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Technology Department

Course Outline
Course Leader
Mr. Campbell

Course Description
Rational: This course enables students to further develop technical knowledge and skills related to
residential construction and to explore light commercial construction. Students will continue to gain
hands-on experience using a variety of materials, processes, tools, and equipment; create and interpret
construction drawings; and learn more about building design and project planning. They will expand their
knowledge of terminology, codes and regulations, and health and safety standards related to residential
and light commercial construction. Students will also expand their awareness of environmental and
societal issues related to construction technology, and will explore entrepreneurship and career
opportunities in the industry that may be pursued directly after graduation.

Course Strands

Construction Technology Fundamentals

Materials, Processes, and Components
Design Considerations
Designing and Planning

Mathematical Skills
Fabrication, Assembly, and Finishing
Professional Practice and Career

Units of Study




Seventy percent of a students final grade will be based on assessments and evaluations conducted
throughout the term. Thirty percent of the final grade will be based on a final evaluation administered
towards the end of the course.
Term Work (70%)

Knowledge /Understanding

20% of term work/14% of final mark

20% of term work/14% of final mark
10% of term work/7% of final mark
50% of term work/35% of final mark

Final Evaluation (30%)

Culminating Project

66% of final evaluation = 15% of final mark

33% of final evaluation = 15% of final mark

Method of Assessments

Assessment will be done using techniques such as, Tests, Work sheets, Drawings, Portfolios, Practical
Projects, Practical Demonstrations, Research and Presentations, Practical Tests, Rubrics
Final Evaluation (30%)

Work logs (A)

Handouts/ Work Sheets(T/I)
Examination (E)
Culminating (E)
Tests (K/U)
Final Project Report (C)
Project 1 (A)

20% (of final mark)

14% (of final mark)
10% (of final mark)
20% (of final mark)
14% (of final mark)
7% (of final mark)
15% (of final mark)

Teaching and Learning Strategies

A variety of teaching and learning strategies will be incorporated throughout the course.

Accommodations and Modifications

Teachers must use strategies and evaluation procedures that include accommodations and modifications to
meet the needs of exceptional students as outlined in their Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.)

Classroom Expectations
Students are expected to help each other during day to day practices in the Construction shop. Bullying
and picking on will not be tolerated. Students are expected to bring a three ring binder and something to
write with every day to class. Personal listening device are NOT PERMITTED in room 255 at anytime.
If they are brought into the classroom they will be taken away for the remainder of the class. On second
offence they will be taken to the office and a parent will have to be called before they are released and
phone call home will be made. Students are expected to encourage and support each other while working
in the construction facility.

Safety Agreement
All students and guardians must sign a safety agreement and students must pass the safety unit (where
applicable) before entering work areas.

Late Assignments, Absences, Missed Work and

Summative/Culminating Activities
As outlined in the Ministry of Educations Growing Success policy, students are
expected to complete all course work assigned to them. It is the students
responsibility to be informed about any work that she/he missed during an absence.
Some deadlines are negotiated; some are absolute.
Negotiated Deadlines: late marks may be deducted, up to and including the full
value of the assignment.
Absolute Deadlines: students will be informed that failure to submit the evaluation
on the assigned date will result in a mark of zero.

I fully understand what has been written in this course outline and will
comply with all of the rules and structures in the course.
I understand that summative evaluations have non-negotiable due
dates and that
failure to submit the evaluation on the assigned date will result in a
mark of zero.

Student signature: _____________________________________




We/I have reviewed this course outline with our/my child
and understand the rules and structures which my son/daughter
is to abide by in this course.
We/I understand that summative evaluations have nonnegotiable due dates and that failure to submit the evaluation
on the assigned date will result in a mark of zero.

Parent(s)/Guardian signature(s):__________________________

Date: ___________________