehicles for carrying bodies.
A sympathetic administration should have come forward and helped the poor
tribal villager.

Squad (ATS) and the police

in a joint raid seized a huge
cache of explosives from
Ghatampur area on Thursday and arrested four persons here while one person
was arrested from Jhansi in
connection with the case.
In all 30,000 detonators,
20,000 gelatin sticks and 600
kg of ammonium nitrate
were seized and five persons,
four from Kanpur and one
from Jhansi, were arrested,
Inspector General of Police,
Aseem Arun said. A 14-yearold boy was also detained
during the raid but was later
released, Mr. Arun added.
The accused arrested from
Kanpur have been identified
as Nirbhaya Mishra, Vikrant
Singh, Om Narayan and Pankaj Singh, all hailing from
Sasaram, Bihar. During the
interrogation, they told the
police that they used to buy
explosives from one Charan
Singh of Jhansi and would
supply them in other parts of
the country.A police team
was rushed to Jhansi and
Charan Singh was arrested,
the IGP said PTI

PANAJI: The arguments were

completed on Thursday in
the case of the suspicious
death of minor British girl
Scarlett Keeling at Anjuna
beach in 2008 at the Goa
Childrens Court. The court
reserved its order for September 23.
On Thursday, the contention of the defence was that
in the absence of irrevocable
admissible evidence, the accused cannot be held guilty.
On the other hand, the
prosecution submitted that
Supreme Court has said
clearly that at a time when
the evidences are destroyed
it is up to the court to apply
its mind.

Drinks spiked
According to the Central
Bureau of Investigation
(CBI), Samson DSouza and
Placido Carvalho, two workers of a local shack in Anjuna,
who are the main accused,
spiked the 16-year-old girls
drinks, sexually assaulted
her and left her to die at the
beach on the morning of February 18, 2008.

Scarlett Keeling
The duo are facing charges
under Sections 304 (culpable
homicide not amounting to
murder), 354 (use of criminal
force on a woman with the
intent to outrage her modesty) and 328 (administering
drug to cause hurt) of Indian
Penal Code.
After the mother of the
victim, Fiona MacKeown, expressed her distrust in the
probe conducted by local police, some senior police oicials were suspended for
tampering with evidence in
August 2008 and the case
was finally handed over to
the CBI.
The trial started in 2010
and nearly 70 witnesses were
examined over the past six

Sohrabuddin case: 12th

accused discharged

5 get life term for rape

BHUBANESWAR: A local court in

consumes the most antibiotics in the world, a pattern

largely fuelled by the ready
availability of even prescription drugs over the counter,
Indian pharmacies have
shown restraint in dispensing anti-tuberculosis drugs, a
new study has found. However, drugs that can delay tuberculosis diagnosis are still
available over the counter.
The study published in
journal Lancet states that
none of the pharmacies
mapped in Mumbai, Delhi
and Patna dispensed firstline anti-tuberculosis drugs,
and the use of stronger fluoroquinolone antibiotics and
classes was low. The study
says: Furthermore, the use
of all antibiotics decreased
sharply when the patients
diagnosis was made available to the pharmacists.
It goes on to state that
concerns regarding the use
of anti-tuberculosis drugs by
pharmacies seem to be unfounded, at least in major cities, and pharmacies are unlikely sources of irrational
drug use that contributes to
multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. The study, which sampled 622 pharmacies between April 1, 2014, and
November 29, 2015, in Delhi,
Mumbai, and Patna, has
praised measures of the Indian National Tuberculosis
Control Program to reduce
drug abuse. However, not all
is well.
Our findings showed that




MUMBAI: For a country that

KANPUR: The Anti-Terrorism

Injured dahi handi participants say SC decision positive, but financial support for rehabilitation is absent

gaon village in Nashik district has claimed to have got

the rate of 5 paise per kg for
onions, prompting him to
dump his produce of 13 quintals in his field in protest,
even as a trader blamed
poor quality of bulb for the
low price.
Sudhakar Darade, who
hails from Niphad taluka,
said his onions got valued at
Rs. 5 per quintal (100 kg) at
produce market committee
(APMC) on Tuesday. PTI


Huge cache of
explosives seized
in U.P; 5 arrested

Without welfare net, Govindas take a long, painful fall

MUMBAI: Eight years ago,
Dayanand Bhadwankar fell
of a dahi handi pyramid
and injured his spinal cord.
The 32-year-old son of a
mill worker cannot walk
without the help of a
walking stick, much less
aford medical treatment.
To him, the Supreme Court
decision to cap the height of
human pyramids is positive.
Yet, much more needs to be
done for financial and
logistical support, he says.
When the incident took
place there was some help

selling anti-TB drugs: Study

MUMBAI: Eleven years after

Sohrabuddin Shaikhs fake
encounter took place, a special CBI court here on
Thursday discharged the
12th accused in the case.
The court said sanction
was not taken to prosecute
Rajkumar Pandiayan, the
then Superintendent of Police of Anti-Terrorism Squad
(ATS) team in Gujarat,
headed by D. G. Vanzara, the
then Deputy Inspector of
Police, ATS. On August 25,
the court had discharged the

11th accused Narendra Amin

as there was lack of evidence to prosecute him. He
was then the Deputy Superintendent of police, city
crime branch, Ahmedabad.
When the CBI took over
the case, its charge sheet
stated that in 2005 Amin was
in touch with Mr. Vanzara,
Mt. Pandiayan and the then
Home Minister of Gujarat,
Amit Shah, who was also
discharged in the case.
Sohrabuddin belonged to
the Jharnia village in Madhya Pradesh and had a criminal track record.

Noida Authority CEO Raman shunted out

LUCKNOW: With the Allahabad
High Court breathing down
its neck, the Uttar Pradesh
government on Thursday
shunted out Noida Authority
CEO Rama Raman in a minor
bureaucratic reshule involving two more IAS
Mr. Raman, a 1987 batch
IAS oicer, was removed
from his post and put on the
wait list while Principal
Technical Education Secretary Monika Garg was given
additional charge of the Noi-

da Authority as OSD, an oicial release said here.

Besides these two, Moradabad Joint Magistrate Harshita Mathur has been shifted to Ballia in the same
capacity, it added.
The High Court had seized
Mr. Ramans powers on July 1
acting on a petition filed by
Noida resident Jitendra Kumar Goyal who had alleged
that Mr. Raman had been
holding three posts simultaneously for three years.
Mr. Raman was both the

CEO of Noida Authority and

Chairman of Noida, Greater
Noida and Yamuna Expressway authorities for the last
three years.
The court had expressed
dissatisfaction over the fact
that three important posts
were held by one bureaucrat
for a long period and directed the Chief Secretary to
take a decision on transfer of
Mr. Raman to some other
The court had barred Mr.
Raman from functioning as

Chairman of Noida, Greater

Noida and Yamuna Expressway authorities.
On its orders, the Uttar
Pradesh government on July
19, appointed Pravir Kumar
as Chairman of the three
Mr. Raman, however, continued as Noida Authority
The court had later asked
the State government if it
could shunt Mr. Raman out
as the Noida Authoritys

10 |




The paranoid art of nationalism

The BJPs nationalism is like a nervous tic which agitates itself every time the party runs out of ideas
F R I D AY , A U G U S T 2 6 , 2 0 1 6

Investigating the
Scorpene leak

ow much our security has been compromised by the leak of thousands of pages of
confidential documents related to the
Scorpene submarines, under production in Mazagon Dock Ltd., must be seriously investigated. This
must be done in a manner that is free from bureaucratic compromise or turf-protective tactics. The
leak came to light when The Australian newspaper
claimed it had accessed 22,400 pages of documents
detailing technical specifications of the 1,500tonne conventional diesel-electric submarine. The
documents contain details of combat and stealth
capabilities, such as the frequencies at which they
would gather intelligence and their noise levels at
various speeds. Information on diving depths,
range and endurance are also in the documents,
suspected to have been taken out of DCNS, the
French company that designed the submarines. According to The Australian, the documents contain
magnetic, electromagnetic and infrared data as also
specifications of the submarines torpedo launch
system and combat system. Till the investigation is
complete, it would be foolhardy to hazard the magnitude of the setback. But it may calm anxieties if
there is a joint parliamentary probe, informed by a
bipartisan spirit, to supplement an expert inquiry.
The leaked data pertain to the six Scorpene submarines that India bought from the French under a
deal signed in 2005. Worth more than $3.75 billion at
the time, it was Indias biggest military purchase, to
provide a powerful, secretive underwater capability. The Scorpenes are to be the mainstay of Indias
conventional sub-surface fleet in the next couple of
decades. A submarine, by nature, is the most silent
and potent weapon platform that a military has, the
foremost being the SSBN, or a submarine that can
launch ballistic nuclear missiles. It is in such SSBNs
that countries place their second-strike capability
to fire a nuclear missile when under nuclear attack. In a battlefield with intrusive surveillance capabilities, conventional submarines can stay underwater for weeks, sneak close to the enemy
shoreline, keep a quiet watch on ship movement,
and carry out surprise attacks. Besides visual sighting, there are challenging and complex ways to look
for a submarine, and to identify it as friend or foe.
Most of these characteristics of Scorpene submarines seem to be part of the leaked documents. On
the face of it, this would be documentation worth
years of diicult and complex intelligence-gathering for adversaries. The initial response of the Ministry of Defence and the naval headquarters has
been far too defensive. They must expedite the inquiry to also determine the source of the leak, and
whether there has been a breach at the
original equipment manufacturers end and if so,
fix liability.

A great scholar once claimed that patriotism

is the last refuge of scoundrels. If he had
lived another hundred years, he could have
added that the nation state is the first home
of the insecurely authoritarian. Today, the
nation state has become a police operation,
censoring categories, modes of thought that
do not march in uniform with its oicial definitions of citizenship.
Oddly, this process of the nation state as a
panopticon, an institution for policing
thought, has to be seen today as a part of an
electoral democratic phenomenon. Majoritarianism in India has combined with a jingoist nationalism to carry out two separate
sets of policing operations. At a local level,
vigilante forces like the Bajrang Dal police
the body and guard against any threat of sexuality either in terms of dress or in terms of
the creativity of art and cinema. The policing
of sexuality at the local level goes with policing of thought at the national level. If America had a Ku Klux Klan on race, India is creating a network of vigilantes on the nation.
Citizenship and thought policing
This vigilantism of patriotic and chauvinist groups has the seal of oicial approval. A
good citizen is not only someone who is corseted in dress but one who wears a corseted
mind. Majoritarian nationalism creates a
new kind of thought policing where the deviant, the dissenting, the marginal and the
minoritarian find it diferent to fit into the
chorus of the nation state. Parties like the
BJP realise that anxiety about jobs, security,
the body creates a vulnerability which the
nation state can exploit. Anyone who difers
from you becomes anti-national. The transition from nationalism of the independence
movement, which was a costume ball of
ideas, to the uniformity of the nation state is
complete. Citizenship becomes a proactive
idea of thought policing. Any sign of diference confronts the mob and the lynch squad.


Parties like the BJP realise that

anxiety about jobs, security,
the body creates a vulnerability
which the nation state
can exploit
Thanks to this arid mentality of nationalism,
democracy becomes a threat to a democratic
way of life. The irony is virtually complete.
While Narendra Modi pretends to play
statesman immersed in the problems of governance, his electoral double, Amit Shah,
plays impresario to this knee-jerk nationalism, adding a surreal gravitas to what is both
farcical and lethal. Mr. Shah is a menacing
figure whose pronouncements become virtual diktats to party workers. He creates a
fetish around nationalism which even
threatens free speech blatantly. He is clear
that nationalism is too sacred to be even
questioned through free speech. He transforms it both into a theology and an oicial
state ideology such that reasons of the nation
state become even more sacrosanct than democracy. He is clear that what he labels as

propaganda against the nation should not be

considered as part of free speech. Such free
speech, he claims, insults the martyrs of the
freedom movement. In a fell swoop, past and
present move under majoritarian control.
He cites Bhagat Singh without realising he
was a more open ended mind than Amit
Shah is. Bhagat Singh would never endorse
the Gujarat riots of 2002. This appropriation
of the freedom movement by the RSS is a
card-sharping act worthy of examination.
Since character building seems to be beyond
the BJP, this fiction of being the custodian of
nationalist character lets it beat back dissent or diference of any kind.
Rajnath Singh as Home Minister plays second fiddle to Mr. Shah contending that Pakistan has been deliberating misleading Indian youth. At one sweep, he exonerates
Delhi, the police, the local government from
any kind of error, locating the source of mischief in an external enemy. Blaming Pakistan
is easy, while realising your own mistakes
takes courage. Not be left behind, Manohar
Parrikar, the Defence Minister, recently
claimed going to Pakistan is like going to
Ramya, the former actress and Congress
member who visited Pakistan as part of a
delegation, was quick to retort, Pakistan is
not hell. In a sane civil way, she observed,
People are just like us. They treated us
well. This was enough to spark an accusation of sedition, and a complaint against her
was filed by a Kannada advocate. The lawyer, Vittal Gowda, alleged that Ramya had insulted Indian patriots by praising Pakistan.
Updating themselves, BJP activists who earlier advocated the train to Pakistan to any
dissenter now insisted that anyone who
thought Pakistan was heaven should take the
next flight. Sedition now becomes the easiest label to tar your opponent with. All one
needs is a simple diference of opinion.
Fortunately, Ramya is a sensible person,
who, in an article, matter of factly said, we
need to build enduring bridges with our
neighbours. The BJPs attempt to create its
storm in a teacup was quietly foiled by the
film star. In fact, Bollywood known for its
melodrama seems sane, allowing the BJP to


Ready to
take flight?

aharashtras move, this week, in becoming

the first State to embrace the Regional
Connectivity Scheme (RCS) ticks a few
boxes for the Centres ambitious plan to use civil
aviation to boost tourism, jobs and balanced regional growth across the country. It also lends a fillip to Indias aim of emerging as the third largest
aviation market by 2020. The concept itself, though,
is not new. Under the UPA government, a Ministry
of Civil Aviation report noted that States were becoming more receptive to the idea of promoting regional air connectivity. It also observed that the only way to get airlines to fly these thin routes
would be by reducing operational costs. The report
highlighted two points: the immense potential that
lay in activating the nearly 450 dormant airports
and airfields, and the need for a subsidy fund,
which is a global norm, in keeping such routes going. A key point in that document was its optimism
about India having 300-odd operational airports by
2030, from about 80 now, by tapping into the potential of regional routes. When linked to a concept
such as a hub and spoke of route flexibility and
also feeding into larger airline operators and major
aviation hubs the sky was indeed the limit.
Some of this is mirrored in the latest policy. At its
heart lies the importance of Centre-State cooperation, in the form of viability gap funding, subsidised
aviation fuel and a controversial fare cap, pivotal
to enabling the schemes success. But there could
be some air pockets ahead. Civil Aviation Minister
Ashok Gajapathi Rajus remark that States would
have to be prepared to take some haircuts by providing free land and operational infrastructure, and
that the Centre would have to agree to forego excise
on aviation fuel and service tax on tickets signals
that the scheme may end up testing the actual commitment of governments both at the Union and
State levels. With private airlines having evinced
interest but not having expressly committed themselves so far to the RCS, there is also the issue, going
by experience, of whether the burden of operating
such routes could end up ultimately falling on
Air India. The episodes of the now-on, now-of air
services to Mysuru and Puducherry, for instance,
are illustrative and instructive. These operations
had the backing of the respective governments but
never reached cruise altitude. Given the scale of
the scheme, there is also the issue of providing air
traic control services. With mounting worries
over air safety and the alarming rise in near-miss
incidents, there can be no room for compromise on
this vital component of the aviation industry.

monopolise all the hysterical roles. Ramyas

sanity is a perfect antidote to the ruling regimes hysteria.
Uses of a nervy nationalism
The question one has to ask is, why are the
BJP and its cohorts adopting this knee-jerk
jingoism? Part of it is because as a party it has
sought a theory of uniformity as unity without any real faith in inclusion. The backstage
and the front stage of its politics just do not
hold together. A nervy nationalism becomes
its real claim to solidarity. The BJPs attitude
to Dalits has undermined any hope of inclusion. As election time approaches, this nervy
nationalism nitpicking at every source of
dissent becomes its one electoral plank. It is
as if its majoritarianism by habit has nothing
else to resonate with. Its inability to resolve
issues in Kashmir, its illiteracy about the
agony of Kashmir weaken its sense of problem solving. Besides, student revolts at JNU
and Hyderabad have dented its claim to be
the party of the youth. At a time when its
claims to justice and competence are beginning to sound hollow, the drumbeat of nationalism seems to be its only calling card.
By fusing majoritarianism and this spectacle
of nationalism, it makes dissent to be against
the nation. It is only this false fusion that
gives it a sense of unity.
The strategy is shortsighted and creates
two casualties at the level of ideas. It aborts
the power of nationalism as a process, disguising the many doubts about nationalism
which stalwarts like Tagore or Gandhi had. It
attempts to remove their voices from history
to create its own meaner version of it. It demolishes the creativity of civil society by
turning every act of dissent and diference
into a canned idea of sedition.
Protest and diferences which sustained
both nationalism and democracy are now
emptied out. As this new nationalism unfolds, one realises its lack of organic embeddedness. As it has no sense of communities
beyond a conscripted uniformity, it is forced
to rely on a false sense of leadership by inflating the reputation of one person and his alleged charisma or becomes an excuse for
technocratism seeking a modernism around
its uncritical acceptance of technology. Such
empty bullying by nationalism eventually
degenerates to a fascism that flies on democracy. Dialogue becomes impossible, and difference and debate unrealistic. Whatever the
short-term popularity, it is becoming clear
that this is not the world Nehru, Gandhi and
Patel dreamt of. Nationalism rather than becoming a way of life becomes a symptom of
an inferiority complex where the regime
eventually lacks the cultural imagination to
challenge the West or China. The regime has
made the singing of the National Anthem
compulsory. Here nationalism is converted
into a form of church attendance. What
could have been a way of life becomes a ritual for scrutiny. Such a perspective is illiterate
about history and unprepared for any cosmopolitan future. It substitutes the unity of
the flag with uniformity, the mob mentality
of vigilantism. It fails to understand that both
cadre and mob lack the nuance, the subtlety
or mentality of a plural nation.
The BJPs current view of history and the
nation is inaugurating not an epic of nationalism but a jingoistic tragedy that threatens
democracy both as plural imagination and a
way of life. The BJPs nationalism is like a
nervous tic which agitates itself every time
the party runs out of ideas.
Shiv Visvanathan is the Director of Centre for the Study of
Knowledge Systems and Professor, Jindal Global Law


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Submarine data leak

The leaking of data, of more than
22,000 pages, on the Scorpene
submarine project is deeply
disturbing given that this involves a
key component of our maritime
security (Probe ordered after data
on stealth submarine leaked,
Aug.25). Its scale and magnitude
shows the level of laxity within the
defence establishment. What is
alarming is that the combat abilities
of the Scorpene have been revealed
at a time when the watercraft is
about to be inducted. For once the
Congress party is right in describing
the leak as scandalous, with its
demand for a complete security
audit quite justified. The
government needs to act fast by
launching a time-bound inquiry into
the issue as the security of the
country is of paramount
J. Anantha Padmanabhan,

I was dumbstruck to read the news

which comes just after the series of
mishaps involving equipment
operated by our armed forces. It
makes one wonder what the
countrys defence establishment is
doing. With rising internal security
problems and external threats, we
cannot aford to have our defence
systems compromised. It is no joke
to be spending thousands of crores
of rupees on a project only to have
an information war waged against
I. Chandru,

The major leak poses a serious

threat to Indian defence. The
Defence Ministry cannot downplay
the extent of damage as a huge
cache of data on crucial parameters
relating to the submarine seems to

be out in the public domain. It is

even more worrying that the leak
would not have been detected had
The Australian not reported it. The
failure of our intelligence agencies is
glaring. At a time when FDI is being
welcomed in the defence sector,
India should be more cautious in
protecting sensitive data. This is a
moment of rude awakening.
D.V.G. Sankararao,
Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh

The leak is bound to put IndiaFrench ties on the line and could
adversely impact future defence
agreements with France. That the
data leak covers over 22,000 pages
of secret and vital information is
stunning. The authorities should get
to the bottom of the matter.
N.J. Ravi Chander,

The Scorpene deal represented a

milestone in India-French relations,
the reason being the technology
transfer agreement with Mazagon
Docks in Mumbai. This becomes all
the more relevant when one notes
that a similar proposal with HAL
regarding the Rafale aircraft was
rejected. It would be interesting
now to see how other Scorpene
customers such as Brazil, Chile and
Malaysia will react.
Surendra Singh Achara,
New Delhi

There appear to be too many

contractors in the deal which is why
there is a possibility the data leak
could have emanated from them.
There should have been safeguards
to prevent such a thing from
happening in the first place. Even
though the French builder may not
be suspected of complicity, it could
have its business prospects afected.
Only experts can say whether there
is any point in going ahead with the

Scorpene project. All said and done,

India cannot allow the massive
investment to go down the drain.
V. Lakshmanan,
Tirupur, Tamil Nadu

Surrogacy Bill
With a proper enforcement
mechanism now in place, the
Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016
provides a much-needed framework
for the hitherto unregulated sector
(Surrogate children only for
married couples: Bill, Aug 25). The
ethical provisions of the Bill are in
line with Indian social ethos.
However, some issues need strong
vigil. Care of the surrogate mother is
important, since complications
during pregnancy can turn fatal.
There are also instances of an
implantation of multiple embryos
for higher chances of success. Apart
from this, there have been cases of
weak children being abandoned and
commercial surrogacy going
Sachin V.K. Jadhav,

women. There are very few who act

out of a sense of service or altruism.
When legal surrogacy turns the
miracle of life into a profit-driven
industry, the stork begins to
resemble a vulture.
C.V. Venugopalan,

Choking dissent
Success should make true leaders
more obedient and responsive but
repeated victories appear to have
made the ruling party in Tamil Nadu
arrogant and intolerant towards its
opponents (SC raps Tamil Nadu
govt. for choking dissent, Aug. 25).
The Chief Minister should realise
that the only way to silence critics in
a democracy is by clarifying their
apprehensions and demonstrating
good governance; not by filing
defamation cases against them. The
peoples mandate should not be
construed as a licence to do away
with the Opposition.
Kshirasagara Balaji Rao,

Washim, Maharashtra

Restricting surrogacy to legally

wedded Indian couples is
unwelcome. It could lead to a black
market for commercial surrogacy. It
cannot be denied that the surrogacy
market is quite unregulated in India
and that many surrogate mothers
often face a number of problems.
What is even more appalling is that
poor surrogate mothers are often
exploited by agents.
Buddhadev Nandi,
Bishnupur, West Bengal

The flourishing fertility industry,

from egg-harvesting to surrogacy, is
nothing but the exploitation and
commodification of women. In
India, without exception, it
represents the exploitation of poor

As legitimate dissent is a sign of a

healthy democracy, it is imperative
that a government has to face
criticism of its policies from the
media, political rivals and critics,
and in right earnest, for good
governance. Listening to sane voices
who can help the government to
correct its mistakes is a part and
parcel of democracy. The cases filed
against political rivals must be
withdrawn in order to set a healthy
precedent in good governance.
K.R. Srinivasan,

No more publicity
In this era of transparency in
administration, the reports, Media
asked to avoid names of lawyers,

judges and HCs blackout order

surprises jurists (both Aug.25), are
quite unfortunate and disturbing. To
declare that the naming of lawyers
in the media would amount to
indirect advertisement of their
professional capabilities is unfair
because in every walk of life the
eminent get projected to the eyes of
the public by the media. The
talented, apart from being
recognised for what they are, serve
as a source of inspiration to others
in the field.
Furthermore, to place restrictions
on the media on what to publish
within the bounds of the law will
weaken the foundation of an
important pillar of democracy.
Some of the arguments put forth by
eminent lawyers and the judgments
delivered by judges are perused by
the public with interest for their
in-depth knowledge of the law and
other subjects, and for their precise
and convincing language. Their
points of view without their names
will lose their charm and vitality.
R.K. Jacob,
San Jose, California, U.S.

Protecting Good Samaritans

India has no dearth of Good
Samaritans. In fact it was a Good
Samaritan who had helped actor
Sudha Chandran when she was
involved in a road accident in the
1980s. In saving accident victims,
the police and hospital staf also
have a vital and responsible role to
What is a barrier is their general
attitude and mindset in responding
to accident cases. One way of
changing this cold attitude is
perhaps by beginning a system of
ranking and rewards to police and
hospitals for initiating timely action.
M. Somasekhar Prasad,
Badvel, Andhra Pradesh



Can the international solar

alliance change the game?
The International Solar Alliance (ISA) was
jointly announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Franois
Hollande on November 30, 2015 at the UN
Paris Climate Change Conference. Since
KANIKA then the International Steering Committee
CHAWLA has met thrice (in Paris, Abu Dhabi and New
York); an Interim Administrative Cell (formed in January 2016) meets regularly; and an ISA ministerial-level meeting was held at the UN Headquarters
in April 2016. Two multi-country work programmes have been launched; India has committed financial support worth Rs.400 crore; the foundation
stone for the ISA headquarters was laid in Gurugram; and joint declarations
were signed with the UN Development Programme and the World Bank.
Despite the ball moving behind the scenes, public understanding about
ISAs role, scope, and future direction remains limited. Prospective member
countries want to know when to sign up. Detractors ask whats in it for members. Can ISA change the game?
Several countries have aggressive solar targets and regional and international organisations are hoping to support these aims. Yet, although the sun
shines everywhere, solar power reThe ISA's key backers
mains concentrated in just a few countries. Until December 2015, Germany,
need to start speaking
China, Japan, the U.S., and Italy acloudly on the alliance's
counted for 70 per cent of the 227 GW
of solar PV deployed globally. Developvision, activities and their
ing countries, especially in Africa, are
added value
still left out or stuck with low-tech options, despite their significantly larger solar potential. These nascent markets are seen as too disaggregated and high risk for investors.
In efect, three factors continue to block the rapid scale-up of solar energy: financing is still too costly for developers; solar-related plans and policies are often incoherent and increase risks for developers and investors;
and there is insuicient research and development (R&D) investment in
From lab to streets
ISAs vision and mission is to take solar from the lab (or rich world markets) to (developing country) streets. It is being designed as a platform to
bring together countries with rich solar potential (along with solar innovators, developers, and financiers) to aggregate demand for solar across member countries, creating a global buyers market for solar energy, and thereby
reducing prices, facilitating the deployment of existing solar technologies at
scale, and promoting collaborative solar R&D and capacity.
The cost of finance for solar projects in many developing countries is often prohibitively high. ISA envisions that collective measures can facilitate
the flow of over $1 trillion into solar projects, by aggregating demand within
countries, standardised asset-structuring across countries, and establishing
an ecosystem of financial instruments to mitigate some of the investment
risks. For instance, a multi-country foreign exchange hedging facility could
remove one of the biggest contributors to higher costs of finance for countries whose currencies are not pegged to internationally traded currencies.
Investors could also reduce their exposure to risk by investing in bankable
but coordinated portfolios of projects across several markets.
Many technology applications are already commercially viable, if promoted through innovative business models (such as fees-for-service for solar home systems, community ownership of assets like solar pumps, etc).
Decentralised energy businesses might not scale in the traditional sense,
but could be replicated across many geographies. Warehousing (aggregating) demand for rooftop solar projects across countries is one example. ISA
has already launched a major programme on scaling solar applications in
agriculture and has another proposed programme on financing for of-grid
energy access. But even large-scale solar projects would benefit from better
coordination among member countries. Investors are likely to draw more
confidence in a group of countries that followed similar procedures on, say,
reverse auctions to allocate solar projects, or standardised templates for
power purchase agreements. Developers could find opportunities to scale
operations in other countries. ISA could help to coordinate these policies.
Since programmes would be member-driven, there is little risk that the institution would be accused of impugning the sovereignty of members.
Third, in order to avoid the trap of getting locked into existing technologies, there needs to be collaborative, cross-country R&D, which ISA hopes
to facilitate. Whereas the major solar powers are already investing in R&D,
collaborative research would pool resources in cash and kind, and ofer
more markets in which to test technologies. ISA R&D prizes and advance
market commitments could be announced to stimulate research in preselected areas, such as increasing the eiciency of solar panels or reducing the
costs of manufacturing in developing countries. Additionally, ISA has plans
to address related market-limiting factors, by launching standardised skill
training programmes and reducing information asymmetries through a
24x7 knowledge hub.
Danger ahead
Despite its promise, ISA faces two real dangers. The longer-term one is
whether it devolves into a bloated bureaucracy. Although conceived as an
intergovernmental institution, ISA is not intended to be a typical international bureaucracy. Its extremely lean Secretariat (possibly smaller than any
other international agency) could leverage networks and create tangible opportunities for manufacturers, developers, financiers and innovators. A
tight budget and a direct link to the private sector would hold ISA accountable to real action on the ground.
The more proximate danger is that 121 potential member countries get
caught up in a battle over legal form, membership rights, and giving precedence to procedure over pragmatism. This would violate the very ethic of a
dynamic international organisation for the 21st century, where action is rewarded and initiatives judged by the efectiveness of their execution. It is
important that the key backers of ISA start speaking loudly, clearly and frequently about ISAs vision, activities and their added value. There are many
interested parties in governments and in international markets and we
cannot aford for their interest to flag.
Arunabha Ghosh is CEO and Kanika Chawla is Senior Programme Lead at the Council on Energy,
Enviroment and Water.


(dated August 26, 1966)

Pocket television set

A pocket television set with a
matchbox size screen claimed
the worlds smallest has gone

on display here [London] for the

first time. The British set, to be
sold next year for about 52, is a
little larger than a packet of 20


>>Order gone wrong: The photo caption accompanying the report, HCs
blackout order surprises jurists (August 25, 2016, Chennai city edition),
identified the jurists former Madras High Court judges wrongly. The
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K. N. Basha
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How to win medals in Olympics

Across India, clusters of excellence by sport can be developed based on natural inclinations and
heritage that are visible, such as canoeing in Kerala and gymnastics in Maharashtra
dont have superior sports administrators or the best of facilities. So what


One more Olympics has gone by. A total

of 974 medals were won by 87 countries;
54 countries won at least one Gold. The
U.S. flew home with the best medal tally
of all time for that country with 121 medals. Notwithstanding the individual brilliance and the face-saving medals of P.V.
Sindhu and Sakshi Malik, Indias performance is the poorest among all big
The discourse on this is an unhappy
one: there has been a lot of hand-wringing, blame on the Sports Ministry and
sports administrators, complaints about
lack of facilities, grumbles about corruption being the villain, and so on. India says the same things, once in four
years, during and after every Olympics.
It should instead look for simple lessons,
develop a strategy to win medals and execute it diligently. No, I dont believe
that India should be planning for the
Olympics scheduled eight or twelve
years from now. While long-term thinking is good, any leader will tell you that it
is too slow. We should aim to win a lot
more medals in Tokyo in 2020. But how?
Numbers tell diferent stories
The final medals tally by country (see tells all sorts of stories.
The top 22 countries those with a
double-digit medals tally with a minimum of three gold medals took home
a total of 702 medals, or 72 per cent of all
medals. The top ten suggests that only
the established West (the U.S., Great
Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Australia) along with Russia, Japan and
South Korea will continue to dominate.
The emergence of China is explained as
you know the Chinese can dictate anything, so they are not comparable. It is
often implied that wealth and size are
the reasons for the success of these
countries. They have the facilities and

programmes in place. They are bound to

win. So goes the argument and
This logic should be probed further.
Olympics medals are won by people between the ages of 15 to 29, with a few exceptions on either side of this age band. I
looked at the number of medal wins in
relation to the population in the age
group 15 to 29 in each country, for which
data is available. This was juxtaposed
with the medals won, to calculate the
numbers of medals won per lakh of population in this age group. The story
changes dramatically.
The graphic shows the medals won
per one lakh of population in the 15-29
age group, for the same 22 countries. Tiny New Zealand (total population 4.6

Analysis of winners shows

that a country, no matter
how small or economically
weak, wins a number of
medals in specific sports
million) emerges on top, with 1.8 medals
per one lakh in the relevant age group,
followed by Jamaica with 1.57 medals
and Croatia with 1.43 medals. New Zealand won an astonishing 18 medals and
has mostly gone unheralded, overshadowed by the enjoyable theatrics of Usain
Bolt and others. These countries are not
the richest, they do not have size and
muscle, their small size restricts the
depth of internal competition, they

What are the lessons?

New Zealand won 10 of its medals in
rowing, sailing and canoeing, all based
on its rich marine heritage, a natural
strength for the country. Jamaica won in
athletics, specifically in running, in
which it has built a super cluster. Croatia
is a mixed bag winning in athletics and
water-related sports. Further analysis of
winners shows a similar cluster
strength, where an individual country,
no matter how small or economically
weak, wins a number of medals in specific sports Italy won 7 medals in
shooting, 4 in fencing; Cuba 6 in boxing;
Kazakhstan 5 in weightlifting; Iran 5 in
wrestling; Kenya 13 in athletics (mostly
running) and so on.
Clearly building clusters of excellence by sport is the way to go. Fortunately we have several in place. Pullela
Gopichand has single-handedly built a
cluster for badminton in Hyderabad.
Can this be further developed to field a
large number of players, in order to
dominate this sport in Tokyo? Haryana
is a cluster of excellence for boxing and
wrestling. This should be given a thrust
with the intent to win big in these two
The Northeast has shown remarkable
energy in sports, with the likes of Mary
Kom and Dipa Karmakar. Focussing on
sports there is a sure-fire way of bringing the region into the mainstream, a
huge political agenda. Kerala is big in
boat racing and martial arts, a natural
place to develop capabilities in canoeing
and sports like judo and taekwondo.
Mallakhamb is big in Maharashtra, and
gymnastics is a natural extension for
Across India, clusters of excellence by
sport can be developed, based on natural inclinations and heritage that are visible. We can win our fair share of medals
with this focus. We must start tomorrow.
Shekar Swamy is Group CEO, R.K. Swamy Hansa

Two rivals on a smooth journey

Irritants crop up in UNP-SLFP ties now and then, but the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe
understanding may be strong enough to prevent Mahinda Rajapaksa from making a comeback

The first year in oice for any government should normally not be problematic. This holds good more or less in the
case of Sri Lankas national unity government, which has completed one year
in oice despite huge challenges in the
areas of economy, constitutional reforms, and, importantly, the Tamil
Billed as the first of its sort, the government was formed immediately following the August 2015 parliamentary
elections after traditional rivals, the
United National Party (UNP) and the
Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), struck
an agreement. Though the electoral verdict was not decisive, the message was
loud and clear an emphatic no to
the bid of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to return to power after losing in
the January presidential election to his
former colleague, Maithripala Sirisena.
In the parliamentary polls, the UNP
and its allies had won 106 seats while the
United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA), led by the SLFP, had secured 95
seats. Mr. Rajapksas vote base did not
see much erosion between 2010 and
2015. His UPFA had secured about 4.8
million votes in 2010 and 4.7 million
votes last year. Even now, Mr. Rajapaksa
remains a force to reckon with.
The reason behind the UNP and its allies getting a higher number of seats in
2015 was higher voter turnout. Nearly
three million more voters exercised
their franchise last year. Immediately after the general elections, a substantial
section in the SLFP broke ranks with the
former President and joined hands with
Mr. Sirisena, who promptly stitched a
pact with the UNP.
Despite the SLFP being part of the national unity government, it has, at times,
given an impression that it does not enjoy real power, and all crucial decisions
are taken by the other constituent unilaterally. The way several budget proposals were revised and the removal of
the preamble to the resolution moved in
January 2016 on the constitutional reforms demonstrated lack of coherence
and coordination between the two principal parties.
On the same page
Though such irritants crop up in
UNP-SLFP ties now and then, Mr. Sirisena, who was elected as the countrys
executive President in January 2015
mainly on the strength of the UNP, is
careful enough to ensure that his understanding with the Prime Minister and
the UNPs chief, Ranil Wickremesinghe,
does not collapse. To show that he is on
the same page as his Prime Minister, Mr.
Sirisena is supporting a new pact with
India through the Economic and Tech-

BREAK WITH THE PAST: With all its faults, the present government has been able to create a climate of freedom. President
Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe walking through crowds after making an offering to mark the
start of construction on an irrigation project in Moragahakanda. PHOTO: AFP
nology Cooperation Agreement (ETCA), which the Prime Minister is perceived to be pushing for. A week before
Mr. Rajapaksa launched his march to
Colombo from Kandy in late July to
highlight the governments failure on
various fronts, the two parties jointly
announced that the 2015 agreement,
originally meant for two years, would
last five years.
Mr. Sirisenas bonhomie with the
UNP, widely seen as a right-leaning and
market-friendly party, does not go down
well with certain sections of the SLFPs
supporters who represent the rural
peasantry, the lower middle-class and
the Sinhalese-Buddhists. From the minority perspective, the current regime
allows itself to be bothered by the
thought of a likely response of the Rajapaksa camp to each and every move, especially on reconciliation. This is why
the progress has not been spectacular.
But Mr. Sirisena is conscious that he is
not going to gain anything by breaking
the relationship with the UNP, as otherwise Mr. Rajapaksa will only become
stronger, a scenario not acceptable to
There are other reasons for the UNPSLFP alliance to continue.
Chief among them is the delivery on
commitments made to the United Nations Human Rights Council through
the October 2015 resolution on reconciliation, accountability and human rights.
While critics of the government continue to question the logic behind the
countrys decision to become a sponsor

Despite the SLFP being part

of the national unity
government, it has, at times,
given an impression that it
does not enjoy real power
of the resolution, what has not gone unnoticed is that the regime was able to
manage the UNHRC episode with finesse, and correct the damage done by
its predecessor to ties with India and
Western powers.
Ensuring freedom
With all its faults, the present government has been able to create a climate of
freedom and openness, which was perceptibly missing during the Rajapaksa
years. As a corollary to this approach, it
has taken some measures the release
of around 3,000 acres of land held till recently by the security forces; the rendering of the national anthem in Tamil during the 2016 Independence Day
celebration; the ratification of the International Convention for the Protection
of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance and allowing the Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms to carry out its task of getting
feedback from all over the country in a
businesslike and proactive way.
Even though some point to the continued military presence in the Northern
and Eastern provinces and the persistence of a culture of surveillance and, in
certain instances, intimidation and ha-

rassment, as observed by the UN High

Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid
Raad Al Hussein in his update of June
2016, a large number of people in the two
provinces that had been ravaged by the
civil war acknowledge the climate of
freedom and openness, which forms the
basis for establishing any mechanism on
transitional justice.
For the Tamil National Alliance leadership, the present regime presents a
unique opportunity to find a durable solution to the vexatious Tamil question,
given the fact that formally the countrys
two principal parties are part of the
That Mr. Sirisena and Mr. Wickremesinghe are earnest in carrying out the
process of constitutional reforms and
resolving the Tamil question has not
been lost on anyone. Perhaps, keeping in
mind the possible adverse impact on the
process, Mr. Sirisena has not taken the
drastic action of expelling Mr. Rajapsksa
from the SLFP, even though talk of the
former President and his supporters
forming a new party often comes up in
public discourse.
The next year may not be as smooth
for the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe regime as the one that went by. But if the
two leaders are able to stick together
and function more cohesively, taking
many sections along, they should be
able to achieve a breakthrough in one of
the famous intractable issues of South
Asia and this should not surprise anyone.

12 |


Reveal details of LTC

case, says CIC
NEW DELHI: The Central Information Commission (CIC)
has directed the Department of Space to make public details of the investigation against those oicials
accused of misusing their
leave travel concession.
In a matter before the
CIC, the DoS had admitted
that after cross-verification
with Air India, it came to its
knowledge that there were
some cases from its Bangalore oice where employees
had allegedly made false
LTC claims. Information
Commissioner Sharat Sabharwal pulled up DoS saying: While disposing of the
matter, we cannot help ob-

serving that though a complaint was made in 2011, the

respondents are yet to complete the verification and order recovery in all the
Disclosure of action taken
Mr. Sabharwal directed
the DoS and the India Space
Research Organisation to
disclose the investigation
details, besides revealing
what action has been taken
till now. The CIC has also directed them to reveal the
name and designation of officials from whom recovery
has been ordered, along
with the amount of recovery
ordered in each case and the
current status of the recovery in all cases.

constituted by the Home

Ministry to find an
alternative to pellet guns
for crowd control
following an uproar
against its use in Kashmir
has zeroed in on PAVA
shells, a chilli-based
ammunition, which is less
lethal and immobilises the
target temporarily.

The panel held a

demonstration of the
newly developed shells in
a test field here earlier
this week and gave the
thumbs-up for use by
security forces for crowd
control and during
protests like those being
witnessed in the Valley in
place of the pellet guns
which have caused

To address public meeting in Saurashtra, stronghold of Patidars; BJP hopes visit will help it solve difficulties in the State
NEW DELHI: Over two years after he left Gujarat for New
Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address his
first public meeting in the
State at Dhrol in Jamnagar
district on August 30,
marking the completion of
the first phase of the
Rs.12,166-crore Saurashtra
Narmada Avatarana Irrigation Yojana.
The project is aimed at
linking 115 dams in the
parched Saurashtra (the
stronghold of Patidars) region to the Sardar Sarovar
This will make the Nar-

injuries and large-scale

The PAVA shells, as
per the blueprint
prepared in this regard,
had been under trial for
over a year at the Indian
Institute of Toxicology
Research, a Council of
Scientific and Industrial
Research laboratory in
Lucknow. PTI

Talks only on Pak. vacating

PoK, stopping terror: India
NEW DELHI: Hardening its posi-

tion on talks, New Delhi has

sent another letter to Islamabad outlining the need for
talks on its core concern of
battling terror emanating
from Pakistan that targets
not just India but other
countries in the region also.
The letter sent by Foreign
Secretary S. Jaishankar in reply to a letter from Pakistani
Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhury dated August 19, was delivered on August 23 to the Pakistani
Foreign Oice, the MEA confirmed on Thursday.
The two had exchanged
letters on August 15-16 as
well, over Pakistans original
ofer of Foreign Secretarylevel talks on the Jammu
and Kashmir dispute in accordance with the U.N. Security Council resolutions.
In the latest missive, Mr.
Jaishankar is understood to
have repeated that India is
prepared to speak to Pakistan only about terrorism issues including the investigations into the Pathankot
airbase attack in January
2016 and Mumbai 26/11 attacks in 2008, with the addition of a new demand that
Pakistan vacate Pakistan-occupied Kashmir immediately.
Militants confession
The letter also details the
confession of arrested militant Bahadur Ali, who admitted to being trained by the
Lashkar-e-Toiba in Pakistan,

S. Jaishankar
and travelling to Jammu and
Kashmir to carry out attacks
here, calling on Pakistan to
take action in the case.
Ignoring the Pakistani Foreign Secretarys letter which
that also called for permission for U.N. representatives,
and international doctors
and paramedics to be allowed to travel to Jammu and
Kashmir to treat those injured in the past month, Mr.
Jaishankar reportedly indicated that the only part of
Jammu and Kashmir India
wishes to discuss is the part
illegally taken over by Pakistan (PoK), sources said.
Sharp response
Last week, India had responded sharply to a suggestion from the U.N. High
Commissioner for Human
Rights Jordanian Prince Zeid
Raad Al Hussein who had
asked to visit Kashmir.
We will continue to encourage the international
community to uphold promotion of human rights and
fundamental freedoms in the
parts of J&K under illegal occupation of Pakistan, the


Modi touching base in Gujarat after two years

Chilli-filled PAVA shells may replace

pellet guns for crowd control
NEW DELHI: An expert panel


MEA said in its reply.

Mr. Jaishankars reference
in his letter to other countries of the region afected
also indicates a new development in Indias line on dealing with Pakistan.
Confirming that the decision to engage other neighbours like Bangladesh and
Afghanistan, who have also
complained about attacks
from terror groups in Pakistan, is a deliberate one, an official told The Hindu to
look closely at what governments in other SAARC
countries had said.
Dhakas position
Bangladesh, angry over
the Dhaka caf attack and
others that it links to Pakistani support, has refused to
send high-level oicials to
any of the SAARC related
events in Pakistan.
In a visit to Delhi this
month, the Bangladesh Interior Minister Hassanul Haq
Inu squarely blamed Pakistani groups for the attacks, and
is understood to have discussed these with Indian officials.
Afghanistans President
Ghani has also said Wednesdays terror attack on the
American University in Kabul where 13 people including teachers and students
were killed, was organised
in Pakistan, and spoke via
video conference with Prime
Minister Modi on the need to
protect peace, overcome
terror and extremism and
work for prosperity of our

mada appear to be avatarit,

as the name of the project
suggests, in Saurashtra, said
a senior oicial of Gujarat. It
is the first project of its kind
in India.
Hub of agitation
Saurashtra is the cradle of
the Patidar agitation for reservation that had rocked the
State for the past two years.
From Saurashtra, Mr. Modi
had derived much political
support while he was Chief
In the local bodies elections last year, the BJP lost
most of the district and taluk
panchayats in the region,
which sends 57 MLAs to the

Narendra Modi
182-member Assembly.
Mr. Modi has only addressed two gatherings in
Gujarat since he went to Delhi: one was the Vibrant Guja-

Home Minister reaches

out to the Valley
SRINAGAR: Union Home Minis-

ter Rajnath Singh, who is on a

two-day visit to Kashmir, on
Thursday announced slew of
measures to ease tension.
Though facing a boycott
from separatists, prominent
civil society groups and traders bodies, Mr. Singh, who
met most mainstream leaders and around 300 people
during his stay, announced
steps such as raising a paramilitary battalion in the Valley, setting up a nodal agency
for Kashmiris living outside
J&K and hiring 10,000 Special Police Oicers.
People should infuse confidence among Kashmiris,
particularly students studying across the country, he
Ready to talk to all
Asking Chief Minister
Mehbooba Mufti to make
preparations for the all-party
meeting, Mr. Singh said he
was ready to talk to all, including separatists.
We are ready to talk to
those who believe in Insaaniyat [humanity], Jamooriyat [democracy] and Kash-

Army foils
infiltration bid
SRINAGAR: The Army foiled an

infiltration bid on the LoC on

Thursday as curfew, restrictions
and shutdown continued to
affect the normal life in the Valley
for 48th day.
An Army spokesman said one
soldier was injured when the
troops foiled a bid by militants to
infiltrate in Tanghdar sector,
Kupwara disrtict. The infiltrators
are believed to be pushed back
into PoK.
miriyat People should not
question our understanding
of the problem.
He also assured Ms. Mufti
that the BJP was committed
to implementing the Agenda
of Alliance.
Ms. Mufti said there was
need to reach out to those
who believed that a solution
could be achieved within the
ambit of Insaaniyat, as
spelled by the former Prime

This will improve the

morale of the party,
which has been down
for the year or so,
says an MP

Prime Ministers Oice

(PMO) and the Gujarat government said the project,
commissioned in 2013 when
Mr. Modi was Chief Minister,
held a sentimental value for

rat summit and the other was

the meeting of DirectorGenerals of Police (DGP) in
Kutch, said a senior MP
from Gujarat, who coordinates the arrangements for
the public meeting.
This will be his first public rally after becoming
Prime Minister. We expect a
crowd of no fewer than two
lakh people, he said.
Senior sources in the

Parched region
Saurashtra has been
parched. Despite the construction of 471 small and
major dams, water availability is an issue, since dams fill
up during the rainy season
and are under-utilised in dry
months, an oicial said.
This project will link 115 of
these dams to the Sardar Sarovar Dam to make them perennial, he said.

Rajnath made a mockery

of dialogue: Separatists
Separatists on
Thursday accused Union
Home Minister Rajnath
Singh of making a mockery
of dialogue, while the Congress welcomed the Centres
move to replace pellet guns.
Accusing Mr. Singh of issuing invitations through
Twitter, incarcerated JLKF
chief Yasin Malik said: Indian leaders are making a
mockery of the dialogue
process and institution by
saying whoever wants to
come is free to join.
Mr. Malik said genuine
talks between all parties concerned, including Pakistan,
would prove fruitful.
Dialogue between India
and Pakistan; India and
Kashmir; and Pakistan and
Kashmir have failed to yield
any result so far, he added.
Mr. Malik said dialogue
was the only institution all
civilised humans relied on
for resolution of disputes.
But the way Indian leadership is making a mockery of
this august institution is
highly regrettable and dangerous.

Monsanto stops release

of new Bt cotton tech

Sarna may be
named U.S. envoy

no impact on our current

cotton portfolio being sold in
India, the company said in a

missioner to U.K. Navtej Sarna is set to head for Washington as Ambassador to the
U.S., considered a high-profile posting.
Arun Singh, Indias Ambassador to U.S., is due for retirement and it is understood
that Mr. Sarnas name has
been finalised to succeed
him. It is learnt the Indias
High Commissioner to Sri
Lanka Yashvardhan Kumar
Sinha may replace Mr. Sarna
in the U.K.
Mr. Sarna, an Indian Foreign Service oicer of the
1980 batch, was serving as
Secretary (West) in the Ministry of External Afairs before he was posted to London
in January. The 59-year-old
diplomat was among the
longest-serving spokespersons of the MEA.
He was also Indias Ambassador to Israel from 2008
to 2012. PTI

NEW DELHI: Monsanto says it is

suspending plans to introduce an upgraded version of

its genetically modified cotton in India because of uncertainty in the business
and regulatory environment. Activists say this is a
hypocritical position.
On July 6, Monsanto notified the Genetic Engineering
Appraisal Committee that it
was withdrawing its application for the commercial release of the Bollgard II
Roundup Ready Flex technology.
Our decision to suspend
its introduction in India is an
outcome of the uncertainty
in the business and regulatory environment, which include the regulation of trait
fees and introduction of the
draft compulsory licensing
guidelines. This decision has

The new technology used
genes that not only killed
cotton pests but also made
plants resistant to an herbicide called Roundup that is
widely used in farms all over
the world, including in India.
Activists say Roundup Ready
GM, commercially available
in a wide variety of seeds, is
unsuitable to India.
They are being hypocritical, Kavitha Kuruganti,
convener of Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture and a GM critic, told
The Hindu.
While we welcome Monsantos decision to withdraw
Roundup, we challenge them
to withdraw all of their other
GM events in the pipeline.

NEW DELHI: Indias High Com-


Our full report on education has not been published

Former Cabinet Secretary
and head of the committee
on the new education policy, T.S.R. Subramanian
tells Vikas Pathak that the
government published only
extracts of the report submitted by the committee , as
the report was critical of India's journey in education.

The title of your committee

on the new education policy

was changed from 'drafting
committee' to 'evolution
committee'. Now your report is
being called 'inputs'. Has its
importance been watered
I don't know if the expectation was that we would
praise the system. We have
done wholesale criticism...
The main reason why the
report was not published
and extracts were given was
that this criticism should


not come to the public. Unfortunately, there is nothing

to praise. We showed the reality. It has nothing to do
with A or B but shows 70
years of misgovernance.

What is your opinion about

the name being changed?
If a good policy comes, I
don't think credit needs to
be given to anybody in particular. As a country we
can't wait now. See where
Korea is. See what China has
done. When will we change

There were wide-ranging

consultations last year and
they are going on even now.
Does it make sense?
Hopefully, the system is
poised to announce the decisions. I do not see this as a
reopening of issues. I see it

as consolidation of reactions. Inputs won't come

from Mars; so another three
years examination wont
help. But I think the Minister is keen he is correctly
not looking at one person,
source or report. Education
policy is too important a
thing to be attributed to one
person, party or idea. It will
afect the entire country.
What matters is what solutions
changes will be disastrous.

What is the way forward on

the policy?

Each of these 95 recommendations can be converted into policy, modified or rejected. It has details on how
things are to be done. In
1986, they did not have a
framework committee to
convert policy into action
points. There was no time-

frame. It is for the Ministry

to decide. But that, in my
opinion, is absolutely essential. There should also be
monitoring. Otherwise, any
new policy will be in the air.

Former HRD minister and

Congress leader Kapil Sibal
said there was nothing in your
report to ensure access,
quality and equity. Any
My most charitable comment would be he is a very
busy man probably defending Rahul (Gandhi). Maybe
he did not get time (to read
it). From the first to the last
page, the report is about the
need to reduce inequality
and improve quality. We
have also said that, thanks to
Sibal, the problem of availability of education was
solved to some extent.

There has been criticism

that your committee lacked

real educationists.

I have been chancellor of a

university for three years. I
have an educational programme for poor children. As chief secretary, I went to
Washington for the
first World Bank
programme on
education for
all. I have been
to Imperial College and Harvard.
The others in the
committee had
educational experience. Educational field has
many kinds of expertise ped-

The first phase will connect 16 dams with a 220-km

pipeline laid in the districts
of Morbi, Rajkot and Jamnagar, which are drought-prone
and Patel-dominated areas.
The project will bring about
tremendous changes in Saurashtras countryside, said a
senior oicial from Gujarat.
The BJP is hoping that Mr.
Modis undeniable popularity in the State will help it tide
over its recent political diiculties.
This will improve the
morale of the party, which
has been down for the year
or so, said a senior party MP
from the State.
(With Mahesh Langa)

agogy, school, infrastructure, training, management,

financing, etc. If anyone
says he knows all about it, he
is a fraud.

HURDLES GALORE: Protesters blocking roads with electric poles

in Srinagar on Thursday. PHOTO: NISSAR AHMAD
A spokesman of Mirwaiz
Umar Farooqs Hurriyat said
Mr. Singhs remarks showed
India was in denial.
Just replacing pellet guns
shows India is not serious
about any kind of engagement for the resolution of the
dispute, even when the
whole Valley is burning,
said the spokesman.
Jamaat-e-Islami and Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) described Mr. Singhs Kashmir
visit a futile exercise.
The visit was to hood-

wink the international community, alleged DeM chief

Asiya Andrabi.
MLA seeks plebiscite
Meanwhile, independent
legislator Engineer Rashid
claimed that he asked the
Home Minister to hold
plebiscite on both sides of
the Line of Control to find a
lasting solution.
The Congress, however,
welcomed Mr. Singhs stand
to ban pellet guns in the

No role in Lokpal
nominations: Centre
NEW DELHI: The Union govern-

ment has told the Supreme

Court that it has no role in
recommending the names of
any sitting or retired Supreme Court judges or Chief
Justices of High Courts as judicial members of Lokpal.
The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT)
said the Lokpal rules underwent a course correction in
2014 in which the Centre was
stripped of its powers to
shortlist and recommend
names to the Lokpal Search
Lack of autonomy
The amendment had come
in September 2014 when former Supreme Court judge
Justice K.T. Thomas opted
out of heading the Lokpal
search committee in March
2014, citing lack of autonomy.
Eminent jurist Fali Nariman
too had turned down the
post of a member of the panel for that reason.
Justice Thomas had objected to the provision that
the search committee should
only shortlist candidates
from a list provided by the
The government had notified amendments to the
rules, giving autonomy to the
Lokpal search committee to
shortlist and recommend
names independently for selection of Chairman and
members of the anti-corruption body.
The DoPT was responding to a PIL plea filed by

DoPT tells Supreme

Court that after
change in rules in
2014, govt. was
stripped of its powers
NGO Common Cause claiming that the entire selection
process for Lokpal is illegal
and smacks of conflict of interest.
The NGO, represented by
advocate Prashant Bhushan,
had contended that the Centres influence in the selection of sitting Supreme Court
judges to Lokpal would afect
judicial independence.
In this regard, the NGO
had in 2014 pointed to the
case of four then serving Supreme Court judges who had
expressed their willingness for being considered to
the posts of judicial members of the Lokpal.
Under the amended provisions of the Rule 10, it is for
the Search Committee to decide how to make selections,
and the role of the Central
Government, under the
amended sub-rule (2) of Rule
10 is now limited to providing such assistance as may
be required by the Search
Committee ... the Central
government will not have
any role in inviting applications or nominations from
any quarter, the DoPT aidavit, filed in August, said.
Similarly, DoPT said, the
rules had also been amended
to widen the zone of consideration for non-judicial



of cruelty to
animals on
TV banned
NEW DELHI: The Centre has

banned the depiction of

cruelty or violence
towards animals in any
form on television, cable
and other broadcasting
In a notification on
August 19, the Union
Information and
Broadcasting Ministry
said the new rules had
been included in the
Cable Television
Networks (Amendment)
Rules, 2016. The clause
bans depiction of cruelty
or violence towards
animals in any form or
promoting unscientific
beliefs that causes harm
to animals.
Gauri Maulekhi,
government afairs
liaison for Humane
Society International
(India) and People for
Animals trustee, said:
We thank the Ministry
for their proactive
measure in combating
animal cruelties on
visual media in
consonance with the
Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals Act, 1960. The
amendment, if efectively
implemented, will spare
animals from cruelty
during training and
performance in the
entertainment industry.
The new rules do not
apply to news or
education programmes
as long as they do not
promote violence
towards animals or
shown animal cruelty in
a positive light or
unscientific manner.
For the past two years,
the HSI (India) and the
PFA have been raising
the issue to discontinue
the portrayal of animals
in shows where they are
required to perform acts
or stunts at risk of grave
injuries or even death.

Data stolen, not leaked: France

PARIS: Documents relating to

Indian submarines were stolen from French naval contractor DCNS and not
leaked, a French government
source said on Thursday,
adding the information published so far showed only operational aspects of the
India and France have
opened investigations after
The Australian published on
about Scorpene submarines
being built in India. It is not
a leak, it is theft, the source
We have not found any
DCNS negligence, but we
have identified some dishonesty by an individual.
Of 2011 vintage
The source said the documents looked to have been
stolen in 2011 by a former
French employee fired while
providing training in India
on the use of the submarines.
The documents were not
classified and at this stage
appeared to only focus on
the operational elements of
the submarines, the source
said. Reuters


INS Kalvari, a Scorpene submarine, taking part in trials near Mumbai. PHOTO: AFP/ NAVY

Journalist counters Navys claim

NEW DELHI: Cameron Stewart,

The Australian journalist

who broke the Scorpene data
leak, has denied the Indian
Navys claims that the vital
sections of the documents
posted online have been
blacked out and hence do not
pose a security threat.
The Navy claimed in the
statement that the
documents have been

BEIJING: China on Thursday

urged India to do more to reinforce peace and stability

along the border, following
reports that New Delhi was
deploying advanced cruise
missiles in the eastern sector.
We hope the Indian side
can do more for peace and
stability in the border region, Chinese Defence
Ministry spokesman Colonel
Wu Qian said at a media
He was answering a question on reports that India
was deploying the BrahMos
cruise missiles, which have a
290-km range, in the eastern
To maintain peace and
stability along the India-China border is an important
consensus reached by the
two sides, he said.
The BrahMos can be
launched from submarines,
ships, aircraft or land. A result of India-Russia collaboration, the missile was inducted in the Army in 2007

examined and do not pose

any security compromise as
the vital parameters have
been blacked out.
Terming the claim
completely laughable, Mr.
Stewart told The Hindu,
We blacked those
documents out ourselves
because we knew we
couldnt put classified info
on the web. The documents
themselves all 22,400 of
them are completely
un-redacted and have all the

sensitive data in them. We

explained that in our
original story.
High-level panel
The detailed assessment
of the potential impact of
the leak is being undertaken
by a high-level committee
constituted by the Defence
Ministry, and the Navy is
taking all necessary steps to
mitigate any probable
security compromise, the
Navy statement added.

Higher rent for

overstaying in
govt. houses
NEW DELHI: Overstaying in government
will attract higher rents with
the rate increasing every
month till the house is
Damages or market rent
for the first month of unauthorised occupation of general-pool residential accommodation in various cities
will be 40-55 times of the actual rent. The rates will increase in a telescopic manner 10 per cent, 20 per cent
and so on of the rent from
the subsequent month.
The revised rates will apply to all unauthorised occupants as on July 1, 2016 and to
those who are subsequently
declared unauthorised, an
order said. PTI

To maintain peace
along the border is
an important
consensus reached
by the two sides
and was being tested for induction in the Su-30 fleet of
the Indian Air Force (IAF).
Serious threat to Tibet
Col. Wus remarks scaled
down observations in a commentary that appeared in
PLA Daily, which said Indias decision to deploy 100
missiles of an upgraded version in the northeast exceeded its defence needs and
posed a serious threat to
Tibet and Yunnan.
This news has gained
widespread attention. Indias
move to deploy missiles on
the national boundary has already exceeded its defence
needs and poses a serious
threat to Tibet and Yunnan,
it said. The deployment of
the BrahMos missile is
bound to increase the com-

GM mustard moves
closer to approval
However, multiple clearances are still required

After BrahMos row, China tells

India to focus on border peace

| 13



petition and antagonism in

the China-India relations
and will have a negative impact on the stability of the region, it said.
PM to visit Hangzhou
The controversy precedes
the visit of Prime Minister
Narendra Modi to Hangzhou
next month for a meeting of
the G-20 countries.
Mr. Modi is expected to
meet Chinese President Xi
Jinping on the sidelines of
the summit.
Mr. Modi will reach
Hangzhou after visiting Vietnam, which has expressed its
interest in buying the BrahMos missiles. India is free to
export these missiles as it
has got the membership of
the Missile Technology Control Regime.
Vietnam has close economic ties with China, but
tensions between the two
countries have been growing
on account of their diferences over their maritime
boundaries in the South China Sea.

NEW DELHI: Genetically-modified (GM) mustard may have

moved closer to being cleared for commercial cultivation in India after a key committee, tasked with assessing
all the available evidence so
far on the plants suitability
for Indian soil and risks
posed to health and ecology,
is learnt to have given a favourable assessment on the
tests done so far on GM mustard. However there are multiple approvals still required
for any likely clearance.
Multiple sources told The
Hindu that a document
called a safety document
detailing the sub-committees findings as well as the
data it had perused in assessing DMH-11, the genetically
modified (GM) mustard hybrid developed by researchers at the Delhi University,
would be made available online for public comments
next week.
The Genetic Engineering
(GEAC) is an Environment
Ministry body whose clearance is mandatory for testing
GM crops in farmer fields.
For DMH-11 it had consulted
with plant biologists, ecologists and environmentalists
before tasking a sub-committee with compiling all evidence and addressing key
questions on DMH-11.
Earlier too in 2010, the GEAC
had cleared Bt brinjal but its
decision over-ruled by the
then Environment Minister
Jairam Ramesh.
The GEAC has approved
the subcommittees report
and is now with the Minister
[Anil Madhav], a key oicial
told The Hindu, GM mustard being a sensitive issue,
its on his deskfingers
crossed. We cannot put
curbs on research.
Mr. Madhav, in a press

SAFETY FEARS: Activists protesting against GM mustard outside

the Environment Ministry in Delhi. FILE PHOTO: R.V. MOORTHY
statement, emphasised that
no final decision has been
taken as yet on the issue and
that in a meeting held on August 11, 2016, it has appraised the Safety Document prepared by the
Sub-Committee that would
be put up on the website of
GEAC inviting comments
from the public. Moreover, a
GEAC approval doesnt
mean the States who have
the final says on agriculture
seeds are compelled to
clear it their fields.
The imperative to make
around DMH-11 follows a
reprimand by the Central Information
earlier this month to the government for not making biosafety data around genetically-modified organisms and
mustard public.
The mustard in question
has been developed by a
team of scientists at Delhi
University led by former
vice-chancellor Deepak Pental under a governmentfunded project. In essence, it
uses a system of genes from
soil bacterium that makes
mustard generally a self
pollinating plant better
suited to hybridisation than
current methods. A similar
sequence of genes has been
used in imported canola oil.
This means local crop developers can more easily devel-

op diferent varieties of hybrid mustard, like in say GM

cotton, and confer traits like
pest resistance and potentially improving yield.
Yield no better: Activists
Activists have however
maintained that publiclyavailable data on DMH-11
shows that its yield is no better than existing varieties.
Moreover the government
has consistently stonewalled attempts, according
to Kavitha Kurugnati of the
Alliance for Sustainable and
Holistic Agriculture, to obtain complete data on the
tests done on DMH-11 in
multiple States over the
Proponents of the technology said that Indias dependence on edible oil imports
made it necessary to harness
GM-mustard. Annually, India spends about $12 billion
on imported edible oil. The
edible oil deficit will continue to widen with the increase
in population and per capita
income. To address this challenge, India needs to increase productivity of oilseed crops. DMH-11 is one of
the promising technologies
to improve mustard yield in
India, which is almost stagnant since the last two decades, said a statement by the
South Asia Biotechnology

IIT-B blacklists 9
firms for revoking
MUMBAI: The Indian Institute

of Technology Bombay has

blacklisted nine companies,
banning them from campus
recruitments for a year, for
revoking the placement ofer
given to students from the
institute. Unconfirmed reports claim that 31 firms have
been blacklisted nationally
by the IITs.
Almost 25 students from
the IIT-B have been hit because of this. Among the
companies blacklisted here
were: LeGarde Burnett
Group, GPSK, Johnson Electric China, Portea Medical,
Peppertap, LexInnova, Mera
Hunar, Cashcare Technologies, and IndusInsight.
The placement cell of the
institute said most of these
companies were start-ups
and revoked their ofers citing internal restructuring. To
help the students, the placement cell has approached
other companies and requested them to consider interviewing the candidates.

SC monitoring nothing Rajan foisted on India

by America: Swamy
new, says MCI chief
NEW DELHI: Medical Council of

India president Jayashree

Mehta said the Supreme
Court-mandated Lodha panel which is monitoring the
functioning was not the first
oversight panel for the
In 2001, the Delhi High
Court appointed a full time
administrator who supervised the MCIs functioning
for a year. During that year,
they could not bring even a
single event pertaining to the
functioning of the Council,
which could be said to be
contrary to the governing
rules, Dr. Mehta said. Later a
four-member ad hoc committee was formed which examined all MCI decisions between 1996 and 2001. So, we
have been under scrutiny
from 1996 to 2001 and then
2002 to 2009 and nothing has

Dr. Jayashree Mehta

been found, she said.
Asked why the MCI did
not inspect the medical colleges even after being asked
to do so by the Lodha panel,
Dr. Mehta said the panel had
wanted the applications for
starting new colleges/ increase of seats that had been
rejected by MCI be given another chance of compliance.
We considered all the applications in our committee
meeting and found that all
the applicants had already
been given the required opportunity to comply.

NEW DELHI: BJP MP Subramanian Swamy on Thursday

continued with jibes at RBI
Governor Raghuram Rajan
and Chief Economic Adviser
Arvind Subramanian, calling
them micro-minded management degree holders
foisted by America.
While Dr. Swamy has been
critical of Mr. Rajan for not
lowering interest rates earlier to boost growth, he has
targeted the CEA for his 2013
stand on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) wherein he
had recommended to the
U.S. government to act
against India through WTO
over its pharmaceutical IPR
The Americans foisted
on us management degree
holders like R3 and AS. Management types are micro
minded while economy is
general equilibrium, Dr.
Swamy tweeted on Thurs-

In his tweet, BJP MP

terms Chief Economic
Adviser Arvind
day. R3 is the acronym he uses to refer to Mr. Rajan and
AS as initials for Mr. Arvind
Faced with attacks, Mr. Rajan called them ad hominem.
In June, he announced that
he would not seek a second
term after completing the
three-year term on September 4. The government has
named RBI Deputy Governor Urjit Patel as his
Finance Minister Arun
Jaitley has defended the
Chief Economic Adviser saying his advice to the government from time to time had
been of great value. PTI

14 |




16 dead as attack on Kabuls

American University ends
Presidential office says the assault was orchestrated from Pakistan
KABUL: Sixteen people were
killed after militants stormed the American University
of Afghanistan in Kabul, oicials said on Thursday, in a
nearly 10-hour raid that
prompted anguished pleas
for help from trapped
Explosions and gunfire
rocked the campus after the
attack began on Wednesday
evening, just weeks after two
university professorsan
American and an Australianwere kidnapped at gunpoint near the school.
No group has so far
claimed responsibility for
the assault, but it occurred as
the Taliban ramp up their nationwide summer ofensive
against the Western-backed
The presidential oice
said the attack was orchestrated from Pakistan, Afghanistans long-time regional
accused of harbouring the

53 injured
Sixteen people, including
eight students, were killed
and 53 others were wounded, Health Ministry spokesman Waheed Majroh told
AFP. Some of the wounded
are in critical condition.
The interior ministry said
the fatalities included policemen, a university guard
and a guard from the neighbouring vocational school

ghans believe in, President

Ashraf Ghani said in a statement, condemning the brutal attack.

FIGHTING TERROR: Afghan security forces respond to an attack

at the American University in Kabul on Wednesday. PHOTO: AP
for the visually impaired.
Hundreds of trapped students were rescued during
the overnight operation,
many of whom tweeted desperate messages for help.
Some used classroom furniture to barricade the doors
while others made a mad
scramble to escape through
The attack began just after
dusk, when the private university is usually packed
with students, many of them
working professionals doing
part-time courses.
Brutal attack
Authorities refused to
confirm whether any hostages had been taken. NATO
military advisers helped Afghan forces to respond to the
attack, a US oicial said,

without specifying how

many troops were involved.
The attack, apparently the
first major militant assault
on a prominent university in
Afghanistan, has cast a pall
on the education sector, seen
as a rare symbol of hope for
the countrys burgeoning
youth at a time of rising insecurity. The growing number
of students attending university, especially women, has
been hailed as a success story in Afghanistan since the
2001 ouster of the Taliban regime, which banned womens education.
Terrorist groups, by attacking civilians, educational institutions, residential areas,
electricity stations... want to
obstruct growth and strengthening of the values that Af-

Serious measures
The attack was organised
and orchestrated from Pakistan, his oice said in a separate statement, adding that
Mr. Ghani spoke to Pakistans army chief General Raheel Sharif to demand serious measures against the
The elite American University of Afghanistan,
which opened in 2006 and
enrols more than 1,700 students, was long seen as a
high-profile target for militants partly because it attracts
The two foreign professors at the university were
seized from their vehicle on
August 7, when the kidnappers smashed the passenger
window and hauled them
away at gunpoint. Their
whereabouts are still unknown and no group so far
has publicly claimed responsibility for the abductions,
the latest in a series of kidnappings of foreigners.
The uptick in violence
comes as the Taliban escalate attacks across the country, underscoring the worsening security situation
since NATO forces ended
their combat mission at the
end of 2014. AFP

IN RUINS: The village of Pescara del Tronto, which was destroyed by the powerful earthquake that struck central Italy on
Wednesday. Rescuers are desperately searching for survivors in the rubble of devastated mountain villages. PHOTO: AFP

Questions mount as Italy weeps for victims

AMATRICE: The death toll from

a powerful earthquake in
central Italy reached at least
250 on Thursday, but oicials
cautioned it could rise further as rescuers continued a
grim search for corpses, as
powerful aftershocks rocked
the devastated area.
Weeping in a campsite
erected to house the homeless from a string of mountain villages, Rita Rosine, 63,
said her 75-year-old sister
was trapped under the ruins
of a collapsed house, presumed dead.
The situation is worse
than in war. Its awful, awful...
they say it will take two days
to dig her out because they
have to shore up the sur-

rounding buildings.
She didnt deserve to die
like that, she was so good.
As rescuers sifted through
the rubble, questions mounted as to why there had been
so many deaths in a thinlypopulated area so soon after
a 2009 earthquake in the
nearby city of LAquila left
300 people dead.
Limited preparations
That disaster, just 50 km
south, underscored the regions vulnerability to seismic events but preparations for a fresh quake have
been exposed as limited at
Giuseppe Saieva, the chief
public prosecutor for most of

LONDON: London Mayor Sadiq

Khan spoke out against the
banning of the Islamic burkini swimsuit in France as he
headed to Paris Thursday for
talks with his French
Khan, the first Muslim
mayor of a major Western
capital, spoke out after some
30 French towns banned the
burkini, triggering a fierce
debate about womens rights
and secularism. I dont
think anyone should tell
women what they can and
cant wear. Full stop. Its as
simple as that, he told the
London Evening Standard.

WASHINGTON: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said

that his anti-secrecy campaign will release new documents concerning Democratic presidential candidate
Hillary Clinton, which could
be significant for the
Speaking to Fox News on
Wednesday, Mr. Assange,
who has been sheltering in
the Ecuadorian embassy in
London since 2012 while
fighting extradition, said WikiLeaks
through thousands of pages
of material.
A variety of documents
from various institutions
that are associated with the
election campaign had yielded some quite unexpected
angles, that are quite interesting, some even entertaining, he said. AFP

Tolerating diference
I dont think its right. I
am not saying were perfect
yet, but one of the joys of
London is that we dont simply tolerate diference, we respect it, we embrace it, and
we celebrate it.

Russia calls snap military drills

Vladimir Putin has

announced snap military
drills on land and in the Black
and Caspian Sea, the Defence
Ministry said on Thursday.
The drills began at 7.00

a.m. (0400 GMT) Moscow

time in Russias southern,
western and central military
districts where troops have
been put on combat alert, the
Ministry said in a statement.
Russian television led its
news bulletins with images
of heavy weaponry and tanks
on the move and troops in
full combat gear running to
grab their weapons from the
ammunition storage. AP

Iraqi forces retake town near Mosul

QAYYARAH: Iraqi forces on
Thursday pushed the Islamic
State group from Qayyarah, a
northern town considered
strategic for any future
offensive against the
jihadists last stronghold of
Prime Minister Haider
al-Abadi hailed the victory as
a key step in the fight against

IS. Special forces, backed by

U.S.-led coalition air strikes,
wrapped up a three-day
operation to retake Qayyarah,
a town which lies on the
banks of the Tigris river.
Residents greeted the
security forces under skies
blackened by huge fires IS
fighters set to nearby oil
wells in recent days. AFP

Kim to continue as World Bank chief


administration is nominating
current World Bank President
Jim Yong Kim for a second
term leading the 189-nation
international lending
Treasury Secretary Jacob
Lew praised Kim for using his
first term at the World Bank
to effectively address
todays most pressing
global challenges in
innovative ways, from ending
extreme poverty and tackling
inequality to combating

Red Cross began shipping in

food and water supplies for
homeless residents.
Among those who came to
pick up emergency provisions were Maria Atrimala,
48, and her 15-year-old
We escaped by pure luck,
the stairs of the house held
and we ran, blindly in the
dark and dust, she said with
tears rolling down her face.
When we got out we could
hear the cries of people still
trapped and we helped those
we could.
Hundreds spent the night
sleeping in their cars or in
hastily-assembled tents, the
aftershocks adding to their
discomfort. AFP

London Mayor Sadiq Khan

criticises burkini ban

More leaks on
Clinton on the
way, says Assange

MOSCOW: Russian President

the area afected, said he

would be opening an investigation into whether anyone
could be held responsible for
the disaster.
In Amatrice a 4.3 magnitude aftershock shook the already badly damaged village
on Thursday, fuelling fears of
fresh collapses.
Mayor Sergio Pirozzi said
over 200 people had died in
the village alone, suggesting
the total number of victims
could increase significantly.
Amatrice has a population of
around 2,500, but it was
packed with visitors when
the quake struck.
The fate of 28 of 32 guests
staying in the village's Hotel
Roma was still unclear. The

climate change.
Kim, the former president
of Dartmouth College, was
first tapped by President
Barack Obama to head the
World Bank in 2012. AP

Why Trump casts himself

as a champion of gay rights
The focus of his pro-homosexual rights campaign is on radical Islamists
WASHINGTON: Donald Trump
talks about the rights of homosexuals in almost all his
speeches and interviews, inconceivable for the presidential candidate of a party that
still has many supporters
who believe gays deserve
death. Organised LGBT
groups are unlikely supporters of Mr. Trump, but Mr.
Trumps constant messaging
on gay rights is about killing
several birds with one stone.
Attitude towards homosexuality is changing fast in
the country, and more than
half of Americans now support same-sex marriagea
trend that conventional Republicans who ran against
Mr. Trump for nomination
could not understand or respond to. The change is more
pronounced among young
people of all political beliefs
and ethnic origins. Young
evangelicals and young Mormonsages
twice as likely as their seniors to support same-sex
marriage, says Robert P
Jones, author of The End of
White Christian America, a
book that is being widely discussed currently.
Fifty-three percent of
young Republicans now support same-sex marriage, the
author says. Gallup polls and
Pew surveys recently have
recorded this change. The
analysis that Mr. Trump ap-

Donald Trump
peals primarily to white
middle-aged men without a
college degree overlooks
this critical innovation that
he has done. Mr. Trump is
opposed to same-sex marriage, but that is stated only
rarely and when asked, but
his championing of gay
rights is almost relentless.

Openly gay digital entrepreneur Peter Thiel was one of
the star speakers at the Republican Convention last
month, and Mr. Trump has
vowed to protect gay people.
A gamble
This might disconnect
him from the Christian
Right, among whom a pastor
who thought the Islamist terrorist in Orlando did a good
thing by killing so many homosexuals. Mr. Trump never
criticises the homophobia
promoted by Christian extremists and always con-

nects his pro-gay stance to

his opposition to radical Islam. The Christian homophobes who rooted for Ted
Cruz in primaries will have
no option but to side with
Mr. Trump. Since 2013, Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trumps opponent, has been a supporter
of same-sex marriage.
Mr. Trumps focus is on
how Islamists and Muslim
regimes in West Asia target
homosexuals. Not only that
it allows him to focus on Islam, it also makes the backdrop to allege that Ms. Clinton is close to some of these
regimes, particularly Saudi
Arabia. As your President, I
will do everything in my
power to protect our LGBTQ
citizens from the violence
and oppression of a hateful
foreign ideology, he said in
his speech at the convention.
Focusing on the foreign ideology also allows him to
camouflage the anti-LGBT
policies of his own party and
its governors in the States.
Advocating the rights of
homosexuals has become a
sort of calling card for appealing to the mainstream of
American public opinion.
Addressing an audience critical of Israeli policies last
year in Washington D.C,
Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu repeatedly noted
that Israel was the only country in the region where homosexuals did not face

Assad regime launched

chemical attacks: UN
UNITED NATIONS: A UN investigation has established that
Syrian President Bashar alAssads forces carried out at
least two chemical attacks in
Syria and that Islamic State
jihadists used mustard gas as
a weapon, according to a report seen by AFP on
The panel was able to
identify the perpetrators of
three chemical attacks carried out in 2014 and 2015, but
was unable to draw conclusions in the other six cases
that it has been investigating
over the past year.

Two reported instances

The report from the Joint
(JIM) found that the Syrian
regime dropped chemical
weapons on two villages in
northwestern Idlib province:
Talmenes on April 21, 2014
and Sarmin on March 16,
In both instances, Syrian
air force helicopters dropped
a device on houses that
was followed by the release
of a toxic substance, which
in the case of Sarmin
matched the characteristics
of chlorine.
The panel found that the
Islamic State was the only
entity with the ability, capability, motive and the means
to use sulphur mustard in an
attack on the town of Marea
in northern Aleppo province
on August 21, 2015.
The Assad regime has repeatedly denied that it has
used chemical weapons in
Syria, but the report said that

Says the Islamic

State carried out
mustard gas attack
on the town of Marea
in Aleppo last year
in all three cases, it had sufficient information to reach a
conclusion on the actors
The JIM was set up by the
Security Council a year ago
to investigate the use of
chemical weapons and for
the first time to determine
who is responsible for the
Most of the nine cases investigated pointed to the alleged use of chlorine gas in
barrel bombs dropped from
Britain, France and the
United States had long maintained that only the regime
has helicopters, but Russia,
Damascus's ally, insisted that
there was no concrete proof
that Assad's forces carried
out the attacks.
U.S. calls for swift action
U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power called for strong
and swift action by the Security Council to follow up
on the findings of the report.
The panel recommended
further investigation of three
other cases of suspected
chemical weapons on the village of Zafr Zita, in Hama
province, on April 28, 2014,
and on two towns in Idlib:
Qmenas on March 16, 2015
and Binnish on March 24,
2015. AFP

On Friday, the highest administrative court in France

will rule on a legal appeal
against the ban in one of the
towns, Villeneuve-Loubet,
near Nice.
Mr. Khan is due to hold
talks with Paris Mayor Anne
Hidalgo covering the impact
of Britains vote in June to
leave the European Union as
well as trade and security.
Im here in Paris to make it
clear that London is open
open to the world, open to
trade, open for new business
ventures and collaborations,
open to new ideas, new talent and people, Mr. Khan
said ahead of the visit.
The European powerhouse has been hit by several
attacks in recent months, including in Nice last month
when 86 people died after a
lorry was driven into crowds
of people celebrating a national holiday. AFP

Riyadh, Dhaka
stress enhanced
military ties
DHAKA: Bangladesh and Saudi

Arabia have underscored the

strengthening military cooperation between the two
We would like to move
ahead further for boosting
military cooperation, and
there could be high-level visits of defence personnel between the two brotherly
countries, visiting Saudi
Deputy Defence Minister
Mohammad Bin Abdullah
Al-Aish told Prime MinisterSheikh Hasina at a meeting
here on Thursday, according
to an aide of the Prime Minister. Ms. Hasina reiterated
Bangladeshs commitment to
protecting the two holy
mosques in Saudi Arabia and
described the kingdom as a
great friend. She added
Saudi Arabia has a special
place in the hearts of Bangladeshi people.
The premier told the Saudi
minister that her government is actively considering
a request from Riyadh for
participating in the development of the kingdoms defence infrastructures like
mine sweeping, construction
of military barracks, airfields
and bunkers.
Ms. Hasina also ofered
training facilities for the Saudi border guards at the Border Guard Bangladesh academy. The minister also
sought Bangladeshs technical cooperation for the development Saudi Air Force.


We are imposing more cost on the small

firms (by increasing maternity leave)
Anil Bhardwaj, Secretary General, FISME

Indias GDP to expand
by 7.9% this fiscal
NEW DELHI: The Indian economy

is expected to clock 7.9 per cent

growth in the current fiscal
driven by better monsoon,
government pay hike, key
reforms and FDI inflows,
Goldman Sachs said. The global
financial services major said the
GDP is expected to improve
gradually and for the April-June
quarter it may slow a tad to 7.8
per cent, in part due to
unfavorable base. It had grown
at 7.9 per cent in the previous
quarter. For the fiscal year
2016-17, we forecast real GDP to
grow by 7.9 per cent year-onyear, higher than consensus
expectations of 7.5 per cent and
up from 7.6 per cent in FY16,
Goldman Sachs said in a
research note. It further noted
that a better monsoon, civil
service wage hike following 7th
Pay Commission, a favorable
fiscal monetary policy mix, the
recent passage of key reforms
and continued FDI inflows
should support growth. PTI

Unified Payments
Interface goes live
MUMBAI: Unified Payment
Interface a payment
application by which a recipient
can initiate the payment request
from a smart-phone has been
made operational following final
approval from the RBI, the
National Payments Corporation
of India said. Banks will install
the UPI app on the Google Play
Store over the next two-three
days. Real-time sending and
receiving money through a
mobile application at such a
scale on interoperable basis had
not been attempted anywhere
else in the world, said A. P.
Hota, MD & CEO, NPCI. Most
leading banks such as ICICI
Bank, Axis Bank, Punjab National
Bank, Union Bank of India have
tied up with NPCI for the service.
The UPI app of 19 banks will be
available on the Google Play
Store in the next two to three
working days for the customers
to download and begin start
using the app, it added.
Special Correspondent

Exchange Rates
Indicative direct rates in rupees a unit
except yen at 4 p.m on August 25

U.S. Dollar
Pound Sterling
Jap Yen (100 Units)
Chinese Yuan
Swiss Franc
Singapore Dollar
Australian Dollar
Canadian Dollar
Swedish Kroner
Danish Kroner
New Zealand Dollar
Hongkong Dollar
Malaysian Ringgit
Kuwaiti Dinar
UAE Dirham
Bahraini Dinar
Qatari Riyal
Saudi Riyal
Omani Riyal

Buying Selling
75.48 75.85
88.19 88.62
66.53 66.85
10.03 10.09
69.20 69.54
49.39 49.66
48.84 49.09
220.98 223.51
18.20 18.29
177.21 178.16
173.58 174.45

August 25 rates in rupees with

previous rates in brackets

Bar Silver (1 kg)
Retail (1 g)
24 ct gold (10 g)
22 ct gold (1 g)

45,040 (45,600)
48.20 (48.80)
31,630 (31,900)

25-08-2016 67.05
24-08-2016 67.11



BENGALURU: Biocon and Mylan

NV said Mylans application
to market biosimilar Trastuzumab has been accepted by
the European Medicines
Agency (EMA) for review.
The biosimilar Trastuzumab is used to treat certain
breast and gastric cancers.
This is the second biosimilar submission developed
by the partnership that has
been accepted for review in
Europe, said both the companies in a joint statement to
the Bombay Stock Exchange.
Mylan and Biocon, anticipate that this may be the first
Application for a biosimilar
Trastuzumab accepted by
the EMA for review.
The filing includes analytical, functional and pre-clinical data and results from the
pharmacokinetics and confirmatory safety global clinical trials for Trastuzumab.
The acceptance of our
regulatory submission of our
proposed biosimilar Trastuzumab in Europe is another
example of the strong progress we continue to make
across our broad biosimilars
portfolio, said Mr. Rajiv Malik, President, Mylan.
Biocon and Mylan are exclusive partners on a broad
portfolio of biosimilars and
insulin analogs.

MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of

India (RBI) has announced a

raft of measures to boost investor participation and
market liquidity in both the
corporate bond and currency markets.
The central bank will allow commercial banks to issue rupee bonds in overseas
markets known as Masala
bonds, both for their capital
requirement and for financing infrastructure and afordable housing, according to
an RBI statement.
Accepting many of the
recommendations of the
Khan Committee to develop
the corporate bond market, it
has been decided to enhance
the aggregate limit of partial
credit enhancement (PCE)
provided by banks, permit
brokers in corporate bond
repos, authorise the platform
for repo in corporate bonds
and encourage credit supply
for large borrowers through
market mechanism.
It has been now been decided by the regulator that
the aggregate PCE that will
be provided by the financial
system for a given bond issue
will be increased from the
present level of 20 per cent to

REDUCING RISK: The RBI has proposed to limit exposure of a

bank to a business group to 25 per cent of its capital.
50 per cent of the bond issue
size, subject to the PCE provided by any single bank not
exceeding 20 per cent of the
bond issue size and the extant exposure limits.
RBI said it has also been
decided to seek suitable legal
amendments to enable it to
accept corporate bonds under the Liquidity adjustment
Facility (LAF).
Hedge transactions
In order to ease access to
the foreign exchange market
for hedging in over the counter (OTC) and exchangetraded currency derivatives,
the RBI has allowed entities
exposed to exchange rate
risk, both resident and non-

Cybercrimes have
risen 4-fold in 3 years
NEW DELHI: The number of cybercrime cases registered in
India has risen by 350 per
cent in the three-year period
from 2011 to 2014, according
to a joint study by PwC and
In the past, attacks have
been mostly initiated from
countries such as the U.S.,
Turkey, China, Brazil, Pakistan, Algeria, Turkey, Europe,
and the UAE, according to
the study titled Protecting
Interconnected Systems in
the Cyber Era. However,
with the growing adoption of
the Internet and smartphones, India has emerged
as one of the favourite countries

Greater frequency
Cyber attacks around the
world are occurring at a

India has emerged

a favourite
among cyber
criminals, reveals
a study
greater frequency and intensity, according to the study.
A new breed of cyber criminals has now emerged,
whose main aim is not just financial gains but also causing disruption and chaos to
businesses in particular and
the nation at large.
In the U.S. alone, there has
been an increase of nearly 50
per cent in reported cyber
incidents against its critical
infrastructure from 2012 to
2015. Attackers can gain control of vital systems such as
nuclear plants, railways,
transportation or hospitals
that can subsequently lead to
dire consequences, it said.

resident, to undertake hedge

transactions with simplified
procedures, up to a limit of
$30 million at any given time.
The exposed person will
be free to access any market
(OTC or exchange) and use
any of the permissible products at his discretion, according to the RBI. Banks
can also allow the customer
an open position limit of up
to $5 million. This is intended to improve liquidity and
depth in the foreign exchange market and the limit
will be revised from time to
time. The RBI said since exposure of Indian entities to
commodity price risks has
been accentuated by the
growing integration of the

Ford leads
$24-mn funding
in Zoomcar
BENGALURU: Ford Smart Mobility LLC, a subsidiary of
American automaker Ford
Motor Company, has led a
funding round of $24 million
(Rs.160 crore) in Bengalurubased car rental company
The firm, which allows
customers to drive the vehicle themselves, said that it
would use the money for accelerating its innovative
marketplace model and improve its technology.
Our investment in Zoomcar will help strengthen the
companys role in shaping
Indias developing mobility
space and provide new transportation options to help
make peoples lives better,
said John Larsen, Mobility
Director, Ford Asia Pacific,
in a statement.

Indian economy and increasing volumes of cross border

trade, a working group will
be formed to review the guidelines for hedging of price
risk by residents in the overseas markets.
To enhance participation
in the corporate bond market, the RBI has decided that
brokers authorised as market
makers will be allowed to
participate in the corporate
bond repo market. This
measure is expected to meet
their funding and securities
requirement arising out of
market making activities,
according to the RBI. Currently, banks, primary dealers, mutual funds, insurance
companies are only allowed.
In addition, foreign portfolio
investors have been allowed
to transact in corporate
bonds directly without involving brokers.
Exposure norms
PTI reports:
With an aim to reduce risk
in banking sector, RBI has
proposed to limit exposure
of a bank to a business group
to up to 25 per cent of its capital, down from the existing
55 per cent, the central banks
said in a Draft Large Exposures (LE) Framework.

25-08-2016 49.40
24-08-2016 48.83


Bonds will help lenders with funds for infrastructure and affordable housing



U.S. patent oice rules

in favour of Mylan

Natco Pharma
said the U.S. Patent and
Trademark Oice (PTO) has
ruled in the favour of its marketing partner Mylan with
regard to patent claims pertaining to multiple sclerosis
drug Copaxone.
The patent oice has ruled
in favour of Mylan in its inter partes review proceeding
and found all claims of two
related Copaxone 40 mg/ml
patents to be unpatentable,
according to a statement
from the Hyderabad-based


Important ruling
The development assumes significance for Natco
as it is pursuing a strategy of
partnering leading pharmaceutical companies to develop and market products for
the U.S. market. Marketing
partnerships are de-risked
arrangements in which the
partner has agreed to undertake the responsibility of litigation and regulatory issues
as well as securing the Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) approval.
Yeda Research & Development Co. Ltd. that owns the
two patents in question had
licensed them to Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd.
A decision by the PTAB on
Mylans third petition seeking inter partes review of another patent is expected on
or before September 1, 2016,

The estimated market

size for Copaxone in
the U.S. is $3.3 bn
for the 12 months
ended June
Natco Pharma said. Earlier
this month, the PTOs Patent
Trial and Appeal Board
(PTAB) found Mylans application against a fourth Copaxone patent (US Patent
No. 9155776) ineligible for
post-grant review for procedural reasons. Mylan, however, believes that the favourable ruling in the two patents
strongly undermines the
776 patent as well. As such,
Mylan will proceed with pursuing all avenues to challenge the 776 patent.
Mylan believes that it is
one of the first companies to
have filed a substantially
complete ANDA containing
a paragraph IV certification
for the drug, which is generically called Glatiramer Acetate. Mylan is expected to be
eligible for 180 days of marketing exclusivity in the U.S.
once it gets approval from
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, according to
Natco Pharma.
USFDA inspection
The USFDA has cleared
Natco Pharma Ltds Chemical Division in Chennai.
This follows the inspection
conducted by the regulator
in February this year.

Mercedes rolls out luxury petrol SUV

MUMBAI: Mercedes-Benz India has introduced a petrol
variant of GLE, its highest
selling luxury sports utility
vehicle (SUV) in India at a
price of Rs.74.90 lakh (exshowroom Delhi).
This is the first time the
GLE will be available in a
petrol version in India.
GLE 400 4MATIC has
been introduced with a powerful V6 petrol engine, in order to provide patrons with
an option (to choose) between a diesel and petrol
version, according to a
statement from the company
For the first time, we are
introducing the GLE with a
petrol mill, and this underscores our strategy of ofering the right product for our
growing customer base,
said Roland Folger, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India. He said

LUXURY DRIVE: Mercedes-Benz India MD and CEO Roland Folger unveiling the petrol GLE, priced
at Rs. 74.90 lakh. The SUV segment has been the fastest growing for the company.
this was the fourth SUV the
company had introduced
this year.
The SUV segment has
been the fastest growing for
the company over the past

two years, according to a

statement. The seventh
product from its portfolio,
the GLE 400 4MATIC with
V6 petro engine will be initially available as a Completely Built Unit (CBU). Local production will follow

later during the year. Mercedes-Benz said it planned to

complete the petrol product
portfolio by September, 2016.
The GLE SUV now has
four variants in India GLE
250d, GLE 350d, GLE 400 and
the AMG GLE 450 Coupe.

Reliance Jios SIM card comes with free voice, data for 90 days
MUMBAI: Mukesh Ambani
led-Reliance Jio has begun
ofering free SIM cards to
all users with fourth
generation (4G)-enabled
handsets and is targeting
an active subscriber base
of about 20 million from
2.5 million now.The

company is initiating its

marketing blitz to garner a
substantial chunk of the
subscriber base even
before its commercial
rollout. The SIM card
comes with unlimited
voice calls and high-speed
data use for 90 days under
the Jio Preview ofer.A
mail sent to the




25-08-2016 27,836
24-08-2016 28,060

Banks to issue Masala bonds,

RBI opens currency markets

Hyundai to unveil two new cars

CHENNAI: Hyundai Motors India Ltd. ((HMIL), the second
largest car maker in India,
will unveil two more sports
utility vehicles (SUVs) in a
bid to realise its goal of becoming a modern premium
brand, according to a top
We are strong in compact
and SUV segment. The new
roll outs are aimed at realising our aim of becoming
modern premium brand.
Currently, we have 11 brands
in our portfolio. With the roll
out of Tuscan, it will increase
to 12. Before the roll out of
Creta, this segment was in
the negative. In the last seven
months, our sales have
grown by 40 per cent, said
Y.K. Koo, Managing Director
and Chief Executive Oicer
(CEO) of HMIL.
Briefing reporters after
unveiling the sixth generation Elantra, Mr. Koo said the
company had already rolled
out Creta and Santa Fe.
On the pipeline is the roll
out of Tuscan in petrol and


EMA accepts
Biocon, Mylan
biosimilar for

Source: Indian Bank

Bullion Rates

| 15



AIMING HIGH: Hyundai says it is planning to introduce at least

two new products every year. FILE PHOTO: PTI
diesel versions by October
or November in India and a
sub-4 metre SUV which
would hit the road after two
years. The diesel engine for
the sub-4 metre will be imported from Korea.
Modern premium brand is
described as one positioned
between mass market and
premium segment.
Rakesh Srivastava, Senior
Vice President and Division
Head, Marketing and Sales
Division of HMIL, said they

were planning to release at

least two new products every year.
This year, we are targeting to sell five lakh cars and
this is considered as the fastest in the auto industry, he
Domestic focus
Asked about the drop in
export market, Mr. Srivastava said it was due to drop in
crude prices in the Middle
East and Latin America.

spokesperson for Reliance

did not elicit a response. A
Reliance oicial, on
conditions of anonymity,
confirmed the
development, saying that
KYC documents and a
photograph can get users
quickly set up for the
service.The move comes
even as as incumbent

telecom providers allege

that Reliance Jio is ofering
full-fledged services in the
name of testing, with 2.5
million active subscribers.
Fifth largest
Achieving its target
would make Reliance Jio
the fifth largest telecom
provider in the country

ahead of MTNL, Sistema

Teleservices, Telenor and
We have to turn down
customers, said a
manager at a Reliance
Xpress Mini store. I had
got 500 sim cards, all gone
in the first few hours. Now,
we are giving tokens for
tomorrow, he said.

Welspun faces new

probe from Bed Bath
Bed Bath & Beyond said it ordered an external audit of
textiles from Welspun India,
putting more pressure on the
embattled Indian bedding
and towel maker that has
seen nearly half its market
value wiped out this week.
Welspun has been caught
in a maelstrom after U.S. retailing giant Target last week
accused the Indian manufacturer of passing of cheap
sheets as premium Egyptian
cotton for two years.
Target has said it is severing ties with the company,
prompting other Welspun
clients including Wal-Mart
Stores and JC Penney to also
probe the manufacturer.
On August 25, Welspun
had a market value of 53.55
billion rupees ($798 million),
nearly half the market value
it had last Friday. The stock
recovered to trade largely
flat by midday on Thursday
after Welspun sent a clarification to exchanges reiterat-

The announcement
comes after Wal-Mart
said it was reviewing
Welspun's cotton
certification record
ing that an external audit of
the supply chain has been
sought and would be completed in 6-8 weeks.
New probe
Bed Bath & Beyond spokeswoman Leah Drill said
the retailer will pursue an investigation and take appropriate action.
The company's announcement came after Wal-Mart,
the world's largest retailer,
said it is reviewing Welspun's cotton certification
records. Department store
JC Penney is also conducting
an investigation to ensure
the integrity of Welspun's
product claims. Macy's said
it is also monitoring the situation. Reuters


16 |
RBI retains too big to fail tag for SBI, ICICI Bank
MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India on Thursday retained the too big to

fail tag for the state-owned SBI and private lender ICICI Bank for the
second year in a row, calling them systemically important banks for
2016 requiring higher level of supervision. In 2015, these two were
identified for the first time as the domestic systemically important
banks. Such banks are subjected to higher levels of supervision to
prevent disruption to financial services in the event of any failure. RBI
has identified State Bank of India (SBI) and ICICI Bank as Domestic
Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs) in 2016 and has retained their
bucketing structure as it was last year, the central bank said in a
statement. PTI

India should respond by November, says Cairn CEO

NEW DELHI: India has time till November to respond to Cairn Energys

demand for $5.6 billion compensation in the retrospective tax case, said
CEO of the British oil firm, Simon Thomson. Cairn has initiated an
international arbitration seeking $5.6 billion in compensation from the
Indian government in case the retrospective tax demand of Rs.29,047
crore is not quashed. It is important for the arbitration to continue
quickly, he said, after meeting Revenue Secretary Hashmukh Adhia
here. While Cairn has filed its Statement of Claims before a threemember international arbitration panel, the government of India has
time till November to respond, he said. PTI

Ducati unveils Multistrada 1200 Enduro bike

NEW DELHI: Italian superbike maker Ducati on Thursday unveiled its new

Multistrada 1200 Enduro model priced at Rs.17.44 lakh (ex-showroom

Delhi). The company already has a significant presence in large sports
touring motorcycle category with the Multistrada 1200 and 1200 S
models. We felt this was the right time for us to introduce the
Multistrada 1200 Enduro for adventure motorcycling enthusiasts,
Ducati India Managing Director Ravi Avalur said in a statement.
Multistrada 1200 Enduro is powered by an Euro 4 compliant engine
delivering 160 bhp. PTI

Allcargo forms JV with CCI Logistics Group

MUMBAI: Avvashya Group, which comprises logistics major Allcargo

Logistics and ECU Worldwide, has announced a joint venture with CCI
Logistics Group to consolidate its contract logistics business in India.
The new entity, Avvashya CCI Logistics Private Ltd., will integrate three
business entities the Warehousing division of CCI Logistics Ltd.,
Hindustan Cargo Ltd. and the Contract Logistics Division of Allcargo
Logistics. As per the agreement, Allcargo promoters will hold 62 per
cent share and CCI promoters 38 per cent share in the joint venture
company. Special Correspondent

Venu Srinivasan, Ajay Piramal join Tata Sons board

MUMBAI: Noted industrialists Venu Srinivasan, Chairman of Sundaram-

Clayton Ltd and TVS Motor Company Ltd and Ajay Piramal, Chairman of
Piramal Group and the Shriram Group, have been appointed as NonExecutive Directors of Tata Sons Ltd with effect from Thursday, Tata
Sons said in a statement. The other members on the board of Tata Sons
include Cyrus Mistry, Ishaat Hussain, Dr.Nitin Nohria, Vijay Singh, Farida
Khambata and Ranendra Sen, according to the companys website. Tata
Sons is the holding company of the Tata Group.
Special Correspondent




Quality norms, smart cities to

top agenda in India-US talks
The talks will be held in New Delhi for three days starting August 29
NEW DELHI: India and the U.S.

will focus on measures to improve the quality of goods

and services, develop smart
cities as well as promote entrepreneurship and innovation during the forthcoming
bilateral Strategic and Commercial Dialogue (S&CD).
Talks are also likely on
ease of doing business initiatives in the context of the
Parliament recently passing
the Constitution Amendment Bill for Goods and Services Tax, according to oicial sources.
Trade, defence
The S&CD is the main bilateral forum to discuss ways
to strengthen cooperation in
areas including trade and defence. The S&CD will be
held in New Delhi during
August 29-31. It will be cochaired by the Indian External Afairs Minister Sushma
Swaraj, Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala
Sitharaman, the U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny
Pritzker and Secretary of
State John Kerry.
This will be the second
S&CD and the first such
meeting in India. The first
S&CD was held in Washington DC in September 2015.
The sources said discussions on standards or
norms to improve the quality
of goods & services will
focus on cooperation between Indias National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and
Americas National Institute
of Standards and Technologies (NIST) to develop reference materials. They said

ITC moves court

against Britannia
KOLKATA: ITC has filed a suit

against Britannia Industries

Ltd. (BIL) for copying biscuit packaging, the multiproduct conglomerate said
on Thursday.
The case has been filed in
the Delhi High Court for alleged copying by Britannia of
ITCs trade dress and colour
combination of ITCs Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive ALL
GOOD biscuit packages for
Britannias Nutrichoice Digestive Zero biscuit packages, according to a stock exchange filing by ITC.
No impact
It, however, said this is
not likely to impact ITCs operations or performance. It
also said that the case, filed
on August 20, would come
up for hearing on August 31.
ITC, which gave these

ITC has said the

issue is not
likely to impact
its operations
or performance
clarifications in response to
a query by the stock exchange, declined any comment on this issue.
No injunction
Confirming the development, Britannia told the
stock exchange that the matter came up for hearing on
August 22 and 24 but no injunction (stay) has been
granted as of now. As the
matter is sub-judice, we cannot comment anything further on this matter. The organised biscuit market is
estimated at about Rs.26,000
crores in which Britannia is
among the leading players.

AMERICAN INTEREST: An American private sector consortium is keen on master-planning activities

to develop Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh as a smart city. PHOTO: K. R. DEEPAK
talks will be held with representatives from NIST as it is
a leader in developing reference materials or precursors to standards for ensuring the quality of products
and their traceability.
Bureau of Indian Standards oicials will also join
the discussions, they said.
NPL and BIS are national
bodies on standards in India. India and the U.S. will also consider a partnership between BIS and NIST for
analysis of notifications
made at the World Trade Organisation on food safety,
and animal & plant health
measures as well as on technical regulations, standards,
and conformity assessment
India and the U.S. will also
assess the progress made by
the Confederation of Indian
Industry and the American
National Standards Institute

in developing an online portal for standards information

that can be used by the industry, especially small and
medium firms.
Another area that will receive attention during the
S&CD is infrastructure development and the proposal
to build smart cities in India.
India will agree to facilitate visits of American delegations for smart city development, the sources said,
adding that an American private sector consortium is
keen on master planning activities to develop Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh as
a smart city. In this regard,
the U.S. Trade and Development Agency is providing
grants to technical agencies
including architectural firms
for master planning.
The sources said India and
the U.S. have decided that
the bilateral Trade Policy Fo-

rum (TPF) will, later on, take

up issues such as the US governments move to hike visa
fee hurting Indian IT firms
as well as the delay in negotiations on a bilateral social
security pact (or totalisation
Bilateral disputes
The TPF will also look into
issues relating to trade barriers and bilateral disputes at
the WTO-level. The delay in
talks on the proposed Bilateral Investment Treaty will
be taken up by another forum
chaired by Indian Finance
Minister Arun Jaitley and
U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, they said.
Bilateral trade in FY16 had
shrunk 3.4 per cent to $62 billion with Indias exports to
the U.S. contracting 5.1 per
cent to $40.3 billion and U.S.
exports to India shrinking by
0.17 per cent to $21.7 billion.

BOT port operators seek

clarity on concession pacts
VISAKHAPATNAM: Build, operate

and transfer (BOT) operators of ports are seeking

clarity on concession agreements to ensure a level-playing field before the Central
Port Authorities Bill becomes law.
Union Minister for Road
Transport, Highways and
Shipping Nitin Gadkari said
in an interview that an exercise was underway to address the concerns expressed by the investors on
the future of BOT projects.
TAMP regime
The Minister, however, declined to elaborate further
on the move. The Minister
indicated that they are going

The proposed Bill

envisages an
independent board to
carry out the residual
function of TAMP
to end the Tarif Authority
for Major Ports (TAMP) regime, Visakhapatnam Stevedores Association president and VPT trustee K.V.
Krishna Kumar said, referring to a meeting Mr. Gadkari
had held with stakeholders
last week. But a clear indication on the fate of BOT operators is yet to come, he said.
The Centre has finalised a
legislation to replace the Major Port Trusts Act of 1963
with the Central Port Authorities Bill of 2016.



Telecast schedule
Duleep Trophy : STAR Sports 4

& HD 4, 2 p.m.
TNPL : STAR Sports 1 & HD 1,
6.30 p.m.

| 17



New deal for Drinkwater

Nothing to worry about

On a roll

Danny Drinkwater signed a new fiveyear contract with Premier League

champion Leicester City on Thursday.

We have still to work on a lot of things. I know him and

when we have talks there is no issue. Liverpool manager

Jurgen Klopp insists that his relationship with Daniel

Sturridge is fine after the striker complained about
being played out of position.

It was way, way better. Seven finals in a row, you know.

Won obviously Wimbledon again, the Olympics. Its been
really good. World No. 2 Andy Murray is optimistic
that his dream run will give him his second US
Open title.

Kuldeep puts the skids on Greens chase

CRICKET / The left-arm chinaman bowler scalps five, leaving Red with just three wickets to get on the final day
India Green 1st innings: 151
India Red 2nd innings: K.S.

GREATER NOIDA: One section of

the stands was full, and the

players responded by raising
their game. The contest intensified under floodlights as India Green made a game attempt
at the target of 497 runs on the
penultimate day of its Duleep
Trophy match against India
Red, but faltered against the
chinaman skills of Kuldeep
The youngster returned his
maiden five-wicket haul in
First-Class cricket and sent
Green to stumps at 217 for
Resuming on 344 for three,
Red ended up with 486 to take a
firm grip on the match, with
Gurkeerat Mann making a rapid 82.
Green openers Robin Uthappa and Jalaj Saxena continued
in the same vein as the Red batsmen, showcasing their natural
flair and picking easy boundaries. Saxena, a natural when
belting the ball, and Uthappa, a
caused anxiety in the Red ranks
as the score mounted at a rapid
But Yuvraj Singh did not relent and maintained an attacking field, and the breakthrough
came when Saxena played on.
Faced with a monumental
task, the Green batsmen had little choice but to attempt to
come up with their best. Uthappa flayed the attack and enjoyed his stay in the middle,
timing his shots brilliantly and

SPINNING A WEB: Kuldeep Yadav, who bagged his maiden five-wicket haul in First-Class cricket, celebrates the fall of Parthiv Patel
with his team-mates. PHOTO: SANDEEP SAXENA
scoring mostly through boundaries. He looked in excellent
form, picking the ball early.
But he misread one from Kuldeep and edged to slip. Yuvrajs
smart catch bending forward
ended a fine knock.
Kuldeep, mixing things up
cleverly, foxed Rajat Paliwal,
trapping him in front, and then

packed of Parthiv Patel with a

delivery that beat the batsman
on pace.
However, left-handers Suresh Raina and Saurabh Tiwary
dug in to put up 54 runs for the
fifth wicket.
The last session was dominated by Kuldeep as Green was
stifled into submission, ending

the day 280 runs in arrears and

three wickets in hand.
What was impressive was
that Kuldeeps best came in
conditions not best suited for
Green leg-spinner Shreyas
Gopal, who finished with five
himself, said: You have to
bowl good-length balls on the

stumps as much as possible. We

did not have many wickets between bat-pad, [but struck]
mostly when the batsmen
played the wrong line because
there was not much help from
the pitch. There was no drastic
The scores: India Red 1st innings: 161

Uthappa welcomes
pink ball and grass

Bedi and Ganguly weigh in on

the tradition-innovation conflict



GREATER NOIDA: Grass and gloss

GREATER NOIDA: Tradition wants

have occupied the minds of

the teams in the ongoing Duleep Trophy being played under floodlights. The gloss on
the pink ball and the extra
sprinkling of grass on the pitch
has evoked mixed reactions,
but Robin Uthappa, who believes in batting on his terms,
made the bravest remark of all.
He welcomed the pink ball,
like most, but also the grass.
Im all for it, said the India
Green opener.
The curator has to leave a
4mm layer of grass to help protect the shine on the ball. Discouraging news for the spinner, and the grass can cause
discomfort to batsmen bred on
placid pitches, but not for Uthappa. The ball has been turning a bit. I do not really understand why; probably because
the ball gets really old.

to keep its place but innovation occurs and looks to make

space for itself in a constantly
evolving world.
When Bishan Singh Bedi,
the eternal proponent of
proper cricket, questions
what he feels is endless experimentation, Sourav Ganguly,
the chairman of the BCCIs
technical committee, presents
the counterargument.
Why are we doing this?
asks Bedi.
Need of the hour, counters Ganguly.
They are players from different eras but bound by a
common purpose: the betterment of the game.
Bedi has his ideas. So does
We dont need this experiment with the pink ball. Why?
The last Test at Sydney was a
sell out. The Oval Test between England and Pakistan
drew a full house. And there
was no pink ball there, says

A suggestion
Uthappa also came up with a
suggestion that invites debate.
They could make a rule
where the ball can be changed
at 60 overs instead of 80, then
we can have a good match.
The experiment has gone
down well with some players
even though a majority of
them are perplexed. Uthappa
explained, We started of
badly. We did not bowl in the
right areas. By the time we got
our act together we had lost
the first session.
When we came back they
were very well set. I think the
best time to bat with this ball is
in the second session. I think it
gets slightly older then and becomes easy to bat.
The conditions too have
varied on the first three days of

the match. I think, yes, the

pitch did ease out a little bit
more on the second day.
Hopefully it will stay the same.
Generally, the pitches in this
part of the country start to
keep low towards third or
fourth day, but hopefully with
the grass on this pitch it stays
that way.
Attractive format
Uthappa found the format
attractive. It looks good. We
have to give it time. Everything changes. The play starts
late and ends very late. Once
you play this format you will
get used to it.
What about issues regarding spotting the ball? Spotting
the ball is not an issue. I think
the ball changes colour when
the light changes. Towards the
evening it becomes kind of orange, but again in the night it
becomes pink. Some players
have felt the ball dip on them
and that is a factor.
What kind of role did he see
for batsmen? Once we see of
the new ball, that period is
simple as the ball doesnt do
much. Its not a ball that we
work with as far as shining is
concerned. We tried shining
the ball, but not much is happening. However, it is early to
say anything. You cant say
anything based on that.

MUMBAI: The Board of Control

for Cricket India (BCCI) is

contemplating changing its
ombudsman once Justice
(Retd.) Ajit Prakash Shah completes his one-year term in
The Board had appointed
the former Chief Justice of the
Delhi High Court and Madras
High Court as its ombudsman
when Shashank Manohar was
The change could be made
at the BCCIs Annual General
Meeting (AGM) here on September 21, multiple sources
The Supreme Court-appointed Lodha Committee has
recommended a tenure of
three terms of one year each

for the ethics oicer and the

While the Lodha Committee
had recommended the appointment of the ethics oicer
for the purpose of guidance
and resolution in the instances
of conflict of Interest and the
ombudsman for the purpose
of providing an independent
dispute resolution mechanism, the BCCI appointed Justice Shah as its ombudsman to
arbitrate on conflict of interest
issues and grievances against
members and administrators.
Sources close to the ombudsmans oice said that Justice Shah received close to 60
conflict of interest complaints,
a majority of which could be
deemed frivolous.
The ombudsmans oice recently received a complaint

whelmed with the fare on ofer

at the ongoing Duleep Trophy
match here.
Ganguly is convinced that
long-form cricket under floodlights and with the pink ball
attracts more spectators to the
Few are interested in coming to the ground in the morning and spending the day here.
What is the point of playing in
front of nobody? We feel this is
the way forward. It is an experiment worth an attempt. Give
it some time, Ganguly says.
Attract them with good

cricket, insists Bedi. Dont

have pink ball stuf just for the
heck of it. I feel we need to
market Test cricket professionally, like the IPL. If you can
do it with shorter formats of
the game then why not with
Test cricket? The administrators have to sell Test cricket
properly; organise good contests. Why are the administrators shirking their responsibility towards preserving history
and tradition?
Cricket was not meant to
be messed around with. It was
a leisurely game and aimed at

getting people out of recession. Able-bodied people who

did not play cricket were treated as outcasts. But things have
changed drastically. Players
have changed. The spectators
have changed. The spectators
earlier went to see. Now they
go to be seen. There is obvious
diference, says an indignant
On the Duleep Trophy, Bedi
says he is disappointed with
the format too.
What allegiance would a
player have to Blue, Green and
Red, instead of the Zones of
the past? To me, commitment
was missing. I could make out
their lack of enthusiasm. It is
not just about the pink ball. We
have to take other aspects of
the game also into account,
says Bedi.
Please dont mess around
with the game!
On the other hand, Ganguly
says he would be happy if the
new experiment clicks.
Our main aim is to bring in
spectators to the venue. This
step is in that direction, he

Jaisha tests positive for H1NI

BENGALURU: O.P. Jaisha has
tested positive for Influenza
A H1N1, two days after her
training partner Sudha
Singh was found to be
sufering from the same
The two had returned
from the Olympic Games on

BCCI may look for a new


CONTRASTING VIEWS: While Bishan Singh Bedi makes an

impassioned plea for not changing cricket too much, Sourav
Ganguly chooses to focus on the way forward. FILE PHOTOS

Bharat b Rajpoot 20 (20b, 2x4, 1x6),

Abhinav Mukund c Tiwary b Dinda
169 (221b, 20x4), Sudip Chatterjee
lbw b Gopal 114 (182b, 14x4), Yuvraj
Singh c & b Saxena 10 (18b, 1x4, 1x6),
Gurkeerat Mann st Parthiv b Gopal 82
(96b, 13x4, 1x6), K.B. Arun Karthik lbw
b Gopal 14 (27b, 1x4, 1x6), Kuldeep
Yadav c Sandeep b Ojha 28 (62b,
4x4), Akshay Wakhare lbw b Gopal 0
(7b), Anureet Singh (not out) 33 (54b,
2x4, 3x6), Ishwar Pandey b Ojha 0
(3b), Nathu Singh b Gopal 6 (12b,
1x6); Extras (b-7, lb-2, nb-1) 10; Total
(in 116.5 overs): 486.
Fall of wickets: 1-39, 2-279, 3300, 4-370, 5-404, 6-425, 7-431, 8480, 9-480.
India Green bowling: Sandeep
Sharma 16-2-69-0, Ashoke Dinda 216-69-1, Ankit Rajpoot 17-1-77-1, Jalaj
Saxena 22-0-74-1, Pragyan Ojha 11-158-2, Shreyas Gopal 28.5-4-123-5,
Rajat Paliwal 1-0-7-0.
India Green 2nd innings: Robin Uthappa c Yuvraj b Kuldeep 72
(66b, 10x4, 1x6), Jalaj Saxena b Pandey 26 (26b, 6x4), Parthiv Patel lbw b
Kuldeep 21 (66b, 4x4), Rajat Paliwal
lbw b Kuldeep 0 (2b), Suresh Raina
(batting) 42 (53b, 2x4, 2x6), Saurabh
Tiwary lbw b Kuldeep 31 (51b, 4x4),
Shreyas Gopal c Bharat b Anureet 3
(12b), Sandeep Sharma b Kuldeep 0
(1b), Ashoke Dinda (batting) 10 (6b,
2x4), Extras (lb-5, nb-7) 12; Total (for
seven wkts in 46 overs) 217.
Fall of wickets: 1-66, 2-122, 3122, 4-131, 5-185, 6-198, 7-199.
India Red bowling: Anureet
Singh 10-2-46-1, Nathu Singh 8-055-0, Akshay Wakhare 6-0-24-0, Ishwar Pandey 8-2-26-1, Kuldeep Yadav
13-1-55-5, Gurkeerat Mann 1-0-6-0.

against Sachin Bajaj, who is an

executive committee member
of the Cricket Club of India.
On the administration front,
a couple of months ago the
BCCI handed over papers related to the suspension of Rajasthan Cricket Association
(RCA) to the ombudsmans office.
The matter is in court, but
the BCCI has still asked Justice
Shah to study the case and adjudicate on it.
The RCA has submitted its
reply and Justice Shah is likely
to call both the RCA and BCCI
for a hearing in September.
While there are indications
that Justice Shah may be on his
way out after a one-year term,
it will be interesting to see
whether the Lodha Committee

Jaishas throat swab and

blood samples were drawn
by doctors at the state-run
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of
Chest Diseases (RGICD) on
The RGICD Director
Shashidhar Buggi told The
Hindu on Thursday that the
test report had been
conveyed to the Health
Department. Although her

Manish upsets
CHENNAI: Wild card Manish

Sureshkumar beat top seed

Adil Kalyanpur 7-5, 4-6, 7-5 to
enter the boys semifinals of
the YMCA Triangle Tennis
Trust ITF junior tournament.
The results (quarterfinals):
Boys: Aditya Vashist bt Siddhant
Banthia 6-3, 6-0; Dhakshineshwar
Suresh bt Kabir Manrai 6-3, 6-3;
Nikshep Ravikumar bt Yugal Bansal
6-1, 6-2; Manish Sureshkumar bt Adil
Kalyanpur 7-5, 4-6, 7-5.
Girls: Rishika Ravindran bt Prathyusha Rachapudi 6-2, 6-2; Vaidehi
Chaudhari bt Sathwika Sama 6-4,
6-3; Shivani Swarup Ingle bt Prathiba
Narayan Prasad 6-0, 6-2; Aarja Chakraborthy bt Harsha Sai Challa 6-3,
6-2. Doubles: Boys (Semifinals):
Abhimanyu Vannemreddy & Vashisht bt Banthia & Dhruv Sunish 6-2,
4-6, 10-5; Sagar Bains & Megh Bhargav bt Mrityunjay Badola & Rishabh
Sharda 5-7, 7-6(3), [10-7].
Girls: Shivani Amineni & Sravya
Shivani bt Vaidehi & Prinkle Singh 7-6
(4), 6-2.

symptoms were mild, we had

started her on Tamiflu, the
anti-viral drug for treatment
of H1N1. We had asked her to
get admitted but she
refused, Dr. Buggi said.
Jaisha had reported with
mild fever, body ache, joint
pain and exhaustion, he
added. The 33-year-old, who
competed in the women's
marathon in Rio, had moved

out of the Sports Authority

of India premises and was
staying with a friend. She
was admitted to Fortis
Hospital on Bannerghatta
Road. Our Senior Scientific
Oicer is in communication
with the hospital, said SAI
Regional Director M. Shyam
Jaisha will be treated
there, he said.


Why Australias batsmen

struggled in Sri Lanka

setback of any kind demands a retrospective study. It is a matter of concern for

followers of Australian cricket that they have
now lost their No. 1 position in Tests.
As a matter of fact, it must have been a rude
shock to Australian legends to watch their batsmen struggle against the spinners in Sri Lanka. For, if truth be
told, the Australian batsmen, at one time, had mastered topclass spin bowling, thanks to their sheer guts and intelligence in
There were instances when the batsmen danced down the
wicket against the likes of E.A.S. Prasanna and Bishan Singh
Bedi. One still remembers the duel between Ian Chappell and
Prasanna at the Brabourne Stadium in 1969.
Rare sight
A decade earlier, there was another instance of the art of
playing spin at the same venue. The duo of Neil Harvey and
Norman ONeill didnt let Bapu Nadkarni and Chandu Borde
settle down as they danced
down the wicket to play
their shots. It was such a
rare sight to witness. As Ian
Chappell says, Its better
to get stumped by three
Knowing these facts
makes me ponder: Why
then did the Australian batsmen struggle against the
spinners in Sri Lanka? Werent they expecting slow turners?
Hadnt they prepared themselves adequately?
I was at the Bupa National Cricket Centre in Brisbane a
couple of months back with four Indian fast bowlers. I watched
the Australians practise against spin on a specially prepared
subcontinent-style pitch. They all looked technically solid. Although those spinners cannot be compared to the ones they
faced in Sri Lanka, there was no hint of struggle.

Radical action is
needed to address
the troubles
against spin
before the
tour of India

Need to adapt
Watching them in trouble against the Sri Lankan spinners
makes me wonder if the short camp influenced them in some
way. It does seem that these short stints under experts have
confused them. This again is an example of how adapting to
various situations plays a major role at the international level.
This comes only with experience. One needs to encounter such
situations in matches to learn.
If we consider the Australian system, there are hardly any
spinners of international calibre. Also, the pitches are so true
that they hardly pose any challenge. When they had to play
against top-class spin bowling under pressure, with the pitch
turning square, these batsmen were clueless. Barring Steve
Smith, they lacked the technique to tackle the spinners.
At times, the players did strategise and attack. But when the
attack is premeditated, experienced international bowlers see
several loopholes to exploit.
And that was exactly what happened. The batsmen, who
decided to play the spinners from the crease, looked
In February, the Australians will be touring India. They will
encounter similar conditions and equally efective spinners
who know how to vary the pace and spin on Indian pitches. The
Australians will have a similar short camp again which alone
cannot be the solution. If they do not raise the bar against spin
bowling, they will struggle against Bangladesh too.
Cricket Australia must act quickly and make radical decisions. There is a need to include at least one spinner from the
subcontinental teams in their State and club teams. The structure of the pitches has to be changed as well.
This is the only way to help the batsmen tackle spin. No
amount of practice in nets or watching the videos of Indian
spinners will prepare them to play in Indian conditions. By
playing against these spinners in real matches, they will realise
how to bat against them.
Tried and tested approach
This approach has already been tried and tested. Coach Ramakant Achrekar made his boys play many matches. In fact, the
boys played matches every day during the summer. He felt a
player learns faster to react to the situation in the middle than in
the nets. Tendulkar, Kambli, Amre, Muzumdar and many renowned players are his products.
A couple of days prior to the 1987 World Cup semi-final
between India and England at the Wankhede stadium, Graham
Gooch requested the Cricket Club Of India to organise good
left-arm spinners and asked them to bowl a leg-and-middle line.
It was centre-wicket practice with a packed leg-side field.
He then kept playing sweep shots. He was prepping to face
two left arm spinners, Ravi Shastri and Maninder Singh. In the
match, he employed the sweep shot and scored a century that
helped England win the match. Tendulkar too underwent a
similar exercise before he faced Shane Warne in a home series.
A practical approach, tenacity and practice are very important to attack in any given situation. The facilities at CAs NCC
in Brisbane are outstanding with top-notch technology. However, they are of no use when it comes to handling actual match
Technology can give you a certain amount of assistance to
understand the situation, but inputs and game-plans to perform
under pressure at the venue can only come with practical
Only time will tell whether the Australians turn this setback
into a comeback!


We are disappointed, says Sreejesh

NEW DELHI: The Indian hockey

teams may not have achieved

results up to expectations but
their performances at the Rio
Olympics were not as disheartening as an eighth-place finish
may indicate.
The women were always expected to struggle in their first
ever Olympics while the men
ran some of the top sides close
before succumbing to pressure.
The teams returned in the
early hours of Thursday and
dispersed for their homes for a
long overdue break. Mens captain P.R. Sreejesh, one of the
key performers, admitted there
was a lot of disappointment.
It took a long time to get out
of the disappointment and humiliation of 2012.
We are more disappointed

IN DEFENCE MODE: India coach Roelant Oltmans (left) and

captain P.R. Sreejesh feel that the results dont accurately
reflect the team's performance at the Olympics. FILE PHOTO
vis-a-vis the kind of eforts we
had put in because, despite being short on experience, we ran
some of the teams real close.
We had put in a lot of efort in
the past few years to not only
get out of that but also improve
our game, our team.
Against teams like Germany

and Holland, for example, we

upped our game to match
them, he said.
We were the youngest team
in terms of average age and the
diference showed, he said, admitting that it was frustrating at
times to keep saving opposition
attacks without the team scor-

ing any. Chief coach Roelant

Oltmans was satisfied with the
team on field barring the
draw against Canada in the last
league match but admitted it
was a learning experience for
everyone. Looking back we
can see that in every game we
pushed our opponents hard.
Sometimes the results dont accurately reflect the performance, Oltmans said.
Womens captain Sushila
Chanu said though they
couldnt win a game, they were
not overawed by the occasion.
The women finished last but
climbed one rung in rankings
because of their appearance at
Rio. It was always a dream for
us to represent India at the
Olympics. Ours is a young team
and we have already made a
small mark on the world stage.
Now we have to try and make it
more visible, she said.

18 |




Jason Roy sets up Englands 44-run win

Dilshan to retire
from ODIs

Federer, Nadal
set to team up
NEW YORK: Roger Federer and

CRICKET / The opener needed several minutes on-field treatment for what was later confirmed as a dizzy spell

Dilshan. PHOTO: PTI

COLOMBO: Sri Lankas opening

batsman Tillakaratne Dilshan

will retire from One-Day International cricket after the
third ODI against Australia in
Dambulla, the islands governing body for the sport said on
Sri Lanka Cricket said it
would dedicate the match on
August 28 against Australia to
the 39-year-old Dilshan for his
invaluable contribution to his
mother land.
SLC in a statement extended
its appreciation to the batsman
wishing him all the best.
The aggressive right-hander
retired from Test cricket in
October 2013 after playing 87
matches and scoring 5,492
runs. He has also taken 39
Sundays ODI at Dambulla
will be his 330th. So far, he has
scored 10,248 runs in the 50overs format and taken 106
wickets. AFP

SOUTHAMPTON: Jason Roy overcame a dizzy spell to lead Englands charge to a 44-run win
under the Duckworth/Lewis
method in a rain-marred first
One-Day International against
Pakistan in Southampton on
Surrey opener Roys quickfire 65 fired England towards
an initial victory target of 261.
But after a third and final rain
interruption, the umpires
eventually called the game of
with England 194 for three.
Eoin Morgan, the England
captain, was 33 not out and Ben
Stokes 15 not out.
Earlier, Pakistan was held to
a modest 260 for six, captain
Azhar Ali top-scoring with 82
after he won the toss. Sarfraz

Ahmed made 55 and Babar

Azam 40 before he was unluckily out lbw.
Pakistan was going well at
173 for three after 35 overs but
then lost Azhar before a rain
stoppage put a further break on
its run-scoring.
Roy and Joe Root (61) took
England to the brink of victory
with a second-wicket stand of
89 in 14 overs.
Roy sparked Englands chase
with three fours of four balls in
the third over bowled by Umar
But there was a worrying
moment when Roy, on 20,
needed several minutes onfield treatment for what a team
spokesman later confirmed
was a dizzy spell. AFP

Pakistan : Azhar Ali c Moeen b
Rashid 82, Sharjeel Khan c Buttler b
Wood 16, Mohammad Hafeez c Hales
b Root 11, Babar Azam lbw b Rashid
40, Sarfraz Ahmed c Wood b Woakes
55, Shoaib Malik c Rashid b Plunkett
17, Mohammad Nawaz (not out) 17,
Imad Wasim (not out) 17; Extras
(lb-1, w-4): 5; Total (for six wkts. in
50 overs): 260.
Fall of wickets : 1-25, 2-52, 3-113,
4-178, 5-224, 6-226.
England bowling : Woakes 10-243-1, Wood 10-0-57-1, Plunkett 10-052-1, Root 4-0-26-1, Moeen 7-030-0, Rashid 9-0-51-2.

Indian campaign
comes to an end

England : J. Roy c Azam b Nawaz

65, A. Hales c Hafeez b Gul 7, J. Root
run out 61, E. Morgan (not out) 33, B.
Stokes (not out) 15; Extras (lb-6,
w-7): 13; Total (for three wkts. in 34.3
overs): 194.
Fall of wickets : 1-27, 2-116,
Pakistan bowling : Imad 5-023-0, Amir 6-0-33-0, Gul 6-0-46-1,
Wahab 6-0-30-0, Nawaz 6.3-0-31-1,
Malik 5-0-25-0.
Toss : Pakistan.
Man-of-the-Match : Jason Roy.
England won by 44 runs (D/L

HONG KONG: The Indian cam-

ON SONG: Jason Roy sparked England's chase with a quick-fire 65 off 56 balls with six fours and a six. PHOTO: AFP



Nandhidhaa making the right moves

KOZHIKODE: As she prepared for
a crucial encounter in the final
stage of the World junior girls
chess championship at her hotel room in Bhubaneswar a few
days ago, P.V. Nandhidhaa kept
one eye on the television set:
P.V. Sindhu was fighting for the
womens singles badminton
gold at the Olympics in Rio.
Sindhu, of course, had to settle for the silver. But, then, she
did not go to Rio as one of the
favourites for a medal.
Nandhidhaa arrived in Bhubaneswar with even fewer expectations. She was seeded
24th after all. But, she sprang a
surprise. Like the badminton
star, she took the silver.
It truly was a superb performance from the final year

B.Tech student at Anna University, Chennai. She shocked

one higher seed after another
with amazing regularity.
She was playing so well that
she was in with a chance for the
title till the penultimate round,


Gasquet advances
LOS ANGELES: Top-seeded Richard
French compatriot Stephane
Robert in straight sets 6-1, 6-3
to reach the quarterfinals of
the ATP Tours Winston-Salem Open on Wednesday.
Gasquet saved seven of
eight break points and broke
the unseeded Roberts serve
five times in the hardcourt
tournament in North Carolina.
Ive known Stephane for a
long time now, so I know how
dangerous he can be, Gasquet

Lu advances
Taiwans Lu Yen-Hsun advanced to his fourth straight
Winston-Salem quarterfinal
with a 6-4, 6-0 win over Argentinas Diego Schwartzman.
Fortunately I played really

Rafael Nadal will play doubles

together in a new competition
pitting Europe against the Rest
of the World in a Ryder Cupstyle tennis team event.
The Laver Cup was launched
in New York on Wednesday
with Federer and Nadal both
committed to the event which
will be held for the first time in
Prague from September 22-24
next year. Former Grand Slam
heavyweights Bjorn Borg and
John McEnroe will be the
Organisers of the tournament, named after Rod Laver,
the last man to achieve the calendar Grand Slam in 1969, are
hopeful that the current top
two in the world Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray will
also be persuaded to play. The
new tournament will most likely be played just a week after
Davis Cup semifinals. AFP

well on game points and on

break points, Lu said.
My serve was there when I
needed it, and that helped me a
lot today.
The results:
ATP Winston-Salem tournament: Third round: Richard Gasquet bt Stephane Robert 6-1, 6-3;
John Millman bt Bjorn Fratangelo 5-7,
6-0, 6-3; Lu Yen-Hsun bt Diego
Schwartzman 6-4, 6-0; Roberto Bautista Agut bt Marcos Baghdatis 4-6,
6-3, 6-1; Fernando Verdasco bt Steve
Johnson 6-4, 7-6(7); Viktor Troicki bt
Sam Querrey 6-2, 7-6(5); Andrey
Kuznetsov bt Jiri Vesely 5-5 retd.
WTA Connecticut Open: Second round: Kirsten Flipkens bt Caroline Garcia 7-6(3), 7-5; Johanna
Larsson bt Shelby Rogers 7-6(1), 6-4;
Roberta Vinci bt Ana Konjuh 6-2, 6-2;
Petra Kvitova bt Eugenie Bouchard
6-3, 6-2.

er with the highest score

should finish first; we shouldnt
have been asked to register
first for diferent categories.

where she lost to Mongolias

Uuriintuya Uurtsaikh, who
wasnt among the stronger
players that she had met.
Even in that game, her opponent had blundered to give her
an excellent opportunity to
win. But, Nandhidhaa missed
Had I won that game, I feel I
could have won the title, she
said. I guess I wasnt lucky.
She was unlucky, too, in a different sense in the tournament
she played right before the
World juniors. At the Commonwealth championship in
Colombo, she had finished first
among women, but she could
only take the gold in the junior
girls section, since she had registered for that.
I would have been much
happier to win the womens
gold, she said. I feel the play-

Nandhidhaas outstanding
show in Colombo and Bhubaneswar should improve her Elo
rating, which currently hardly
reflects her strength. As her rivals found out at the World juniors, she is a far better player
than her rating of 2151.
Looking for sponsors

This Namakkal girl is capable of doing more on the chessboard. Since I am in my final
year of engineering, I am not
able to spend much time on my
chess, she said.
And it would be nice if I
could get a sponsor. That
would help me play in stronger

Nagal stuns Majchrzak

POZNAN (POLAND): Sumit Nagal
upset top seed K. Majchrzak
of Poland 6-3, 6-4 to enter the
quarterfinals of the $25,000
Talex Open ITF Mens Futures tournament in Poznan,
The results: Men: $25,000 Futures, Poland: Singles: Second
round: Sumit Nagal bt K. Majchrzak
(Pol) 6-3, 6-4.
$10,000 Futures, Indonesia:
Doubles: Quarterfinal: Aryan Goveas & Jayesh Pungliya bt Jui-Chen
Hung (Tpe) & Aoran Wang (Chn) 6-2,
$10,000 Futures, Thailand:
Singles: Quarterfinals: Sriram Balaji bt Thales Turini (Bra) 6-2, 4-6, 6-1.
$10,000, Egypt: Singles: First
round: Anis Ghorbel (Tun) bt Kshitij
Kamal 6-2, 6-1. Doubles: First
round: John Lamble (US) & Bernardo
Saraiva (Por) bt Kunal Vazirani
&Yash Yadav 6-1, 7-6 (2).
Women: $25,000, Hungary:
Doubles: Quarterfinal: Kyra Shroff

& Daiana Negreanu (Rou) bt Ulrikke

Eikeri (Nor) & Olga Ianchuk (Ukr) 3-6,
6-2, [10-7].
$10,000, Egypt: Singles: Second round: Dhruthi Venugopal bt

Suzy Larkin (Gbr) 6-3, 7-6(4); Rishika

Sunkara bt Kirsten-Andrea Weedon
(Gua) 6-2, 7-5; Ines Murta (Por) bt
Soha Sadiq 6-3, 6-2; Anette Munozova (Swe) bt Sai Samhitha 3-6, 6-1,
6-2; Sharrmadaa Baluu bt Melissa
Morales (Gua) 6-1, 7-5; Snehadevi
Reddy bt Verena Gantschnig (Ger)
6-3, 6-3. Doubles: First round: Ines
Murta (Por) & Mirabelle Njoze (Gbr)
bt Shrishti Daas & Soha 6-1, 6-1; Sai
Samhitha & Snehadevi bt Ivana Horvat (Aut) & Amreen Naaz 6-2, 6-0;
Ana Bianca Mihaila (Rou) & Sandra
Samir (Egy) bt Tanisha Rohira & Andjela Novcic (Srb) 6-0, 6-4; Sharrmadaa & Dhruthi bt Morales & Weedon
6-2, 6-1.
$10,000, Romania: Singles:
First round: Irina Fetecau (Rou) bt
Jennifer Luikham 6-4, 4-6, 6-2.
Sports Bureau

I see ISL as a
diferent challenge,
says Gudjohnsen
CHENNAI: Indian Super League
franchise Pune City FC has
made a statement of intent on
the transfer market by roping
in former Barcelona and Chelsea midfielder Eidur Gudjohnsen for the upcoming season.
In an interview to The Hindu over phone, the much-travelled midfielder reveals his fitness mantra and desire to take
up fresh challenges.
You have played in almost all
top leagues. What has been
your approach to a new
I see it as a diferent challenge. I am excited to be part of
a new culture and fresh challenge.
Moreover, senior players in
Europe are opting to play for
the ISL and that is one of the
reasons for me to take up the
Your experience will definitely
lift FC Pune City to a different
level... What are the areas you
think you can work closely
with coach Antonio Habas?
First of all, I am a learner. A
new coach will bring in fresh
ideas and help you upgrade
your skills.
I will be practising with the
youngsters and see what role I
can play in their development.
At 37, how do you keep
yourself fit? What is your daily
I love football. I love going
to training every day.
I wake up early in the morning and I make sure I stay fit
and have a healthy diet.
You would have definitely had
a few offers on the table. Why

paign in the Hong Kong

squash Open, the seasons first
major PSA World tour event,
ended with the exit of Joshna
Chinappa in the second round
here on Thursday.
Eighth-seeded Omneya Abdel Kawy of Egypt defeated
Joshna 11-8, 12-10, 11-4 to earn a
berth in the quarterfinals.
Sports Bureau

Ronaldo crowned UEFA

Best Player in Europe
MONACO: Real Madrid super-

star Cristiano Ronaldo won

the UEFA Best Player in Europe Award on Thursday after winning both last seasons
Champions League and Euro
2016 with Portugal.
Ronaldo, 31, received the
accolade for the second time

in his career after finishing

ahead of Real teammate Gareth Bale and Atletico Madrids Antoine Griezmann.
Im obviously delighted to
receive this award, its been
an incredible season. But
these two other players deserve it as well, said Ronaldo.

Champions League group stage draw

Eidur Gudjohnsen.
did you choose India?
The timing was right. I
heard that ISL is an exciting
I didnt give it a second
thought while putting pen to
Have you set any personal
No personal targets. I would
like to work with the youngsters and improve their technical ability.
Did you speak to your former
teammates Adrian Mutu and
Tuncay Sanli about joining
Pune City FC?
No. I havent.
You are among very few
players who have played for
both Jose Mourinho and Pep
Guardiola. Can you share your
They are diferent personalities.
Similarities are an eye for
detail in the way they work.
Mourinho is more defensive
but not defence-minded.
Pep is more obsessed with
the way his team plays.

The line-up for the group stage of this seasons UEFA Champions
League after the draw was made in Monaco on Thursday:
Group A: Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal, Basel, Ludogorets Razgrad.
Group B: Benfica, Napoli, Dynamo Kiev, Besiktas.
Group C: Barcelona, Manchester City, Borussia Monchengladbach,
Group D: Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, PSV Eindhoven, Rostov
Group E: CSKA Moscow, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Tottenham Hotspur,
Group F: Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Sporting, Legia Warsaw.
Group G: Leicester City, FC Porto, Club Brugge, FC Copenhagen.
Group H: Juventus, Sevilla, Lyon, Dinamo Zagreb.
Matchday 1: September 13/14. Matchday 2: September 27/28.
Matchday 3: October 18/19. Matchday 4: November 1/2.

Jaisha refused personal

refreshment: Coach
NEW DELHI: The controversy,
stoked by marathon runner
O.P. Jaisha, took an
interesting turn with her
personal coach Nikolai
Snesarev revealing that the
runner herself had refused
personalised refreshment
during the race.
Belarusian Snesarev said
he had told the Indian
athletics oicials that she
would not require
personalised refreshment
after clarifying with her.
National record-holder
Jaisha had alleged that the
Athletics Federation of
India oicials had not
arranged water and energy
drinks during the race

under scorching heat, due

to which she had nearly
died, a claim denied by
the AFI. Snesarev added
that Jaisha had never used
personalised drinks during
marathon competitions.
A day before the race,
Radhakrishnan Nair
(deputy chief coach) asked
me whether she (Jaisha)
would need individual
refreshment or drinks for
the race. I asked Jaisha
whether she would use
personalised drinks or
normal water provided by
the organisers.
She said she would use
normal water. That is it,
Snesarev said. PTI

















quick route to advancement

22 Peruvian chief gets rid of
Victor's desert plant for a
shared religious meal (5)
25 Arrive with gold in a fourwheeled carriage (6)
26 Meditative Greek character,
upset at home, is subject to
an angry tirade (8)
27 Celebrity blows the whistle in
retreat (4)
28 Fixed the profound article on
temperature inside a pit (4-6)





7 Disappointments resulting
from a wet Deepavali in
Chennai? (4,6)
9 Lines in speech about a colour
10 Bill and the princess violate
limits in steep descent (8)
11 University's participation in
urban development

provides colour (6)

12 Part of the response time for an
attack (5)
13 Quarrel over Mali's messed up
social system (9)
14 Its recovery might be a tall task
17 Colour of escaping fluorine
confirms refinement (7)
20 Well-planned RF attack's a

1 Desert colour (6)

2 Sleazy criminal disappears
with some seafood (5)
3 Plastered with a pastry in the
face? (3-4)
4 Look at a space vehicle caught
by an atoll resident (8)
5 Turkey arranged bail for a
member of an indigenous
group (6)
6 Posses at sea inviting
engineers for strong black
coffee (8)
8 Bishop invested in a new red

pen with the stipend (7)

15 Colour causing internal turmoil
in holy cave (8)
16 Colour of the meal sent up to
the peacekeepers by the
hollow deputy (8)
18 Graduate welcomes
representative with a primary
pigment for printers (7)
19 Red-faced knight clears out the
northbound routes to
accommodate the French (7)
21 English royal family coaches
daughter for a short time (6)
23 Frown upon geeks smuggling
soft Chinese fabric (6)
24 Tennis stroke's a big success

Solution to puzzle 11786







SU | DO | KU

Revelation of Cosmic form

Arjuna shares his extraordinary experience of beholding the
Lords cosmic form which tries to represent and reflect His
Infinite Glory that none can fathom. It is awe inspiring in its
grandeur and limitless sweep.
So too is the form shown by child Krishna to Yasodha on
two occasions which Suka describes in detail, pointed out Sri
B. Sundarkumar in a discourse.
The first time it happens when He is in her lap and yawns
very casually. Yasodha is bewildered to see the whole
universe in the childs mouth. But she forgets this vision and
sees Krishna as her mischievous child.
On a later occasion, some boys complain to her that
Krishna has eaten mud. Yasodha, ignorant of His Paratva, is
frightened that He would fall sick and in anxiety chides him.
She asks Him to open His mouth to look out for traces of
mud. She is instead taken aback to see an amazing vision in
His mouth: she sees the whole of the sphere called earth and
also the entire universe.
There are forests, oceans, and spheres such as rasatala,
patala, etc, men, demons and celestial beings including
everything else that exists.
Yasodha sees all these and also sees Him as the Parama
Purusha in the milky ocean, and then as Mahavishnu in the
Supreme abode of Vaikunta and again as her child standing
before her. It is a vision of the Lord in His numberless forms.
Not content with revealing this cosmic form within His
mouth, He also reveals another face and mouth of His with
all the worlds and yet another and so on endlessly to indicate
the infinite nature of His creation.
But this flash of illumination in Yasodha is only a brief one
and soon the Lord brings her back to her role in samsara.

A mind game and a

puzzle that you solve
with reasoning and
logic. Fill in the grid with
digits in such a manner
that every row, every
column and every 3x3
box accommodates the
digits 1 to 9, without
repeating any. The
solution to yesterdays
puzzle is at left.


There was a sense of

complacency, says Ronak
SHOOTING / In competition, the final push was missing



La Dona well prepared for feature event

MYSORE: La Dona, who has been well
prepared is expected to score in the
Srikantadatta Narasimharaajawadiyar Memorial Million (1,400m), the
chief event of the races to be held
here on Friday (Aug. 26).
There will be no false rails.
(1,400m), rated 00 to 25, 1-30 p.m.: 1.
El Matador (3) Chetan Kalay 62, 2.
Countrys Warrior (8) Gautam Raj
60.5, 3. Emancipation (9) M. Naveen 59.5, 4. On Her Own (1) Anil
Baandal 59.5, 5. Strive And Serve
(12) S. John 58.5, 6. Precious Script
(6) Md. Imran Ashraf 58, 7. Daenerys (4) Darshan 57.5, 8. Badshah
(5) S. Waseemuddin 54, 9. Vrajanandan (7) Rajesh Kumar 54, 10.
Infinithoughts (10) Shiva Kumar
53.5, 11. Peppr (11) N. Ganesh 52.5
and 12. Flying Prince (2) P.P. Dhebe
1. El Matador,
2. Flying Prince,
3. Strive And Serve

MUMBAI: Ronak Pandit wore

two hats at the 2016 Olympics

Games. He was personal coach
to pistol shooter Heena Sidhu
and was designated manager
of the Indian shooting squad at
Rio as well. In the wake of Indias no-show, the shooters are
bracing for change in the way
future preparations are handled by the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI).
Excerpts from a chat with
Ronak Pandit.
Have you submitted a report
to the federation as manager
at Rio?
The report has been handed
over to NRAI and will remain
Your appointment as manager
was an interesting decision by
the NRAI. Can you explain the
reason behind the move?
Since 12 shooters qualified
for the Olympics, six people
could be present in the Olympics Village at any given point
of time. Coaches or managers
can be proportionate to 50 per
cent of athletes. NRAI felt
coaches would be more valuable to shooters instead of a
dedicated manager to take
care of administrative work. I
was the only Indian among the
coaches, rest are foreigners.
Being an international shooter
for 15 years and aware of shooters requirements, I was
Will you be held responsible
for the performance as
personal coach-cum-manager?
As a manager, I will not be
held responsible for shooters
not training directly under me,
because that is the job of the
respective personal coaches.
As far as Heena Sidhu (10m air
pistol and 25m pistol) is concerned, I am completely and
directly responsible. I am also
responsible to ensure that performance of other shooters
does not get afected due to
any managerial, administrative, accommodation or foodrelated issues. I did the best
that I could.
How was the mood within the
Indian squad, in view of no
medals from Rio?
No one gave excuses for


(Div. II), (1,200m), rated 20 to 45,
5-y-o & over, 2-00: 1. Kir Royale (4)
Srinath 61, 2. Golden Cruise (10)
S.G. Prasad 59, 3. Al Dahma (2) Ajay
Kumar 57, 4. Anonymous (8) Mallikarjun 57, 5. Ontime (3) Madhu Babu 57, 6. Ice Sprint (11) Gautam Raj
56.5, 7. Ice Brown (7) R. Marshall 56,
8. Catwalk Queen (6) L. Prashant
55.5, 9. Delilah (1) J. Paswan 54, 10.
Break On Thru (9) S. Manohar 53.5
and 11. Always United (5) Nitin
Singh 52.
1. Ontime,
2. Kir Royale,

OWNING UP: Ronak Pandit (left) says he is responsible for

Heena Sidhus (right) performance at the Olympics because
he is the ace shooters personal coach. FILE PHOTO
performance or tried to find
fault with anything.
Everyone tried to adapt and
adjust to the available facilities
and conditions despite problems which have been detailed
in my report. We were professionals out there representing
the nation and our job was to
India returned without a medal
for the first time since Athens
2004. Looking back, any
Looking back, given the fact
that each shooter out there
had prepared in the best manner possible, he or she took it
for granted that performances
would match preparations.
There was a sense of complacency, it is my personal observation. In the competition, the
final push from the shooter
was missing. A little pressure
would have helped.
To avoid Rio repeats, there is
talk of NRAI doing away with
personal coaches
I believe it is wrong when
shooters go hunting for a personal coach after getting the
Olympics quota, using the

| 19



government funds coming due

to the quota. Three-four
months before the Olympics,
changing a coach may not
work, leaving you neither here
nor there.
The federation needs to
come into the picture here. To
say personal coaches are not
good does not make sense. Abhinav Bindra got the Beijing
gold under a personal coach.
He is not a product of the system. Gagan Narangs medal
(London 2012) came under a
personal coach, as did Rajyavardhan Rathores medal
(Athens 2004). You cannot
take a knee-jerk reaction.
Rio 2016 was Heenas second
Olympic appearance. You were
her personal coach at London
I have been training Heena
since 2011. She competed in
two Olympics, was World No.
1 (10m air pistol) and is the current World record-holder
(10m air pistol).
You should be asking us
where we went wrong at Rio.
She performed, but it was not
good enough for a medal.

3. Ice Brown
II), (1,100m), rated 20 to 45, 2-30: 1.
Amazing Connection (8) Rajesh
Kumar 62, 2. Silent Trust (11) S.
Manohar 59, 3. Birchwood (7) P.P.
Dhebe 54, 4. Buckpasser Junior (9)
Ramesh Kumar 54, 5. Cool Springs
(2) K. Raghu 54, 6. Countrys Fortune (5) Nitin Singh 54, 7. Touch
Of Romance (3) M.L. Bhosle 54, 8.
Order Order (10) Shiva Kumar
53.5, 9. Hidden Hero (1) Darshan
53, 10. Giralda (4) S. Mubarak 51
and 11. Amazing Khodal (6) A. Ramu 50.5.
1. Cool Springs,
2. Countrys Fortune,
3. Amazing Connection
(Div. I), (1,200m), rated 20 to 45,
5-y-o & over, 3-00: 1. Blue Zone (5)
Srinath 62, 2. Ice Splendour (4)
Md. Mushraf 61.5, 3. Ephialties (7)
Rajesh Kumar 61, 4. Joey (8) S.G.
Prasad 61, 5. Deltin (6) M. Bhaskar
59, 6. Scaramouche (1) S. John 58.5,
7. Young Gallant (9) Shivnath Paswan 58.5, 8. Zoe (10) Akash Agarwal 58.5, 9. Beautiful Efect (3)
Shiva Kumar 57.5 and 10. Ice
Weapon (2) S. Waseemuddin 57.5.
1. Scaramouche,
2. Ephialties,
3. Blue Zone
I), (1,100m), rated 20 to 45, 3-30: 1.
Oceana (7) Rajesh Kumar 62.5, 2.
Possimpossible (6) Janardhan P
61.5, 3. Atlantis (1) Suraj Narredu
60, 4. Color Me (9) Shiva Kumar

60, 5. Helios (11) K. Raghu 60, 6.

Matteo (2) Gautam Raj 58.5, 7.
Silken Water (3) Shobhan 56.5, 8.
Defining Moment (10) Madhu Babu 56, 9. Bryant Park (8) Santosh
Kumar 55, 10. Anmol Hira (4) Syed
Imran 54 and 11. Superlite (5) Nitin
Singh 52.
1. Atlantis,
2. Possimpossible,
3. Silken Water
6 STAR OF MYSORE TROPHY (1,400m), rated 60 & above,
4-y-o & over, 4-00: 1. Naval Glory
(3) Anil Baandal 60, 2. Absolute
Brave (10) S. Manohar 59, 3.
Storming Home (5) Madhu Babu
57.5, 4. Sakchi (2) S. John 57, 5. King
Julien (12) Srinath 56.5, 6. Bandito
(1) Rajesh Kumar 56, 7. Kingston
Town (7) A. Ramu 55, 8. Hillsboro
(11) P.P. Dhebe 54.5, 9. Striking
View (9) P.S. Chouhan 54, 10.
Campeon (4) Ajeet Kumar 53.5, 11.
Winged King (6) Md. Imran Ashraf 52.5 and 12. Dhanyavaad (8)
Shivnath Paswan 51.5.
1. Striking View,
2. Hillsboro,
3. King Julien
3-y-o only, (Terms), 4-30: 1. Kingoftheworld (1) Suraj Narredu
58.5, 2. Bold March (6) P.S. Chouhan 56.5, 3. Krieger (8) Neeraj 56.5,
4. Top Striker (4) Chetan Kalay
56.5, 5. Escala (7) P. Trevor 53, 6.
Lorenzo (5) Anil Baandal 51.5, 7. La
Dona (3) A. Sandesh 50 and 8.
Lamrei (2) P.P. Dhebe 50.

1. La Dona,
2. Escala,
3. Bold March
(1,600m), rated 40 to 65, 5-00: 1.
Tronada (10) P.P. Dhebe 61.5, 2.
Kaguya Himei (8) Ajay Kumar
60.5, 3. Momotaro (4) Srinath 60.5,
4. Star Of Destiny (3) Sahanawaz
59, 5. Lucky Emerald (2) Madhu
Babu 56.5, 6. Malkia (1) Shivnath
Paswan 56, 7. Ruthba (11) Santosh
Kumar 55.5, 8. Secret Dimension
(6) Rajesh Kumar 54.5, 9. Proserpine (9) P. Trevor 54, 10. Counter
Point (5) Nitin Singh 53.5 and 11.
Star Nijinsky (7) T.S. Jodha 51.5.
1. Star Nijinsky,
2. Tronada,
3. Proserpine
(1,400m), rated 40 to 65, 5-y-o &
over, 5-30: 1. Demanding Format
(9) Ajeet Kumar 61.5, 2. Port Blair
(2) S. John 61, 3. Champions Star
(4) P. Trevor 58.5, 4. Triumphant
(10) Uday Kiran 58, 5. Tulip (7) M.
Bhaskar 57.5, 6. Gran Turismo (5)
Rajesh Kumar 55, 7. Society Music
(1) S.G. Prasad 55, 8. Sans Frontieres (3) M. Abhilash 54.5, 9. Graceland (6) Gautam Raj 54 and 10.
Chandini (8) Sahanawaz 52.5.
1. Port Blair,
2. Champions Star,
3. Society Music
Days best: La Dona
Double: Atlantis Striking
Jkt: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9; Tr (i): 1, 2 and 3;
(ii): 4, 5 and 6; (iii): 7, 8 and 9.

Sans Peur wins main event

MYSORE: Sans Peur (Trevor up)
won the H.H. Sri Jayachamaraja
Wadiyar Memorial Cup, the main
event of the races here on Thursday
(Aug. 25). The winner is owned by
Mr. and Mrs. Vijay Mallya and
trained by S. Attaollahi.
1. LAVASA PLATE (1,200m),
Md. 3-y-o only (terms): Brown
Beauty 54.5 Trevor 1, One Step
Ahead 54.5 T.S. Jodha 2, Silver
Wood 56 Imran Khan 3, Water Fall
54.5 Steyn 4. All ran. 4-1/4, 5-1/4 and
2-1/4. 1m 10.84s. Rs. 19 (w), 12, 13 and
15 (p), FP: Rs. 45, Q: Rs. 30, SHP: Rs.
34, Trinalla: Rs. 67 and Rs. 43, Exacta: Rs. 146 and Rs. 110. Favourite:
Brown Beauty. Owner: Mr. Ajith
Kumar. Trainer: G. Srinivas.
2. VIRIJA PLATE (1200m),
rated 00 to 25: Saratoga Spring 51
Vivek 1, Aretes 57 Uday Kiran 2, Everlasting Memory 59 Sahanawaz 3,
Stride To Success 53 Manohar 4. All
ran. 1-1/2, 1-1/4 and 3/4. 1m 12.95s. Rs.
64 (w), 19, 18 and 64 (p), FP: Rs. 262,
Q: Rs. 87, SHP: Rs. 55, Trinalla: Rs.
1,801 and Rs. 2,470. Exacta: Rs. 14,476

and Rs. 24,815. Favourite: Aretes.

Owner & trainer: G.T. Surender.
(1600m), rated 20 to 45, 4/y/o &
over: First Step 49.5 Dhebe 1, Attractive Bay 59 Rajesh Kumar 2,
Czar Rule 62 Suraj 3, Repsol 52.5
Nitin Singh 4. All ran. 1-1/4, snk and
1-1/2. 1m 39.32s. Rs. 53 (w), 16, 19 and
12 (p), FP: Rs. 313, Q: Rs. 238, SHP: Rs.
54, Trinalla: Rs. 401 and Rs. 133, Exacta: Rs. 1,429 and Rs. 985. Favourite:
Czar Rule. Owner: Shiju Vazhapully
Joseph. Trainer: Prithviraj.
4. PUNE PLATE (Div. II),
(1400m), rated 20 to 45: Perfect
King 58.5 John 1, Masada 55 Janardhan 2, Hackett 59 Raja Rao 3, Cannes
56 Lalit 4. Not run: Air Dancer. 2-3/4,
2 and 1. 1m 24.77s. Rs. 28 (w), 13, 12
and 147 (p), FP: Rs. 63, Q: Rs. 19, SHP:
Rs. 36, Trinalla: Rs. 657 and Rs. 3,043,
Exacta: Rs. 2,257 and Rs. 770. Favourite: Masada. Owner: Ketan Mehta.
Trainer: Sharat Kumar.
(Div. I), (1200m), rated 40 to 65, 4-

y-o & over: Wind Wonder 59.5 Suraj 1, Veni Vidi Vici 54.5 T.S. Jodha 2,
Cool Baby 53.5 Naveen 3, Dark William 61 Srinath 4. All ran. 1, 2-3/4 and
1-1/2. 1m 11.40s. Rs. 16 (w), 12, 15 and
17 (p), FP: Rs. 61, Q: Rs. 32, SHP: Rs.
38, Trinalla: Rs. 126 and Rs. 52, Exacta: Rs. 227 and Rs. 89. Favourite:
Wind Wonder. Owner: Rakesh Kumar Wadhawan. Trainer: Satish
CUP (1,200m), rated 60 & above:
Sans Peur 57.5 Trevor 1, Sir Majestic 57 Suraj 2, Secret Touch 54 Manohar 3, Siddhani 54 Madhu Babu 4.
Not run: Clever Trick. 1/2, 5 and
1-3/4. 1m 09.84s. Rs. 21 (w), 11, 14 and
224 (p), FP: Rs. 39, Q: Rs. 28, SHP: Rs.
35, Trinalla: Rs. 3,074 and Rs. 2,070,
Exacta: Rs. 23,636 and Rs. 5,788. Favourite: Sans Peur. Owners: Mr. and
Mrs. Vijay Mallya rep. United Racing & Bloodstock Breeders Ltd..
Trainer: S. Attaollahi.

PHY (Div. II), (1,200m), rated 40 to

65, 4/y/o & over: Little Man 55.5 P.
Dhebe 1, Akha Teej 59.5 Chouhan 2,
Red Red Rose 59.5 Anil Baandal 3,
Majestic Style 55 Sahanawaz 4. All
ran. Nk., 2-1/4 and 1. 1m 10.58s. Rs. 31
(w), 14, 12 and 109 (p), FP: Rs. 68, Q:
Rs. 29, SHP: Rs. 36, Trinalla: Rs. 268
and Rs. 532, Exacta: Rs. 3,281 and Rs.
888. Favourite: Akha Teej. Owner:
Mr. G.V. Patil. Trainer: G. Sandhu.
8. PUNE PLATE (Div. I),
(1,400m), rated 20 to 45: Fabulous
Touch 62 Chouhan 1, Super Strong
61.5 Suraj 2, Artorius 59.5 Vivek 3,
Secret Prayer 58.5 Rajesh Kumar 4.
All ran. 4-3/4, 3-3/4 and 2-1/4. 1m
23.73s. Rs. 20 (w), 13, 16 and 37 (p),
FP: Rs. 32, Q: Rs. 23, SHP: Rs. 36,
Trinalla: Rs. 178 and Rs. 170, Exacta:
Rs. 457 and Rs. 139. Favourite: Fabulous Touch. Owner: Mr. M.A.M.
Ramaswamy Chettiar of Chettinad
Charitable Trust rep. by Mr. A.C.
Muthiah. Trainer: S. Ganapathy.
Jackpot: Rs. 642; Runner-up: Rs.
167. Treble: (I): Rs. 646; (II): Rs. 149;
(III): Rs. 92.

FC Goa to train
in Rio de Janeiro
PANAJI: As a part of FC Goas
pre-season training and conditioning, the team will assemble at head coach Zicos football academy, Zico 10 in Rio de
Janeiro, to prepare for the
third season of the Indian Super League (ISL).
Zico 10 is a brand, under
which there are various academies and training centres
across Brazil attached to Zico,
who is the head coach of FC
Goa for the third consecutive
season. FC Goa is scheduled to
play pre-season friendlies
with Brazilian clubs during its
training in Rio.
Speaking about ISL franchises target for the upcoming
season, Zico has predicted a
better season for the team.
Local stars Romeo and Mandar Rao Dessai are elated to be
part of the squads preparations in Rio de Janeiro. PTI

ATK ropes in
KOLKATA: Atletico de Kolkata

(ATK) on Thursday announced the signing of Spanish centre forward Juan Belencoso for the upcoming edition
of the Indian Super League
Belencoso, who played for
several clubs including Kitchee FC in Hong Kong and
scored 11 goals to propel the
team to the AFC Cup semifinals in 2014, models his game
on Robert Lewandowskis
style and is a fan favourite for
his clinical finishes.
Belencosos inclusion will
help us develop the nucleus of
the team this year. My association with his style of football
goes back to the Kitchee FC
days. He had been one of the
most consistent performers
and had been nominated for
AFC Foreign Player of the
Year. With Postiga and Belencoso, the need for right strikers has been addressed, said
ATK head coach Jose Molina.
Special Correspondent






Fisherman finds worlds biggest pearl

Pizza by drone in Kiwi country

58-year-old astronaut sets U.S. space record

A Filipino fisherman may found what is possibly the

worlds biggest pearl. He had hidden the 34-kg pearl
under a bed for more than 10 years as a lucky charm.

Dominos Pizza has joined forces with Flirtey company

for the worlds first commercial drone pizza delivery.
Trials took place in New Zealand on Thursday.

American astronaut Jeff Williams, 58, has broken Scott

Kellys record of 520 days in space. When Williams
returns on Sept. 6, he will have tallied 534 days in space.

WhatsApp to share phone numbers with Facebook

Dwayne Bravo to sing for Tum Bin 2

Parent company is laying the groundwork for the free messaging service to begin making money
SAN FRANCISCO: Global messag-

ing service WhatsApp says it

will start sharing the phone
numbers of its users with
Facebook, its parent company. That means WhatsApp
users could soon start seeing
more targeted ads on Facebook although not on the
messaging service itself.
The move is a subtle but
significant shift for WhatsApp, which has long promised to safeguard the privacy
of more than 1 billion users
around the world. WhatsApp is giving users a limited
time to opt out of sharing
their information with Facebook, although they must
take the extra step of unchecking a box to do so. It also says Facebook wont post
phone numbers online or
give them out to anyone.
But the giant social network has been looking for
ways to make money from
WhatsApp since it bought
the service two years ago, in
an eye-popping deal ultimately worth $21.8 billion.
At the same time, Facebook has pledged not to interfere with a longstanding

Companies will be
able to send
marketing material to
individuals but display
ads will be kept off

BLURRING LINE: WhatsApps policy revision is the first since

2012. Facebook acquired the service in 2014. FILE PHOTO: REUTERS
promise by WhatsApps cofounders to respect users
privacy and keep ads of its
messaging platform.
Business services
WhatsApp on Thursday
ofered a glimpse of its plans
for turning on the money spigot, releasing new documents that describe the companys privacy policy and the
terms of service that users
must agree to follow. The
documents are the first revision of those policies since
2012, before Facebook acquired WhatsApp.

through on previous hints by

WhatsApp executives, who
have said theyre exploring
ways for businesses to communicate with customers on
WhatsApp. That could include using WhatsApp to
provide receipts, confirm a
reservation or update the
status of a delivery.
Companies could also
send marketing ofers or
messages about sales to individual customers, according
to the new documents,
which note that users will be
able to control or block such
WhatsApp says it will con-

tinue to bar traditional display ads from its service.

We do not want you to
have a spammy experience,
the company tells users in a
summary of the new policies.
Another change is potentially more controversial:
WhatsApp says it will begin
with Facebook by sharing
WhatsApp users mobile
phone numbers and device
information, such as the type
of operating system and other smartphone characteristics. The company says Facebook will employ the phone
number internally to better
identify WhatsApp users on
Facebook, so it can recommend friends or show targeted advertising.
The ads would come
through a Facebook program
called Custom Audiences,

which lets a business upload

lists of customers and phone
numbers or other contact information the business has
collected from warranty
cards or other sources. Facebook matches the list to users with the same information and shows them ads.
Facebook says it doesnt give
out users information to
Valuable data
WhatsApp phone numbers are valuable to Facebook. While the social network already has many
phone numbers, it doesnt
require users to provide
them, and doesnt always
have the most current number for everyone on Facebook.
But anyone on WhatsApp
must provide a current
phone number because
thats how WhatsApp knows
where to deliver messages.
The coordination of accounts may draw fire from
privacy advocates. WhatsApp has long promised not
to employ user data for advertising. Its acquisition by

Facebook two years ago

sparked complaints from activists who worried the new
owner would start mining
Though both companies
pledged WhatsApp would
operate separately from its
parent, the Federal Trade
Commission warned them
publicly, in a 2014 letter,
against changing how they
employ WhatsApp user data
without users consent.
WhatsApp says current
users have up to 30 days to
accept the new policy terms
or stop using the service.
Once they accept, they have
30 more days to opt out of
sharing with Facebook.
Encryption will remain
praised WhatsApp for building powerful encryption into
its services, making it impossible for the company or anyone else to read users messages. WhatsApp promises
that encryption will remain,
so neither WhatsApp nor
Facebook would be able to
use message content for advertising purposes. AP

Has KFCs secret

Star system next door may host habitable planet
recipe been uncovered?

CHICAGO: Is the secret KFC

recipe a secret no more?

A U.S. newspaper says it
may have stumbled upon the
closely guarded blend of
spices that coat the global
restaurant chains signature
fried chicken.
A key ingredient, according to the Chicago Tribune,
is white pepper the aromatic kin of regular pepper,
but without the dark skin.
The newspaper sent a reporter to write a story about
Corbin, Kentucky a small
lakeside town where the first
KFC chicken was served


more than 75 years ago, and

the hometown of KFC founder Harland Sanders.
There he met Mr. Sanders
67-year-old nephew Joe Ledington, who still lives in the
town. Sifting through a family scrapbook, Mr. Ledington
displayed a handwritten recipe, the Tribune reported.
That is the original 11
herbs and spices that were
supposed to be so secretive,
Mr. Ledington told the newspaper.
But KFC has turned down
the claim saying the secret
was still safe. AFP

ust over four light years

away from Earth, a planet
orbits its cool red-dwarf star
called Proxima Centauri, the
suns closest star neighbour.
What is special about this
planet is that after years of
tracking it, astronomers have
come to the conclusion that
it is in the habitable zone of
its star.
Proxima b, the planet revolves around its star once every
11.2 days and is located at a
distance of nearly 7 million
kilometres from its star. The
mass of the planet is believed

NEW HORIZONS: An artists impression of a view of the surface of

the planet Proxima b orbiting the red dwarf Proxima Centauri.

to be about 1.3 times that of

the Earth. It could contain
water, scientists say.
Put together, all these factors hint at the tantalising

possibility that Proxima b

can support life or is
The first exoplanets were
spotted in 1995, and today


there are over 3,000 known

exoplanets. But this system is
special for being close and
lending itself to easy
The star, Proxima Centauri, is not very bright and cannot be tracked with the
naked eye, especially as it is
very close to the brighter binary star pair Alpha Centauri
AB. So, astronomers used the
HARPS spectrograph to observe it on the European
Southern Observatorys 3.6metre telescope at La Silla in
Chile and also other telescopes around the world.
The research was published in Nature.

est Indies cricketer and singer Dwayne Bravo will lend his
voice to a song in director Anubhav Sinhas upcoming film
Tum Bin 2. Earlier, Anubhav had roped in American
singer-rapper Akon to sing Chammak Challo in his 2011 Shahrukh
Khan-starrer Ra.One. Anubhav was looking out for an international
voice for one of the upbeat tracks in his directorial venture Tum Bin 2
and he decided on Dwayne, according to a release.
The song, Jager Bomb, to be shot in the first week of September, will
have dancers flown down from Romania and will be shot in a
nightclub. The music will be composed and jointly sung by
Ankit Tewari and Dwayne. The cricketer will be
seen sporting Indo-Western attire in the fast,
peppy track. Dwayne will also learn a few lines
in Hindi, the release said.
The star cast of the film Neha Sharma,
Aashim Gulati and Aditya Seal will also make
a special appearance in the song alongside
Dwayne. Tum Bin 2 is the sequel to the
2001 hit romantic drama Tum Bin that
had Priyanshu Chatterjee, Himanshu
Malik, Sandali Sinha and Raqesh
Vashisth. The second part is slated to
release in November this year. PTI

Shraddha makes a fashion statement

ctor Shraddha Kapoor says the

confidence and ease with which a
person carries off clothes are
testaments to his or her fashion sense. The
29-year-old Baaghi actor, who turned
designer Manish Malhotras muse on
Wednesday night at the ongoing Lakme
Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016, said it
was important to feel great and glamorous in
whatever one wore. The garment should
not wear you, you should wear the garment. You should feel happy,
glamorous and on top of the world in the clothes you choose. That is
fashion for me, Shraddha told reporters after the show. PTI

Ariana in copyright violation soup

inger Ariana Grande has been sued by songwriter Alex Greggs

over her 2014 track One Last Time. Greggs has claimed that
the 23-year-old singer stole the hook and few lyrics of the
song Takes All Night, which he wrote for Skye Stevens, reported E!
Online. In the documents obtained, the Canada-born record producer
has alleged that One Last Time and Takes All Night bear
similarities. The lawsuit states: Although the
rhythm of the two compositions may differ to
accommodate the prosody of the lyrics, there is
substantial similarity on the most important
rhythmic placement of the pitches on strong
melodic and harmonic beats as well as the use of
the lyric statement Take[s] [or taking] You Home
as the final lyric statement... Greggs is seeking
$1,50,000 per infringement.
David Guetta (who wrote One Last Time),
Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk, Universal Music
Group and Republic Records among others
are noted in the lawsuit. PTI




Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar on his

teaching and how a sense of rhythm
is crucial in learning music


Duvidha Urf@Taj Mahal Ke Lutere

falters in caricaturing the prevailing
decline in culture and social malaise


Karzlives on because of
its foot-tapping music and
powerful performances


We are like a living museum


In a conversation with Anjana Rajan, Suresh Kumar Chaturvedi, leader of the Maihar Band, talks about the
legacy of this century-old ensemble.
The exhibition will be
showcasing the works of
four ceramic artists,
Rajesh Srivastava, Sudha
Pillai, Preeti Thakur
Pandey and Srirupa Sen.
Venue: Open Palm Court
Gallery, India Habitat
Centre, Lodhi Road, New
Date: August 27 to 31
Time: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


The Must Art Gallery

presents a group
exhibition curated by Dr.
Alka Pande bringing the
indigenous art from
various States of India.
Venue : Visual Art
Gallery, India Habitat
Centre (IHC), Lodhi
Road, New Delhi
Date: August 26 to 31
Time: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

hen the Maihar

Band performed
at the Sangeet
Natak Akademis
theatre the other day, one
was put in mind of the
original band, put together
nearly 100 years ago by Ustad
Allauddin Khan, the
Hindustani maestro whose
influence and mentorship
has touched generations of
classical musicians. As the
twelve gentlemen played
their instruments with a kind
of self-effacing devotion to
the founder, one could
almost have believed they
were the very same children
he had once trained, now
grown to grey-haired
We know of the popular
vadya vrinda arrangements
of the late sitar maestro Ravi
Shankar (one of Allauddin
Khans illustrious disciples)
that set a stylistic stamp on
orchestral compositions of
All India Radio. And
numerous classical
musicians after him over the
years have got together to
form bands that produce
raga-based set pieces of
music. But much earlier, in
1918, Ustad Allauddin Khan
Baba to his devoted
followers organised the
first Maihar Band,
comprising some 17
musicians trained by him in
Indian and Western
The story goes that he had
begun giving musical
training to some children

KEEPING THE TRADITION ALIVE The Maihar Band performing at New Delhi; (below) Suresh Kumar Chaturvedi PHOTOS: SHIV KUMAR PUSHPAKAR

be learned here. In Indian

society, where the trend is to
look backwards and deify our
heroes rather than build on
their achievements, the
majority still perceive the
pursuit of music as a hobby
best suited to the wellheeled, a dicey career option.
Besides, genius that he
was, Baba also invented the
nal tarang, among the other
instruments created by him.
In these warmongering
times, the nal tarang, an
instrument made of gun
barrels set in a resonant

India Habitat Centre
brings an evening of Sufi
music by Culture
Resonance who will be
presenting their music
for the first time in India.
Venue: Stein Auditorium
Date: August 26
Time: 7 p.m.

xylophone-like frame,
acquires unmissable
Happily, decades back, the
Madhya Pradesh government
took over the upkeep of the
Maihar Band, whose
members are now
government employees, with
the attendant security that
status brings.
In a conversation after the
short performance, which
was part of SNAs festival
Rang Swadheenta:
Celebrating Indias
Independence through the
Performing Arts, the Maihar
Bands current head, esraj
exponent Suresh Kumar
Chaturvedi, noted that the
state governments patronage
was extended primarily to
keep alive the compositions
of the ustad of Maihar.
At their performance, the
band played a medium-paced
and a drut composition based
on raga Yaman Kalyan, and
then an orchestrated version
orphaned in an epidemic.
Later with the
encouragement of his patron,
Raja Brijnath Singh Judeo,
the revered patriarch of the
Maihar gharana of music
brought them together in a
unique orchestra, effectively
providing them with a means
of both livelihood and
Surely there are lessons to

of Vaishnava jan. The

selected compositions, while
tuneful, were characterised
by plain notes, all melodists
playing identical scores, in
the manner of western music
but without the harmonies.
Yes, Baba set (the notes of
these compositions) in a
plain manner (seedhe
seedhe ). But some ragas are
suitably set in gayaki ang, in
which you find the gamaks
and meends that were absent
in the ones we played today,
remarks Chaturvedi. He
adds, Baba also had
compositions based on the
Western approach. For
example, when he went to
Russia, he was inspired by
Russian tunes. Also, he
composed pieces with a
martial theme.
2018 will see the 100th
anniversary of the bands
founding. Getting the
ensemble leader to talk of
what has changed and what
has been strengthened over
the decades in terms of
repertoire, approach or even
group members is not easy.
The ensemble originally is
said to have had some 17
members. Asked if the 12
instrumentalists who
performed in New Delhi
comprise the complete
group, Chaturvedi only says,
In the course of time, artists
retire, and it takes a while to

The members
Suresh Chaturvedi esraj
G.P. Pandey Uttam, Vijay Kumar Sharma violin
Ravindra Bhagwat, Ashok Kumar Badholiya tabla
Ramsuman Chaurasia, Ramayan Prasad Chaturvedi sitar
Brijesh Kumar Dwivedi sarod
Prabhudayal Dwivedi naltarang
Saurabh Kumar Chaurasia sitar banjo
fill their positions.
Musically qualified
applicants are appointed by a
selection committee, he
explains. On what special
qualities would be required,
he is not forthcoming but
agrees discipline must be one
of them. The ensemble
members are employees of
the Government Music
College, Maihar.
Their rehearsal regimen,
along with performance
engagements, does not leave
much time for other duties,
although some members do
pursue solo careers, says
Chaturvedi, himself the
Principal of the college.
We practise five hours
daily so that Babas
compositions remain alive,
he says. Its like a live
museum, whose exhibits
carry on.
The repertoire, though
dominated by Babas
compositions, has not
remained static, he says. We
have composed some ten


Straight from the heart

As we celebrate Shakeel Badayunis birth centenary, lets go back
to the life and times of the instinctive poet-lyricist.

mong the composersinger-lyrist

triumvirate of the
music world, the lyricist is
the one whose contribution
is denied due recognition.
Overshadowed by the other
two, stalwarts such as
Majrooh Sultanpuri, Sahir
Ludhianvi and Shakeel
Badayuni are marginalised
by the print media. Unlike
composers and singers, there
is hardly any tribute paid to
the lyricists on their birth
and death anniversaries.
Until the late 1940s there
was hardly any mention of
their names on the
gramophone records. So
much so, that even the names
of illustrious poets like Mirza
Ghalib, Zauq, Daagh and
others were omitted, what to
say about the lesser mortals.
This reminds me of an
incident at Begum Akhtars
memorial concert organised
at the India Habitat Centre.

The performing artist was

requested to sing the popular
number Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na
Karo. The organiser told the
audience that the artist
would sing it if anyone in the
audience would name the
writer of this famous ghazal.
Interestingly, no one in the
audience of over three
hundred gave the correct
answer. The writer was
Fayyaz Hashmi, a prolific
lyricist who had penned over
500 songs before moving to
Pakistan in 1947. These
included most of the popular
non-film songs sung by
Jagmohan, Hemant Kumar
and Pankaj Mallick in 1940s.
It was against this
background that the lyricists
of the Hindi film industry
struggled to attain
recognition. Shakeel
Badayuni, an outstanding
poet-lyricist after
overcoming initial hurdles
turned a legend in early
1950s. Born in 1916, Shakeel
hailed from a literary family.

He had earned name and

fame as a poet during his
Aligarh Muslim University
days, winning awards at
many mushairas. He moved
to Bombay in 1946 and
thanks to Naushad, then a
renowned composer, Shakeel
got his first break in Kardars
film, Dard (1947). As the
story goes, Naushad had
asked him to sum up his
poetic skill in one line and
Shakeel said, Hum dard ka
afsana duniya ko suna dengeHar dil mein mohabat ki ek
aag laga denge. This was the
beginning of the NaushadShakeel partnership that was
to continue for over the next
two decades. The songs of
Dard were a great hit
especially the one by Uma
Devi (Tun-Tun) Afsana likh
rahi hun. Shakeel was a rare
phenomenon who was
crowned with success with
his very first film. Soon,
Naushad-Shakeel team
became one of the most
sought after duo by the film

industry. Their box office hits

included Deedar (1951),
Baiju Bawra (1952),
Mother India (1957),
Mughal-e-Azam (1960),
Gunga Jumna (1961) and
Mere Mehboob (1963).
Shakeel turned a household
name after his all timefavourites of Baiju Bawra,
O Duniya Ke Rakhwale and
Man Tadpat Hari Darshan
Ko Aaj. These songs
endorsed his command of the
Hindi language as well. Then
there was Na milta gham to
barbadi ke afsane kahan jate
in Amar (1954), which
prompted Sahir Ludhianvi to
compliment Shakeel as the
best ghazal writer in Hindi
cinema. Shakeel reached the
zenith of his fame with
Mughal-e-Azam, with each
song being a runaway hit and
one of them, Pyar kiya to
darna kya turning an alltime classic. Incidentally,
with Mughal-e-Azam, the
best of Naushad was over and
so was the partnership with


Shakeel also teamed up
with the composer, Ravi and
wrote lyrics for his film
Gharana (1961), Ghungat
(1963) and also the famous
Chaudwin Ka Chand
(1960), whose title song
rendered by Mohammed
Rafi, earned the Filmfare
Award for Shakeel as the best
lyricist in 1961. Shakeel was
also associated with Hemant
Kumar and his two films
Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam and
Bees Saal Baad (1962) were
both box office hits with the
former emerging as Guru
Dutts all-time classic. Its
songs Na jao saiyan chhuda
be bahian and Chale aaokoi dur se awaz de continue
to delight the music lovers
especially their sensational

picturisation of Meena
Even before coming to the
film world Shakeel had
attained recognition as an
eminent Urdu poet through
his participation in
mushairas where he was
showered with praise and
superlative compliments
both for his poetry as well as
his recitation. He had little
interest in political ideology
or social causes and did not
join the contemporary galaxy
of progressive poets such as
Faiz, Majrooh Sultanpuri,
Kaifi Azmi, Sardar Jafri,
Makhdoom Mohiuddin and
others. He applied his talents
to describe the beauty, love
romance, emotional,
sentimental and passionate
experiences as well as joys

bhajans that were dear to

Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi),
like Mane chaakar raakho,
Paayoji maine, Nar Hari
and others.
He does not take credit for
the compositions but
explains, I may set up the
theme, but then all the
members add their bits.
Besides classical and
devotional tunes, there are
folk melodies as well. The
original repertoire was quite
vast. My seniors told me
there were about 100 to 150
compositions, he states. Due
to retire in four years,
Chaturvedi says he joined the
band 36 years ago. When
new people join, the seniors
teach them. Right now its my
job to pass on the
compositions to the younger
musicians. By the time I
retire, they will be ready to
teach newcomers.
For a group with such an
extensive playlist, half-anhour to showcase their stuff
was not much, but

and sorrows of life. The

tremendous popularity of his
film lyrics taught him that
even the most serious and
thought provoking ideas
when expressed in simple
words would appeal to the
listeners. No wonder, his
ghazals became extremely
popular with the leading
contemporary ghazal
exponents such as Begum
Akhtar and Talat Mehmood.
Jigar Moradabadi, the doyen
of Urdu poetry has aptly
described Shakeel as Shaire-fitrat or an instinctive poet
as his poetry was not a play of
words but a true reflection of
his own life. His privations
and adversity did not turn
him sour as he transformed
pathos into love.
Ali Sardar Jafri, a staunch
progressive writer though
not much impressed by
Shakeels literary style did
acknowledge his mastery in
penning down heart
rendering ghazals. Ghazal is
the predominant form of
Urdu poetry. The great Urdu
poets, Wali Deccani, the
father of Urdu poetry, Zauk,
Sauda, Daagh and Ghalib owe
their fame and popularity to
their mastery in the field of
ghazals. Commenting on
Shakeels poetry, Sahir noted
that after Jigar and Firaq,
Shakeel was the only one of
his generation who chose to
dedicate himself and apply

Chaturvedi says, We are

happy to perform, even for
ten minutes. Baba created
bandishes for all occasions,
from three to fifty minutes
The band has performed
across its native state,
besides being featured at
festivals in Uttarakhand,
Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra,
Rajasthan, Bihar, Karnataka,
West Bengal, Andhra
Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh,
Goa and Assam among
others. On performances
abroad, he smiles, Thats
something yet to happen.
Chaturvedi, who joined
Maihar Band when he was in
his second year of
graduation, says the
ensemble is happily placed in
its home state. There is a lot
of music in Madhya
Pradesh, says the esraj
player, who hails from a
village near Maihar. I loved
music from my childhood,
though I started off with folk
All praise for the support
provided by the Madhya
Pradesh governments
Department of Culture,
Chaturvedi adds proudly,
There are eight government
colleges of music in the
No doubt this is an
example of state patronage
providing a lifeline to an
endeavour that might have
otherwise died out, but as the
world turns one wonders if
more could be done to offer
inspiration without
tampering with the
wonderful spirit of this
Today placement,
presentation and
contextualising are
important in reaching out to
audiences, even when a
product has the solidity of
skill, legacy and dedication.
Perhaps as the centenary of
the Maihar Band approaches,
the agencies responsible for
promoting and propagating
Indias cultural riches could
consider what more they can
do possibly in terms of
fresh inputs or exchanges
with senior musicians so
that this gem shines with its
own lustre, genuinely
representing the forwardlooking spirit of its founder.
Time to move from living
museum to a more vibrant

his talents to the field of

ghazal. He not only preserved
the traditional rich literary
heritage but also introduced
new elements to enhance its
I recall Shakeels immense
popularity with the All India
Radio artists in 1950s and
60s. Above all, Begum Akhtar
at every concert, Radio and
DD programmes invariably
sang two or three popular
ghazals of Shakeel. These
included Mere hamnafas,
mere hamnawa, and Ai
mohabat tere anjam pe rona
aaya. Talat, on the other
hand always sang his
favourites Hangama-egham se tang aakar and
Gham-e-ashiqi se keh do.
Once he paid tribute to
Shakeel by singing in his
memory the following:
Aankhon se dur subha ke
tare chale gaye,
Neend aagayi to gham ke
nazare chale gaye.
Jalwe kahan jo zauq-e
tamasha nahin Shakeel,
Nazren chali gayin to
nazare chale gaye.
Shakeel passed away in the
prime of his life in 1970.
Professionally, he was then
no more in great demand by
the film industry. So, in a way
he was spared the pain of
dejection that was the fate of
many stalwarts of the 1950s
and 60s including Naushad.




THE HINDU Friday, August 26, 2016

Of practice and performance

Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar tells Meena Banerjee important elements of his teaching process and how a sense of
rhythm is crucial in learning music.
he Indian classical
performing arts
could not replace
the age-old gurushishya parampara
in the context of modern
education system and
drastically changed value
systems; because every
Indian art, interwoven with
science, myth and philosophy
all at once, aims at selftransformation by
inculcating divinity. Guru,
who personifies wisdom,
plays a pivotal role in this. It
is he who leads from the
front by practising what he
preaches. It is he who
transmits the knowledge
handed down to him across
generations by unravelling
the mystery behind the
scriptures and certain rituals
or sacraments associated
with the art.
Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar,
who has been a top ranking
vocalist, carries the role of a
traditional guru as his second
nature. Discovered by Pandit
Vijay Kichlu, the founderdirector of ITC Sangeet
Research Academy (SRA), he,
as a guru with the Academy,
made Kolkata his home since
1993. His exemplary
personality, simple lifestyle,
deep knowledge, pristine
music and dedication as a
teacher put him at the high
pedestal pretty soon and he
produced vocalists like
Shashank Maktedar, Omkar
Dadarkar, Sadhana
Deshmukh and numerous
others including son-disciple
Sameehan Kashalkar.
Interestingly, despite being

METICULOUS APPROACH Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar

trained by an icon, all, even

Sameehan, display their own
independent entity . This,
perhaps, is the rarest
achievement a guru can boast
Kashalkar shifted base to
his home town Pune recently

with the intention to train

vocalists at a city-based
academy of music and dance
and to continue grooming
SRA scholars as associate
guru. As a parting gift to
Kolkata, he gave a
scintillating recital during

SRAs Malhar Festival at Birla

Sabhagar and, in a rare
gesture for any guru of his
stature, answered questions
regarding his teaching
methodology very candidly.
Do you teach students

together or separately?
Separately; but I make
other students listen to this
teaching-learning process.
Sanskara do play an
important role in learning
process. I did not have to
teach the basics to Sameehan

as he picked up many things

by listening to lessons meant
for Shashank, who came to
me when Sameehan was a
toddler. Listening gave him a
good sense of talas like
Tilwada and Jhumra even
before he formally began his
own lessons; and he started
off with raga Sohni! To
develop this sanskara, my
guruji would ask me to watch
him closely while teaching. I
saw him how easily he would
teach even ragas like Poorva
to young students! That has
left an indelible imprint on
my mind. I follow his
footsteps while teaching now.
How important is
No one will say no to its
importance. But since each
individual is different, it
should be according to ones
own requirement and
stamina. I do not recommend
kharaj saadhana for little
children. Boys should do it
when voice gets steady after
the change-of-voice. Singing
the bandish or listening to
music and thinking about it
is enough during this period,
as extra stress on voice is
very harmful. Beginners
must do riyaaz in my
presence; later they should
be on their own; but the
process is very gradual. I
strongly believe that riyaaz
and performance are
different ball games.
What are the steps that
you follow in the process
of teaching?
There are a few very
important aspects: correct,
tuneful akar in normal

talking voice; Gala nikalne

se or by emulating others,
one can ruin ones own voice;
albeit forceful gamaks do
need lung-power and also
force from the navel. A few
paltas are devised according
to the need of our gayaki and
depending on the needs of a
particular student; only to
help in tuneful singing and to
develop clear grains of taans.
The range of the voice should
traverse comfortably from
lower pancham to upper
madhyam. A good sense of
rhythm is very important as
rhythmic patterns play an
important role in all the
three (Gwalior, Jaipur, Agra)
styles that I represent.
My style of teaching is
comprehensive if I may
say so. Methods of voice
training and lessons of raga
and tala continue to progress
together. I begin by teaching
the chalan of a particular
raga in small phrases;
initially with the help of
sargams, followed by aakar.
For this I choose ragas with
broad spectrum (Yaman,
Bhairav), but this does not
stop me from teaching

At this juncture I allow a

student to wade through
the difficulties and find
his own way, so that he
develops his own
andaaz (sense of
proportion) for creating
a dramatic arrival on the

simpler Anwat (less

popular) ragas with their
restricted movements and
narrow pathway.
Medium paced
compositions come next,
with proper enunciation
replete with meend, gamak,
murki etc. I believe in
teaching as many bandishes
as possible; but without any
simplification; as is done in
schools. While singing
bandish, the student must
show the tala-cycle by
clapping. He may find it very
difficult in the beginning but
it gives a clear concept of
I teach laya-baddha alap or
rhythm-woven passages to
beautify the compositions. At
this stage the student has to
sing exactly the way I teach
to imbibe the nuanced
singing. Playing with the
lyrics (bol-banav) and taans
follow next. Elaborate,
complex rhythmic patterns
like Aamad ka andaaz (how
to arrive at sam with an
aesthetic rhythmic pattern in
tow), bol-baant (dividing
lyrics), etc are taught
simultaneously. At this
juncture I allow a student to
wade through the difficulties
and find his own way, so that
he develops his own andaaz
(sense of proportion) for
creating a dramatic arrival on
the sam. This has to be in
accordance with the rest of
improvised design of the
total cycle, or else the whole
exercise goes waste.
The rest, as you know,
rests on the individual's own


A melodious tribute
Stalwarts as well as youngsters rendered soulful performances at
the Vishnu Digambar Jayanti Sangeet Samaroh-2016.

o celebrate the 144th

birth anniversary of
Pandit Vishnu
Digambar Paluskar, the great
savant, missionary of music
who removed the stigma and
prejudice against music and
musicians by establishing the
first ever Gandharva
Mahavidyalaya in Lahore,
way back in 1904, Gandharva
Mahavidyalaya and Saraswati
Samaj jointly organised the
Vishnu Digambar Jayanti
Sangeet Samaroh-2016.
The annual festival, which
acknowledged Paluskars
efforts in preserving and
propagating our rich heritage
of classical music, saw a
lively vocal recital of Pandit
Ulhas Kashalkar. His Miyan
Malhar was perhaps the most

impressive rendering of this

monsoon raga one heard this
rainy season. The typical
Tilwara Theka by Pandit
Suresh Talwalkar sounded
like the thundering clouds of
the Bada Khayal umad
ghumad ghan garje.
rendered with amazing
vigour, adorned with the
Gamak Taans by the
seasoned vocalist. The
traditional bandish in raga
Desh made a comely contrast
with its romantic appeal
enhanced by the sensitive
touches of the melodious
harmonium Sangat by Vinay
Mishra. Desh could have
been a befitting finale to the
festival but on request, he
concluded with Pancham
Malkauns which had a
Vakra nature of chalan.
The other fabulous Malhar

was the Gaud Malhar,

meticulously rendered by
Pandit Venkatesh Kumar.
The traditional composition
of Sadarang kahe ho. set
to Vilambit Tilwara Tala and
the lively Teen-Tala bandish
surang chunariya deho
mangay were presented
with aplomb accompanied on
tabla by Keshav Joshi and Dr.
Arvind Thatte on
harmonium. He also
presented a couple of
compositions in raga
Bageshri and Sohani before
concluding with a Bharavi
The senior vocalist of the
inaugural evening was Pandit
Ajay Pohankar, who offered
an hour long reposeful
rendering of raga Bihag
before concluding his vocal
recital with the melodious

thumri he is known for. One

also had the rare opportunity
to listen to a marvellous
morning raga, when Vidushi
Aarti Anklekar Tikekar
regaled music lovers with her
impressive rendering of raga
Jaunpuri during the morning
session. Aarti also sang a rare
variety of Malhar named
Anand Malhar, an unusual
combination of raga Yaman
and Gaud-Malhar, composed
by Vidushi Kishori Amonkar,
before concluding with the
Bhairavi bandish and Tarana.
This morning session also
offered the most melodious
Carnatic flute recital by
Apart from the
mesmerising musical
homage by senior artistes,
Jayanti Samaroh is also
known and awaited for

SHARING COMMON STAGE Dhruv Bedi; (right)

Takahiro Arai

showcasing young talent.

There were two such
promising youngsters this
year the fascinating sitar
player Dhruv Bedi and the
Japanese santoor player
Takahiro Arai, who displayed
tremendous potentials.
Initiated into the
Hindustani classical music
by his father Jagdip Singh
Bedi, a well-known Surbahar
and sitar exponent; Dhruv is
being further groomed under
Pandt Budhaditya Mukherjee
in the Gayaki Ang of the
Imdadkhani Gharana. He
played a detailed Alap-JodJhala in raga Shuddha

Kalyan followed with a slow

and a fast composition set to
Teentala. He concluded his
scintillating sitar recital with
a tappa in raga Kafi, set to the
Addha Theka with intricate
taan patterns typical to the
Tappa style. Somen Nandi on
tabla reciprocated with the
same flourish.
Takahiro Arai, the
Japanese disciple of Pandit
Shiv Kumar Sharma, was
already trained in Western
drums and jazz music when
he joined his Guru to take up
santoor at the age of 16. He
chose Yaman, the most
expansive evening raga, and

did full justice to this

melodious melody with his
reposeful Alap-Jod-Jhala and
the lovely compositions set
to Jhaptala and Teentala.
Takahiro is an imaginative
artiste but unfortunately his
sensitive approach to the
raga was bulldozed by the
aggressive tabla
accompaniment of
Shivshankar Rey. The other
young duo were Lakshya and
Aayush Mohan Gupta, who
played a sitar-sarod

jugalbandi with the

enhancing tabla by Akram
Each and every session of
the Jayanti Samaroh opened
with the melodious rendition
of the devotional songs of
saint poets and the
traditional bhajans
immortalised by Pandit D.V.
Paluskar, by the well trained
and most tuneful Gandharva
Choir. This was a sure shot
antidote against the usual

complex, elaborate gamut of

bhol patterns and swar bhols
that with tireless ease and
elan, never missing out the
quintessential sway of Odissi
that was mind-boggling to
the viewers. Kudos to
choreographer Guru
Ratikant Mohapatra for this
rich rhythmic tapestry as
also the earlier Vinayak
Smaran, both of which
seemed conceived with a
brilliant, latticed artistry that
was singularly original
without deviating from
Mohiniattam, another
swaying dance form, these
days has gained in pace of

manoeuvring the foot

movements perhaps because
it was losing popularity due
to its slow pace in a fast-track
world! So it seemed with
Manjula Murthy and Vidya
Narayanan. The duo had
taken the art form to a
different level without losing
out on its innate beauty and
divinity. Excellent jati
patterns set to medium and
at times fast tempo prefacing
the lines of Dheera
sameerey... Ashtapadi was
reminiscent of the
Bharatanatyam style of
dancing though not as linear.
The swar to the beautiful
Kedaragowla raga to which
this Ashtapadi was set was
lilting to say the least. The
erotic element was deftly
depicted with bird pair to the
line rati sukha sarey, giving
us a peek into the range of
artistic creativity. The
scintillating Natakurinji
raga-based pure dance
footwork was again a thing of
beauty. The duo moved
beautiful rhythmic shifting
and positioning alternately
facing each other or back-toback in absolute sync which
looked picturesque. With few
mudras like the pataka hasta,
ala padmam, etc and swirling
adavus (feet set to mnemonic
utterances), Mohiniattam
proved once again to be as
mesmerising at its name
implies. The festival was
hosted by Utsav Ranjanas
Odissi Dance Academy at
New Delhis India Habitat


A melange of expressions
Distinct dance forms exploring the rich tapestry
of traditions marked the Saare Jahan Se Accha
festival in New Delhi.

he final day of the

two-day classical
dance cluster Saare
Jahan Se Accha saw group
choreographies from the
North East, Mohiniattam by
a duo and an Odissi solo,
which turned out to be a
varied platter pleasing to the
The Sattriya and Manipuri
dances, though poles apart,
had a common thread the
prevalence of a strong streak
of 15th Century Vaishnavism
(Krishna cult); the song,
verse and dance sequences
were culled out of Bhagavat
(extolling the life and pranks
of Lord Krishna) and
fortified through the 12th
Century saint-poet
Jayadevas Gita Govinda.
Another remarkable
commonality in all the four
forms was exquisite elegance
in movements at any given
pace. The Sattriya, (a dance
that originated in Sattras/
Hindu monasteries), a very

quaint and interesting

classical art form where the
orchestra (khol/drum and
cymbals) also dances with
the main dancer so unlike the
other classical dances.
Veteran dancer Sharodi
Saikia and her team of four
accompanists opened the
evening to give us a glimpse
of Srimanta Shankardeva and
choreographies and
compositions that extolled
the greatness of Lord
Krishna even as they mimed
and danced to anecdotes
from his childhood and youth

delineation of the
connotation of each
name with brisk
matching footwork
with perfect sense
of Laya further
enhanced the piece.

as enumerated in the
Bhagavata. While the males
went into antics in tune with
the taal, Sharodi
concentrated on the
expression through simple
but gentle gestures, like for
instance the gopis gait in
trying to balance the matka
(mud pot) on her head,
Krishna cleverly distributing
stolen butter to his little
friends before gulping it
down himself and Yashodas
na jayo, na jayo.. refrain as
Krishna disappears!
The Manipuri by Imphalbased Jawaharlal Nehru
Dance Academy being the
last, was a little long-drawn
one with repetitive gestures
to pre-recorded music but
the series of AshtapadisChandana charchita... , Priye
charusheele... danced by the
group (a male-female
ensemble) was worth a
watch. The male dancers
footwork and movements
were distinctly Tandava in
style but the execution was
not very martial and the

RICH DIVERSITYSharodi Saikia and her Sattriya group; Rajashri Praharaj at the event

female dancers were

markedly soft and restricted
in the lasya mode as
prescribed in the dance
treatises. Radha, the nayika
in these Ashtapadi, came
across in some of the eight
embodiments of an artistic
nayika (heroine) like the
virohatkantita (pining lover),
the vasavasajjika (adorned
heroine) and the abhisarika
(on a rendezvous) and so on.
The costume was not the
usual billowy skirt but
something more unique.
Rajashri Praharaj from the
Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra
school was the star

performer of the evening

with just two brilliant pieces
that drew instantaneous
applause . Unlike the run-ofthe-mill Odissi repertoire,
she began (in a la SouthIndian custom) with
Vinayaka Smaran, an
invocatory where she took up
the Ganesha Dwadasa nama
stotram dwelling exclusively
on each of the 12 names,
interpreting them through
extensive footwork and
gestures in the pure Odissi
bani. Rajashris entry was
akin to a temple figurine
come to life . She was rhythm
incarnate as she traipsed
across the stage to measured

footwork with deer feet that

paced with lucid and lithe
body kinetics. The freezing
postures and amazing
balance on feet, at the
culmination of each avarthan
was picture perfect,
especially the statuesque eka
danta! Excellent delineation
of the connotation of each
name with brisk matching
footwork with perfect sense
of Laya further enhanced the
piece. Following this, was the
Pallavi, again a one-of-itskind pure dance piece set to a
rare tala, the Pancham Sabari
(15 beat divided as 4-3-4-4)
in raag Chandrakauns.
Rajashri executed the





THE HINDU Friday, August 26, 2016

Leaving audience in duvidha

Attempting to caricaturise the prevailing decline in the field of culture Duvidha
Urf@Taj Mahal Ke Lutere fails to live up to the expectations,
writes Diwan Singh Bajeli


A symbiotic relationship
Shilpika Bordolois production Majuli brings to
fore the story of the island and its people.

he play Duvidha
Urf @ Taj Mahal Ke
Lutere, which was
presented by
Prastav at the Shri
Ram Centre this past week,
begins in a ham-handed
manner, has no middle and
an abrupt ending.
Cohesiveness and logic are
the hallmarks of a play while
it unfolds its content. But
Duvida in the name of
experiment ignores these
established theatrical
principles. At best it is a
conglomeration of scenes
borrowed from films and
plays including a scene from
Shakespeares Othello
where Desdamona in the
castle is sleeping in a bed and
Othello demands her to tell
him about the handkerchief
he gave her lovingly and
alleges her she gave it to
Cassio. In rage, he smothers
her. In Duvidha the scene
is set upstage with the
actress playing the role of
Desdamona sleeping on a
bare stage. Then there is a
scene from film Sholay
depicting Gabbar Singh
(Amjad Khan) displaying his
dreadful prowess to terrorise
people. Then we watch the
scene from Mughal-eAzam where Emperor Akbar
has decided to wage war
against Prince Salim and
Empress Jodha Bai willynilly hands over to him sword
with trembling hands. These
scenes are projected as
caricature to evoke laughter.
These scenes are loosely
connected with the main
theme of the play robbers
conspiracy to plunder Taj
The play is directed by Raj
Narayan Dixit who has
rewritten Mrinal Pandeys
play on Taj Mahal. The
intention of the director
seems to be to caricaturise
the prevailing decline in the
field of culture and the
malaise that is eating into the
social fabric. The intention is
good but good intentions
alone cannot create a work of
art. He also tries to comment
that Hindi theatre and
dramaturgy have not gone
beyond the milestone

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT A scene from Duvidha Urf @ Taj Mahal Ke Lutere,
(below) Raj Narayan Dixit.

created by Mohan Rakeshs

Ashad Ka Ek Din. His
narrative has an amorphous
The play opens with
performers rehearsing a
scene from Ashad Ka Ek
Din. There is Mallika,

The best part of the

production is the
sequences where
Nautanki dances
and music are used
which are lively and

Kalidas and Vilom. Enters

director, smoking, flaunting
his superiority, he
reprimands his actors and
exits. The members of the
cast find themselves in a
quandary. The scene gives
the impression that the play
has structure of a dramawithin-the drama. But
abruptly a Holy man appears
on the scene from nowhere,
starts cursing actors for no
fault of theirs. However, he
gets pacified and gives the
demoralized actors a kind of
magic powder kept in two
tiny boxes. He gives them
instructions to go to Kanpur
to his disciple Gaindalal
Singh and his wife Sayara
who will tell them the secret
of the powder kept in the
Once again the convoluted
narrative takes another twist.
Gaindalal and his wife have
their own story to tell the
visitors once they were the
artists in a Nautanki
company and were in much
demand. The Holy man was
then one of the performers in
the company. The audiences
gradually deserted the
company and it went
bankrupt and the Holy man
disappeared, hopping to
make it big to rise in the
social ladder. With the

closure of the company the

duo are facing hard life. They
tell their visitors that their
only daughter disappeared
while they went to see a fair.
The group of artists are
frustrated, defeated and
unable to make both ends
meet. Young and ambitious
as they are, they hope they
will improve their life with
the help of miraculous tiny
boxes given by the Holy man
with the help of the former
Nautanki artists. The only
possession they have is a
laptop. All of a sudden they
struck with the idea of
plundering Taj Mahal and
selling it in international
underworld market. With the
help of the laptop, the magic
powder given by the Holy
man they manage to bring
Taj Mahal home by reducing
its size.
Lo and behold,
international gangsters have
come to know about the theft
of Taj Mahal. They are in the
hot chase of Gaindalal Singh
and his collaborators. Babbar
accompanied by his guntoting muscle-men raid
Gaindalal Singhs house,
demanding Taj Mahal. A
crafty Gaindalal manages to
befool him. Another Don
comes, who is more furious,
dangerous and cunning than

Not satisfied with his
thriller type narrative, the
director-writer embellishes
his production with love
between Simran and Raju.
Towards the end it is
disclosed that Simran is the
lost daughter of Gaindalal
Singh and Sayara and also
she admits that Babbar is her
step-brother. She also reveals
that she is the secret agent
from the intelligence
department. Her story has
several holes to be credible.
Once again, the Holy man
appears, now suited-booted.
He starts sermonizing the
actors and the audience that
there is no need to wait
endlessly like waiting for
Godot, the enigmatic
liberator of humanity, to
bring good days but only
people can bring real good
days. The play ends on a
happy note solemnising the
marriage of Simran with
The best part of the
production is the sequences
where Nautanki dances and
music are used which are
lively and entertaining. The
directors treatment of
seemingly dangerous
underworld operators is
effective to evoke laughter.
The script needs pruning to
focus on Taj Mahal as a
symbol of elegance and
beauty under threat from
market forces. In the
production under review this
aspects gets blurred.
Rohit Tripathi, a senior
actor, as Gaindalal Singh and
Sonal as Sayara, the wife of
Gaindalal Singh, make
production lively with their
dances and songs based on
Nautanki style. Suman
Shukla, who was popular on
the amateur Hindi stage in
Delhi in the 80s, tries to
impart some sense in his
sketchily written character.
Rahul Gupta as Babbar make
an impression on the
audience with his creditable
performance. Abhishek
Malik in a variety of roles and
Amodita Goswami as Simran
and Mallika, are cast in
complex roles who need to
fine tune their performances.



Reaching out

The melody lingers on

DAG Modern intends to create

awareness about Indian art
and its legacy.

A charming man and a captivating musician,

Ustad Vilayat Khan continues to inspire.


A work at the auction.

AG Modern, Indias
largest private art
institution, has
recently announced moving
to a new sphere of business,
namely auctions. Currently
engaged in exhibitions and
participation in art fairs it
ends to conduct four to five
auctions annually with the
first one having been held at
New Delhis Imperial Hotel
recently. This auction
featured 70 works of Indian
art by 65 artists . Spanning
100 years, the works ranged
from the Early Bengal style
from the 19th Century
featuring a fierce Kali
astride Shiva, to the most
cutting edge modernist
expression from late 20th
Century. We want to create
familiarity about senior and
respected master artists by
introducing them to buyers
at auction houses. It is the
perfect way to preserve their

legacy, said Ashish Anand,

MD and CEO of DAG
The DAG offers to provide
works of quality and repute
with impeccable
provenances from their own
collection at attractive
prices without the addition
of a buyers premium. It
offers artworks from as less
as one lakh to over a crore
The Indian art market is
currently a minuscule part
of the international art
market with a percentage
share of less than 0.5 per
cent. By exposing more
people to high quality art,
DAO believes that it will
lead to a growth in the
countrys art market. DAG
Modern intends to hold
travelling previews in major
as well as tier two cities with
the aim to increase domestic
appetite for art.

stad Vilayat Khan

was born on the 28th
of August, 1924
(some say it was 1928).
Though he died in 2004, his
musical legacy will live on
in several generations of
instrumentalists whose
playing style he completely
Born into a musical
family, the famous Etawah
gharana, Ustad Vilayat
Khan was a 5th generation
musician and like his
forbears before him,
universally acknowledged
as the finest sitariya of his
generation as was his
father Ustad Inayat Khan
before him, and before him,
his grandfather Ustad
Imdad Khan. In fact, such
was Ustad Imdad Khans
stature as a musician that
after him, the gharana also
came to be called
Imdadkhani gharana. His
family can be said to be true
tantkaars or
instrumentalists though
today he is famous for
popularising and expanding
the gayaki ang (vocal
aspect) in his sitar craft.
Despite belonging to the
premier sitar gharana of
India, Ustad Vilayat Khan
was truly a self made man.
His father died very young,
when he was 13, and thus he
had to establish himself in
the world of music purely
based on merit not lineage.
He completed his musical
training under his paternal
uncle Ustad Wahid Khan,
his mother who belonged to
a leading vocal gharana
(daughter of Ustad Bande
Hassan Khan, court
musician in Nahan), with
inputs from his maternal
uncle Ustad Zinda Hassan.

Born with a totally

receptive musical mind, and
completely open, the young
master absorbed whatever
good he heard from masters
like Ustad Fayaz Khan,
Ustad Abdul Karim Khan,
later Ustad Amir Khan and
others. As he once said,
agar main kisi rah jaate
bhaand ko bhi achhi baat
kehte sunoo, to main voh
bhi loonga (if I even hear a
small singer on the way side
sing something worth
adopting, I will take it)
When he started his
concert playing career in
the late1930s there was no
really outstanding sitariya
around, so in a sense there
was a niche that he ably
filled. Later, he did have to
contend with the great
Pandit Ravi Shankar but by
then Ustad Vilayat Khan
had established himself, and
undoubtedly reigned
supreme and in every music
circle in every city of India,
be it Calcutta, Bombay,
Poona, Allahabad,
Jallandhar or Banaras was a
much sought after regular.
As son and heir Ustad
Shujaat Khan says, Ustad
Vilayat Khan sahib changed
the whole world of
instrumental music. Not
just with the gayeki ang
but with every aspect of
instrumental performance.
Amongst his most
illustrious disciples, his
brother Ustad Imrat Khan,
Pandit Arvind Parikh (his
senior most student outside
his family), his nephew
Ustad Rais Khan (who sadly
publicly has denied learning
from his uncle), his sons
Ustad Shujaat Khan and
Hidayat Khan. But more
amazing was the far
reaching influence of his
baaj (style) imperceptibly

creeping into the music of

so many renowned
musicians who never learnt
from him.
It is hard not to agree
with his son Ustad Shujaat
Khan when he says, No
instrumentalist today can
escape the effect of his
baajevery instrumentalist
follows him today; it doesnt
matter which gharana you
belong to.
Ustad Vilayat Khans
nephew and today one of
the few surbahar exponents,
Ustad Irshad Khan concurs,
Ustad Vilayat Khan sahib
was truly an iconic figure;
he has influenced musicians
not just of his generation
and the next generation, but
will continue to influence
generations of classical
musicians to come. There is
no sitar player who can put
on his mizrab (plectrum)
without remembering Khan
sahib, his techniques, his
Leading Maihar gharana
sitarist Purbayan Chatterjee
says, Ustad Vilayat Khan
was a role model for every
sitar player. His mastery
over the instrument was so
complete that it was as if
the instrument was a part of
his body listening to his
every command even before
he made it.
Anupama Bhagwat, today
one of the finest sitariyas of
the younger generation,
says, For me Ustad Vilayat
Khan is the master who
revolutionised the world of
instrumental music ions.
The way he could express all
the emotions and every
aspect of vocal and
instrumental music through
sitar is just inconceivable.
There can be no one like
It is said that even Pandit

orn in Jorhat in
Assam, Shilpika
Bordoloi is trained in
Manipuri and
Bharatanatyam. The visiting
lecturer at the National
School of Drama recently
received the Bismillah Khan
Yuva Puraskar of Sangeet
Natak Akademi for the year
2015 for her contribution in
Contemporary Dance at
Guwahati. During the award
ceremony her production
Majuli was presented in
Pragjyoti ITA Centre for
Performing Arts where she
spoke about her production
and what inspired her to
make it.
Could you throw some
light on your production
The river Brahmaputra,
landscape of Majuli and the
social, cultural and spiritual
life of the people in Majuli
form the basis for this
contemporary solo work.
This production is an earnest
effort to share the story of
Majuli through a personal
vocabulary of movement,
dance and theatre.
Structurally the
performance starts at any
point, like on an island, to
ultimately open up to a huge
dimension in space. The
performer travels like the
river water, with different
qualities and evokes many
journeys within the space of
visits to Majuli. The rhythms,
flirtation of the folk, the
tragedy of ones house getting
washed away, the pleasures
of rain, the spiritualism of
the Satras, the structures,
along with the imagery of a
boat, create Majuli.
The piece is a celebration
of the spirit of Majuli and the
flow of the Brahmaputra,
which weave together to
signify the intricate bond of
people with their land and
their resilient and adaptive
relationship with the river.
The sync of traditional
knowledge systems and
practices with modernity has
been the challenge that has
engulfed the entire world in
many ways, and this piece is

NATURAL CONCERNS Shilpika Bordoloi.

an attempt towards sharing

stories of adaptability,
striking a balance between
traditional and modern
knowledge. These
experiences and stories
resonate well beyond Majuli
and the mighty
The sheer mindfulness of
the river and its cycle is now
undergoing rapid changes
through the plans of massive
hydroelectric and related
infrastructure projects. This
can create and is creating a
lot of conflict along the flows
of the river and the people
who live there. The cycle of
the often quiet, often raging
river has innumerable stories
of resilience of people-river
interactions, which convey
about the winds of change
and its need to be sustainable
to the spirit of the people and
the river.
Tells us about the
instruments used in this
The music created is from
the instruments that are
played by the Assamese,
Deori and Mising
communities of Majuli. The
musicians at times become
actors on stage creating
sounds of Majuli. There are
all together 31 instruments
and three were new
instruments, that got created
in the process of research.
Many of these instruments
are indigenous and near

What makes Majuli a

physical theatre?
The elements of costume,
light along with sound make
it a strong physical theatre or
contemporary dance
performance, each playing its
part to make it a wholesome
What inspired you to
make this production
named after an island?
The island has fascinated
me from my early childhood
days through frequent boat
rides that I shared with my
Majuli and its unique
relationship with the people
living on the island, has
kindled my imagination to
explore the seemingly
normal human tendency to
shift or settle in safer abodes.
The Brahmaputra river
embraces Majuli in its midst,
and so does Majuli to its
people, like a mother to a
The production and this
process has brought together
my historical and
geographical identity. My
process is about generating
the content from within,
without making any preconceived shape of the body.
Within Majuli there are
portions where I have used
traditional form and folk but
in sync. My form is a sync of
modernity and traditional, a
sync of theatre and dance, a
symbiotic synthesis.


Nikhil Bannerji, himself a

legend on the sitar, used to
say that for sitar you have to
hear Vilayat Khan sahib,
you cannot ignore him. The
great Ustad Ali Akbar
played many jugalbandis
with him in the
1950s-1960s; testimony to
his admiration of him as an
instrumentalist, as gharana
wise, Maihar considered
itself far richer.
Ustad Vilayat Khan
accepted only one title
Aftab-e-sitar (son of the
sitar) given by fans he felt
he had been offered
Government recognition
too late. His technical
innovations on the sitar
itself have resulted in what
is now known as the
Vilayat Khan style of sitar.
Sadly during his lifetime
he refused to record with
All India Radio, then the
most prolific archiving body
in India so all his music
played in his peak in the
1950s-1960s is available

only through private label

recordings. In his later
years he changed his mind
on his total boycott of
government run media and
recorded a series of
episodes Jugalbandi for
Doordarshan in which he
was the host for several
memorable concerts.
He married twice first
to Hindu socialite from
Calcutta, Monisha Hazra,
from whom he had 3
children Shujaat, Yaman
and Zila. He then married
Lisa, with whom he had
An interesting episode in
his life were his years in
Simla he was charmed by
the hill station, and the
State government honoured
him by renting him the Raja
of Jubbals palace Parimahal
at the princely sum of Rs 1
per year! The Ustad lived in
Simla for a few years in the
late1960s, then for family
reasons shifted to
Dehradun and finally to the

As a man, Ustad Vilayat
Khan was an aesthete in the
true sense of the word.
Impeccably attired always,
with a finely honed eye, he
collected the finest shawls,
jewelery, accessories. He
loved good carpets,
chandeliers. He loved cars
and could tune a car engine
by the sound of its running
engine! All his senses were
very refined be it of taste
he loved rich food, or smell
he always bought and used
the worlds finest perfumes,
and of course, he had the
most subtle sense of sound.
Ustad Vilayat Khan was
also a very personable
charming man with the
most courtly manners he
was sought after by every
host in every city. He was a
wonderful raconteur, and
one was riveted, hearing
him describe an incident or
tell a tale. Today, one
remembers not just the
music but also the man.




THE HINDU Friday, August 26, 2016


Karz (1980)

ight from Madhumati,

reincarnation has been a
staple theme of Hindi
cinema. But what makes
Karz stand out is Subhash
Ghais tenacity to not fall for
the double-role rule and cast
different actors for the born
again theme. Ghai maintains
that it was the first film
where he got full creative
control over the subject and
that allowed him to take
liberty. It cost him in terms
of box office numbers
because initially many could
not get the point why Rishi
Kapoor is fighting for Raj
Kirans cause but over the
years the film has emerged
as a classic in the masala
segment. It is indeed a blend
of various ingredients as it
draws from multiple genres.
A reflection of the times, the
musical has a bloody base.
When the images of goddess
Kali are juxtaposed against
those of a guitar strumming
hero, when a jeep with a red
heart announcing just
married is used to trample
love, you know it is a clash of
cultures. The crux of the film
is the scene where Ravis
(Raj Kiran) mother played
by Durga Khote identifies
him in the body of Monty
(Rishi Kapoor). It is the
scene where logic evaporates
and faith seeps in
unannounced. It is
melodrama at its
entertaining best.
It was an image changer
for the director. Before
Karz, Ghai was known for
his action films with
Shatrughan Sinha and here
he attempted a thrilling
musical where he had a pop
singer and a female villain at
the centre of the story.

A DIFFERENT TREATMENT Subhash Ghai direction along with Rishi Kapoor and
Simi Garewals performance turned Karz into a timeless entertainer.

Remember we were in angry

young man phase and it was
a story difficult to sell and
perhaps thats what pushed
Ghai to launch his banner
with the film. In fact, in one
of the early scenes, Durga
Khote hints at what the
director is up to when she
says the times are changing.
He was inspired by The
Reincarnation of Peter
Proud and felt that it has an
Indian soul which says as
you sow, so shall you reap. So
he teamed up with the
inimitable Sachin Bhowmick
and weaved a tale rooted in
Karma theory.
If you give the hero a solid
reason to revenge, you
instantly get hold of the
audience attention. Here the
first fifteen minutes of the
film where Ravi Verma is
duped in love fills you with
such revulsion towards
Kamini (Simi Garewal) that
you start rooting for him
even before he is reborn as
Kamini is an amazing
diabolical character to
emerge at the cusp of 80s.
She is getting married in an

aristocratic family but still

wants to kill her husband to
move solo to fulfil her
materialistic ambitions.
Ghai doesnt get
judgemental and allows
Kamini to flourish. Simi
Garewal had her doubts. She
was apprehensive that Ghai
might turn him into another
Bindu but she emerged as
the success story of the film.
She brings dignity to the
villain and by the end she
manages to prick you
somewhere deep.
For pop music, R.D.
Burman would have been an
obvious choice but Ghai
challenged his favourites
Laxmikant Pyarelal to try

something different. They

listened to many western
compositions and came up
with a solid riposte to what
R.D. Burman achieved with
Rishi Kapoor in Hum Kisi
Se Kam Nahin and Khel
Khel Main. You can sense
the influence of George
Benson and Bonny M in the
disco theme but you cant
deny LP their due. The
signature tune continues to
give goose bumps. No
wonder, in times when
western music was rarely
awarded, LP, who even
managed to give the ghazal

Genre: Thriller
Director: Subhash Ghai
Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Tina
Munim, Simi Garewal, Raj
Kiran, Pran, Pinchoo
Kapoor, Mac Mohan
Dialogue: Dr. Rahi Masoom
Screenplay: Sachin
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Music: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Box office status: Hit

(Dard-e Dil) a racy feel,

went on to win the Filmfare
Award for best composer.
Lyricist Anand Bakshi was in
tune with the teenage
romance and the rebellious
urge of the youth. Lines like
Woh na kahenge to mar
jaaoonga main yaaro, woh
haan kahenge to bhi khushi
se mar jaoonga main yaaro
provided a youthful texture
to the Hindi film hero who is
unapologetically in love.
Ghai always had a good
grasp over melodrama and
when he was on song his
films moved like a breeze.
The way he cuts from a
wailing mother to Rishi
Kapoor dancing to Paisa Ye
Paisa with opening credits
rolling in a novel fashion is
remarkable and underlines
the core idea. It is said that
the credits were hand
painted and put on the sets
and the camera moved
accordingly. It was Ghais
first association with
Kamalakar Rao, who went
on to shoot Hero and
Karma as well. Similarly,
the idea of using moving
stage in the form of a
gramophone in Om Shaanti
Om is innovative.
Composed and written on
the lines of Hare Rama,
Hare Krishna, the song
went on to become a youth
The support cast adds heft
to the narrative. Pran as the
couplet spouting Kabira
unabashedly chews the
scenery and Pinchoo Kapoor
is suitably condescending as
the self seeking manager of
Monty. Not to forget Prem
Nath cast against his image
as the mute Sir Judaa, who
taps his big nails on the glass
to convey his wily message.
Interestingly, Mac Mohan
who had emerged as the
most sought after sidekick
after his one line
performance in Sholay,
plays his spokesperson here.
Not many noticed, but to
me Durga Khote always
exuded more warmth than
Nirupa Roy as the mother
and here again she lent grace
to an important hook. In
mainstream cinema if there
was one actor who survived
the Amitabh Bachchan wave

without venturing into angry

young man space it was Rishi
Kapoor. By the time Karz
hit the screens, he had
already emerged as the
representative of the happy,
well-heeled youngster, who
was not too concerned by
Salim Javeds take on the
social divide. So even if
Monty is an orphan here
what we get to see is a rakish
pop singer whose kinetic
dance moves and sunshine
smile floors Tina Munim
(who was an unknown entity
at that time) on screen and
millions off it. When his
contemporaries were
revelling in the sound of gun,
Kapoor was playing piano,
strumming guitar and violin
to create Dard-e dil dard-e
jigar in the audience. And
who can forget his
familiarity with the trumpet.
The instrument seemed like
an extension of his romantic
Rahi Masoom Razas
potent dialogues continue to
strike a chord. From the
traditional debt of mothers
milk to bringing
radioactivity in romance,
Raza made the storyboard
unravel seamlessly. With
Raza busy with multiple
projects, Ghai chipped in as
dialogue writer. He
contributed as a
choreographer as well and
when an extra didnt turn up
for small appearance in
Paisa song, he again
slipped in only to make it a
practice. In an attempt to
join the dots, he lost grip
towards the end and played
to the gallery by adding an
Aruna Irani number but over
the years it remains one of
Ghais better films.
It is not only the film that
inspired many imitations but
even the songs inspired titles
of many films including
Sriram Raghavans thriller
Ek Hasina Thi. Later Farah
Khan paid tribute to the
theme and its popular song
through Om Shanti Om.
The song has religious
symbolism with Om symbol
reflecting against scantily
dressed girls but nobody got


Game for
different roles

eghna Naidu is a
trained dancer who
has not only acted
in Hindi and South Indian
films but also done crucial
cameos in popular television
shows. She recently made a
comeback on the small
screen in Zee TVs weekend
serial Amma in which she
essays a role inspired by
Rekhas Umrao Jaan
In an interaction she talks
about the show, her role and
career in television.
Tell us about the
character you are playing
in the series and what
made you opt for it?
My characters name is
Hanan. Basically, I am
playing a role of a mujra
dancer and you will see me
dancing in the show. This
character comes in between
Amma and her husband
(Parvej). She is romantically
inclined towards Parvej and
is involved with him from
the very beginning. Hanan is
nice and sweet. She is not a
bad woman but always
irritates Amma. She always
keeps on poking Amma in all
possible ways she can. She
has different shades.
Basically I liked the
concept of this show. The
story and the cast are nice.
For the very first time, they
have showed that the main
lead is a woman who is
related to underworld Don
and its nice not to do saasbahu serials for a change.
Was dance one of the
main reasons to choose
this show?
Of course, one of the
points that went in favour of
playing the character was
because it was that of a
dancer. Also I wanted to play
something different.
Frankly, I am very bored of
playing the ravishing
Meghna Naidu all the time

and TV is giving me that

opportunity to play different
roles like the ones I have
done in Jodha Akbar and
Sasuraal Simar Ka.
Your looks and
mannerism in the show
are inspired by Rekhas
Umrao Jaan. How
difficult was it to adopt
her style?
I would say the person
who has written this
character was inspired by
Umrao Jaan. It is very
difficult for me to adapt
Rekhajis style. One cant
even touch her. I think I will
go and request her to teach
me but I know it is quite a
task copying her mannerism
and expressions.
Reflecting on your
career till date, which
period has been the most
enjoyable and why?
It was when Kaliyon Ka
Chaman came out because
when you go through an
unexpected change in your
life and you start enjoying it.
You don't even know whats
going to be happening next.
When Kaliyon Ka Chaman
happened, suddenly the
world opened up. I was not
even from the industry. It
was such a big thing for me
so that was the most
enjoyable part of my life.
Also I would say that for now
TV is most enjoyable
because since I started doing
serials I have made so many
new friends and undergone
new experiences.
So, you are liking the
world of television...
Yes, that I can say because
earlier I did not want to do
television but now I think
it's a nice medium to be in. I
really enjoy it because I'm
not doing a show in which I
have to work for 25-30 days.
I always take shows where I
got cameo roles and I had to
play different characters so I
work for three to four
months maximum and then
I get a break.


More than just chick flicks

Some of the most thought-provoking cinema is hidden under the
guise of chick flicks.
name here, prompted a gag
reflex, but many others were
have long desisted the sharp and funny, and those I
of shall indeed name Mark
pejoratively Waters Mean Girls (2004),
named by an unknown and Amy Heckerlings Clueless
no-doubt Hollywood studio (1995), Jason Moores Pitch
executive as the chick flick. Perfect (2012) and Robert
A few years ago, no less than Luketics Legally Blonde
Gloria Steinem derided the (2001), amongst others.
term and the related phrase
Recently, I was on a long
chick-lit. Now, I have no transcontinental flight, and
truck with labels and watch as is customary, I fired up my
movies for what they are, not tablet that was pre-loaded
what they are supposed to be. with entertainment for the
Not so long ago, I was presen- journey. I was quite tired
ted with and challenged to after a gruelling few weeks of
watch a list of the greatest travelling and was looking for
films in the genre. Many of some light entertainment.
them, including some fancied The trusty tablet, alas, was
ones that I will decline to mostly full of worthy stuff,


and so I turned to the inflight entertainment system

and began flicking through
the comedies. I came to rest
at the Italian film Assolo
(2016), which means solo and
nothing vulgar, directed by
and starring Laura Morante.
I have long been an admirer
of her work as an actress, especially in Nanni Morettis
The Sons Room (2001) and
John Malkovichs The
Dancer Upstairs (2002). I
had seen her directorial debut Cherry on the Cake
(2012), a bittersweet film
where a womans friends
help her find the perfect man,
only to realise that there is no
such thing.

Assolo takes the same

theme and runs with it. The
previous film had hinted at
the fact that the problem
might be with her rather than
the men. A psychoanalyst
character from Cherry on
the Cake is carried over into
Assolo, and now almost
baldly states that she is indeed the problem. In Assolo, the men, whether they
are Morantes characters exhusbands, current lovers or
sons, are depicted as selfish,
and Morante herself is described by one of them as the
perennial victim. So, rather
than a comedy as described
in the in-flight magazine, the
film is a grimly gentle look at

what it means to be an older,

contemporary Italy.
Much in need of lighter
fare, I switched to Christian
Ditters How to be Single
(2016), chiefly due to the
presence of Rebel Wilson, the
comedienne and actress, who I
had first encountered and delighted in, in Pitch Perfect.
The film, again listed as a

comedy, began as a standardissue New York-set romcom. However, after the initial fun and games, it settles
into a searing tract of what it
means to be single in a big,
bad, city, for both men and
women. Just goes to prove
cinema could be packaged as



The poets work never ends

In a documentary, Jorge Luis Borges reveals that
writing is to transform what is continually
happening around us into symbols which
can last in a mans memory.
Sudhamahi Regunathan takes notes

iterature is full of
symbols and
Argentinian writer, Jorge
Luis Borges (who would have
turned 117 on August 24 this
year, had he not died 30 years
ago), revels in them.
The documentary on him
begins with an inspiring
sentence that tells us that
Borges found fame only after
he turned 60 and by then he
had turned blind (a genetic
problem that his father had
and he inherited). But then
he had found worldwide
He says in an interview in
another clip, the life of a
writer is a lonely one. You

think you are alone and as

the years go by, if the stars
are on your side, you may
realise that you are at the
centre of a vast circle of
invisible friends whom you
will never get to know, but
who love you. And that is an
immense award.
Borges began writing when
he was still under nine years
of age and describes writing
thus, The task of art is to
transform what is
continually happening to us;
to transform all these things
into symbols, into music, into
something which can last in
mans memory. That is our
duty. If we dont do it, we feel
unhappy. A writer or any

artist has the sometimes

joyful duty of transforming
all that into symbols. These
symbols could be colours,
forms or sounds. For the
poet, the symbols are sounds
and also words into fables,
stories and poetry.
It is exciting as one
unravels the symbols he has
created: dreams, creation of
another self and tigers
Borges had fears and
fantasies from childhood and
they are seen repeatedly as
patterns in his books. He
feared the presence of
another self reflected in the
polished surfaces of the
furniture. He feared the
mirror would one day reflect

a face and it would not be his!

So he writes, I ask myself
what whim of fate made me
so fearful of the glancing
mirrormirrors in metal and
the masked mirror of

mahogany, that in its midst of

red twilight hazes the face
that is gazed on as it
gazesthey prolong this
hollow unstable world
Borgess mother, says the

documentary, took him to

the zoo very often and he
chose to watch the tigers and
he says, Childhood passed
away and tigers and my
passion for them grew old

but still they are in my

dreams. And so as I sleep
some dream beguiles me
and now that I have
unlimited power I am going
to cause a tiger And then
the author laments his
powerless desire with an
exclamation, Oh such
His famous story, The
Circular Ruins, is the story
of how a man comes to a
circular temple ruin in which
the tiger was worshipped.
Here, he realizes his main
purpose is to dream and with
his dreams he creates a son
part by part, emotion by
emotion. He cares for his son
and soon has to send him out
into the world. But then fear
comes when he hears of fire
in the place where his son is.
Fire alone can unveil the fact
that his son is not real but
dream-born, for a dream
born son will not be burnt by
fire. He does not want his son
to be hurt with this
revelation. Soon, however,
the hero faces fire himself as

it comes chasing him and

finds to his surprise.he too
does not burn somebodys
Language, says Borges,
is an artificial system which
has nothing to do with
reality. Reality is a
combination of perceptions,
emotions, feelings,
distractions, dreams and
surprises. That is reality.
Language on the other hand
is a rigid system with
different rules that we must
obey As many imageries
come alive with Borges, one
can understand him when he
says , The work of a poet
never ends. It has nothing to
do with working hours. You
are constantly receiving
things from the external
world. These must be
transformed and eventually
will be transformed. This
revelation can appear any
time. A poet never rests. He
is always working even when
he dreams.

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