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Semester 2-QTR 3-Mar 2009

Regional Language Center

Course Outline

Course Number: ESL 075

Course Titles: ESL TOEFL
Room: 238
Credit hours: 1
Days: Wednesdays Time: 3:00-5:00
Lecturer: Ms. Livingston
Office: 211
Telephone: 822-3787 X115
Email: Consultation: Consultations are by appointment
Course Description: This optional TOEFL Preparation course is designed for
intermediate-level to high intermediate-level students who wish to improve their language skills
for successfully approaching the material regularly found in the TOEFL Test. It will include
practice exercises for each language skill area, and exposure to test-taking strategies. After
completing the course, students will be more familiar with the test format, the necessary timemanagement, the strategies needed to achieve reasonably competitive scores, and the language
skills covered by the actual test.
To prepare you to take the TOEFL by discussing, practicing, and analyzing each section
of the test;
To improve your TOEFL test-taking skills and strategies in each section of the test;
To review particular grammatical patterns that occur regularly on the TOEFL;
To simulate actual test-taking conditions so that you become familiar with and more
comfortable with test situations;
To learn the scoring procedures for the exam so that you can interpret your own test
To improve the quality and quantity of writing you produce under time pressure


Improvement based on announced in-class practice tests, including final test

Participation and attendance
Vocabulary ( You must keep a log of new vocabulary words or index cards)

1 Two-pocket folder (hard or soft)
NO. 2 Pencils (Dark)

Semester 2-QTR 3-Mar 2009

TOEFL Schedule:

occur in the

Week 1/ class 1


Class 2

Reading strategies/Test taking skills

Reading Comprehension practice

Week 2/ Class 3

Listening strategies
Listening Comprehension

Class 4

Review basic rules for topic of the day

Structure & Written Expression

Week 3/ Class 5

Listening Comprehension practice

Class 6

Reading Comprehension practice

Week 4/ Class 7

Structure & Written Expression practice

Class 8

Practice Exam

Week 5/ Class 9

Review practice exam analyze skills

Reading Comprehension

Class 10

Listening Comprehension

Week 6/ Class 11

Structure & Written Expression

Class 12

Reading Comprehension

Week 7/ Class 13

Listening Comprehension

Class 14

Structure & Written Expression

Week 8

Practice Exam

will also
lab online.

Requirements over both quarters:

Attendance (80 %)
Self-Study (Students will be expected to complete self-study assignments assigned by the instructor throughout
both quarters of the course.)
Textbooks: Kaplan TOEFL exam Workbook: 2nd Ed. Booklet provided by the instructor

The Confident Student (study skill book) (this book is in the bookstore)

Supplementary materials: Provided by the instructor