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HCI -Class Test -1

Answers are marked as bold
Q. Which of these are attributes of usability?
A. Learnability.
B. Helpfulness.
C. Generalisability.
D. Subjective satisfaction
Q. Which discipline does not contribute to HCI
1. Psychology
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Anthropology
4. Linguistics
5. None of the above
Q. which measurable human factors are central to UI evaluation?
1. Time to learn
2. speed of performance (define and time benchmark tasks)
3. rate of errors
4. retention time
5. subjective satisfaction
6. All of the above
4. You drag a folder to another destination. An animation appears on the screen, showing files
moving from one folder to another. This is an example of which of the following:
(a) visibility
(b) mapping
(c) design dialogue
(d) feedback
Q. Which 1 of the following is not a goal of HCI
1. to produce usable systems
2. to produce safe systems
3. to produce non- functional systems
4. to improve effectiveness of the systems
Q. In Accessibility guidelines for users with disabilities, we should Provide a text equivalent
for every non-text element.

Q. A display technique whereby background and foreground colours are interchanged is

known as inverse video/ inverse coloring.
Q. In KLM, B represents a mouse button press or release operator
Q. Which is the correct sequence of 4 levels of theories in Layered 4-level model for HCI
developed by Prof. Foley
1. conceptual- semantic- syntactic- lexical
2. lexical- syntactic- semantic- conceptual
3. conceptual- syntactic- semantic- lexical
4. syntactic- semantic- lexical- conceptual

Q. form- filling interfaces are used for:

1. data entry
2. data integration
3. data manipulation
4. data definition
Q. Over of short period of time, we find it easier to remember the string of numbers 8856
435 932 because:
1. Numbers are easier to remember than characters
2. The grouping of number is significant
3. Ten numbers is not that many to remember for working memory
4. None of the above
True or False
Q. Suppose you have designed a user interface of any interactive system. One of its goal
should be to have less retention over time for an average user. True
Q. Importance of human factor in user interface design is determined by nature of system.
Q. According to critics, the theories developed for HCI should be used to explain what has
been produced by commercial product designers. False
Q. Displaying an error message which shows an error-code, instead of a human-readable and
meaningful message is a good example to offer informative feedback. False
Q. In GOMS model, operators are atomic elements. True
Q. KLM model allows a designer to predict the time it takes for an average user to execute a
task using an interface and interaction method. True

Q. for getting the users attention, the designer should use how many font sizes?
1. upto 2
2. 5
3. 3
4. upto 4
Q. GOMS stands for
1. goals, objects, models, selection
2. goals, operators, methods, selection rules
3. goals, orientation, models, state
4. goals, operators, models, state roles
Q. which of the following is not among the 8 golden rules of Interface Design
1. Prevent errors
2. Improve efficiency
3. Offer informative feedback and design dialogue
4. reduce short term memory load